Do You Know Of A Child Suffering Behavioural or Spectrum Disorders? Their remediation Could Be Just One Email Away.

This post is from the JANUARY 2023 newsletter – click here to read it.

This month we’re going back to basics and discussing the ABCs of autism.  In this month’s newsletter, we have two presentations where Ally discusses how her son suffered loss of speech and eye contact after an iatrogenic insult from a delayed shot. Follow Jordan’s behavioral and physical arrest, and subsequent limitations, and learn how Ally tried absolutely every modality she could find until she came to Heilkunst, to systematically resolve the root cause of her son’s ills.

Both of these audio files are something you can listen to while packing away the Christmas tree and ornaments.  Perhaps over the holidays you came in contact with a friend or family member’s child who just hasn’t been feeling whole or healthy since a jab for measles, pertussis, flu, or a more recent mRNA shot.  We can help.

We’ve been effectively helping children suffering from the ill effects of iatrogenic toxins for over 21 years.  We want to be able to treat as many kids suffering exposure to the adjuvants, heavy metals, and DNA alteration as possible. In fact, Dr. Peter McCullough cites the findings have “enormous implications of permanent chromosomal change” that could drive a “whole new genre of chronic disease.” 


Here’s a few links to our success stories in case you need further confirmation of the efficacy of Heilkunst medicine in cases of autism: 

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