Are you a ninja at self-care? 

This post is from the MARCH 2023 newsletter – click here to read it.

Are you a ninja at self-care?  Do you find that you over-rely on coffee to get you through the day?  These are just a couple of things that we’re talking about this month in March’s newsletter.

Did you know that women tell me, still, that if they take an hour to themselves each day to journal, meditate, and/or exercise that they’re afraid of being perceived as selfish?  This conditioning from our childhood runs pretty deep, causing us to feel trauma-bonded to a life of exhaustion and self-abandonment.  Most often this is just perpetuating how we were treated as kids; told to delay our gratification by being patient and considering others’ needs before our own. Perhaps it’s time to claw back what was socialized out of us, in favor of self-care, padding our locker for more health and fulfillment.

A quick gesture many men and women use for self-care is the ritual of making and drinking coffee. But did you know that too many of us, coffee is highly acidifying, also causing harm to our guts, and hormone levels?  Did you know that ‘A’ blood types are the only ones that can get away with drinking coffee without causing themselves harm?  If you’re an ‘O’, ‘B’ or ‘AB’ you could be setting yourself up for diseases that grow in an acidic environment, like cancer.  In our second article, we include lots of great suggestions for coffee replacements.  Just think, you still get the ritual self-care but without the harm that coffee causes to your delicate systems, that are yo-yo’ing energetically all day, waiting for the next ‘fix.’

Perhaps it’s time to truly look at your self-care with more sleep, less doing, and drinks that support your energy and health goals. 

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