Heilkunst At The Movies

This post is from the MAY 2023 newsletter – click here to read it.

This month we’re taking you to the movies!  We’ve made all kinds of videos for you about how Heilkunst can help you and your family. These are relatively short, easily digestible ‘sound bites’ that you can easily sit back and listen to, even when time is limited. 

Our first set of videos are about whether or not Heilkunst can help you or a member of your family.  The other video is about the 3 jurisdictions of Heilkunst, and how we use the principles of ethical medicine to help folks without causing an ounce of harm. 

Jeff has done an awesome job of stepping our clinic up into the age of YouTube to make Heilkunst that much more accessible to those curious about what we’ve been up to.  We love being able to get the message out to your family and friends more easily, by increasing the tools we have to spread the good news about ‘the law of cure’. Not only does it not cause an ounce of harm, but it touts the highest efficacy in the resolution of chronic disease.

Thank you all for spreading the word about Heilkunst. We appreciate it so much.

What Are the “Three Jurisdictions” of Heilkunst Healthcare?

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