Is Your Generative Power Unblocked?

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This month we’re talking about the generative power!  What the heck is that, you might ask?  The actual definition of ‘generative’ from is that it is an adjective meaning;  1. capable of producing or creating 2. pertaining to the production of offspring.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann referred to the generative power as the side of our living principle where disease impinges itself.  He knew that to cure a disease, you have to annihilate the impingement using the homeopathic law of cure, ‘like cures like’.  The interesting thing is that after this phenomenon occurs, the patient will tell us that they’ve become a lot more creative and productive as defined above, and sometimes folks even end up making a baby.

After a few months of addressing the shocks and traumas on their sequential timeline, we’ve had patients tell us that they’re ‘painting again’ after years, or that they quit their lousy job and started their own business as an astrologist, for example. One child we served started to play the piano by ear the following week.  Even I was stunned to wake one morning, after addressing a particular timeline event, to whole pieces of prose and poetry downloading in my head. What the heck?!

So what is the generative power?  Well, perhaps by reading or listening to our articles this month, you’ll get a better idea how to answer this question for yourself.  It’s fair to say that we each got one downloaded to us at birth  and it seems our generative power either becomes clogged with trauma and diseases OR it can be liberated to become your unique instrument for manifesting genius in the world. Either way, it is mysterious and of a supernatural realm that smacks of your individuality.

We look forward to hearing your comments on the attached blogs as to your experience with the generative power.  How has this unique capacity manifested creativity and genius in your life?

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