Here Come The Hot, Hazy Days of Summer; Are You Ready?

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“If your love for the sun has waned, wander a little in the darkness!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

The sun illuminates all. It’s light, the great cosmic leveler. You can’t easily hide your deepest secrets in the face of the noonday sun. Some are terrified of its turning gaze. Some run to shelter from its biblical, cascading rays. Others duck under their parasol for fear of their skin bronzing in the face of an ancient caste system. While others lay unabashedly in the tiniest bikini bottoms to allow every inch of their exposed skin to be kissed openly by the masculine essence of the sun.

So much more than strong bones from clinical vitamin D, cats skulk languidly into a sun-soaked puddle under dancing dust motes. Why do animals seek the sun to rest their bones in? Why does the sunflower bob its seedy brown head to follow every nuance of the sun’s journey across the sky? Why do we crave the sun’s attention in April, after hibernating all winter, like some kind of solar junkies seeking a fix?

The sun is life, heat, oxygen, gravity, photosynthesis, water conjurer, and we crave it so much we even juice it from northern fish skin over the winter. There would be no life on Earth if we did not orbit this eternal flame thrower.

Our articles this month tell stories about our relationship with the sun with respect to our intrinsic health. How do you relate to this vital star at the center of our solar system? Is he a friend or foe?

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