Are You Getting Enough Healthy Fats?

This post is from the AUGUST 2023 newsletter – click here to read it.

This month, we’re talking about FAT.  Fat on one’s body, how to use fat to become more metabolically sound, and what healthy fats are best to make a baby. The vegans should probably dodge reading this one entirely.

Ally tells a story about how she suffered under the weight of the past, for many years, and how she finally took off 43 lbs of fat while eating organ meat, salmon, tallow, butter, and eggs only. She even ditched all fruit and vegetables for several months as her glycemic index kept getting unwanted jolts from these seemingly innocuous and healthy foods.

The 2nd article is about conception and how fats play a super key role in being able to conceive a healthy baby.  Which fats should you increase?  Jeff will tell you in his article titled, Healthy Fats for Healthy Fertility.

We hope you have a wonderful end of summer at the cottage or camping, or whatever brings you and your family pleasure, as the light and warmth of summer starts to ebb.  We will be in Canada for a few months visiting our families and Ally will be whooping it up for her 60th birthday in early August.  

She gifted herself with presents she chose from local and further away artist friends/patients to celebrate this milestone.  Her hope is that there will be a lobster party with friends and family as she knows that Diane is editing this Blog and might have a hand in orchestrating such a gig!  Sneaky huh?!

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