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This post is from the SEPTEMBER 2023 newsletter – click here to read it.

This month we’re all about babies. If your baby has suffered constipation or fever, we’ve loaded up a good number of resources for you so that you can learn about these phenomena and gain the tools to be able to resolve them at home using Heilkunst principles, without causing an ounce of harm.

Last month, in August, Ally had the absolute pleasure of speaking at the women’s gathering, At The Well, in Nova Scotia, near Halifax.  This was a day about Ally’s book, Self-Education For Excellence.  We had the pleasure of connecting with holistically minded moms who were raising their babies without any toxic loads. We recommend any moms in Nova Scotia who are interested to seek out our dear friends, Mara Panacci or Kate Varsava, to be able to access future offerings at

We want to further assist this gesture of wholistic mothering by helping those needing more resources to have everything at their fingertips.  We’ve written hundreds of blogs and books on children’s issues, like fever and constipation, to help moms access specific remedies, so that there is no delay or guesswork if/when their babes are suffering.  We crafted these pieces precisely how we would have liked the information ourselves when our own littles were really tiny.

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