What’s The Root Cause For Depression And How Can Heilkunst Help To Solve It?

So what is depression anyway? Well first of all, let’s look at the word itself. ‘De’ is to take away, or define as negative, removing something. ‘Press’ is a bearing down sensation. ‘Ion’ is really the sensation.  Put the etymological pieces back together and you have the sensation of something being taken from you, while leaving you feeling like a pressure is bearing down on you. Ugh!

From a Heilkunst point of view, feeling depressed is not the root cause. This is just a label for an accumulation of sensations. The actual bottom of the well for an individual suffering this state has to do with accumulated trauma from grief(s), loss(es), and disappointment(s). While we all have incurred many of these in our lives, it’s our capacity to transcend them that enables us to escape the depressive matrix.

If trauma of this nature mounts and mounts and mounts over time, if our modeling growing up didn’t show a clear pathway to inner transcendence, if we have a strong predisposition to certain genetic miasms (our predisposition to chronic diseases) like Cancer or Psora, AND if our inner value has been continually eroded due to THESE mounting traumas, we’ve got a recipe at play for the label ‘depression.’

When Should I Reach Out For Help?

If you’re having looping thoughts of inner peril, feeling that there is no way out, that you’re perpetually stuck in a bad script, or questioning what the heck is the point to life, then you would do well to reach out for help. If I had a dollar for everytime an onboarding patient said to me, “I know I wouldn’t act on it, but I sometimes wonder what enables me to get out of bed some mornings.”

Thirty years ago, I too suffered from ‘depression.’ I was overweight, had recuring thoughts of ‘what the hell is the point,’ thoughts of self-loathing, a broken sense of inner value, and an excess of unresolved trauma from my mother’s suicide when I was eight, my father’s death from a sudden heart attack when I was seventeen, being pawed at by an alcoholic uncle who was supposed to be a caring godparent, and later, a son suffering autistic spectrum-like issues (again, another label to take apart). 

I knew I needed help to untangle the pain and suffering I was experiencing. While I’d done years and years of talk therapy, nothing touched the apex of my pain and clearly unloaded the mass of grief I’d accumulated like Heilkunst Medicine did.

How Can Heilkunst Help?

Great question. Lapping away at your suffering with the law of cure in your dropper bottles is one of the first steps taken at your initial consultation. Then we begin to treat those accumulated traumas on your sequential timeline. We literally dismantle the essence of those griefs that have piled up over time. Over a few months of follow-ups, folks get to feel a bit more space in their midst, a little levity, more grace, more ease, and less like they’re weighed down.

Please don’t just take my word for how effective Heilkunst is in the treatment of depression. Here’s what some of those we’ve served have said about their treatment through testimonials:

“Danielle is a wonderful practitioner. Never have I felt so seen, heard and helped by anyone in the healing arts. Of all of the benefits of Heilkunst I have experienced, the most meaningful one has been an embodied sense of CALM. Life is inherently full of obstacles, challenges and strife, but all things are survivable with inner peace. When I began meeting with Danielle I was experiencing unexplainable existential dread that has morphed into a calmness that has served through some difficulties in the past few months.” 

C.S. – Toronto

“Just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know that I feel amazing. Not sure if you broadcasted the remedies and there was an instant effect but wow I feel so alive! I also feel very alert and slept like a baby last night. The other thing I noticed yesterday I got up feeling very motivated to work, I can honestly say I have not felt this in years. : )

Anyways thank you so much for your support, and of course for the remedies that have been changing my life. I feel so light.”


-F.M., Ontario, Canada

“Homeopathy is curing me! Now, if this is all in my head, why did the Metformin, thyroid medication, anti-depression/anxiety medication NOT cure me when I was taking it? Why did those things never help or make things worse? … At least with homeopathy (Heilkunst), I actually FEEL better slowly! Instead of feeling like I’m wearing a band-aid for life!”

– C. Blake

“Last year I experienced a terrible, deep depression, which I believe was connected to menopause. The person closest to me at the time told me to “turn that frown upside down” and encouraged me to “chin up”. Such platitudes and dismissals are not helpful when coping with any mental health struggle. It is useless when dealing with the tidal shift of hormones and how that impacts brain chemistry and wellbeing. I am grateful for my homeopath (Heilkunst) and my best friend, who helped me notice that I had stopped taking some key supplements. Heilkunst and supplements got me off the ledge and back to being me again.”

~ R. Page, Ontario, Canada

When Should I Start To Resolve My Depressive State?

Right now, as I pen this, it is mid-October. As we start to go into the fall, the darker months of November and December can play heavy in the hearts of those suffering unresolved grief and loss. Rather than it catching you unawares, it’s best to really sink into the nature of the magnitude of your pain and see if you can transcend it on your own first.

If, like me, the answer that comes back is a resounding, ‘No, I need help with this.’, then one of our three Heilkunst Practitioners will be more than happy to serve you.  We’ve been helping ourselves and others with Heilkunst principles for almost 30 years!  The other side of this holds levity, playfulness, and more weightlessness. I know, I’ve been there to my friend.

Much Love,


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