Do You Feel Like You Suffer From Depression? Perhaps You’re A Candidate For Heilkunst Treatment.

“This post is from the NOVEMBER 2023 newsletter – click here to read it.”

Are you suffering from depression? Do you know where it stems from?  Does the prospect of going into November, December, and January feel 

gutting to you, given the lack of daylight? Have you wondered if you have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

This month, we’re looking at the true meaning of depression, as well as how taking SSRIs is pretty much like putting a bandaid on the elephant’s hiney. Also, those labels are missing the mark. To get to the root cause, we can do much better than labels and suppressive chemicals with ill side effects.  You can actually read what our patients have said about their Heilkunst treatment, as it relates to their depressive state, in the first article.

Please know that you’re not alone.  Both Jeff and I (Allyson) have suffered depression in the past, and we understand the anatomy of why it plagues a good portion of the population, especially in these times.  Whether you’re 7 or 77, we have a great compliment of homeopathic remedies to help you, or a loved one, and a process to get the job done systematically.  You don’t even have to rip that bandaid off the elephant’s tuches in the process – that will just be a natural side benefit.

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