What Do You Feel Triggered By?

Did you know that you are actually two people? That you have an upper being and lower/nether being inside of you? Rudolf Steiner distinguishes between these ‘beings’ in his extensive medical lectures. The upper being expresses more neurotic tendencies while the lower/nether being holds more of our psychotic content.  

If someone goes ‘psycho’, the force of the suppressed content below can temporarily cancel out all reason and neurotic displays of the deeper fight/flight associated with psychosis. As you know, folks have gotten off from a jail sentence for having completely lost their upper faculties during a psychotic episode.

Feeling ‘triggered’ is an extremely watered down version of the same phenomenon briefly described above. It’s a moment when we can wonder where our emotional reaction came from, unless we’ve exhumed our past traumas to live a life wholly examined.  

For those wondering at their nether triggers, this article is crafted for you. So what makes you feel triggered? Do your kids incite your anger so much so that you find yourself yelling at them and then having to apologize afterwards?  What about if your partner doesn’t step up and defend you after his mother has said something insulting? Does that other guy driving ahead of you, way too slow in the fast lane, make you feel temporarily crazy, imagining what harm you might do to this sorry excuse for a human being?  Does a friend’s profound loss and grief trigger a similar reaction in you that goes beyond feeling empathetic? Do you often lose your detachment and take on your friends’, or family’s, suffering? Is it sometimes really hard for you to shake the feeling that was triggered in you afterwards?

We understand. In many cases you may be feeling triggered multiple times a day.  As Dr. Glenn Patrick Doyle says, “when we’re triggered – we become who we think we need to be to survive.”

As a child, if it was not safe for you to express anger or fear, you might unleash that bottled up accumulated trauma on your babes in a ‘fight’ response as an adult. Even the aftermath of guilt is actually anger turned in on one’s self. 

You might suddenly let loose on individuals who butt in front of you at the coffee shop. If it’s anxiety that you suffer, related to public speaking, you may have been shamed as a kid to perform, or even forced to hug or kiss your parent’s friends or relatives that you just didn’t feel comfortable with. 

There was a time in my teenage-hood that I couldn’t go see really sad or scary movies on a date for risk of being an emotional basket case with big belly sobs in the theater.  My triggers stemmed from traumas, clearly unresolved, following the deaths of both my parents. I had quite a bit of sequential timeline work to do to address these root causes, to feel less vulnerable and in repetitive states of ‘flight’ around my survival.

Some patients we serve suffer debilitating overwhelm, disappointments, stuck in loops of depression.  These traumas are often more related to loss, death of beloved friends or family, or relationships that have derailed after a huge emotional investment of time and energy. 

Feeling triggered can feel destabilizing.  It causes us to pause and wonder at the root cause.  When we take a patient through their traumatic timeline of shocks and traumas, patients will let us know that they feel lighter and less triggered by their kids, pets, and even their spouse. Also, they seem to gain greater facility for reason, logic, and be able to ask questions instead of feeling so reactive. 

Here’s what some people have said about feeling less triggered after some time in Heilkunst treatment:

“I wanted to let you know that the kids and I are doing so much better. For myself, I am feeling so much better. Thanksgiving was a really nice holiday, and when I was talking to you, I was wondering how I was going to get through it! My anxiety and anger are down, and I just feel happier, overall, about life as a whole. I actually just talked to a friend on the phone, and she asked me how I was doing after my acute (appointment) with you. I told her so much better, and she said she could hear it in my voice. I feel like the kids are doing better too. Thank you SO much.”

With love, Sara T, Texas, USA

Success Story: Pediatric Case of Anxiety & Panic Attacks with Chronic Nausea and Vomiting

“…at this point we have seen an absolutely dramatic improvement in my daughter’s health. I would attribute a large part of this to her homeopathic treatments, I don’t think we would have seen recovery move along so quickly.”

~ D. Crowe, New Brunswick, Canada

“Having struggled with chronic anxiety for the last fourteen years and after having tried everything under the sun without finding any healing, I was glad to have finally darkened the doorway of a practitioner of Heilkunst, namely Jeff Korentayer.  Despite having previously consulted two classical homeopaths with nothing to show for it, I was willing to give this style of homeopathy a try.  I can honestly say that Heilkunst has been the only thing I’ve found that has consistently created an improvement in my health since the very first remedy.  Jeff has been a wonderful homeopath and has imparted a lot of information about the principles of Heilkunst and true healing to me.  I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that Heilkunst has saved my life.  It has certainly brought me the closest I’ve ever come to feeling whole and well and finally embodying my true self.”

– J. M., Ottawa, ON, Canada

If you, or someone you know, is suffering from feeling triggered, please send them our way. We’ve had over 23 years of successfully helping others get out of a mode of survival, nether rage, and terror, and into a better state of ease and grace.  Being less triggered and more able to navigate one’s life with nimbleness, compassion, and generosity is worth every minute spent in Heilkunst treatment.  Believe me, I know.





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