A Case of Parkinson’s

Many of you know that my partner, Jeff Korentayer, and I have lived in Mexico for more than 5 years. I feel it is important to give back to the community that we live in, so I have volunteered in the barrio (neighborhood) that I live in for a number of years now. 

I get to experience some unique cases that I might never imagine having the opportunity to be exposed to in other countries. For example, I’ve successfully treated a woman for typhoid, another woman for phantom limb pain, whose foot ached so profoundly below the amputation that it woke her each night, 7 years after her bus accident. 

More recently, I had the pleasure of serving a local carpenter and hydroponic grower who couldn’t work anymore due to Parkinson’s. The vibration in his right hand had become so pronounced that he couldn’t hold his tea cup let alone his tools. He was the main income support for his family. His wife sews and his son was helping to support the family as a carpenter, but it wasn’t enough.

The Scream, Edvard Munch (1893)

When this man was first referred to me by my pottery teacher, he was also experiencing paralysis in his vocal cords, as well as a significant stiffening on the right side of his body, in his hip and leg. His face imitated a look of terror, sort of like the painting, The Scream, by Edvard Munch (1893)..When I gazed upon him, it felt like he was slowly being frozen alive. It sent a shiver down my spine.

As usual, in Heilkunst Medicine, I requested his traumatic timeline to cure, in the order in which he’d assumed each blockage. This process was clearly mystifying to him and so my dear friend, translator, and local Mexican pharmacist did her best to explain the process to him in Spanish and he finally produced a sketchy timeline. Much of it got filled in as we peeled his onion of shocks and blockages.

He said he didn’t like to think or write about such things as he tried to always remain positive instead of reminiscing on past events. My patient is a Jehovah’s Witness and it may be that his faith contributes to his capacity to be so stoic in the face of such adversity. Sadly, though, it wasn’t helping his case.

As we peeled the onion of his timeline of each shock and trauma, my patient started to thaw and soften. Each time I suggested he must vocally express what he was holding onto, he resisted. Month after month, we went through his parent’s poverty, including the fact that he never had a lunch of his own at school. Once, he observed a man putting five pieces of ham on a tortilla and my patient wondered at such opulence. 

Another timeline event was how he felt when his daughter left home and stopped speaking to him for a number of years. Another timeline event included a premature pregnancy of his girlfriend at the tender age of fifteen. He supported the mother and child, stoically, all the way up to the child’s adulthood. 

His Parkinson’s issues began after a traumatic fall where his injuries didn’t feel all that extensive. But his head had been badly impacted and over time, his paralytic and vibratory issues in his right hand and arm had begun. I could tell that typical doses of Arnica, Hypericum, Ledum, Natrum Suphuricum, and Helleborous weren’t going to wholly capture the extent of this head trauma. But where was the root cause? What was it hiding behind?

I was starting to lose confidence that I was going to be able to help him sufficiently before we cleared his birth and his genetic miasms in their proper order. However, a couple of weeks ago, my patient entered my home along with my friend and translator. The patient had a small smirk on his face. He wasn’t terribly forthcoming, but his face looked … well very handsome. His color was so good. He looked tanned and significantly younger.

He let me know that he was feeling quite a bit better. I looked to see what we had just addressed on his sequential timeline. Six weeks prior, it was his childhood vaccinations. Suddenly, he couldn’t hide his hands anymore and he raised them up in front of us. My translator friend cried out, “Oh my God, Ally!” Both hands were totally still and my patient grinned from ear to ear.

I’ll never forget that cry of shock from my friend, or my patient’s smile, for the rest of my life. The three of us stood to hug and tears poured down all of our faces. “Gracias a Dios!”, was being exclaimed by my patient and my friend in Latin fashion, and I thought back to Dr. Samuel Hahnemann when he said, “Only freedom from prejudice and tireless zeal avail for the most holy of the endeavors of mankind, the practice of the true art of healing.” Indeed.

I asked my patient what he felt had helped him the most so far in his homeopathic treatment and he said the singing, reading, and screaming aloud each evening, in addition to daily exercise, along with being able to express so much buried emotion at each of our consultations. I asked him what percentage he felt that he’d improved this past six weeks since his last appointment, and he replied at least sixty percent. My friend and I looked at each other.

After my patient had left (and he’d measured a set of shelves he wanted to install in my living room in exchange for his Heilkunst treatment), my friend and Heilkunst pharmacist asked, “Ok, Ally, what really happened?” I replied that he’s right, the monthly softening of his musculature, was in part due to emoting, exercising, eating an ‘O’ blood type diet, and removing sugars and carbs while sticking more to meat, but that the head injury probably activated the iatrogenic insult from the vaccines he’d received in childhood. I’d had another case of Parkinson’s a few years back where we’d seen a similar transformation after treating similar iatrogenic shocks on their timeline.

I let my translator friend know that we’d not even completed the first round of genetic miasms yet, and that the roots for chronic disease were still at large and that I expected to get another percentage of gain once we addressed both Syphilis and Lyme, two roots for Parkinson-like symptoms. My Mexican patient doesn’t live from his intellect and so the de-armouring process has felt much easier than typical.

It’s days like this that I really celebrate as a Heilkünstler. The sequential timeline research bestowed by Dr. Elmiger and the whole dynamic medicine approach put together by Steven Decker and Rudi Verspoor has proved invaluable. I’ve been practicing this system of medicine for twenty one years this January and I love that we are running short of room on our testimonials page. Not really, but a fun analogy nonetheless.

With tireless zeal,

Allyson McQuinn

Testimonial from my Parkinson’s patient, Joaquin:

“Happy new year to you and your family. Of course I can gladly give you a before and after testimonial along with a very deep gratitude for everything. What have you done for me? I will start by saying that my motor mobility when walking was not very good and now I can walk almost normally, in the same way my balance was very bad. Now I can say that I have balance when walking and when doing my activities at work. For example, I couldn’t walk looking ahead (of me) and now I can do it (easily). Physically, I feel sensational! Now I can even run! In fact I run three and a half to five kilometres every third day. I can almost do everything in my work (again) as a carpenter. Emotionally, I feel very good. I feel freed from many things that I carried deep inside me. I can now strive for a good quality of life again. I also want the people around me to feel happy with me. Thank you very much for helping me to achieve that.” (Translated from Spanish) ~ Joaquin Carpintero

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