Success Story: Parkinson’s Patient

“Happy new year to you and your family. Of course I can gladly give you a before and after testimonial along with a very deep gratitude for everything. What have you done for me? I will start by saying that my motor mobility when walking was not very good and now I can walk almost normally, in the same way my balance was very bad. Now I can say that I have balance when walking and when doing my activities at work. For example, I couldn’t walk looking ahead (of me) and now I can do it (easily). Physically, I feel sensational! Now I can even run! In fact I run three and a half to five kilometres every third day. I can almost do everything in my work (again) as a carpenter. Emotionally, I feel very good. I feel freed from many things that I carried deep inside me. I can now strive for a good quality of life again. I also want the people around me to feel happy with me. Thank you very much for helping me to achieve that.” (Translated from Spanish)

~ Joaquin Carpintero

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