Obtaining the Best Wholistic Care For Pets

“This post is from the JANUARY 2024 newsletter – click here to read it.”

Let’s talk about your pets. Did you know that we’ve been treating our patients’ pets using Heilkunst principles for almost 20 years? Did you know that your animal will lovingly hold onto your unresolved traumas and conflicts for you? That’s the main reason folks come to us to treat themselves, in conjunction with their beloved feline, canine, or equine. 

We’re also super happy to announce the on-boarding of Veterinarian Heilkünstler, Aleks Mikics.  She was the tutor for animal Heilkunst at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst for a dog’s age.  We feel super blessed to have her, as she is very well-versed in not just the physical expression of pathology in animals, but she specializes in the soul/spiritual reasons that animals suffer.  Aleks has also penned her own book in wholistic animal care.  Be sure to check out her book on Amazon:

Also in the newsletter articles this month, Aleks and Ally have done a video recording on what healing reactions look like in the pets that they’ve served. This was a very fun romp for the both of them as they love talking about the weird and interesting occurrences that come up for animals through the de-traumatization process. 

You can book an appointment for your pet with Aleks today, at reception@arcanum.ca.

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