Can You Heal Yourself With Your Mind?  If Not, Why Not?

Recently, I observed a female colleague publicly post an intentionally provocative idea about the field of natural healing. She essentially said that you just need to ‘think’ yourself well and that the need for care by any practitioner, including holistic, is unnecessary. She went on to the laundry list of naturopaths, chiropractors, and homeopaths, to name an extraneous few individuals, you will no longer need. Apparently, once you can think yourself well, you can wholly go it alone from here on out. Sounds powerful and wonderful doesn’t it?

So, why can’t you just use your very powerful mind to heal yourself every time? Some seem to be doing it! Are you not good enough to be in the holistic realm? Are you mystically challenged? How are you failing? Lots of comments on this Instagram post spoke to oodles of women expressing frustration at not being able to simply ‘think themselves whole’. They felt demoralized and expressed fear, anger, resentment, and even shame at not being able to effectively boot up this capacity.

It would seem that my response was taken down on this woman’s IG page, as I went back to snag it to drop it here below for this article. Let me see if I can cobble it together for you. It went something like this: 

Damn! You mean that I should tell my Parkinson’s patient that instead of coming to me for Heilkunst Medicine, grounded in the natural laws of healing and curing, he would have been better off thinking himself well instead? I better tell that patient suffering from a psychotic break due to overuse of cannabis that she needs to sort it out in her own mind instead. What about the child with a genetic predisposition to her sex hormones booting up prematurely? Think herself out of it? Perhaps also the fourth stage cancer patient? Not using both her cape and tights properly? 

It sounds to me like allopathy has jumped the fence into mysticism, my friend. Are you saying that the eternal laws of nature (with a two hundred year, and counting, track record worth of clinical results) should just be discarded in favor of concentrating harder to conjure one’s well-being every time? What if an individual is too beleaguered in their health and no longer has the agency or facility to remotely conjure what this might look like? Does this mean that your approach might not work? Then what, since you fired all the holistic practitioners?

This is a case of the same state of mind having jumped ship from patriarchy’s materialism and landing more freshly in matriarchy’s mysticism. Remember very recently when we all fired the allopathic doctors as iatrogenic harm-inducing patriarchs? If I’ve had a car-wreck or I’m having a heart-attack, perhaps I’ll also just stay home and think myself out of the jurisdiction of emergency medicine while I’m at it. 

The other thing that those of a mystical persuasion will do is refer to engendered disease as ‘dis-ease’. This drives us Heilkunst Physicians around the bend. What we know is that a disease engendered into the generative power of the living principle is not a fluffy disequilibrium like a superficial hangnail or a bruise. Ask a mother of a child with autism. As mentioned, disease impingement is like a pregnancy. It’s very difficult to think of oneself as unpregnant once we’ve conceived. I will hold back going into the mystical term ‘wellness’ as the pendulum chain might just completely snap.

We need to stop throwing ALL the babies out with the bathwater. Even the law of homeoprophylaxis is sound in the realm of immunization. You just need to be mindful to respect the laws of nature, and not cause an ounce of harm. We’ve used homeopathic principles to safely immunize babies for over 30 years. Perhaps babies should just think themselves better, without a fever, while cutting teeth from a mineral deficiency? Wait, what?

Sadly, neither materialism nor mysticism are able to actually cure disease; just thinking yourself out of your suffering is no different than an allopath saying to an individual, “It’s all in your head.” Taking an allopathic or suppressive drug can seem like just the thing until the issue comes back with a vengeance the following month or year. Just ask a woman with recurring UTIs. Really, you’ve just put a bandaid on the elephant’s hiney and now you have two diseases; the original one and now the iatrogenic insult.

Mystics do the same with pendulums, herbs, cannabis, ayahuasca, and incantations. Naturopathy is fraught with bandaids of every shape, size, and variation. When I ran the Hahnemann College for Homeopathy and Heilkunst, folks just assumed we were on the mystical side of the polarity from allopathy. We had dozens of homeopaths and naturopaths leave their colleges to study with us. One of them even said, “I’ll never be able to solve a thing outright if I continue studying at the Naturopathic College.”  Really, as Steven Decker says, “Naturopathy is really allopathy dressed up in chicken feathers.”

So what is the truth, then — and how come we’ve been prey to one extreme or the other? Evolution is caught between the two extremes, with polarized women against men –  it’s just that mysticism is balking, thumbing her nose at patriarchy. Dudes, you had your turn for over 6,000 years — move over you tie-wearing suits with the heart conditions and stage 2 diabetes —  I have my silk goddess gown on now, steaming my yoni with my pendulum swinging between my braless breasts. I just need a chat with my ancestor’s sister! A dose of ayahuasca will sort out my connection to the cosmos so that I can survive another 30 years in the boardroom, I mean off-grid kitchen, with my ethical sourdough business on the side.

Now there is nothing wrong with either of these gestures. Really. We’ve come here as a function of our own personal evolution. We have a right to express ourselves in any way that we feel most congruent. However, are we truly helping ourselves and our fellow man, wombyn, and child with true realizable principles and philosophy? Can we consistently cure and heal ourselves, and those we love? If not, why not? We know that there is one singular law of cure, and that is ‘like cures like’. So if we’re not applying laws as consistent as gravity, what are we doing?

Mysticism is another fad. If you read our article on Veratrum Album, you’ll realize that the false ego loves their self-righteous ‘God Complex’ and staying at the head of humanity’s table as a false deity. False deities hit the skids whereas timeless principles never do. Why not consistently teach each other sound philosophy and curative principles instead of bashing fellow practitioners? Underneath the entertaining layer of all the world’s egos jockeying for their position in the limelight, you’ll find life’s eternal truths which are as old as the sun. Those representing them generally have their egos in check.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathic principle and the author of, The Organon of Heilkunst Medicine, shared with us, 

“Use of palliatives that suppress symptoms without curing the disease whenever they can (in order to remain popular with patients) the adherents of the old school employ means (palliatives) that, for a short time, immediately suppress and cloak the disease ailments through opposition (contraria contrariis) but that leave the basis for these ailments (the disease itself) strengthened and aggravated.” 

When you tell someone to think themselves better, you’re actually using contaria contrariis — merely palliating, rather than curing the underlying disease. Men in boardrooms, and now female mystics, are actually copying the same contrary state of mind.

For sure, you can use your mind to solve sustentive issues like a superficial sore throat, a bruised ankle, perhaps a sore tooth (as examples) if, AND ONLY IF, you’ve not yet engendered a disease (which is a one-way qualitative change, like a pregnancy) on the generative side of your living principle. A disease is defined as a chronic, constant ‘wesen’ (or entity) as per Dr. Hahnemann. In actuality, you’ve got one heck of a narrow window to simply ‘think’ yourself better before a disease becomes engendered.

So if you have Parkinson’s (like my patient did), engendered cancer, inherited hormonal sufferings, or psychosis-induced cannabis or ayahuasca disease, you can Neville Goddard yourself silly, using conscious creation techniques, or use all the German New Medicine knowledge in your tool kit to help with the underlying diagnosis. HOWEVER, you still have to apply the law of cure (like cures like) if you want to solve an engendered disease matrix. Whether you see an MD, naturopath, homeopath, witch doctor, or Heilkunst Physician doesn’t matter at all, but law is law, little Sister!

Caduceus Chart of Dynamic/Functional Heilkunst Medicine
© 2004 Steven Decker & Marla Wilson

What’s further interesting to me is that right before an individual steps fully into their humble essential self, they generally have to grapple with their false ego (their God Complex) out of self-righteousness. It’s one of the ‘guardians at the threshold’ as per Rudolf Steiner. This state is profoundly painful. It’s like narcissism on speed. I know — I’ve studied, and taken, the homeopathic remedy Veratrum Album more times than I care to count, as a result of cycling through this state, repeatedly, over twenty years ago. 

While it’s still in the middle jurisdiction in Heilkunst Medicine (see caduceus chart above), it also has a therapeutic education portion as well (top jurisdiction above). How did this individual end up feeling self-righteous? What is she compensating for? What fears and historical tramas lie below her more narcissistic veneer? What has caused her to paddle so hard in the pond of mysticism? How many women like her are looking to mimic her God-complex instead of unfolding their natural, true, orgastically potent selves? Is she deeply afraid of losing her quick rise to the top of fame-dom? Are there recreational drugs, like cannabis, bufo rana, or Ayahuasca, of some iteration involved?

The pendulum is simply swinging wildly from patriarchy, to the opposite pole of mysticism. Funnily, I used to treat a lawyer who flew into my city office in her court gowns with her Bikram hot yoga pants plastered to her skinny legs underneath. I recall, in that moment, introducing Materialism to Mysticism in my imagination. I thought that maybe they could date for a bit and find some common principles that they could agree upon. For now, though, we’ll wait until the pendulum comes to its logical conclusion; somewhere exciting and principled right in between the schizophrenic split, where orgastic potency and righteous men and women of principle prefer to meet. 

I really don’t have any desire to stick around another six thousand years of Mysticism. That patriarchal bullshit just about did a lot of us in, multiple times.



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