You Can’t Safely Walk On Cabal-Stones In Glass Slippers

Disney ruined us! We’ve all been subject to programming during our childhoods from the era of television. We were led to believe that being an orphan was a desirable thing, that seven dwarfs or three bears were more typical than being raised by one or two human parents. Why were we being conditioned to dissociate and escape our circumstances?

What if you could actually fly to Neverland with Peter Pan, and have pixie dust sprinkled on you by a jealous Tinkerbell, instead of that boring existence of growing up in the suburbs? What if handsome princes always showed up after queens, disguised as witches, wielded poisonous apples that made us unconscious?  What if glass slippers always found their way to our tiny, delicate feet and evil stepmothers and sisters eventually received what was coming to them?

With all the estrogens like soy in foods, ‘The Pill’ leaching into cities’ water supplies, iatrogenic insults (pharma induced disease) containing RNA and DNA from fetuses of the opposite sex, programming of expectations to fulfill (such as the expectation to be a good girl or boy, and that the only testosterone rich arena you can safely use your harbored will is in video games), our boys and men have been emasculated and often rendered impotent into societal compliance. 

Because of Disney, women have been led to believe that after our suffering is complete (because in movies it actually does end), Prince Charming will romantically show up on horseback, well dressed, looking specifically for us beleaguered and overworked gals that time and favor had forgotten. Time to get on the birth control pill and suppress our hysterics and insufferable traumas of the past.

When women realize that they’ve been hoodwinked to believe in these fairy tales and that their husband isn’t stepping into the role as a savior, the resentment and rage begins to mount. Most often men don’t have a clue what the expectation is, but they end up feeling criticized, and that they’re never enough. You can’t safely walk on the cabal’s stones in glass slippers.

Many of us have awakened from the potion-soaked dreams and torn off the rags to save ourselves. Many of us have had to address the misleading trauma bonding to the way we were raised and how Disney fortified these nefarious beliefs. Turns out the programming in the suburbs was treacherous and led us down some pretty dark mental paths.

Some of us know that this agenda runs even deeper — that the women’s movement was orchestrated by the Rockefellers to get two individuals into the workforce, so the debt-based economy could be hijacked by the nefarious cabal (see The Creature of Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin). What happened to Tiny Tim? Both parents went to work and he ended up being raised by other stand-ins; teachers, football coaches, TV, and video game stand-ins. Just as the vile henchmen wanted it. It’s a lot easier to manipulate individuals unsure of their inner value.

This is where homeopathic principles serve us so very well. We have to treat the Aurum Metallicum state of having lost our inner value, Lachesis for a heightened state of resentment, Staphysagria for victimization, Natrum Muriaticum for perpetual disappointment, and Papaver for fear that neither one of us (Male or Female) are ever going to be rescued by an external deity in any form or iteration. It can feel like we’re all bereft, lost on a treadmill of expectation, collectively yelling, “Why have you forsaken us?” Pretty sure there was a whole series of famous Bible stories on this. It’s time to roll back our own stone.

You may dislike me intensely for saying this, and I don’t blame you one bit, but the only way out of this debilitating matrix is to save ourselves. Crap! (Yes, I’ve got much better swear words than that, believe me.) What I mean is that after we land our sound regimen (eating for our blood-type, for example), peeled the layers of trauma and genetic miasms, wrought with poverty consciousness (Psora), lack of autonomy (Cancer), and patterns of insidious self-destructive tendencies (Syphilis), we arrive at the third jurisdiction of Heilkunst – eliminating beliefs and illusions to re-discover the truth. Tackling our astral desideration.

What the heck does that mean? Astral (of the stars) and desideration (longing or desire) is the key to this little known capacity baked into our being. This is also the realm of spiritual beliefs and diseases of the highest form. This is the message we got that we’re not enough, we’re not loveable, and our sense of value will always be built on a house of collapsing cards. How many modern-day crucifixions can we orchestrate to finally obtain the prize? Surely, there is a kingdom in the clouds for those of us pincushioned by all the allegorical spindles? Damn Sleeping Beauty!

However, there is a way out beyond these painful inner diatribes. Funnily, most mystical people start here without dealing with the ground substance and lower astral first (see caduceus chart above). Some understand this concept earlier and some get it much later. It is a form of conscious initiation. It happens in the very recesses of an individual’s imagination. You know, it’s that part of you that dreams, doodles, writes Valentine’s poems about red roses and blue violets, crafts a delicious supper, or redecorates the living room. Your imagination has actually crafted the world in the way that you feel most comfortable with/and as it pertains to your expectations.
What you see is what you get! So, that means that if you no longer want to suffer, feel limited by your state of mind, or want to craft a different set of circumstances, you can. First, it’s important to note that if you’re still pinioned by your traumas and miasms as per the middle bubbles of the caduceus chart above, you’ll have a brutal time cycling through the same limited hell on earth and wonder why “The Secret” doesn’t work for you. Once those issues are annihilated on the law of cure, ‘like cures like’, you find you have greater facility and agency for conscious creation 2.0.

This means that if you can imagine yourself from the wish already fulfilled, it will be a short matter of time before you realize the outcome you most desire. No separation. This is how we get ourselves out of insufferable matter, resolve the schizophrenic split in ourselves, get out of the clutches of the cabal, Disney, the limitations of stupid government taxes, and partners who just don’t step up and rescue us. Wonderful huh?!

For more resources on this, study Neville Goddard’s The Law And The Promise, Florence Scovel Shinn’s The Game Of Life And How To Play It, and H. Emilie Cady’s How I Used Truth.

What a gift to harness our own freedom wielding consciousness and let go our partners from the karmic contract of having to fix our broken and cinder-stained faces. Our marriages just might last longer if we can go back to having fun like we’re dating again if our very own dreams and desires are fulfilled. 

The good witch, Belinda, was right when she let Dorothy know that she’d had the capacity to ‘go home’ to Kansas the whole time, and that she just needed to close her eyes and say, “There is no place like home,” click her ruby slippers together, and ‘imagine herself home.’ This time though, the screen won’t regress to black and white and you get to do it in full pleromic color. See you in your dreams.

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