Do You Need To Do A Chemtrail Detox?

I’m not about to argue whether or not our governments are spraying the skies with toxins. Any of you who’ve observed the stream of chemicals coming out of the back of military planes know that these are not innocent contrails. For one thing, they don’t easily dissipate into the atmosphere. Also, why does the weather change from sunshine being forecasted all morning to being suddenly overcast for the rest of the day?

Over the last twenty-five years we’ve tested hair samples of individuals where spraying bright beautiful skies has been occurring, and we’ve seen increases in barium titanate, lead, sulfate, metallic aluminum oxide, thorium, uranium 238, and other toxins. We’re not here to discuss why our military industrial complex might want to suppress our autonomy, health, and spiritual sovereignty, just that heavy metals on board our delicate organisms leaves more room for diseases like cancer and for false authority to dictate our actions. 

Even mercury composites in our teeth, since it was found to be a pliable quick fix for a cavity during the war of 1812, was still being used until more recently.


Mercury and other heavy metals have been proven to affect your agency and facility for sovereignty. Now why would the governments, military, and medical industrial complex not want you to step up fully to claim your God-bestowed autonomy and freedoms? Why would they want you to continue to pay all the myriad of taxes and not question how you’ve been suppressed for the last one hundred years or more? Why would they want more of us using their sick-care system?

In Heilkunst, we feel it is our duty to help humanity with ethical medicine. It is part of our hippocratic oath to not only not cause harm but to also leave humanity better off than we found it. As Dr. Samuel Hahnemann said in Aphorism 1, “The physician’s highest and only calling is to make the sick healthy, to cure, as it is called.”


So how do you know if you need to do a chemtrail detox? Have you seen skies checkerboarded by toxic sprays that cloud over the sky afterwards? Do you suffer frequent headaches? Do you feel nauseous regularly? Are you sluggish, tired, and gloomy for longer stretches of time than prior? Are you feeling demoralized and resigned? You may be a good candidate for a chemtrail detox using homeopathic principles. 

Contact us at to set up your Heilkunst Medicine Assessment today, where a chemtrail detox will be included with your treatment at no extra cost.

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