Treating The Trauma Of Industrialized Birth

I want to address an aspect of industrialized birth that is talked about, but rarely treated outright. That is the medical rape of women and harm done to babies during an allopathic birth process. If you’ve read my book, Righteous Birth, you’ll see that I advocate for women to give birth in a self-made sanctuary, to allow for the totally natural process of safely letting go of their baby, into their own hands or the hands of their partner.  

In fact, when we meddle and interfere with women, they tend to clench down, hold their breath, and acquiesce to false authority instead of being wholly present to their own sensations and will.  Instead, I suggest an opportunity for a woman to feel guided entirely by her own innate volition, and find grace in inspiration perhaps not wholly accessed before in quite this way.  

Women generally come away from their home births feeling more powerful and confident at their incredible capacities; including their intuition, instincts, and strength beyond their previous scope and imagination. There really isn’t anything to compare the rite of passage for a woman than to birth her baby on her own terms.  Women will realize that they have a whole navigation system installed by their creator and once accessed through birth, you can be sure that they are going to apply this more booted-up gesture to other aspects of their life.

This is probably why industrialized birth came into fruition in the first place. The tyrannical forces of the allopathic system generally don’t want a bunch of whole, healthy women running around, self-governing their own lives and challenging every aspect of false authority; especially when it comes to their own body.  

Women, then, would probably start looking into the history of toxic vaccines like SV-40, fetal cells in vaccines and how that affects their child’s sexuality later on, and the use of the Hepatitis B shots for a sexually transmitted disease days after a baby is born. What about mammograms with force exerted down on delicate breast tissue and blasting radiation into said tissues? What about unproven ultrasounds that we know cause DNA manipulation to the fetus and an assault on delicate membranes of the ears? Or pap smears that find more ‘unusual’ cells than not, and usually scare the living daylights out of women when most turn out often to be nothing? What about well-baby visits where women are bullied, post-partum, to give shots to their babies that they feel unsure about, because they are too compromised by the recent trauma of birth, to question the efficacy of these iatrogenic insults. [*Resources for other options are listed below.]

If you give birth at home by yourself, with your partner, or with a traditional birth keeper, you remain outside the influence of industrialized birth. Your body and mind have a much better chance of not only remaining intact, but your self-knowledge is furthered by milestones. Study the resources below for more justification to tap into your innate capacities and preserve your inner agency. Birth is not a disease needing industrialized intervention. It is a natural process calling for you to self-advocate for your God-given capacities. 

Did you know that rape is an instrument of war? When a woman has been violated sexually, her eyes go dead. This is an indication of the death of her soul, not just the deeper tissues in her body.  The violation of being examined internally, checked for dilation, and manipulated during birth is entirely unnecessary and the eyes, soul, and tissues of our sex can be rendered deadened. As above, so below. Even if we seemingly agree to the procedure, our bodies register a hit rendered from this act of having been trauma bonded. 

Do you know how often I serve women who no longer crave sex and intimacy with their husband after an epidural, an internal exam, or having a baby extracted from their body using any manual means? More times than I can tell you.

By treating the trauma homeopathically, we stand a better chance of treating the after-shocks of a medicalized birth. We will use the law of cure, ‘like cures like’, to address a C-section, an epidural, internal exams, etc. Also, there are drugs to clear from a woman’s cellular matrix including a full slate of surgery medications like Bupivacaine (PF) 0.25% / “Lidocaine 1% – EPINEPHrine / Bupivacaine 0.125% + fentaNYL 2mcg/mL in sodium chloride 0.9% EPIDURAL 100ml / “Lidocaine 2% – EPINEPHrine / morphine (PF) 1mg/mL/ ondansetron / ePHEDrine 50 mg/mL / fentaNYL 0.05mg/mL / oxytocin (PITOCIN) 30 units/500 mL NS (BOLUS) / lactated ringers. What about the pitocin and fentanyl in the epidurals? What about the Tylenol, Advil, and stool softeners for the constipation afterwards? We also use homeopathic remedies beyond the physical insults to further address the emotional trauma. 

What the mom has had, the baby has also been affected by. For an infant, we can safely use homeopathic remedies to treat the same drugs and mental/emotional trauma that the mom has sustained.  Mom and baby, afterall, share the same consciousness. Emotions show up in our eyes, as well as any chemicals in our breastmilk. If we’ve been newly traumatized, that is going to have a profound effect on how we are able to connect to our newborns. So many women suffer ocular blocks after birth. Nevermind the trauma that women experience in the United States, having to go back to work within two to three weeks, given the lack of maternity care they receive to this day. It’s an abomination!

I know quite a bit about the extremes experienced during birth as my son, my firstborn, was born via an emergency C-section at thirty-two weeks gestation, due to an infection that developed in my vagina after an internal examination. My body was trying to tell me a story about the original insult and it ended in cascades of trauma for both my son and I. Maybe what we call postpartum is the life force’s attempt to deal with medicalized birth trauma?

My son took almost 2 months to learn to nurse at the breast due to his prematurity. There was nothing ‘natural’ about his birth. His whole infancy and toddlerhood was rife with challenges and undischarged toxicity that lead to chronic constipation, attention deficit issues, and other complications with his shots. Perhaps this was due to his system being taxed by iatrogenic overload from the C-section surgery. 

We came to Heilkunst Medicine, almost five years later, and unraveled his timeline of traumas sequentially. He never thrived or escaped the autism spectrum until Heilkunst treatment. It was years of pain and suffering for both of us.

My daughter was born three and a half years later with a traditional midwife from the UK. By this time, I was using only homeopathic remedies to prepare physically and mentally for birth. She fared so much better than my son, mentally, emotionally, and physically. She breast-fed immediately. I had no postpartum symptoms, except pure joy. What a difference!

My hope is that you see that you deserve full acknowledgement and support for what transpired at your medicalized birth. Like me, you didn’t know. Many women who suffer trauma will say to me, “Ally, now that I know, I just want to conceive one more time in order to have the birth of my choosing.” If I had gained the knowledge in time, I might have made the same choice to have a freebirth also at home. Perhaps another lifetime under different circumstances. For now I will use my knowledge to help other women find their natural birth footing.




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