Musculoskeletal Issues Can Be Hard To Address; Traditionally, Here’s Why

This post is from the FEBRUARY 2024 newsletter – click here to read it.

Do you know of someone suffering from Parkinson’s, lupus, or fibromyalgia? Perhaps after reading this month’s newsletter, you’ll consider sending them our way. Do you know that the root cause has to do with the Genetic Miasms Lyme and Syphilis , often iatrogenic insults (like vaccines), and then either accumulated or a major trauma or lifestyle will pull the ultimate trigger?

These individuals will often feel like they’re being frozen alive within their own skin. It is a horrible way to succumb to a disease matrix, and not much is effectively being done in either the allopathic or alternative matrices. First, you have to apprehend the dynamic root cause and then actually know what to do about it.

With Heilkunst, we have honed a much more comprehensive set of principles and philosophy to be able to deal with the root cause. The thing is, like my patient in the Parkinson’s story below, the individual has to be willing to express the harbored emotions stacked up below decks. We can provide good tools for this that don’t feel threatening to their ultimate control issues.

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