How Healthy Is Your Liver?

Our livers are the powerhouse of filtration for our body. If you have a fatty or toxic liver, you’ve got a clogged up system that won’t break down fat properly, can obstruct your lymphatic system, and can back up your bowels. A stagnant liver can cause kaleidoscopic migraines, acne, allergies, sinus issues, histamine reactions, thyroid issues, and also heavy, problematic menstrual periods.

Congestion in the liver can also cause your heart to be unprotected. If you eat sugar or simple carbohydrates, the LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol (sometimes referred to  “bad” cholesterol, which makes up most of your body’s cholesterol) and HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol, (sometimes called “good” cholesterol), absorbs excess cholesterol AND sugar in the blood, carrying it back to the liver. The liver then flushes it from the body. Both HDL and LDL need a clear path to mount resources as protectors of the heart. Contrary to what we’ve been told by allopathy, there is no bad cholesterol and there is no scientific proof that elevated levels of so-called ‘bad LDL cholesterol’ is a marker for heart disease. If the release of both kinds of cholesterol is impeded by a congested gallbladder and liver then the heart ends up being exposed to inflammation, and may experience a heart event as a result. We don’t want the heart abandoned by its primary marshals (LDL and HDL) that come to its aid by protecting the heart from swelling. 

Taking statin drugs is the worst thing you can do. My partner actually did a video on our clinic’s website about how harmful it can be to lower one’s cholesterol in a false way.

“Lowering cholesterol can actually be harmful to your health! The New England Journal of Medicine has actually corrected the myth that dietary intake of fat does not cause heart disease, but that sugar is a much more significant factor in the cause of dangerous heart and arterial inflammation. Cholesterol is actually an important molecule released by the liver in order to allow life to exist. It is the healative agent in cellular inflammation. Lowering cholesterol with statin drugs can actually cause more harm than good, and even provoke inflammation in the body instead, as the cells feel unaided by the fatty, corrective bath. LDL and HDL are vehicles that transport fats, repair cells, regulate hormones, and metabolize vitamin D3. Cholesterol doesn’t oxidize in water, or in the blood, and it has never been proven scientifically to cause inflammation. Actually, sugar drives the supposedly good HDL cholesterol down and is considered more harmful if the pre-diabetic state becomes glycated, forming inflammation of the heart muscle.” 

Statin drugs lower cholesterol to dangerous levels leaving the heart unprotected.

It turns out that sugar and simple carbohydrates are actually the agents of inflammation and bombard your liver’s health. These are the elements that cause inflammation. While allopathy has been pointing at butter, lamb, duck, beef, and eggs as culprits for so-called ‘high cholesterol,’ it was actually the alcohol and bonbons that have been destroying people’s health. It’s time to stop misleading folks and get to the bottom of the cholesterol myth and deal with the fundamental issues of liver and gallbladder toxicity.

Since the liver is so critical for overall health by regulating our hormones, breaking down and assimilation of nutrients, as well as the conversion of vitamin D, we need to help it out by periodically doing a principled detoxification. While bitter herbs like dandelion can help, a liver can suffer from vaccine insults, years of chemtrail exposure, agricultural spraying, fracking, water toxicity, heavy metal exposure, iatrogenic (prescription drug-induced disease) insults, seed oils, refined sugar, alcohol, and recreational drugs. All leave a collective toxic footprint on the liver’s capacity to serve you to the best of its ability.

The liver and gallbladder are also inextricably linked to pancreatitis inflammation. Lumps of solid material (gallstones) found in the gallbladder can actually block the pancreatic duct so the enzymes can’t get out of the pancreas. This causes high levels of fat particles (triglycerides) in the blood, as well as high levels of calcium in the blood.

Detoxing Your Liver To Better Health

So if you are our patient, what can we do for you? To start, get off all forms of sugar and simple carbs, as well as alcohol. Let’s look at your overall health and see how rotational fasting might burn off some of the extra sugar, alcohol, and seed oils that have accumulated in your system. Then it’s time to get you on some good quality bone broth for your blood type, lots of water, and herbal teas. Lastly, we’ll get you a Drainage and Organ Support Dropper with chelidonium, as well as other lymphatic and pancreatic support homeopathics in low doses, for detoxification on the basis of natural law – the law of cure, ‘like cures like’. We can also target toxins such as Round-Up (glyphosate, one of many big agriculture chemicals), chemtrails, and even seed oils used to make those french fries that you secretly love so much (canola/rapeseed oil). Did you know that certain emotions are what make you crave sugars (anger), coffee (fear), and fries (grief)?

Let’s look at factors of rage, resentment, and anger. Yes, this is a big reason for liver toxicity that is not treated adroitly by either allopathy or alternative practitioners. How do we do this on your behalf? Well, your Emotional Support Dropper is filled with homeopathic remedies for grief, fear, anger, guilt, shame, and resentment. We’ve got you covered. Also, primal scream therapy, hitting a mature tree with a mop, breaking dollar store dishes, or putting up a bullseye on a punching bag or on your pillow can do wonders. We also encourage dancing out your anger, journaling, and having a go at a rage room where you can break a whole variety of items without causing yourself harm. Recently, my best friend and I went on a ferris wheel at an amusement park and screamed our guts out until we were hoarse. We’re both 60. 

As someone who’s written a whole book on rage, I can certainly attest to this undischarged emotion harbored due to past traumas in my own life, where I felt marginalized, abandoned, and misunderstood. By addressing the root causes of my own anger through Sequential Heilkunst Therapy, along with some principled liver flushes, using heavy doses of magnesium sulphate as per Dr. Hulda Clarke, I was able to resolve my ocular migraines that appeared like large, silvery gills across my vision. A day later, the headache pain would show up from my own congested liver, along with back/spinal pain. After that, my liver started functioning optimally, and I let go of almost sixty pounds in a few months.

Now, just to be clear, during the liver flushes and weight loss, I was under the care of seasoned practitioners who helped support and guide me through the process. None of these practices are for the faint of heart or inexperienced laymen or women, in my opinion. You can suffer quite a surprise reaction to the detoxing of gallstones, chaff (orange, sand-like particles), and liver flukes (some can be over an inch long), and it would be prudent to have an experienced practitioner holding you through the process so that you know what to expect.

What Does It Feel Like To Have A Healthy Liver?

Well, it feels marvelous, light, buoyant, sound, and cared for by the largest metabolic organ in your body. You also tend to let go of mental and emotional issues that are not meant for you. You may feel a release of congestion in your upper back and neck, gushing menstrual blood, and knowing your heart and pancreas are being naturally checked by organs running at their optimum levels. No more kinks in one’s hepatic hose!

Let us know at your next follow-up appointment if you feel ready to target the liver with a principled detox designed just right for your circumstances. It’s our pleasure to serve you and your liver. 


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