Do You Need Acute Remedies For Shock And Trauma?

I was sitting in a local café this morning having my usual matcha latte with organic milk and a shot of sugar-free vanilla. There was a guy in the next room over from me, having a panic attack. I went to get up to see if I could help when he started to breathe more normally and he stopped gulping air. He clearly had just had some shocking news.

If I had gotten a chance to treat him, I would have given him some homeopathic Aconite, Ignatia, and Opium for fear and shock. Depending on the nature of some traumas, Stramonium for terror can be warranted as well. This is only called for in rarer instances.

You may want to consider some of the ill effects of untreated shock:

  • Haunting feeling of fear that is suppressed and undigested.
  • Panic attacks that can come out of nowhere.
  • A seemingly unrelated event triggering a somatic response in your body that surprises you.
  • Projecting anxiety and fear on your partner, wanting them to fix or protect you.
  • Recurring events in your life that mimic the original shock or trauma in a cyclical loop that just repeats over and over again.
  • The desire to suppress the anxiety with a quick fix like prescription drugs or a cigarette. 
  • Sleeplessness, fear of someone breaking in, heart palpitations, or unusual sweating on certain body parts.

Homeopathic remedies mentioned above for shock or states of fear to consider are:


Considered the diffusing agent for panic on the law of nature — like cures like. Monkshood as a potentized homeopathic remedy in a 200CH or 1M (depending on the nature of the panic) can be super helpful when emotions are high with great fear, trembling, and profound worry. In this state, you may feel agitated, restless, pins and needles, and numbness in the body as if you might go into a state of shock. Look for hyperventilation and significant heart palpitations in the sufferer. Aconite is a brilliant remedy to help restore calm gently and quickly.


This individual will feel as if they’re going to fall apart. They will burst forth into weeping, as if a dam of deep grief has cracked and they’re at a loss to control the tears starting to fill up their eyes. They will express a feeling of having been profoundly disappointed from a loss, like a relationship break-up, the death of a close relative or friend, news of an upsetting nature, or a sudden fright. Ignatia, potentized from the St. Ignatius bean (Strychnos ignatii plant), will try to appear like they’re handling everything in their stride, but they will give away their deeper state by constant or periodic sighing.

Look for a lump in their throat like Natrum Muriaticum, and the fact that they are easily tipped over the edge with an outburst of unpredictable behavior, causing them to pull away from any outward display of reassurance and comfort. Look for sweating of the face, twitching, cramps, jerking, and hyperventilation.

Children may not exhibit any of the adult’s attempts at composure and may burst out of the room in an outright tantrum, wailing with profuse sweat on their face. 

Opium (Papaver or Poppy):

This individual may appear to be in a state of shock, they will stoically want for nothing, staring, thinks she’s not at home, appears delirious, dazed, and confused. They could be raving, suffering delusions, seeing phantoms, figures, or hideous people in their imagination. This sufferer may appear as if they’re stuck in a dream or nightmare with intense emotions of anger, fear, or even exaltation.

Don’t try to get the individual in an Opium state of shock to make a decision, as they will exhibit apathy, indifference, dullness, confusion, or sluggishness. Look for perspiration, weeping, and an over-sensitivity to the slightest noise. This individual may appear to be sleep-talking with dull senses or even unconsciousness during or after a fever or a seizure.


Stramonium safely triturated and potentized  from the highly toxic plant Datura; bell shaped blooms that hang down with dramatically curled up edges. With this patient, look for difficulty talking, swallowing, intense thirst, reduced urination, vomiting, diarrhea, confusion, delirium, dilated pupils, convulsions, fever, hallucinations, delirium, and even convulsions from terror.

In our homeopathic provings, we had many ill effects of extreme dryness in the mouth and throat, craving sour drinks, and issues with muscle control, circulation, and spinal nerves. Look for violent hiccuping, extreme congestion to the head, and excessive perspiration. 

An individual suffering a Stramonium state can suffer a fear of water, extreme loquacity (talking non-stop), trembling, tremors, spasms, twitching, and convulsions, all worse at night. One side of their body may feel paralyzed while the other side is trembling uncontrollably. 

This sufferer may not be able to pass urine or stool, or alternatively  suffer excessive excretions and secretions. Their face may appear red and hot with chilly hands and feet. Stramonium children can suffer nightmares without waking, and know no one in their acute state of terror.

And one more …

Belladonna (Nightshade):

Belladonna is known for its quick onset of fears and manias, worse around midnight. It’s one of our chief homeopathic remedies for high fevers and children with much delirium, outbursts of violence, and hallucinations.

This individual may have suffered a terrifying encounter with either real or imaginary things like wolves, dogs, rats, ghosts, or an attacker. Look for violent striking out like biting, hitting, kicking, scratching, or gnashing of teeth. Even fits of laughter can surprise witnesses to a Belladonna delirium.

The victim of a Belladonna state may hide under the bed or blindly flee the circumstances where they were harmed or persecuted. They may be laughing hysterically or screaming violently. The right side of their face gets very red, hot, with protruding pupils, and a noticeable pulsation of the carotid arteries on the neck during violent attacks.

Look for wild staring pupils, restlessness, or even jumping up and down in a Belladonna state. I’ve experienced the wild delirium of a child with a high fever, reverting to a completely calm state, and going back to sleep; then waking with a normal temperature within an hour after a dose of Belladonna.

It is worth decades of study to be able to help a patient find their centered calm, ease, deep sleep, and serenity after years of panic attacks and anxiety. Please note that healing reactions to any of these remedies can be confronting and bring about feelings, functions, and sensations from the original shock. It’s best for these remedies to be taken under the care of an experienced Heilkunst Physician. 

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