Do You Need To Do A Parasite Cleanse?

So this is the latest fad, it would seem, in both the mainstream and alternative worlds. I want to start out by saying that we’re all full of parasites. In fact, we’re all pretty much bags of bacteria and parasites. Parasites can be symbiotic and are often charged with mopping up excess toxicity from junk food (islets of organization), bacterias from your trip to Costa Rica, heavy metals, or the handfuls of dirt from the park your toddler just downed in one gulp, before you could get there to stop them.

Folks got more adroit and aware of parasites when they started taking doses of Ivermectin during the pandemic, in the treatment or prevention of certain viruses. Wait a minute, they said, isn’t this horse dewormer? Why yes, yes it is.

More recently, I would do parasite cleanses after being in a hot, tropical climate that would have foreign bacteria and parasites in food or water. I didn’t want an overgrowth of either of these elements to think I was hosting a mariachi band party where they got to have center stage.

For the last fifteen years, I’ve always done a parasite cleanse before a liver flush. Dr. Hulda Clark always said that you won’t get as much gallbladder chaff or liver flukes out of the hepa-biliary system if you don’t take care of the parasites first.

For the last twenty years, I’ve done fifteen day ParaGONE® cleanses regularly, every nine to twelve months, which contain herbs like wormwood leaf, quassia wood, garlic bulb, and thyme leaf. The second bottle in the kit is a liquid tincture that includes nature’s vermifuge wormwood leaf and stem, along with black walnut hulls, clove bud, marshmallow root, and orange peel. 

I knew it was needed due to my lifestyle of working five days a week, doing postgraduate research, raising two kids, writing books and articles weekly, not getting enough exercise, being stuck inside for seven months during the Canadian winter, and our diet had more grains back then due to our more meager budget. Also, the long-term stress had me craving sugar to suppress all the anger and frustration from living more out of obligation as opposed to love.

This is an important point. Parasites are not the enemy as mentioned above. They’re not the cause either. If there is an overgrowth of parasites in your body, the root cause is undischarged rage and anger. Think about it, if you’re feeling repeatedly victimized by expectations and lists that never are complete, you will feel prey to your circumstances and also host to excess parasites. It’s a vicious circle of victimization.

This is also the phenomenon for why some kids get tapeworms and dogs get fleas; it’s the reason for ant, mouse, or wasp infestations and it’s the reason for head lice. This is why every kid, during a lice outbreak at a state-based school, doesn’t get a case of lice. It’s the same as the germ-theory actually – you have to create the ripe conditions, in order to host a disease, fleas, or an overgrowth of parasites.

You may be asking now — what then do I do with my anger, frustration, and feelings of victimization? Great question! We’re writing a whole book about this called, Materia Medica Arcana of Staphysagria; Ending the Victimization Cycle. For now, though, we have a host of blogs, below, you can study that will help to answer this question so prevalent for the current times that we live in.

The other resource that we use to combat parasites is to clean up the ground substance of the material that hosts them. Grains, sugars, fruits, and seed oils can be an orthomolecular mess, spawning pathogenic patterns that create the environment that is perfect to host parasites and errant bacterias. 

Also, we’ll furnish your Drainage and Organ Support Dropper with Cina, and other homeopathic remedies, to detox you from parasites and worms. Read more here in Dr. Henry Clark’s Materia Medica: Cina. Scroll down to the section on ‘Stool and Anus’. Yes, we know how much fun we are at a dinner party!  We also provide a similar combination of remedies for the animals that we serve, as our beloved canines, equines, and felines generally need to detox regularly from exposure to excess freeloaders.

It’s our pleasure to help you and your family to do a parasite cleanse. Simply mention it at your next Heilkunst follow-up and we’ll be happy to assist you with the right tools for your circumstances.




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