Are You Feeling Angry?

This post is from the MARCH 2024 newsletter – click here to read it.

Are you feeling angry? Do you go from zero to eight hundred in a matter of seconds? Do you often wonder at the magnitude of the rage harbored in your belly and then feel guilty after it’s puppetted you into an adult tantrum?

Do you want to know why? Often it’s from repeated traumas, from childhood, where frustration after frustration were buried alive. It’s having learned to suppress your rage without a healthy way of releasing it. In our culture, it’s acceptable to feel sad, to cry, to feel guilt, shame, or resentment. Fear is also an expected emotion. However, the moment you say, “‘I’m filled with feelings of rage and victimization”, just watch the room clear right down to the paint color. 

It’s too bad that anger gets a bum rap. Because taking a mop to a tree or breaking useless pinwheel crystal against the back fence allows a level of frustration to release that feels delicious. Screaming obscenities into the rafters of my barn was so transcendent for me. I love my rage and anger and how it takes so much joy in being shook out until I gag or even vomit into a bucket, after an hour of shaking every limb down to her cellular memory. There is a reason ‘Rage Rooms’ have popped up all over urban centers.

It’s the same reason that Dr. Wilhelm Reich helped his patients to release rage from their seven functional bands of body armor (ocular, oral, cervical, thoracic, diaphragmatic, abdominal, and pelvic segments). Trapped rage will start to spawn neurosis and even more advanced physical pathology if left unchecked. Often, it’s what is blocking a healthy sexual expression (see my book, Unfolding The Essential Self; From Rage to Orgastic Potency, by Allyson McQuinn).

In this month’s newsletter we’re talking about rage and the homeopathic remedies we use to help our patients to unblock it. We also have a guest blogger speaking to how anger, if honored and given its due, can be an agent for change. Are you ready to get juicy with your rage instead of just managing it? Let’s go!

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