Why Are You Sick?

What could it be that is causing you to cycle in and out of periodically feeling under the weather?

  • germs (if the germ theory existed, we’d all be dead)?
  • toxic overload from poor elimination?
  • Parasites and/or bacterial overgrowth?
  • terrible food quality (low nutrient intake)?
  • wrong diet for your typology?
  • the wrong supplements or not enough minerals?
  • heavy metals, glyphosate, chemtrail, or iatrogenic load?
  • chemicals in skin/body care products?
  • seed oils or artificial sweeteners/flavors/colors?
  • sugar, drugs, or alcohol?
  • unrelenting or unmanaged stress?
  • unresolved traumas?
  • unresolved genetic predisposition to chronic disease?

Is it time to take a look at these variables? Are you ready for the most wholistic approach that you’ve ever experienced with a practitioner? Or are you good with one question per visit and a suppressive drug, or allopathic label, instead? Are you more into simply palliating or burying those ‘Whack-A-Mole’ issues below a newer iatrogenic (suppressive drug) insult? It’s totally up to you, however…

If one more individual tells me that they think they have short or long ‘Covid’ during Tuberculinum, around Christmas, I may run screaming from my office while also pulling my hair out. Those poor allopaths attended ALL those years of medical school to only have one ridiculous label to stick on all their patients suffering any form of congestion or fever. Gone are the days of the common cold or flu in the spring and fall. Adiós a la verdad! Now all of humanity has picked up this gesture and are labeling themselves with this same false cult label, which is so far from a true diagnosis (means ‘through knowing’) with no viable/curative treatment. How impotent and forsaken can you get? Really, it’s pathetic.

Besides, the germ theory was debunked on Pasteur’s very own deathbed, in his own words! For the love of all that is holy, when is the hundredth monkey going to sing and the truth actually penetrate the collective hive mind of human consciousness? Puleeeeease put us out of our diagnostic misery! I have kissed and hugged so many adults and children with runny noses, coughs, fever, and pox of one kind or another over the last twenty three years, without a single migration of their illness to me. Ok, so I’ll step down from the soapbox of profound irritation, for now.

So when patients come to see us with rotating issues of just feeling weak, slumping, depressed, unmotivated, and sick. We get them to fill out a whole comprehensive four page intake form and sequential timeline. This helps us to get oriented to what’s contributing to the patient’s malaise and recurring illness.

In all cases, there is not just one issue. It ends up being dynamic. The thing is, most systems of medicine have no clue which lynch pins to pull first.

That’s where our Heilkunst caduceus chart comes in. It clearly defines the three jurisdictions of treatment so that we’re never lost or without a map. Take a look here:

The legend for this map is clear to the Heilkunst doctor. First we have to get the bottom bubbles addressed with a sound diet for that individual’s typology. Are they overweight, eating seed oils in fast food, are they mineral deficient like most folks? Are they dehydrated? Are they sleep-deprived and not respecting the type of movement for their typology?

The middle bubbles are about medicine proper, based on the law of nature, like cures like, without causing an ounce of harm. Did you know that your disease matrix is layered? It’s termed in Heilinst, the law of succession of forces. This means that the traumas you’ve sustained were incurred in a particular order and they must be removed thusly, in order, or the resolution won’t wholly stick outright. Makes sense?

The middle bubbles also speak to the genetic predisposition for chronic disease called the Miasms. These include the roots of all symptoms that won’t go away with more vitamin C, magnesium, sunlight, or any other lifestyle changes in the first set of bubbles. These are like an engendered pregnancy which we term the ‘tonic’ diseases, for which pathology and pathic symptoms are anchored to. See our other map here:

By the time an individual gets to the third jurisdiction of Heilkunst Medicine, we’re usually hearing these types of success stories

Success Story: Blood Glucose Levels Resolving In An 11 Year Old

Success Story: Finding Calm & Inner Peace

Danielle is a wonderful practitioner. Never have I felt so seen, heard and helped by anyone in the healing arts. Of all of the benefits of Heilkunst I have experienced, the most meaningful one has been an embodied sense of CALM. Life is inherently full of obstacles, challenges and strife, but all things are survivable with inner peace. When I began meeting with Danielle I was experiencing unexplainable existential dread that has morphed into a calmness that has served through some difficulties in the past few months.

My 3 yr old daughter’s eczema on her eyelids is also gone, whoohoo!

– C. S., Toronto, ON

Success Story: Infant Fevers Resolved

Hi Allyson, I don’t know if you’d remember me, but I had a consult with you back in 2017 about my infant son’s periodic fevers. I will admit that at the time I wasn’t totally sold on the remedy but I will share that they did resolve permanently after the treatment.

– J. Gabbard, New Jersey, USA

The top level bubbles on the Caduceus Chart indicate ‘therapeutic education.’ This is the realm of beliefs, unfilled desires, and a lack of sense of one’s autonomy to effect change in their realm. If I have the belief that I’m not enough or I will inevitably be abandoned, I will create undue stress in my life to try and prove I am enough, or I will morph my personality into being a chronic ‘pleaser’ to try and mitigate being abandoned. 

These states of mind, actually, are what kick off pathology to show up in the other two bubbles. All disease started in the mind. For example — for cancer, the state of mind is ‘the unlived life’, the disease of resignation or rescuing others to the exclusion of the self. Over time, this can result in tumors in the breasts (lack of self nurturing) or the uterus (lack of co-creation and fulfillment of one’s calling). 

This pathologized state of grief will feel depressed, tired, need more naps, unmotivated to exercise, crave salt like crazy, feel bloated, often puffy, and may alternate between constipation and diarrhea. Can you see how it’s all related and why all three jurisdictions are critical for resolving the dynamic issues for a patient?

Allopathic medicine, and most alternative therapies as well, are often just going after the seed oils, the stress (“stop it!”), or the latest fad (get more magnesium) or eat more vegetables. This is causing a lot of harm and folks are throwing a lot of money at labels that fall short of the holistic approach and a truer diagnosis.

So what is making you sick? Perhaps now, you’re closer to being able to answer that question.



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