Is “The Pill” Making You Sick?

By Guest Author, Tammie Quick

Published in Mosaic Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine’s Spring 2011 issue.

Gentlemen, please don’t disregard this article just because of the title. I’m talking to you too! If you are drinking tap water, or water that hasn’t been meticulously cleaned, then you are consuming synthetic female hormones. How is this possible? Well, consider the number of women who are taking the birth control pill. 

In fact, I challenge you to find a woman who hasn’t ever taken “the pill”. It’s practically a rite of passage for young women in Western civilization. And if that number isn’t staggering enough, consider how many female “baby boomers” have been diagnosed with Hormone Deficiency Disease (menopause) and told the only treatment is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). I’ll bet you’ve never stopped to ask yourself where those hormones go, when they’ve been excreted through the urine of these women and into the public water supply. Yes, the water is treated, but there is no filter for these hormones. Additionally, if you’ve ever eaten meat that isn’t 100% certified organic, then you’ve been further exposed, as hormones are routinely given to all livestock in order to create larger breasts and more flesh for us to eat.

Let’s face it, we’re all on “the pill”. Homeopath, Melissa Assilem, has done extensive research into the effects of synthetic hormones in women. And in my Heilkunst practice, I see patients of both sexes who need to be treated for ill health that has been caused by synthetic hormones. Women will report problems around their monthly cycles yet think it’s just a normal part of being a female. Older gals report what we’ve all come to believe are classic menopausal symptoms, never realizing that nature didn’t intend for women to suffer through these natural stages of their lives. Neither did she intend for men to develop “man boobs” or prostate tumors that are largely estrogenic. There are some who speculate that “the pill” was not a tool for sexual liberation of women as much as it was for men. According to Assilem, (Women Ripening Through the Menopause, WHN Books, 1995), to suppress a woman’s natural rhythms is “the most modern and scientific way to castrate women yet invented.” Wikipedia tells us that castrate means: “to deprive of strength or vigor.” Indeed, when a woman comes to my clinic reporting problems with her weight, yeast infections, uncontrollable cravings, irritability and/or depression, low libido, problems with her period or menopause (or both), acne, mood swings and any kind of history of abuse, I always consider a hormone imbalance due to synthetic hormones. And once again I dare the reader to find a woman who doesn’t suffer from one or most of these symptoms. How many can name three women who are full of “strength and vigor”? Many physicians assume that estrogen is dominant for these women, and recommend progesterone applications. But this does not “cure” the underlying problem, which is a hormonal imbalance due to synthetic hormones.

A man who’s been adversely affected by synthetic hormones may show signs in the sexual arena. 

Certainly a male in his 40s or 50s shouldn’t expect to have the sexual performance that he did in his 20s. But as cute as those “ED” commercials may be, erectile dysfunction is anything but cute. Once again the pharmaceutical industry has come to the rescue with such drugs as Viagra, which is not a cure (and not without risks). But how about looking at the underlying reasons for the problem… like the over feminization of our males by environmental contaminants? If it’s happening to frogs, it’s happening to our husbands, sons, brothers, uncles, nephews, and fathers. 

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