You Didn’t Come This Far To Only Come This Far

In the deeper recesses of yourself, do you wonder at your lack of confidence? Are you ready to convert that fear into confident integrity? If you’re feeling that it is time to figure yourself out, change direction, and ‘up-level’ every aspect of your life, you’ve come to the right place.

In the course of your life, I know that you’ve wondered why and how other individuals seem to have it so easy. Why do they have the work that they seemed made for? How did they end up partnered to the most terrific, sensitive, and capable partner imaginable? Perhaps you feel spent trying to figure out how to compete with them.

I’ve known this feeling, too. Twenty some years ago, my friend who was living footloose and fancy free after her kids had all grown and left home, was moving to the west coast. She’d bought a gorgeous house in the giant redwoods with a back deck that seemed to hang like a tree fort in the elbow of one of those ginormous trees.

My feelings of jealousy were exhausting as I mopped the floor, put in another load of laundry, and changed yet another dirty diaper. Would I ever achieve my goals or was I destined to drudge, feelings of shelved desires, and disappointed dreams?

I actually despised the  job that I was on extended maternity leave for, and in another six months I was destined to return to the spreadsheets with nothing but a whole score of different numbers. The players would all be the same, waiting for their magic numbers to retire. I’d simply repeated the expectations of my childhood years in elementary and highschool. Did I come this far to only come this far?!

I was utterly stripped of my radiance and vitality. I’d unknowingly poisoned my life with the same gesture of expectations that my parents had placed on me. The only difference is that the taxation department and my credit card deadlines had replaced my parent’s curfews. It was all so overwhelming and exhausting.

Can you relate? Do you feel like you’ve hit the default for the status quo in your life? Do you feel not enough – not smart enough, not beautiful enough, not worthy enough? These were also the mental poisons that held me hostage back in the days before Heilkunst treatment.

What’s Heilkunst treatment you ask? It’s a dynamic system of homeopathic medicine that utilizes systematic protocols to ‘peel your onion’ of shocks, traumas, and beliefs. It’s an excavation process to unveil your essential self, unburdening your confidence. It’s accessing your underbelly that has the tools for transcendence buried at its core.

Don’t believe me? Listen to these folks we’ve served over the years:

I have grown by leaps and bounds since this testimonial, and Heilkunst as a medium for education and remediation continues to blow my mind wide open. I hope I never become so overwhelmed by material things that I lose my sense of wonder and awe in Heilkunst. It is and always will be a dynamic miracle for my own existence. Amazing things happen with my magic dropper bottles – not having taken an antibiotic in over 14 years comes to mind or having pneumonia every single year for a lifetime, sometimes twice yearly, once in the summer months god forbid, and suddenly recognizing I haven’t had pneumonia for 5 years! The lists I can make are astronomical and very satisfying – I will always toot Heilkunst’s horn. It is amazing!

~T.M., Ontario, Canada

Arcanum saved our lives in so many ways … and opened us up to a brand new world!

~ KH, Nebraska, USA

Allyson is helping me to shed my “old” self. It isn’t always an easy path, the past likes to hang on and keep it’s claws in my soul, but after almost two years with Allyson, I can truly see a dramatic difference in myself and my relationships. All of us are on a journey, I choose to make mine happier and more content with life. Thank you Allyson!

~ LF, Nebraska, USA

I can genuinely say these two and the principles of Heilkunst have changed my life in the most profound of ways that one almost need to experience it themselves to understand. ~ R.S, Colorado, USA

I just wanted to tell you that I saw my sister on the weekend and I was shocked at the transformation she has undergone. She told me that you were treating her and I was seriously blown away. Not only does she look amazing, she is feeling better and also is expressing herself in a very different way. She is letting go of the past and is very open to communicating with me now. We had a breakthrough this weekend and I feel like for the first time since I returned from (another city), I finally have reconnected with my sister. Thank you for helping her. … I am so glad to see you doing so well in your business and making such a huge difference in people’s lives! 

~ M, Quebec, Canada

When we live our lives based on our karmic default program out of expectations, we end up feeling like we’re not enough … not talented enough, not smart enough, not beautiful enough. This is like a slow drip poison into our psyches, eventually showing up as exhaustion, constipation, headaches, allergies, arthritis, sinus issues, menstrual pain, prostate issues, and depression.

When we remove the blockages to cure on your timeline, each event at a time in sequential order, you begin to see more of the core of what empowers you. With the burdens of belief stripped away, you begin to access the innate gifts bestowed to you that are stored at deeper levels in your organs.

The trick is to follow the yellow brick road of inspiration (in-spirit-ation) while facing and transcending your challenges simultaneously. Patients tell me that as they address each layer of their own ‘onion’, that the physical, mental, and emotional challenges diminish over time. This is also what I noticed in myself.

What I observe as folks go along ‘peeling their onion’ is a newfound confidence, discernment, and drive not wholly available before. Patients will have a better skin-tone, brighter eyes, more youthful appearance, and they appear more alive!  They stop looking like, well, patients!

I never imagined that this system of medicine would also help me to transcend my own life. I became the parent that I always wanted to be, full of humor and fun, allowing my babes to have a healthy attachment to me. When they left home, I traveled extensively with my partner, bought property in Mexico, and spent a lot of  time at the beach or at concerts in the mountains, while serving patients just 2-3 days per week. I just published my twentieth book.

You, too, can access your true desire function and develop powerful tools and practices that help you to access your innate power, authenticity, and unique destiny. Once you ‘peel your own onion’, you can more boldly and unapologetically be yourself; quirky, pleasure-seeking, robustly focussed, and courageous.

The false ego burns off and you’re no longer seeking external approval. You stop seeking empowerment and actually step into a power that was always available to you but that you felt blocked from accessing. Real, genuine enthusiasm burbles up from the recesses of your being that uplifts you like never before. Your challenges feel less arduous and simply issues to be dealt with and more easily moved through.

Your heart feels open and you’re more available to the moment and the magic it brings. Even your relationships become more meaningful and the connection much deeper.

As you look back in time, you will realize that you no longer feel that, “You didn’t come this far to only come this far.” It’s more like, “What a hell of a ride, and I’m sucking the marrow of every resonant experience through my congruent teeth!  Giddy up!”

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