What does your liver and parasites have in common?

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Right out the gate, you might be wondering, what do parasites have to do with your liver? Great question. As Dr. Hulda Clarke cites, you can’t effectively do a liver and gallbladder detox without effectively doing a parasite cleanse first. That’s because behind those blocked ducts, behind the liver flukes, are a whole host of parasites. In order to get the gallbladder chaff and stones to clear the decks, we have to clean up the liver to make way for them to leave easily.

Springtime is the best time to do a thorough ‘spring cleaning’. That doesn’t just mean washing the mattress pad on your bed or actually refolding the towels in your linen cupboard neatly, after your kids have repeatedly terrorized its orderly nature. Your organs do super well with a dusting and a cleaning all of their own.

Did you know that both parasites and a fatty or congested liver have something in common? Both also need to address anger issues at the root.  To host parasites, we need to suffer, or have suffered, trauma related to victimization. Also, if the liver is congested, it’s where we have stuffed down our true feelings of rage.

It’s interesting, as most individuals will admit to grief, fear, and guilt, but rage, not so much. It’s often why folks who abuse alcohol will also end up with cirrhosis of the liver. They’re not only poisoning themselves, but underneath all that self-medicating is a feeling of a lack of self-advocacy and self-destruction. They have trauma from childhood where they didn’t feel those that should have stuck up for them actually did.

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