Success Story: HPV Shot Induced Seizures Resolved

BACK IN 2012…

I was in an epilepsy monitoring unit for a week. I was not born with this. It was a direct result of the HPV vaccine. I started developing seizures my junior year of highschool. I would see myself in photographs and not remember being there. No seizure meds would work. I felt lost. I felt like I was a fraction of the person I was supposed to be.

Most people that knew me back then probably didn’t even realize what was going on. People that I’m close to now probably are finding this out for the first time. But it felt like it was time to share my story.

I know it’s cliché to say this but it really did make me stronger. I have done things and taken risks that the little shell of myself before NEVER would have dreamed of doing. ?

So why am I just now sharing this??

Honestly I don’t have an answer. I think it took me so long to build up the courage to do it because I don’t want pity and I don’t want to share this for any other reason than to help someone who is possibly going through something similar.

And it’s not easy. Part of me was embarrassed about it for so long. I think I was maybe in denial that this is part of my story and what made me a part of who I am today.

So what did help??

I get asked all the time.. Why do you eat so healthy? How do you even know that (insert health fact)? Why do you go to the gym so often? Why do you preach self care and mindset??

Well because that is what got me through. We spent YEARS trying to go through traditional medicine. And maybe that’s why I haven’t shared this part yet. I was afraid of judgement getting thrown my way because there are parts of modern medicine I do think are important.

But the only thing that I started seeing actual results from was when I started seeing Allyson McQuinn with Arcanum Wholistic Clinic. Frankly, she changed my life. Through her treatment, her words and recommendations on the things I should be putting into my body I started to dramatically improve.

Now I am not perfect by any means. But this is WHY I watch what I put into my body, that is WHY I started drinking medical grade water rich in active molecular hydrogen years ago.

I went from having 2-4 seizures a day in high school but with my treatment I started slowly getting better with each step. Down to 1 seizure a month, then 1 a year maybe, and then poof they were gone. It was tough but it actually improved at an incredibly fast rate.

I still would have my symptoms, some migraines here and there. That’s when my daily habits really came into play. I spent years trying to figure out what felt good for ME. What helped ME.

I started drinking this water 5 years ago and I am 6 years SEIZURE FREE. I think I have only had about 2- 3 “scares” in that amount of time. I think this played into my brain clarity directly as well since I was getting enough oxygen to my brain. This water was helping that directly.

I know this because I know what it’s like when I’m not drinking the water. I went through a year of moving and not being as good as I should have been about drinking it and the difference was huge. I had more brain fog, I felt full and heavy all the time, had some migraines and bad emotional breakdowns. A few scares. Consistently started drinking it again and I completely transformed.

~ Brayden Auer, via Instagram

Note: At Arcanum, we wholly recommend diet (based on typology), structured water (again, based on individual needs), exercise (based on typology) and restorative sleep as part of Heilkunst treatment.  Once we remove the shocks and traumas on an individual’s sequential timeline on the law of similars, regimen (law of opposites) has a better chance of providing hydration and nutrition that can be absorbed by that individual. 

Further Note: As per ‘The Gardasil Girls’ on Instagram, there is a class action suit against the makers of these HPV shots for causing harm. See below:

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