I Know That If I Could Just Solve My Mother-Wound I Could Be the Parent That I Want To Be

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This month we’re talking about the wounded mother and how not to remain stuck in old karmic patterns we may be defaulting to. In Heilkunst, we serve our patients to help them to transcend old feelings of being stuck and looping around and around in undesirable behaviors.

More often this is a result of the Genetic Miasm Syphilis that shows up on the coat-tails of summer. Its periodicity is the middle or latter part of June.  You might jump up and down with your arms flailing in the air answering, “I don’t have syphilis!” Thing is, we all do to a lesser or greater degree. These gnarly disease matrices just get downloaded genetically from one generation to the next, puppeting us in mostly unknown ways.

If you suffer patterns of insidious self-destruction, feel perpetually wounded as a parent, stuck in old behaviors, chronically angry, and looping with rage, this could very well be a default program of this state of mind for you. Don’t worry, I also had this disease matrix in spades. I was finally able to become the mother I’d dreamed I could be after treating this state using Heilkunst principles. What a relief!  

I was also able to jimmy myself out of repeating patterns of my own feelings of being abandoned. How many times did I say to my Heilkunst Practitioner, “I feel stuck!” The only thing ‘stuck’ was my habitual anger and abandonment of self.  I had quite a bit of work to do.  

If this is also your mental diatribe, you’ve come to the right place.  We’ve helped thousands of folks get to higher ground by resolving the root cause of their ills. Take a look at what some of these individuals have said about their Heilkunst treatment with us: Success Stories 

See you on the other side of the clinic door.

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