90 Day Regimen Breakthrough – Week 10

90 Day Regimen Breakthrough – Week 10

Flower Essences in Support of Your 90 Day Regimen Program

Although the principles of regimen are clear, their implementation may require you to have support at different levels in order for you to obtain success with your 90 day regimen program.

The flower essences are one form of support which can be very effective, especially where your emotions or attitudes have become imbalanced for one reason, or another, and your will power is not completely available to you to be applied towards your goals.

Dr. Bach developed his system of 38 flower essences in the 1930s, and then many more variations have come from different regions around the world in the decades since.

In the context of this regimen program, the flower essences can be particularly useful in helping you work through issues of willpower and motivation, which can get captured by negative influences leading to poor habits and mental attitudes.

The key, as always, is to be 100% clear on the difference between a true ‘disease’, versus an ‘imbalance’ – the flower essences are only capable of correcting an imbalance, but not an actual disease, which would need the appropriate homeopathic remedy prescribed.

Here’s this week’s video, introducing the flower essences, and how you can start to use them for yourself:

Your homework from this video:

  1. In your journal, review your progress so far with your regimen program, and identify exactly how you responded to roadblocks and other difficulties.
  2. What are the typical emotional stances, or soul qualities with which you respond to adversity? Feeling defeated? Blaming? Emotionally withdrawn? Hiding behind a cheerful mask? What’s your “go to” emotion or soul expression?
  3. Take a look through the 38 Bach flower remedies (or other systems, if you wish), and select a handful of the most representative essences for yourself.

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