90 Day Regimen Breakthrough – Week 2

90 Day Regimen Breakthrough – Week 2


In week 1, we set a foundation for your regimen program by laying out the basic principle of resonance, and beginning your journey with a map and tools of reflection and support to help you.

This week, we’ll be expanding on some of the basic concepts to help you further understand what regimen actually is, and how it fits into a total concept of healthcare. Also, some reasons for hitting a plateau or roadblocks in your regimen are contextualized in this bigger picture.

Continue on with the work you’ve already begun on your regimen in the first week, and take in this new material, and apply it as appropriate for you.

There are three parts to week 2:

  1. What is regimen?
  2. What is health?
  3. A brief introduction to “Dynamic Physiology”

What is regimen?

While regimen is the absolute foundation to every other aspect of healthcare, it is also limited as to what you can accomplish with it. This video explains how regimen is only one of three primary jurisdictions of healthcare, and what you can and cannot expect to accomplish with it.

It is just like our legal system, where the only place you can defend yourself against a parking ticket is in “traffic court”, and the only place that you can discharge a divorce is in “family court” – if a specific health problem does not originate with your regimen, then you cannot correct it in the “regimen court” of healthcare.

Your homework from this video is to identify where you have pushed regimen to its limits, and then got frustrated at a plateau. What consequence did this have for you?


What is health?

How does regimen fit into the broader concept of “health”? The usual definitions of health are one sided, and do not lead to the most complete state of health possible. “Homeostasis” (or balance) is the usual implicit focus of health, but the other side – “palingenesis” is equally important. You’ll see this by the relative predominance of the word “Wellness” in healthcare contexts, but the almost complete absence of the word “Soundness”. Growth and development continue through our whole lifespan, and not just the first 21 years where the dramatic physical growth is quite obvious and visible.

Your homework from this video is to identify whether your current health goals are more focussed on wellness (achieving and maintaing balance), or on soundness (creating new forward momentum and creative development)? (No right or wrong answer here – just clarifying where you are on your map).


A brief introduction to “dynamic physiology”

This is a broader perspective on how our “dynamic physiology” works, particularly in the context of our 4 bodies, and how the 3 therapeutic jurisdictions relate, as well as how regimen fits in.

There is no homework from this video, other than to continue on with your daily reflection and support process.


2 thoughts on “90 Day Regimen Breakthrough – Week 2

  1. Lee

    Hi Jeff,
    Thank you!!! These video lessons were great … I got alot out of them and believe I have a broader and more stable understanding of not only the principles and how they work together but also what will work for me and what won’t (or why it hasn’t). I’ll leave other comments for my homework. Cheers,

  2. Suzanne McRae

    Some things are becoming a bit more clear for me with these videos this week. I’m beginning to understand some things better, but I’m also feeling a tremendous amount of resistance. Thanks for another great week of lessons and homework. Look forward to connecting with you with more feedback and also for my CoRe this week.

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