90 Day Regimen Breakthrough – Week 4

90 Day Regimen Breakthrough – Week 4

Time for a water break


This week we begin to tackle the four cardinal points of regimen, with “hydration” being today’s topic.

The primary importance of hydration is in its obvious physical meaning of drinking and absorbing enough pure water to keep all your body systems and functions in optimal shape, but we’ll also explore the meaning of hydration at all levels of our health and being.

Here’s an introduction to the concept and principles of hydration:

Your journal homework from this first video is:

  1. How is your thirst at all levels? Do you have a strong desire and thirst for water?
  2. How strong is your “thirst for life”?
  3. How is your absorption at all levels?

[All of the above is strongly connected back to our original concept of “resonance vs. attraction”.]

The next step in your hydration is to address all the practical issues of “how”. The content of this video is designed to give you a good outline, from which you can structure your own very individual path into hydration, based on your unique needs, as well as your given situations and resources.

Your journal homework from this video:

  1. How is your current level of hydration?Are there any obvious signs of either hydration, or dehydration?
  2. What are your hydration habits like?
  3. Are there any aspects of hydration regimen which you would want to work on at this point in time?


11 thoughts on “90 Day Regimen Breakthrough – Week 4

  1. Anne

    Everything makes so much sense now. I drink and drink and drink and it just flows right out of me! Here I was thinking that I would not have to do much this week because I drink a lot.
    Would water retention be related to this armouring?
    Does filtering the water through a filtering system re-energize the water?

  2. Lee

    Really liked these episodes … made a lot of sense to me and glad to know I’m already doing or have done some of it. Question: I thought pale pee from drinking water was a ‘good’ thing … am I wrong?

  3. jkorentayer Post author

    There are different filtering systems which are designed to “energize” the water in certain ways. There is a very insteresting spiral coil pipe I’ve seen, which does a great job at re-enlivening water.

  4. Denise

    I have had 2 glasses of water since Friday , I just feel angry and edgy…. drinking water makes me pee and lose control and feel like a 4 year old .

  5. Mary Anne

    Just wondering what a person might expect who has been, say, chronically dehydrated and then attempts to rehydrate. How long would it take to get back to a properly hydrated condition?

  6. Mary Anne

    How do you know when water is enlivened? Does it lose life-force when it stands still? I remember there were some experiments done in England some years ago using flow systems to try to purify water but I believe they were found to be ineffective. I guess purification and enlivening are two different aspects/processes?

  7. jkorentayer Post author

    HI Mary Anne – that depends on how long the dehydration has existed, and in fact, it may extend back to previous generations. The main idea from a regimen point of view is to focus on consistency and frequency even before thinking of a tremendous increase to the quantity of water.

  8. jkorentayer Post author

    That’s a good question – it would seem that life and movement are connected, so I’d predict that “stagnant” water would lose its living energy.

  9. Helen

    I am so enjoying these questions. How strong is my thirst for life? Very similar to my thirst for water.
    A moderate thirst, sometimes intense – yet the water/possibility seems so far away and I’m sitting down and attending to ‘work’ so I’ll do it later. (life and water)


  10. Helen

    You wrote: Yes, you’re right about pale pee – was the way I worded it misleading?

    I too found this point a little confusing. You may want to reword it:
    Hydration indicators
    Pinch the skin on top of your hand. Your skin should return to its position quickly.
    Straw coloured urine.

    In your point you mix a ‘negative checking method’ and a ‘positive checking method’

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