90 Day Regimen Breakthrough – Week 6

90 Day Regimen Breakthrough – Week 6

The cardinal point of recreation (activity, exercise, creativity)

The four cardinal points of regimen all work together synergistically, and this week’s focus is on the point of “Recreation” (or activity, exercise, and creativity).

Movement and Activity

Our physical body and its functions runs off the saying “use it or lose it” – the predominantly sedentary modern style of work and play has contributed to a generation of increasing chronic illness and dysfunction, which is often treated through unnecessary drugs or surgical procedures. Taking good care of this point of regimen not only avoids all of this, but provides you with a very good source of life energy, and deep pleasure in your life.


Homework from this video:

  1. What is the most pleasurable physical activity for you (whether you currently do it, used to do it, or have always wanted to try it)?
  2. Are you more encouraged to do exercise or activity in an an organized group (extrovert), or as a solo endeavour (introvert)?
  3. Write down all the excuses you have used or are currently using as to why you cannot exercise regularly. Is ‘exercise’ a four letter word to you?


Slow Burn and PACE :


The 2 sides of the polarity of movement, within the cardinal point of recreation, are strength training, and cardio. The most effective forms are “Slow Burn” and “PACE”, respectively.


Hahn’s demonstration of Door Knob Squats:


A demonstration of Peak 8:


I Like the spirit of this video – a sense of fun and enjoyment, while following the framework of principles of healthy movement and recreation.


Homework from the “Slow Burn and PACE” video:

  1. Are you over or under-exercising?
  2. Have you incorporated both sides of the exercise polarity? Which side is easier or more desirable to you?
  3. What feelings do you have about your exercise routine (whether positive or negative, and whether you are more on the over or under active side of this cardinal point).


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