90 Day Regimen Breakthrough – Week 7

90 Day Regimen Breakthrough – Week 7


It’s time to build upon your basic foundational regimenal principles, and expand and further support you in issues of you as an individual, as well as in areas of specific typologies. We’ll look at 3 specific nutritional and exercise typologies, which overlap depending on the nature of your regimen and where the current imbalances may be.

We’ll start to explore the 3 basic typologies that we apply in the clinic, which give the best framework for a more individualized regimen of nutrition and exercise.

They are:

  1. Dr. D’Adamo’s blood type diet
  2. Dr. Abravanel’s glandular diet
  3. Wolcott’s metabolic type diet

Your homework from this video:

  1. Which typologies are dominant for you, and which ones may be out of balance?
  2. Find out your blood and glandular type (if you don’t already know it).
  3. If this fits in with your current 90 day roadmap, either add in a typology diet to your regimen, or further refine or tweak what you are currently doing.

4 thoughts on “90 Day Regimen Breakthrough – Week 7

  1. Lee

    Jeff, Throughout this program, understanding and knowing what resistance is at its/my core so I can face it with more awareness has been a big stumbling block for me … so used to the message “just push through” which never worked for me. Now, I seem to be making a breakthrough … coming to know resistance (holding the tension of opposites) as a natural and useful, that challenges like that serve the purpose of helping us to stay awake (Krishnamurti) … I never thought about this way. BIG shift. Then this morning I got my first post from Steven Pressfield, author of The War of Art, on Resistance and Self-Loathing. Literally blew my mind :). http://www.stevenpressfield.com/2013/11/resistance-and-self-loathing/#comment-78905

  2. jkorentayer Post author

    Yes – Pressfield did a great job at illuminating resistance. Although his context is artists and writers, the principles are extend universally.

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