90 Day Regimen Breakthrough – Week 9

90 Day Regimen Breakthrough – Week 9

Special Regimen Needs:

Organ Support, Weak Systems, and Medical Conditions


In a state of perfect health, the role of regimen would simply be maintenance. Given all the stressors on our system, including toxins, and inherited predispositions to disease and specific organ weakness, regimen needs to be applied beyond this basic function of maintenance, into the realms of restoration and support.

While the fundamental principles of regimen are always true, their specific use may need to be temporarily modified or suspended while the treatment of specific medical conditions becomes the primary focus of your healthcare.

Also, you will most likely need to be addressing your need for periodic cleansing of your system, in addition to any specific needs you have for detox, drainage, and organ support.

This week’s video will outline how to approach all of the above:


Homework from this week’s video:

  1. How much do you know about your family medical history?
  2. What are your weak organs, or systems?
  3. Is there a season where your health is typically worse?
  4. Do you get repeated infections of your [fill in the blank]?
  5. Consider all of the above questions for your present, as well as your health history as a child.
  6. What kinds of testing have you done to illuminate the health of all your organs and systems?
  7. How have you adapted or adjusted your regimen to best support your particular weaknesses?
  8. Are you getting all of the necessary support you need from homeopathic remedies?



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