Stacey Dye

Stacey began her journey into natural health in 1995 when she began studying holistic nutrition. Shortly after graduating, she became fascinated with Live and Layered Blood Analysis and added that modality to her practice. Through Blood Analysis she began attracting more and more people with serious health issues looking for answers they hadn’t been able to find anywhere else. This prompted her to deepen her studies in order to help people find the answers they were looking for. She studied Naturopathic Medicine as well as Chinese Medicine. Neither were the right fit, and the search continued until she started practicing Blood Analysis at a Heilkunst clinic in St. John’s, NL. The changes that she saw in the Heilkunst patient’s blood and in herself both emotionally and physically blew her away. She had never experienced anything like it. She began her Heilkunst studies in 2009 and never looked back. She had found the most incredible modality and is now thrilled to be able to bring the incredible healing power of Heilkunst to those that are seeking physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Stacey has been practicing Heilkunst Medicine since 2013, and specializes in helping women overcome emotional suppression and trauma, as well as the physical and spiritual issues associated with it. She recently began incorporating Human Design into her sessions to assist patients in finding their objective desire function, or soul’s purpose. Recently she has had the privilege of inviting more children into her practice.

Stacey lives on Vancouver Island, Canada with her husband and daughter, where she sees Heilkunst patients both in person and online.