Success Stories

Success Story: Powerful Healing

“The most powerful healing I’ve experienced yet!”



Success Story: Amazing Results

“Amazing Results! Thank you! I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Gaby Pineda


Success Story: HPV Shot Induced Seizures Resolved

BACK IN 2012 ?

I was in an epilepsy monitoring unit for a week. I was not born with this. It was a direct result of the HPV vaccine. I started developing seizures my junior year of high school. I would see myself in photographs and not remember being there. No seizure meds would work. I felt lost. I felt like I was a fraction of the person I was supposed to be.

Most people that knew me back then probably didn’t even realize what was going on. People that I’m close to now probably are finding this out for the first time. But it felt like it was time to share my story.

I know it’s cliché to say this but it really did make me stronger. I have done things and taken risks that the little shell of myself before NEVER would have dreamed of doing. ?

So why am I just now sharing this??

Honestly I don’t have an answer. I think it took me so long to build up the courage to do it because I don’t want pity and I don’t want to share this for any other reason than to help someone who is possibly going through something similar.

And it’s not easy. Part of me was embarrassed about it for so long. I think I was maybe in denial that this is part of my story and what made me a part of who I am today.

So what did help??

I get asked all the time.. Why do you eat so healthy? How do you even know that (insert health fact)? Why do you go to the gym so often? Why do you preach self care and mindset??

Well because that is what got me through. We spent YEARS trying to go through traditional medicine. And maybe that’s why I haven’t shared this part yet. I was afraid of judgement getting thrown my way because there are parts of modern medicine I do think are important.

But the only thing that I started seeing actual results from was when I started seeing Allyson McQuinn with Arcanum Wholistic Clinic. Frankly, she changed my life. Through her treatment, her words and recommendations on the things I should be putting into my body I started to dramatically improve.

Now I am not perfect by any means. But this is WHY I watch what I put into my body, that is WHY I started drinking medical grade water rich in active molecular hydrogen years ago.

I went from having 2-4 seizures a day in high school but with my treatment I started slowly getting better with each step. Down to 1 seizure a month, then 1 a year maybe, and then poof they were gone. It was tough but it actually improved at an incredibly fast rate.

I still would have my symptoms, some migraines here and there. That’s when my daily habits really came into play. I spent years trying to figure out what felt good for ME. What helped ME.

I started drinking this water 5 years ago and I am 6 years SEIZURE FREE. I think I have only had about 2- 3 “scares” in that amount of time. I think this played into my brain clarity directly as well since I was getting enough oxygen to my brain. This water was helping that directly.

I know this because I know what it’s like when I’m not drinking the water. I went through a year of moving and not being as good as I should have been about drinking it and the difference was huge. I had more brain fog, I felt full and heavy all the time, had some migraines and bad emotional breakdowns. A few scares. Consistently started drinking it again and I completely transformed.

~ Brayden Auer, via Instagram

Note: At Arcanum, we wholly recommend diet (based on typology), structured water (again, based on individual needs), exercise (based on typology) and restorative sleep as part of Heilkunst treatment.  Once we remove the shocks and traumas on an individual’s sequential timeline on the law of similars, regimen (law of opposites) has a better chance of providing hydration and nutrition that can be absorbed by that individual.


Success Story: Life Changing

“All I can say is that my life has changed for the better with Heilkunst. It will never be the same. Thank you Arcanum Wholistic Clinic.”

– Azul Bustamante Martinez


Success Story: Parkinson’s Patient

“Happy new year to you and your family. Of course I can gladly give you a before and after testimonial along with a very deep gratitude for everything. What have you done for me? I will start by saying that my motor mobility when walking was not very good and now I can walk almost normally, in the same way my balance was very bad. Now I can say that I have balance when walking and when doing my activities at work. For example, I couldn’t walk looking ahead (of me) and now I can do it (easily). Physically, I feel sensational! Now I can even run! In fact I run three and a half to five kilometres every third day. I can almost do everything in my work (again) as a carpenter. Emotionally, I feel very good. I feel freed from many things that I carried deep inside me. I can now strive for a good quality of life again. I also want the people around me to feel happy with me. Thank you very much for helping me to achieve that.” (Translated from Spanish)

~ Joaquin Carpintero


Success Story: Welcome Changes

“By the way Jeff, I’m feeling pretty good these days, Medhorrhinum symptoms (healing reaction) aside. I’m having intimations and glimpses of my old, energetic self and some days I’ve actually [been] feeling really good. The sleep has really improved as well. I’m pretty happy about these changes. Thought I would share. Thanks for helping me get here!”

– Neil


Success Story: Comprehensive, Life Long Care

I’ve been a patient of Arcanum for over 20 years. Over that time, I can honestly say that I’ve never encountered a situation that Ally and Jeff don’t have a remedy for. Issues, pains, and ailments both physical or emotional can be healed with Heilkunst. Sometimes this is an overnight process; usually it takes longer. Regardless, the result is healing and wellness. I highly recommend Arcanum for an authentic and effective way to support your own natural healing process and resolve issues. Don’t let distance be a barrier. Working with Ally and Jeff online is a safe space, and very easy. Also, remedies are just as effective when transmitted as when mailed to your home.

R.P., UK


Success Story: Reduced A1C / Glucose Levels


Success Story: Feline Anxiety

My cat’s anxiety has decreased significantly in the time we have been working with Arcanum. She has gone from hiding under the bed the entire day when a visitor came to the house to now tolerating being pet by a visitor. Looking forward to continuing to watch her progress!

Robyn, VA, USA


Success Story: Healthy Family

I am blessed that our family has decided to have Dr. McQuinn in our lives.  She has done amazing things with my 6 year old twin boys.  While also helping my wife.  My body and mind are seeming to work in harmony.  Thank you for your help.

Michael Lipsey


Success Story: Infant Constipation Resolved

My sweet newborn was having issues with not having bowel movements a week after birth. We had done the probiotics, chiropractor care, the bicycles, you name it, we tried it. We could tell that even though we kept getting told it was “normal” that our little baby’s body (and our instincts) was telling us it wasn’t normal. Allyson has been a healing arsenal for our family for several years on and off and I knew she was the right person to get ahold of. Needless to say, our baby started having regular bowel movements from the day of our appointment with Ally and since then has no further issues. It was such a relief for us as parents and for our tiny baby’s little tummy. Heilkunst homeopathy never ceases to amaze me!

– R., NE, USA


Success Story: Grateful for the Heilkunst Journey

I am delighted to share my experience working with Allyson McQuinn.

I learned about Heilkunst and Arcanum through social media, and I was very intrigued by the things Allyson said during a live interview, although I was very skeptical about the results… But after a lifetime of iatrogenic injuries and trying many supplements and diets, and still having certain symptoms and a dysregulated nervous system, I thought Heilkunst was worth a try.

I still don’t fully understand how Heilkunst works, but I feel I am advancing with my PTSD symptoms and I am less stuck in the past as I was before. I am less angry and stressed. I have also been getting a healing crisis after some of my treatments and I always feel renewed after this happens. There might not be any supplements involved, but I can definitely feel the effects of Heilkunst.

Allyson is a great practitioner, I still have some work ahead of me, but I am happy to see all the changes happening not just in my body but also in my life in general, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Ana, Spain


Success Story: Finding Calm & Inner Peace

Danielle is a wonderful practitioner. Never have I felt so seen, heard and helped by anyone in the healing arts. Of all of the benefits of Heilkunst I have experienced, the most meaningful one has been an embodied sense of CALM. Life is inherently full of obstacles, challenges and strife, but all things are survivable with inner peace. When I began meeting with Danielle I was experiencing unexplainable existential dread that has morphed into a calmness that has served through some difficulties in the past few months.

My 3 yr old daughters eczema on her eyelids is also gone, whoohoo!

– C. S., Toronto, ON


Success Story: Sleep Baby Sleep

I just wanted to thank you again for our appointment yesterday. Logan slept better than he had in MONTHS. Truly felt like a miracle. Extra grateful for you and Heilkunst medicine this morning.

– S. D., NE, USA


Success Story: It’s So Worth It

“I had to accept my emotions. Before acceptance, I had to identify my emotions. Before identifying, I had to acknowledge my emotions. Before acknowledgement, I had to me honest with myself. And this took work. It’s so worth it. I am so thankful for you and your work!”

– Jennifer Dawn, Heilkunst Patient


My health is a gift and I am grateful! Having you help me with spring allergies again, and curing them with Heilkunst Remedies along with therapy sessions, has me very grateful for your care and expertise.

I have know Allyson since 2005, and am so very happy she came into my life! We became friends, then she became my health practitioner. I learnt about how she could help me be a healthier me…and I 100% embraced her help!

In the spring of 2020 my allergies were surfacing again, so I reached out to Allyson, and we booked appointments over the next few months to cure these issues that wanted to come back and cause me great pain and sickness!

Thank you Ally for being my health practitioner! I am healthier & happier in my 60’s than I thought I ever thought I could be!

– B. D., Ontario, Canada


“Feeling amazing too! Magic is unfolding everywhere since we met. Unbelievable!”

– M.B., California, USA


Success Story: Homeopathic Remedies for First Aid

“Sending these pictures of my eye for you to use as a homeopathic testimonial. I was spotting Sophie for a gymnastics move and my face got in the way of her knee. First picture is about 30 min after it happened. I used arnica, hypericum, and ledum remedies. The second picture of 24 hours later. My head, as a whole, still hurts a little bit, but I thought it (bruising and pain) was going to be so much worse. I knew the remedies would work, but I’m still in awe! (Will note that the first pic is in artificial light and the second is natural light…..which I think natural light usually makes it look worse!)
Btw, Sophie’s knee is just fine!!!
Love ya, S.T.”


Success Story: Feeling Amazing!

Just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know that I feel amazing. Not sure if you broadcasted the remedies and there was an instant effect but wow I feel so alive! I also feel very alert and slept like a baby last night. The other thing I noticed yesterday I got up feeling very motivated to work, I can honestly say I have not felt this in years. : )
Anyways thank you so much for your support, and of course for the remedies that have been changing my life. I feel so light.

-F.M., Ontario, Canada


Success Story: Natural Home Pharmacy 5 Star Amazon Review

Allyson’s lifelong commitment and dedication to the pursuit of natural homeopathic health has given us a path to a drug free alternative path to healthy mind body and spirit. We are forever indebted and grateful for the sharing of this life altering knowledge.

D. Dow, New Brunswick, Canada


Success Story: Anxiety and Anger Relieved

I wanted to let you know that the kids and I are doing so much better. For myself, I am feeling so much better. Thanksgiving was a really nice holiday, and when I was talking to you, I was wondering how I was going to get through it! My anxiety and anger are down, and I just feel happier, overall, about life as a whole. I actually just talked to a friend on the phone, and she asked me how I was doing after my acute with you. I told her so much better, and she said she could hear it in my voice. I feel like the kids are doing better too. Thank you SO much.
With love,
Sara T, Texas, USA


Success Story: Powerful Results

Working with Arcanum virtually (and well before the pandemic thingy) has always been so easy, and yielded powerful and lasting results.

– S. M., Ottawa, Canada


Success Story: Opening Up My World

Thank YOU, Ally. Since working with you spring 2020 – so much has changed for me personally. It’s just opened my world up in ways I can’t even begin to describe, really.

~ AR, Texas, USA


Success Story: Pediatric Case of Anxiety & Panic Attacks with Chronic Nausea and Vomiting

“…at this point we have seen an absolutely dramatic improvement in my daughter’s health. I would attribute a large part of this to her homeopathic treatments, I don’t think we would have seen recovery move along so quickly. “

~ D. Crowe, New Brunswick, Canada


Success Story: Fixing Aches & Pains

It’s so wonderful to go to a doctor who can actually fix aches and pains without prescription drugs or surgery! Thank you Ally for what you do!

– D. Dow, NB, Canada


Success Story: Clearing Energetic Space

Oh, I have so much to thank you for, as more and more energetic space gets CLEARED, I get clearer and clearer to the source of my existence.
M.P., Nova Scotia, Canada


Success Story: Healing Through Homeopathy

“Homeopathy is curing me! Now, if this is all in my head, why did the Metformin, thyroid medication, anti-depression/anxiety medication NOT cure me when I was taking it? Why did those things never help or make things worse?
If it was “all in my head”, and I believed I needed them then the same way I believe homeopathy has helped me now, why did they not do what homeopathy has done?
Waiting for the nurses and doctors to give their two cents on this one!!!
Four years without thyroid medication with a TSH of over 300 and still didn’t go back on thyroid medication! Why am I not in the coma my doctor was scared of??
Why did the anxiety medication make me completely lacking all emotions? When we take something to help us, shouldn’t we get well? Shouldn’t we FEEL happy and energetic and be looking forward to living? Instead of just sitting there now not crying or afraid yet still not living?
I have developed other things that I am still struggling with. However, homeopathy is STILL helping me slowly heal! I didn’t get sick overnight! And I don’t expect to get well as fast as I got sick!
I can be poisoned and almost die. And it will take a possible month to recover from a 2 second mistake!
If it took me 20 years to get as sick as I was, it could take me 40 years to fully recover!!!
At least with homeopathy, I actually FEEL better slowly! Instead of feeling like I’m wearing a band-aid for life!
No judgement of your choices in this post! Just accept that it isn’t in someone’s head! Because if it was, I didn’t need those medications either! It would have gotten better without them ALL THIS TIME! I just needed to get over believing I needed them!
Or did I need to get away from people who told me I needed them?”

– C. Blake


Success Story: Doggo Rudy’s Knee Treatment

I was told my dog Rudy needed an invasive TPLO surgery on both of her knees, and after reading into the procedure I couldn’t put her through this. With Allyson’s guidance I was able to follow the path to natural healing. I’ve since seen dogs coming out of the vet clinic limping in pain at 8 months post op. I’m so glad I followed my heart when making this decision for my dog. Thank you for helping us.

– Rudy, Victoria BC


Success Story: Gratitude

Thank you, endlessly, for all that you do. You are a rock, a beacon of light, a warrior. I adore you and have benefited more than I could have imagined even from our relatively few sessions together over the past year. It has, actually, changed so much about my life: the way I view my body and its innate capacity to heal, the access I have to joy and personal manifestation/ co creation with the divine, the way I look at the miracle of my children’s bodies and trust the wisdom therein. You are such a gift to so many people.

– Amy Robertson, Texas, USA


Success Story: Infant Fevers Resolved

Hi Allyson, I don’t know if you’d remember me, but I had a consult with you back in 2017 about my infant son’s periodic fevers. I will admit that at the time I wasn’t totally sold on the remedy but I will share that they did resolve permanently after the treatment.

– J. Gabbard, New Jersey, USA


Success Story: Gratitude

I’m so grateful to have met you early on in life. You definitely opened my eyes to a lot of things and my kids are better because of it. Thank you!

– Lori Savery-Prest


Success Story: Fully Aligned

“I am so aligned now, thanks in large part to you!”

~ S. Dye, BC, Canada


Success Story: Life Changing

You’re amazing!! I’m HONORED to work with you! Life IS changing before my very eyes! Blockages are dissolving! Gratitude. Very much looking forward to our next session!!

~ K.L., Puerto Rico


Conquering Menopausal Depression

This was posted in a menopause support group I’m in, and I am sharing here to increase awareness. Last year I experienced a terrible, deep depression, which I believe was connected to menopause. The person closest to me at the time told me to “turn that frown upside down” and encouraged me to “chin up”. Such platitudes and dismissals are not helpful when coping with any mental health struggle. It is useless when dealing with the tidal shift of hormones and how that impacts brain chemistry and wellbeing. I am grateful for my homeopath and my best friend, who helped me notice that I had stopped taking some key supplements. Heilkunst and supplements got me off the ledge and back to being me again.

~ R. Page, Ontario, Canada


Knowledge & Passion

Allyson is a breath of fresh air! Her knowledge and passion for what she does is infectious. So happy to have found her.

~ Kammie K.


Off Thyroid Prescriptions!

I never thought it would be possible, but here I am today, free of all thyroid prescriptions! I started seeing Allyson nearly 2 years ago, and I must admit, believing I could be free of prescriptions was hard to swallow, after all, when my Physician told me twenty years ago that I needed to take Synthroid he said it would be for the rest of my life, and I believed him.

To kick start my thyroid journey, Allyson suggested I follow a thyroid diet. I decided at the least, I wanted to be healthier and happier, so what the heck. I eliminated all caffeine from my diet, started exercising, and cut way back on the sugar intake. A little over a year ago I was able to cut my thyroid medication dosage in half, then this year, I was able to eliminate it entirely. I take a kelp and iodine supplements daily for support, but that is it. I feel great and much more energetic. Thank you Allyson!

~ Linda F, Nebraska, USA


Improving Health With Support From Arcanum

“I am magic. I know I am magic and no one can stop my magical ass.” ~Anonymous

Aerial has been such a long arduous journey. Full of struggle, pain – literal (aerial hurts), and triumph. I keep showing up because every time I do something comes from it.

About 6 months ago I took a step back in the level I was training in. I wasn’t recovering, I was frustrated, I wasn’t gaining little victories it was just a suffer fest. So I’m reviewing and repeating in many cases what I’ve already learned and done a ton. Holding myself back has merited actual growth and progress. Literal gains every class I take. I’m learning new apparatus which seems to translate over in better strength and more awareness. I can do more tuck overs, pull ups, and I’ve got stamina to keep going.

It’s not just the stepping down into lower level classes that made a huge difference it was taking my health more seriously; sleeping a lot, opting out when I needed to, eating super clean, and working with @arcanumwholisticclinic

I literally feel like I’m conquering autoimmune issues, Epstein Barr, my confidence is climbing, and I’m happier and less down on myself. I’m able to up my physical activity and I’m more familiar with my body’s cues to slow down and I listen.

~ Holly S., Colorado, USA


HPV Vaccine Damage Recovery

Friends… those of you who know my girls story understand how much she struggled through high school and college. Please educate yourself before you say Yes to this vaccine. The guilt I will forever feel for letting this happen…

I’m so thankful for Allyson McQuinn at Arcanum Wholistic Clinic and to Kassie Ehler for guiding us in the right direction. I’m happy to say that Brayden Auer is healthy and happy because of them!

~ Brooks Talkington


Success Story: An Amazing Journey

Love it!! If you want to do a natural way to support healing, I recommend @arcanumwholisticclinic. I had such an amazing journey healing many issues with this group! Can’t thank them enough. My issues were very serious and now I’m truly on the road to living my best life. Well done you!!!

~ greenfairyprintmaker via Instagam


Success Story: The Gift of Heilkunst

Heilkunst treatment is the best decision we ever made, and I mean the BEST. It has taken away the fear and worry of sickness and disease. In these times, that is a gift that is difficult to articulate.

~ Sara T., Texas, USA


Success Story: Healing and Progress Through Sequential Timeline Treatment

“This timeline work is something wonderful! Definitely hard work to process it all but worth it!!

…I have been gaining so much help from my monthly appointments and remedies so, naturally my Mother heart can’t help but want the same for them! I feel very blessed to have gained the healing and progress so far that I have through this process with Jeff. It’s really working!”

~ Kayte B., Utah, USA


Success Story: Heilkunst Healing of Psoriatic Arthritis

I’ve been doing Heilkunst for almost 11 years. While I never had symptoms of bowel disease prior to starting, I did suffer from acute onset psoriatic arthritis especially in my hands. During my miasmic treatment (through Heilkunst) I went through a healing reaction that mimicked acute inflammatory bowel disease. They couldn’t even complete a full colonoscopy because my bowel was so ulcerated and inflamed. Turns out, my arthritis cleared up as a result. I suspect that the acute bowel episode was my body healing the arthritic inflammation. I had a recent colonoscopy completed this summer and I am in “remission” of my supposedly “chronic bowel disease.” Heilkunst is legit and has improved my health in so many facets. I am so grateful for everything it’s done to improve the health of myself and my children.

~ Hanna Lively


Heilkunst: Trusted Support for the Whole Family

I have not taken an antibiotic in 10 years.
I have not had the flu in 7 years.
I have not had pneumonia in 8 years.

I use Heilkunst Homeopathy. It’s been 15+ years.
I used traditional Homeopathy for almost 2 years in my 20s.
My immune system was near death when I was blessed to start the journey with Heilkunst. My health sucked.

So far, so good. Homeoprophylaxis works for my family to prevent both contracting either disease.

I will use Heilkunst until I’m no longer here. My family have all been treated at various times, even the animals. I support and trust it completely.

~ Tanya M., Ontario, Canada


Emotionally Aligned and Breathtaking Breakthroughs

I can’t remember the last time I felt this emotionally aligned. The breakthroughs have been breathtaking and I feel like I’ve become a better Husband, Father and overall better person as a result. Still believe there’s more to achieve and I can’t wait!



Creating A Path To Better Health

To Allyson & Jeff,

Cheers to the two of you – who show people the path “through the forest” on their way to better health.

Congratulation on the opening of your new clinic location.


Susie K.


Transformative Therapy – A Patient Success Story

I’m so grateful for you, Allyson, truly. One of the things I most value (in almost every context!) is others’ willingness to be brutally honest and to offer real, juicy truth and criticism. One of the amazing things about Heilkunst as I see it, is its combination of treatments and the kind of talk therapy and mirror-holding that you’re so amazing at facilitating, Allyson. The last session I had with you was utterly brutal, and totally transformative. Thank you.

~ Y. Clark, NB, Canada


Greatly Benefitted from Homeopathy

For over a decade, I have been taking a homeopathic remedies, and have greatly benefited from them, both physically and mentally.

The kind of homeopathic remedies that I have been taking is Heilkunst, and I have been receiving these remedies from Arcanum Wholistic Clinic.

Before I started taking homeopathic remedies, I had Asperger’s Syndrome and also a lot of very severe allergies.

I am 60 years old now, and what prompted me to start homeopathic remedies was the fact that I lost one job after another, even after being taught what things are appropriate to do and say on the job, because I was unable to do things fast enough.

In 2003, the job coach at the time decided to have a professional assess my thought processing, and it was because I was losing one job after another because of not being able to do any of them fast enough. When we got the results of the assessment that was done, we were told that I would never be able to do any job that requires speed because I was unable to process information fast enough or to multitask. These professionals didn’t think that anything could be done to make my thought processing any better. However, I hoped that something could be done to make it better, and, soon after that, I found about an allergy elimination treatment called NAET, so I gave that a try. After a number of NAET treatments, my allergy symptoms got somewhat better. However, with NAET, I had to have a separate treatment for each allergy, and with so many allergies to eliminate, I would need to have an awful lot of NAET treatments in order to eliminate every allergy that I had. A little bit later, I found out about a professional in Ottawa who was doing Heilkunst treatments, and so, I decided to started getting Heilkunst treatments from him, and I am very glad that I did. I started Heilkunst remedies in 2007, and I have been getting better gradually since then (both physically and mentally). To be honest, I have had to have an awful lot of Heilkunst treatments before my health improved an awful lot. Every little bit of Heilkunst treatment made me a little bit bit better, but I needed an awful lot of it before I was a lot better. However, without Heilkunst, I probably would have never gotten any better at all.

When I started having homeopathy, what I cared about the most was something that would improve my thought processing, especially since job opportunities are very limited for you if you can’t do things very fast or process information very fast. I really appreciate less severe allergy symptoms as well, but when I decided to give homeopathy a try, what I cared about even more than eliminating my allergy symptoms was making my thought processing speed faster, so that I would hopefully, be able to do more of the jobs that are available.

Another thing that I have noticed since I started having homeopathy is that I am able to relax more easily and I don’t get excited as easily. And nothing makes me smirk or giggle as easily as a lot of things I did in my pre-homeopathy days. Even if I think about something that is very silly, it no longer makes me smirk or giggle as it did in the past.

As for how fast I can process information, I think that it is much better than in my pre-homeopathy days. From 2008 to 2016, I had a job with a charitable organization on which I called people up to tell them about upcoming pickups for used clothing and household items. Unfortunately, however, they cut my hours (and those of my co-workers as well) apparently because of declining demand for that kind of work. I left that job when I got a job that gave me more hours somewhere else. Unfortunately, however, that job ended after only 6 months, and it was the first sales job I ever had, and after doing that job for 6 months, they came to the conclusion that sales jobs are not the right fit for me. In the 2 years since that job ended, my goal has been to work as a filing clerk. However, I was told by a job counselor that employers want people who have had recent experience in filing, and at that point, I didn’t have any recent experience in filing. For that reason, I have been trying to gain experience in filing and data entry by doing it on a volunteer basis. I have been doing data entry work on a volunteer basis at a local community centre for about a year now, and I really enjoy doing that kind of work. And the people whom I am doing data entry work for (on a volunteer basis) are very pleased with the data entry work I have been doing for them.

~ Jonathan D, Ontario, Canada


Homeopathy Works on Warts!

Does homeopathy work?! You bet it does! ‘G’ had a wart on his finger for about a year… It started growing bigger and bothering him more about a month ago. Grossss.

Four weeks after starting our wart remedy from Arcanum, THIS is his finger now! No oils, no supplements… One homeopathic dropper bottle.

THIS is the system of medicine you want!


Speech Success Story

At the beginning of summer, I had expressed to Allyson my concern about my daughter’s speech. I (and her father) were able to understand her quite well. However, some family and strangers were not. This wasn’t so much an issue for me being judged on her “speech issues,” but an issue for her. Too many times she would shut down socially. I remember when I [dragged] my big pregnant self to the park on a hot summer day and a little boy showed up. She was so excited and started jabbering up a storm. To which he replied, “Uhh, I don’t even know what you’re saying.” She came right over and asked to go home. Once I finished buckling her up she started sobbing.

She would get so frustrated when family would go on with a conversation with her as though they understood her, but their conversation back wasn’t near what she was talking about. She was tired of repeating herself to them. She was also tired of trying to talk to strangers in line at the grocery store to be met with an empty stare. My heart hurt for her. She had cried many times over this, while I could clearly hear and understand exactly all the pain it was causing. She didn’t qualify for speech [therapy]. I had tried all products for speech…herbal tinctures, specific ratios of omega’s, etc.

I finally had a thought to bring this up to Ally. I was hoping to address the emotional hurt this was causing not expecting there was a remedy for the speech issue itself. My daughter was given Baryta Carbonica. Over the next few weeks her speech cleared up SO much that people carry on lengthy conversations with her [now]. They don’t believe she is just 3 years old. She now loves talking to family and I see her happy in imaginative play with kids at school and the park, chatting back and forth about super powers, white cats, and all of her favorite fruits and vegetables.

I am so thankful every day for the principles of Heilkunst, Ally, Jeff and Diane. My daughter has a lot to say. A lot. And now she isn’t afraid to say it.

~ Mom of a daughter who talks until my ears bleed now”


Haven presented with skin issues and ear issues as new patient. Through Heilkunst treatment, she was able to recover without allopathic invasive surgeries or pharmaceuticals.

Left, H before Arcanum. Right, Haven after Arcanum, eating avocado pudding!

Thanks for all you do.

~ J.A., Nebraska, USA


“Here is my post from my own page this morning:
I have personally had kidney failure and cancer cured with a Heilkunst Doctor. Carter was diagnosed with severe Autism (scored 14/100 when assessed). The MD’s told me he would need life long care and would never speak or be able to care for himself. He is now a normal 3 year old, talking in long sentences, describing his feelings and others feelings, potty trained and interested in reading and superhero’s. Noah and Maverick both had mid range Autism and are now moving out of the spectrum as well. They are all brilliant and compassionate young men. Maverick also was born with severe Psoriasis. He bled through his clothes constantly. My MD said it was the worst case he had ever seen. He was wrapped head to toe in gauze and creams and I was told if his skin wounds became infected (where he was so young) they may not heal well and could lead to a life long battle of infections, wounds and skin grafts. After 3 months of homeopathic remedies my baby was free from the disease and it has never returned. My family MD is to the point that he is dumbfounded when we go to see him. Our Paediatrician is fascinated, she has never seen a child come out of the Autism spectrum (this is her speciality), they typically only get worse and become heavier care. She looks at us with awe and says “I thought I knew what was right, but you are showing me how much I still have to learn. Every time I research anything you speak of I am left questioning everything. It is uncomfortable, but I will not turn from it…because the proof is right in front of me. My heart broke when I had to tell you Carter would be disabled for the rest of his life. Now I see a child that is brighter than my own 4 year old! How can this be? Everything I thought I knew is falling apart. And what I now know, is that I know very little about the true nature of disease and cure.” To each their own, and thank God for the surgeon and the MDs as well, we need them. But we also need to compassionately admit how much we don’t know and drop the false ego act so that we can better understand the truth. All I am saying is that there is another way. There is also another way to vaccinate your child, and this way is scientifically proven more effective than our vaccines. Homeopathic vaccines! They are used world wide, especially in elite circles. But there is little known about them in the Western World. And it is up to each one of us to open our eyes and minds and research. Take ownership for your own life and health and stop worshiping false Gods and giving your power away to another human. Sometimes we just need to step away from the media and really do some research before falling into the fear and chaos we are trying to be controlled with. I can’t teach everything I have learned over the last 20 years in a Facebook post. And I also know only 2 or 3 people will ever read this. And that is okay. Because I am blessed with knowing the truth, and real truth is characterized by its unchanging nature. Like cures like…it does not suppress or palliate.”

~ Sheena Clarke


Eczema Testimonial:

Leif’s eczema – before and after with homeopathy and Heilkunst medicine.

Not 100% sure how this therapy works – but it does!

Forever grateful to @arcanumwholisticclinic

~J. Gollan


“How can homeopathy & Heilkunst help my child? Heilkunst is an approach to treatment that combines the best of regimenal measures (diet, detoxification, etc.) and medicine, all based on the principles of natural law. While any substance can be used to have an effect (usually to remove a symptom), this does not mean that it is being used properly, that is, according to the laws that nature has set down. We are products of nature and any treatment must ultimately follow natural law principles. If not, it is acting only palliatively (temporary relief) or worse, suppressively. If the symptoms are suppressed, the cause of the problem is not removed and the symptoms may return or the cause goes underground where it will cause other problems in time.

The core of Heilkunst is an approach to identifying and then removing the underlying causes of autism and other behavioral conditions using a rational, natural and systematic, sequential treatment. The use of medicines that are non-toxic, non-invasive and curative of the underlying shocks gives it a high degree of success. While each case is unique, significant improvement including removal of the autistic and other behavioral condition in cases where nothing else seemed to be working.”

~ Miranda Svitak, L.M.T., Balance_Massage_in_Thyme


I have grown by leaps and bounds since this testimonial, and Heilkunst as a medium for education and remediation continues to blow my mind wide open. I hope I never become so overwhelmed by material things that I lose my sense of wonder and awe in Heilkunst. It is and always will be a dynamic miracle for my own existence. Amazing things happen with my magic dropper bottles – not having taken an antibiotic in over 14 years comes to mind or having pneumonia every single year for a lifetime, sometimes twice yearly, once in the summer months god forbid, and suddenly recognizing I haven’t had pneumonia for 5 years! The lists I can make are astronomical and very satisfying – I will always toot Heilkunst’s horn. It is amazing!

~T.M., Ontario, Canada


Perhaps this holiday season think of giving the gift of whole health, to you or a loved one!

I can genuinely say these two and the principles of Heilkunst have changed my life in the most profound of ways that one almost needs to experience it themselves to understand.

I am waking up daily, in love with my kiddos, myself and the life Brandon and I are creating.

We love Jeff and Allyson forever!!!

This onion is getting less and less stinky 😉


Arcanum saved our lives in so many ways … and opened us up to a brand new world!

~ Kassie Ehler, Heilkunst patient


Even after many years of treatments I struggle … but I’ve come a very long way. I know Heilkunst is based on amazing principles but I will always refer to it as my miracle. I can never have too many good things to say about Heilkunst; it’s amazing.
~Tanya M.


As per the newsletter I thought I’d send in a bit of feedback from our experiences with Arcanum. First, we thank both of you, Allyson and Jeff for the roles you each have played in helping both my son and I achieve much greater health and well-being. On consultation days, it’s always so exciting because it feels like I have arrived home and get to spend time with a very good friend, one who enlightens me to the truth, and who shines a light on my path.

This month our son officially transitioned into a residential home after a slow transition of 3 days a week for a few months prior. It’s been amazing to watch him adapt to new people (staff and 3 residents), and to be in a new home away from his parents. He’s content and at ease there. The staff have shared several times with us, that he slid in there with ease, fitting like an old pair of gloves. Thanks to his treatments, there’s no doubt it’s helped to prepare him in so many ways to more easily embark on this new journey towards greater independence, discoveries and freedom for his life.

My Heilkunst treatments have helped me to let go and to be able to get myself off the roller coaster that I had embarked on with him and his autism world several decades ago. I was able to do this in a much healthier way than I ever thought possible, after raising him for almost three decades. I feel so much at ease and at peace. These days, I am focussing solely on myself and whatever it is that I want create in this next phase of my life. It’s feels like child’s play. I find that I have pulled back from exterior demands and instead am focussed on giving to myself what I have always given to everyone else. My treatments are leading me to awakening to who I truly am. It’s not always been a piece of cake or an easy journey to go through treatments and what presented itself for me to deal with, but the rewards of such a deep transformation is truly out of this world when I stop to think about it. I very much sense that I have barely touched the tip of the iceberg with what will be possible for me. I’m incredibly grateful.

There’s no doubt that my son and I have been brought to exactly what was needed in this lifetime with these treatments.

So profoundly grateful for your service, and kind and loving support!!

Suzanne M.

I have now been cured of two kinds of CANCER- 1. skin cancer (mucosa fungoides) a mild itchy kind which travels along the skin (but can kill)-with light therapy and pharmaceutical baths as well as Heilkunst and 2. CLL-lymphoma-my blood counts are now normal and I dont need to see my haematologist anymore..The homeopathic cough syrup took the whole bottle but my cough was cured. .
~Bruce P.
“Heilkunst Success Story – Chronic Sinus Issues”
About a year and a half ago, Ally treated some of my allergy/sinus/headache issues. I am pleased to say that it has been about a year and a half since I have used any over the counter or prescription medicine for allergy/sinus/headache issues. What’s even better is when I have had any of these issues pop up, the severity has been SO much less, that I hardly feel like I need to treat it with anything. The best thing is, these issues rarely come up for me anymore. It’s like a whole new world! We don’t have to suffer with these issues!
~ Sara
“I could speak of the physical healing of the many bodily diseases I have witnessed in myself and my family through Heilkunst. I could speak of the patterns that have been interrupted and the regime changes. But what really needs to be spoken of is the holy grail of Heilkunst. That point we get to in the depths of treatment where we feel like Christ in his cruxification. On the cross, vulnerable for all to see, no where to hide, no desire to run from it. In this phase, and for the first time, I truly saw myself. I had considered myself a good person all my life. This I still am. But in my martyrdom I had subconsciously hurt so many. And for so long I did not want to take responsibility for this. So as I lifted my top hat to greet the new day and this budding awareness, I realized my top hat was my ego, and that it had protected me from the pain of all of the unconscious interactions for so many years. But now it was dying, like the shell that protects the hatching chick, it wasn’t needed anymore. And I am amidst the mourning. Some days there is grief or denial, others is anger and bargaining. Today I am halfway in between acceptance, grief and bargaining…if that’s possible. It is humbling and amazing just what I am seeing and what I have unconsciously been a part of. I am reminded of “forgive them father for they know not what they have done” as I see every relationship I have been involved in with new eyes. It hasn’t been easy. But it is setting me free on a whole new level. I consciously make the decisions on how I will live and interact with my surroundings now. I take ownership for myself. It’s like I am learning the rules of the game instead of just being a pawn. I took the red pill. And never looked back.”
~Sheena Clarke
A testimonial from Instagram! “Wanted to drop you a message- we drove to Cleveland today for our start of homeoprophylaxis for our 3 yr old. I have you to thank- since the first time I saw you post about it I went straight to Google, and then read for months. I had no idea of its existence. I’d hug you if I could. They’re trying to pass mandatory vaccines here in Ohio- already people are being fired for refusing flu shots, I learned today. Again THANK You for being so proactive on here.”


Hi Ally,

I also, want to tell you that Elly is currently in Washington D.C. participating in the annual March For Life protest.  She traveled with her church youth group by motor coach bus with hundreds of kids.  It predicted that 1/2 million ppl. will show up for the March.  This would not have been possible without your healing help. Elly could never have travels for 20 hours on a bus with 50 kids, tight space and noise. Her anxiety would have gone through the roof. Whether she wants to admit it or not.  She is doing FANTASTIC!!!  I am so thankful to you and God for her advancement!




Great article! I have struggled with both Sepia and Cancer states most of my adult life. Allyson is helping me to shed my “old” self. It isn’t always an easy path, the past likes to hang on and keep it’s claws in my soul, but after almost two years with Allyson, I can truly see a dramatic difference in myself and my relationships. All of us are on a journey, I choose to make mine happier and more content with life. Thank you Allyson!

~ Linda Ferreyra


I just had to share with all of you, the most fabulous compliment I got about Sutton last week. I had a parent teacher conference with his 2nd grade teacher on Thursday. She is an amazing lady. It is so obvious that she LOVES working with children and loves Sutton. She told me he is such a wonderful kid, that there are so many wonderful kids…but there is something about him, that she can see his beautiful soul! She said lots of other wonderful things about how he helps others solve their problems, and helps others when they don’t know what to do, and how good he is at coming up with wonderful details in his stories. But the beautiful soul comment, means a lot. THANK YOU for helping us uncover his beautiful soul and free it from all the baggage of life and past generations. I’ll be forever grateful!

Love to you all, Sara


I too was plagued with psoriasis 2 years ago all over the front of my face from my elbows to my hair line and with recommendation from a friend I was introduced to Heilkunst and the brilliant Allyson McQuinn who knew the root cause of this awful skin disorder and nailed it outright got rid of it within 4 months and has never come back! She is AMAZING!!
~Micheline Dube


Hi Allyson, I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to tell you that I saw my sister on the weekend and I was shocked at the transformation she has undergone. She told me that you were treating her and I was seriously blown away. Not only does she look amazing, she is feeling better and also is expressing herself in a very different way. She is letting go of the past and is very open to communicating with me now. We had a breakthrough this weekend and I feel like for the first time since I returned from (another city), I finally have reconnected with my sister. Thank you for helping her. … I am so glad to see you doing so well in your business and making such a huge difference in people’s lives! Chat soon, M


Hi, my name is Alli and I have been working with Allyson and the Arcanum Wholistic Clinic since the beginning of my 11th grade school year. I have since graduated high school and am headed to college in the fall. The positive changes I have seen in myself have been amazing. When I started working with Allyson, I had been having some issues running. I had been a competitive distance runner since I was 7 years old and had a sudden decrease in my ability over the last couple track and cross country seasons. After much research and multiple doctors, my sister-in-law introduced me to Allyson. I went into my first appointment hoping Allyson would help me run fast again, and after 18 months I came out with so much more. I have a greater sense of self, confidence in my decision making, and above all an overall happier lifestyle. I never knew how happy I could be performing my normal daily activities before I went through my timeline with Allyson helping me along the way. Although I had some rough days in the process, not once did I question this amazing form of medicine.


I feel a lot better about shedding since we did homeoprophylaxis. I used to really worry about shedding with taking little ones to public places, playgrounds, group play, etc.


Love Arcanum and the homeopathic treatment I’ve been following from Jeff. I feel great!



I am nursing our 7 month old and Wednesday night my right breast really started hurting.  Thursday morning, I went to have a bath and found the skin all mottled and with angry red blotches in an area about the size of the palm of my hand.  Hubby contacted our Heilkunst homeopathic doctor, Allyson McQuinn, who got back to us with an Rx, which I started using at about 3pm in the afternoon.   By 6:30pm, the area of blotchiness had reduced to just a few small areas and the pain was significantly less.  About 10:30pm, those remainders looked a bit purplish and I was a tiny bit nervous, but the pain was still much better.  I kept with the Rx.  Awoke this morning to a tiny bit of residual tenderness and a tiny bit of pink left where the worst areas were.
It isn’t always easy to adjust when you were raised using pharmaceuticals for solutions, but it is so definitely worth it.


In 2012 my eight year old Rottweiler, Rosie, got Lyme disease; I had had a vet remove the infecting tick and they had sent it away for testing. I didn’t want to just put my dog on drugs to manage the symptoms which they said would involve Rosie’s kidneys.
Also that year Rosie had to have porcupine quills removed at the vet and the anesthetic which should have worn off in a few hours kept her stupefied, laying on the kitchen floor for twelve hours. Rosie in her inability to move let loose a full bladder and just lay in it since I couldn’t move her and her ninety pounds.
I didn’t know what else to do for her until I met Allyson last winter 2014 and happened to mention that my dog had become incontinent.
Before Allyson started treating Rosie, I had noticed that my dog had started peeing more often and throughout the winter I could see pink drops in her urine. Later she would try to pee outside and squat a dozen times trying to relieve her bladder. She was also wetting her dog bed everynight.
My dog also had lost her zeal for walks and I had to coax her along on a leash even for a walk of less than a kilometre.

Allyson told me that Rosie’s peeing would probably get worse before it got better.  One day on a six km walk this summer,Rosie’s energy level having returned for exercise,she let out a pee that was mostly blood. Even though it was alarming to see what looked like an ounce or two of blood and pee coming from her, Rosie seemed happy and healthy; she didn’t look in pain or wince as if it had bothered her. She just kept on with the walk as if nothing had happened. After that I didn’t have to clean up another piddle in the house or wash her bedding every night anymore.
It’s been over a month now and friends who haven’t seen Rosie since the winter have commented that she looks and acts like a new dog  Not bad for a ten year old.

Thanks, Allyson, for your skill and care with animals.

Kim White and Rosie


Eight months ago on new years eve we took our minature poodle to the vet as she had gradually been losing weight and got so weak she could barely walk.

To our shock after several tests the diagnosis was grim, no white blood cells were being produced so they suggested to keep her and put her down.

We refused to give up on Sugar who was just 6 yrs old so were handed a fist full of prescriptions.  We tried them but they seemed to just speed her up for a bit then she would sink lower yet again.

We decided to take her off the drugs and try a homeopathy approach with Ally at Arcanum and let nature take its course.

At one point we were certain she was gone but then the next day she coughed up a huge hairball the size of a hotdog.

Over the next days and weeks she regained her weight as we nursed her back to health with iron rich foods and TLC

As you can see in this recent photo she is now good as new. I am so grateful to have Arcanum Homeopathy as a natural alternative that supports the health of my family including the furry ones!




Mosquitoes & black flies & allergies:

“They have always bitten me like crazy. This morning I’m raking behind the trailer, where there are lots of them, and they just buzzed around me and didn’t bite me. I usually have a hard time going on that shady and damper side of the trailer because I get bitten so much. I came to the conclusion that the different homeopathic medicines I’ve been taking for over a year for different issues, must have changed something in my blood. Also I have had little problem with allergies this year. I’m usually suffering from allergies in Florida in March, and then again here in April/May.”


“You go girl!!! It is the most wonderful thing to experience, it is freedom, it is getting your life back and in turn giving the gift of life to those around you. Recommend it HIGHLY!!”

Shelley Ling


Fundamentally it is refreshing to finally find someone who can lead you to true health inside and out. I am so very grateful. Dxo


“Heilkunst Medicine is about a true inner transformation from the inside out.

It’s been my medicine of choice for almost 7 years now. It’s truly been unlike anything else I have ever experienced for myself. Check it out!!”


Suzanne McRae


“Allyson, as a Physiotherapist, I am really impressed with the Bowen technique you performed on me. I had photos my PT (Physiotherapist) took a couple of months ago showing huge asymmetry with my hip internal rotation in prone position. I just had my daughter do another photo and they are nearly perfectly symmetric !!
I cannot give any credit to my exercise program because I didn’t do them near enough.
The right side of my pelvis feels alive now….that’s the only way I can describe it. I feel like it’s sharing the load now when I stand.. And I feel more even.
Pretty cool !” ~ N


Where do I begin? March of 2012 was my worst nightmare ever. While drying my hair I noticed a lump on the left side of my neck. From that time on every day I woke up I had a new symptom from my hair falling out to rashes on my feet, face, back , stomach and legs. I had sores in my mouth, itchiness and the list goes on and on. I immediately phoned my doctor and she ordered stat blood work and a cat scan. That next week I saw the surgeon and was booked for a lymph node biopsy. I was told they were investigating lymphoma and/or leukemia. I lived in a nightmare, but if this is what it was I was going to fight this. I have a family that needed me and I was going to get through this.

I was hospitalized for something that was only supposed to be day surgery. While in surgery my platelets had dropped for no reason so then again another biopsy (bone marrow this time). I had every specialist imaginable taking care of me and every time one of them came to see me they each had a different diagnosis, they all told me that I had an Auto-Immune Disease but didn’t know what.

After 12 days still no diagnosis, I went home. The next month I was rushed back into hospital by ambulance for shortness of breath, put on puffers and stayed in again for another 8 days. Still no diagnosis! I was put through numerous biopsies from 2 lymph nodes, bone marrow, kidney and liver. Whatever it was my body was going through left me with a high protein level that affected my kidneys. Then I was referred to another specialist for my kidneys. She immediately wanted to start me on a treatment plan of steroids and chemotherapy. Working in the health care field and talking to my co-workers and a lot of investigation I refused the treatment plan.

This is when one of my co-workers had told me about Allyson McQuinn and that I should go see her. I thought “if the doctors can’t find out what’s wrong with me how can she?” I didn’t go. I was getting so frustrated because I couldn’t go for walks or runs like I used to or even carry a laundry basket up the stairs without getting short of breath. I had no energy or ambition and was getting very frustrated. I gave in and called Allyson.

My first appt. with her I was amazed, she told me I was an easy case and would have me cured in 6 months (by June). I said to myself walking out of her office (if the doctors can’t find anything how can she?). I was desperate, at this point I was willing to try anything. She told me that I would be out walking again and carrying laundry up the stairs within a week. She was right I was. I was able to return back to work. I still had to do monthly blood work and doctors appointments.

From that day on every month,I had Heilkunst treatment and my blood work would come back with good results, my protein level was coming down and I was starting to feel like myself again. When I went back to my doctors and told them I was seeing a Wholistic Doctor and told them what she was doing they pretty much said “whatever I am doing keep doing it.” I kept doing it. They wanted to know all about her and put me off until June for my protein levels to return to normal before putting me on the treatment plan.

I am now put off again until January and am still having blood work and a follow up cat scan. I never thought I would feel better again. I am so glad that I kept putting off a treatment plan of putting poison into my body that would make me even sicker.

For anyone who is going through any kind of health issue or are on any medication for whatever reason I would suggest you see Allyson and get to the root cause of why and she will help you. I am off all of my medications except for two and hopefully will be coming off of those soon and am doing everything the “natural way”. I could not have gotten through this past year if it wasn’t for my family, co-workers (Natalie, who referred me) and especially Allyson for helping
me through my worst nightmare ever.

Before getting sick I was very healthy and walking/running all the time. I just can’t say enough about her, she gets to the root cause and cures the problem, not treats it. Kudos to Dr. Allyson McQuinn, you are my HERO!!! I just can’t say enough about you, I am so glad I found you. You are my angel!! I have recommended so many people to you and they also have had excellent results. Every time someone tells me that they have a health issue going on I automatically say “oh, you should go see Allyson”. I tell them all about you and right now you are seeing most of them and they also can’t say enough about you.

Remember years ago people had no choice but to go the natural way because there was no medication or diagnostic equipment can could detect illness and people had no money for medication, today we have that choice. Thanks again Allyson, you have helped me so so much and I very grateful to Heilkunst Medicine. I love you and so does my family, your’re amazing!!!! hugs

Judy (June 2013)


“I had been suffering with a nagging health issue for the past year.  It was a constant struggle including using     medication for which that no longer seemed to have a great effect.  Jeff was able to identify the issue on the first visit and provide some remedies for which I began to feel relief.  What I love about Jeff’s approach is that it identifies the root cause of the health issue.  Jeff is a great listener, easy to talk to, very knowledgeable, and considers the whole person.  It is so great to know that this kind of approach to health care exists in Saint John.”

~ D.


“Holy s*^# girl, you are blowing my mind! First of all, I began to read your book the other night at work and all I can say is…WHAT IS WRONG WITH US? The beauty of Heilkunst medicine…the knowledge contained in your book, my God! It is so sad to see the masses disregard such truth.”

~ Part of a testimonial from a new client sent after her first treatment session


Just wanted to let you know how he’s doing after the CoRe session. I really see a more peaceful little boy, this week was a lot easier. I think this session helped both of us!! Lol! Now that I understand the state of mind behind the behaviour, I hope I can help him shift. Your CoRe readings are absolutely precise and accurate whether they are for me or for him, this is a fantastic tool, and just knowing the state of mind my child is in helps me direct the energy in different directions, very useful for parents to understand what their children are struggling with at a subconscious level.



Hi Allyson,
Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated our session on Tues. All my life I have struggled with medical doctors. I just never felt like I belonged in that environment. It was like pulling teeth for my mom to get me to go to the doctor. I was always full of angst and trepidation. I haven’t been able to connect with them or what they have to offer. And because medicine and doctor’s appointments are such a fabric of our life growing up here, I was convinced that there was something wrong with me. I always felt uncomfortable, like an outsider to that world (interesting that I now work in it:)
I’m sure you hear this time and again, but I feel my journey has finally brought me to my true place of healing. Long time a comin’, I must say….Praise the Lord!!! And I ‘m exhausted….And I am scared shitless, as I suspect what is to come…and extremely exhilarated about the prospect of what is TO BE…..uncovered!!!!
It was such a privilege to read your book. I read it all Tues night. WOW!!!!!!! Thank you so much for ‘The Path to Cure‘….What an incredible gift:)
Much is happening already…I am feeling all kinds traumas surfacing, even ones I had forgotten about…I don’t know about this dealing with the first trauma and then the next starts to surface…It seems like an all out shoving match, hunger fest…”pick me, no me, hey it’s my turn!” (lots written in my journal)
K. & I are going to see Jeff today (thank you:) and I will see you next Thursday for Bowen, again right after my night shifts (not great at being vulnerable and being seen less than at my best…Oh the universe is funny:). Til then I’ll keep droppin’, sobbin’, and writing…….
Much Love and Gratitude


“The Bowen Therapy was amazing! I just felt the knots in my lower back and they are ALOT smoother! WOW is all I can say. One session of Bowen has done more for me than 2-3 years of Massage therapy and Reiki.” SC


Jeff is very knowledgeable and explains both the process that he takes you through and why he is providing particular remedies. As it is not a ‘one off” process, I have been seeing Jeff regularly over the past 2 years and have come to regard him as a person of great integrity. He is also somebody that people can relate to well.


…thank you for your love and homeopathic skills. You have given me a sense of hope and freedom, a feeling of life.



I have been enjoying receiving your newsletters and am continually impressed by the amount of information and the beautiful way it is presented.

-Laurie Zrudlo


Jeff, really, thank you, you are so good, and your support is really important to me. I am now places I never thought I could achieve in my life, and I am discovering a completely new person in me, and I would never have done it without you and Ally, both of you are the best thing that ever happened to us.



Testimonial from Nancy

Testimonial from Nancy


I brought my son, Khalil, to see Allyson when he was just 4 months old. His eczema was so severe that his his head, arms and legs were like hamburger meat. The areas were so open, raw and angry that they flaked and oozed constantly. My son had to wear little cotton mittens on his hands in order to keep him from scratching himself until he bled. He was not thriving, he barely ate and his stool was acrid and green. We were extremely worried about him and wondered at times if he would survive. He barely slept and we were losing it.

In 15 months of Heilkunst treatment, we had a new boy. His skin was almost wholly cleared up. All the raw areas were gone, he slept, thrived and ate. Even his eyes are now bright, shiny and full of mischief. We can not believe the change in him. It feels as if we own this real estate we bought for him and have no worries of regression into the hell we’ve survived. The best the Doctors could offer was loads of cortisone and I feel blessed to have been able to turn away from their sorry prognosis. We’ve also chosen to vaccinate based on homoprophylaxis through Arcanum as our trust has become so great during this incredible journey.



My oldest daughter, Kathryn, was born with the same congenitive heart defect that I was born with. We were both born with an ASD, atrial septal defect. Mine required surgery when I was seven years old. Kathryn’s was detected when she was less than a year old and we were told by cardiologists that due to the large size of the hole in her heart (8 mm) that there was no chance of it closing on its own and that it should be repaired before she reached the age of three. Additionally, through the first year of Kathryn’s life she dealt with severe cases of eczema, reflux and allergies, which lead to poor eating and sleeping habits.

Fortunately, we were referred to Allyson and her Arcanum Wholistic practice by some friends we made when we moved to Ottawa. We originally met with Allyson to see if she could help with the eczema, reflux and allergies, not thinking that she could possibly do anything about the hole in our daughter’s heart. To our disbelief Allyson told us that she could in fact repair the hole in her heart through proper diagnosis and remedies. The next time we met with our cardiologist, approximately six months later, he informed us that the hole had shrunk from 8 mm to 4 mm. He was genuinely surprised as he had never seen an ASD’s the size of Kathryn’s ever repair itself. He told us that we could now put off any operations on her heart until she was older. We continued to meet with Alysson and received remedies from her.

A few weeks ago we went back to the cardiologist for her bi-annual check-up. After an extensive echo-cardiogram and EKG it was determined that the ASD was entirely gone! There was no sign of it ever existing. The doctor was in disbelief and had no explanation for us other than he would like to follow up a year later to make sure that the hole was permanently gone.

What a relief it is for us to not have to have our daughter under go an extensive and dangerous invasive procedure to surgically repair this problem. Allyson correctly diagnosed and treated Kathryn in a purely natural manner and we can’t thank her enough. Kathryn has also had considerable improvement with her eczema, reflux and allergies. We will continue to meet with Allyson and follow her “path to cure”.



‘My experience with homeopathy has been transformative: the gentle power that the remedies uncover within has led me to a higher state of health and, in turn, a richer quality of life. Homeopathy works. In my treatment with Allyson, not only have dis-eases been resolved, but I have come to a greater understanding of balance and felt supported through the cycles of my growth. The empowering experience of homeopathy is available to everyone and Allyson’s guidance is stellar in its warmth and brightness.’
– Maureen Shea

After living with eczema for over thirty years and attempting to mask the problem with strong prescription medications, Allyson McQuinn from Arcanum Wholistic Clinic has opened my mind to the possibilities of homeopathic medicine. Allyson is passionate about what she does, which means to me that she will work hard to provide me with the best care possible. I have been working with Allyson since December 2003. I am very pleased with the results to date and I can’t wait to see what is yet to come! I highly recommend Allyson McQuinn to anyone who wants to get to the root of their symptoms rather than just masking them.
– Laurie Morin


I welcome this opportunity to introduce you to (and rave about), Allyson McQuinn. As a Homeopathy Practitioner, Allyson tops the charts. As we travel through life (past and present), we carry and collect that Karmic baggage that (in some situations) has us repeating or reliving the same (or similar) cycle, as if in “a perpetual loop”. Comforting and dealing with “our issues” and/or “trauma” can not only make us physically healthier, but can help us better understand who we are and why we are, the way we are. Allyson’s knowledge, sensitivity and easy style makes each visit a rewarding, memorable and healthier experience. I thank her for helping me, be a better me!
– Gary Blain

Dear Allyson, This testimonial is entitled, “THE POWER GRID REBOOTS” ! Being the amazing electrician that you are, you have managed to reconnect the wires that once effectively communicated emotions from my mind to my body and back again. Unknowingly, I have been diligently disconnecting this circuitboard all my life. As interference to my peace of mind occured, I simply shut down that grid. Be it may that this process served to preserve my sanity, it’s long term effect was greatly reduced electrical power to my soul! Thanks to your professional care and true commitment to my health and well being, the power grid reboots! Your care has brought me great healing as even others have noticed and commented. I wish to encourage you to press on even when it is dark for a while.
– Dawn Elizabeth Evans
Your good advice and remedies really made a difference in my health and my son’s. You gave me the desire to gain more information about homeopathy and alternative health care.  Thank you, Jeff.
– Annik Beaudry
Having struggled with chronic anxiety for the last fourteen years and after having tried everything under the sun without finding any healing, I was glad to have finally darkened the doorway of a practitioner of Heilkunst, namely Jeff Korentayer.  Despite having previously consulted two classical homeopaths with nothing to show for it, I was willing to give this style of homeopathy a try.  I can honestly say that Heilkunst has been the only thing I’ve found that has consistently created an improvement in my health since the very first remedy.  Jeff has been a wonderful homeopath and has imparted a lot of information about the principles of Heilkunst and true healing to me.  I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that Heilkunst has saved my life.  It has certainly brought me the closest I’ve ever come to feeling whole and well and finally embodying my true self.
– J. M., Ottawa

Since 1985; each spring would be an Allergy nightmare caused by my allergic reaction to Tree Pollen and Grass and Mould and Mildew.  Today I am free of any allergic reactions that made Spring the worst health season of the year for me.  I used to use a steroid nasal inhaler, tons of Tylenol Sinus tablets of Advil Sinus tablets and pretty much any over the counter Allergy tablet to help ease the sinus pressure and pain.  I also would suffer through a sinus infection or two during the same Spring Season.

Today I am pain free – Thanks to Dr. Ally!
– Brenda Deacon


I’ve learned more about Homeopathy and Heilkunst from your book (The Path to Cure) as well as understanding my own health struggles in a different light.  An amazing moment of enlightenment came from your description of the  ” centrifugal force” in chapter three. The example you used touched me to the core, “You would not consider retaining your urine indefinitely, so why would you choose to carry your symptoms and diseases indefinitely ?” (Page 26) I can’t begin to tell you how that explanation of the “centrifugal force”, and the example that followed, jolted me to reality. Thank you!
– Nancy, New Brunswick

My experience with Heilkunst medicine has dramatically changed my life.  In the summer of 2002 I had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I was in constant discomfort and the prognosis was that it was only going to get worse.  Intuitively I knew there had to be a way to beat back this disease.  The traditional system of allopathic medicine was not very appealing – taking drugs that would “help” deal with the symptoms of arthritis while at the same time destroying other parts of my body.

Fortunately, through a network of health professionals I was given Allyson’s name as someone who could help.  At that point in time I had no experience with homeopathic medicine.  I met with Allyson in the spring of 2005 and her calm confident demeanor appealed to me.  Although, when I was first asked to prepare my time line of life events, I must admit that I was a bit skeptical and wondered “how is this going to help?” But, after less than a year of working with Allyson I now have a much greater appreciation for the relationship between emotional and physical well-being, Heilkunst medicine and the importance of the time line.
Allyson has always been very confident that by working together we could conquer this disease.  I now have that same level of confidence.  We have resolved many issues together.   I have been able to release many of the emotional issues that once seemed daunting.  Every day I am feeling  better physically and emotionally and  I now have greater awareness about the relationship between my emotional and physical health.  I am so looking forward to continuing to work with Allyson on the journey along my own path to cure.

– S. S.


Since 1985, each spring would be an Allergy nightmare caused by my allegic reaction to Tree Pollen and mould and Mildew.

Today I am free of any allergic reactions that made Spring the worst health season of the year for me.

I used to use a steroid nasal inhaler, tons of Tylenol Sinus tablets or Advil Sinus tablets and pretty much any over the counter Allergy tablet to help ease the sinus pressure and pain.  I also would suffer through a sinus infection or two during the same Spring Season.

Today I am pain free – Thanks to Dr. Ally!

You are THE BEST!!!

Thank you so much!!!



Working with Allyson McQuinn using both Character Analysis and Sequential Homeopathy has provided me with the experience of taking my process to new depths. I am moving through past/present events on all levels of my being ie, psychic, emotional, physical, mental, energetic etc and my armouring around these events has been consistantly releasing and I am enjoying a new sense of “well” being, more able to ride out the sometimes tumultous experience of the world of feelings. I believe that I am truly releasing the attachments to wounding events with no left overs and consequentally my life is blossoming.



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