Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Healthy Sexuality?

For thousands of years, our bodies, our biological functions, our desires, and our innate spiritual and emotional wisdom have been bastardized by dominator religions, suppressed, used, commoditized, and minimized. It’s time to take it all back. 

For this reason, both men and women feel lost and out of balance sexually. As part of our pure essence, our sexuality is a sacred chalice of pure knowledge and growth filling us with so much delicious energy that it is often indescribable. Our life force is what sustains and heals us internally with orgonotic streamings and orients us to the higher dimensions of consciousness.

Why else would we be endowed with such capacities if not to know the essence of creation and re-creation though the act of sacred communion with our lover. Through orgastic connection, we can exchange a mind-blowing fount of energy, and discharge pent up frustration, fears, grief, guilt, and shame. It’s the opportunity to wholly express our true natures and come back from such sacred unions reordered, cleansed, and truly blessed by our unions.

To be filled with a sense of pleasure, love, joy, and gratitude an individual is able to realize the fuller bounty of being a wholly healthy human being as the darker powers that be would like you to feel marginalized, off kilter, and shut down sexually. You deserve connection, pleasure, and wholeness sexually with your beloved and we can help you to derive more fulfillment and meaning from your intimacy with your dedicated partner if  you both desire it. 

At this point in our evolution, we reclaim our sacred sexuality; our pleasure, our power. No construct can rent our erotic essence asunder.

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Are You Suffering From Major or Accumulated Traumas?

[This post is from the November 2020 newsletter – click here to read it.]

What is trauma? Trauma is any event or an accumulation of events that you (or your unconscious mind) interprets as an insult to the natural flow of your life force.

Major traumas can include surgery, a car accident, the death of a loved one, an assault, or a natural or man-made disaster. These shocks to your lifeforce can create a PTSD like reaction in you, where you feel like you took a direct hit. Major traumas can cause Genetic Miasms lying dormant at your core to spark undesirable physical or mental symptoms.

Accumulated traumas are typically more slow acting. They can also precipitate symptoms over time that the individual may not be wholly conscious of because they sneak up on them.  Feeling stressed at a job, living in a place one hates, or in a long-term relationship that has eroded over time can wear a person down, showing up as depression or even cancer, eventually.

All trauma, whether major or accumulating traumas, each deserves our conscious attention before their engenderment becomes a disease matrix that perpetuates undesirable symptoms.  It is also why we never ask a patient, “What’s wrong with you?”, like other physicians do.  Asking an individual, “What happened to you?”,  yields the answers that both the patient AND the Heilkunstler are seeking.

By asking our patients to craft their sequential timeline of traumas, of both a major or accumulated nature, we automatically have a map for their treatment plan.  By peeling the onion of what happened to you, trauma by trauma, homeopathically based on the law of cure like cures like, we really get to take the individual back to their factory settings and back to their birth trauma.

After that, we get access to the eight Genetic Miasms which are the roots for those chronic diseases that got aggravated by the traumas in the first place. At this juncture, the patient receives the full monty of Heilkunst Treatment with not just the resolution of their diseases, but a whole new lease on life.  

Liberty and freedom feels like the capacity to realize your goals and dreams wholly unencumbered.  Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Heilkunst, put it best when he said in his Aphorism 9, “ In the healthy human state, the spirit-like Living Power (Autocracy) enlivening the material body (organism) as Dynamis holds sway unrestrictedly and keeps all of its parts in admirable, harmonious, vital operation in both feelings and functions, so that our indwelling rational spirit can freely avail itself of this living healthy instrument for the higher purposes of our existence.” That’s what we’re talking about right there.

Welcome to your very best life!

What’s the recipe for a symptomless Menopause? What can I do if I do suffer symptoms?

[This post is from the October 2020 newsletter – click here to read it.]

What’s the recipe for a symptomless menopause? Read on and see. 

Wikipedia defines menopause as, “Menopause, also known as the climacteric, is the time in most women’s lives when menstrual periods stop permanently, and they are no longer able to bear children.[2][8] Menopause typically occurs between 49 and 52 years of age.[3] Medical professionals often define menopause as having occurred when a woman has not had any menstrual bleeding for a year.[4]”  In my opinion, this is a disgusting, dry, and brittle definition and obviously written by someone who’s never experienced this most powerful transformation in a real, healthy way.

When the energy in my body was focussed more on procreation, I followed the lunar impulse and shed the lining of my uterus as an emblem of my procreativity. It transpired every twenty-eight days so that I would be reminded rhythmically of my innate endowment. It was a beloved contract between me and the orchestrator of my biology, and delicious impulse for my animating wisdom. It was never just about producing offspring. I’d hate to see how Wiki diminishes the uterus!

I was in a state of constant creation: researching, writing books, and serving beloved patients. The cessation of my menses was never meant to be reduced to a missed opportunity as a so-called ‘breeder.’ It was never about the clinical capacity to ‘bear children’ that defined my innate capacities, but a more spiritual connectivity that gifted me with capacities ordained to the divine nature of my sex. Why do you think our wombs are heart-shaped?  So we don’t forget that we’re deeply and abidingly loved as co-creators. 

When my menses ebbed over a 2.5 year span almost 10 years ago, I knew I was receiving the clear signal, “You’ve got this. I know you won’t forget the rhythm of being a creative wisdom bearer.”  I knew that my full capacities as a bodacious, full throttle, knowledge-lover would now come to ripen fully through consciousness.

My creative forces ramped. My thoughts, crystal clear. I wrote a book about self-education and another one on natural birth. I felt more assured than ever before that my pristine voice came not from my head, but from my loins. I was fully confident in what I was ordained to be; my functional purpose was more luscious, rich, and steeped in skill and gnostic juice than ever before. 

I was creating a strand of rare pink pearls that would polish into a legacy. I was transmuting and transcending into the woman I was wholly meant to be without any trappings of youthful insecurity and none of that energy was leaking, for any other purpose but to fully be. 

And to top it all off, our sex became a spiritual communion of an order wholly otherworldly. Gone was the need for birth control. Woohoo!  Hello to an orgasmic liberty never realized prior. Over the last ten years I would never reduce what I’ve experienced as just ‘climacteric,’ and neither should you. Frankly, Wiki, you can go to hell!

Does Your Gut Need Some Remediation?

Have you read Dr. Gershon’s book, The Second Brain: The Groundbreaking New Understanding of Nervous Disorders of the Stomach and Intestine? Did you know that the bowel (stomach, esophagus, small intestine, and colon) are linked to your capacity for intuition and instinct? There can be 5-20 lbs of undigested matter in the gut at any time, producing parasites and unwanted bacteria.  This is why it’s important to do regular detoxes, use the principles of intermittent fasting and eat right for your blood type. Folks that we serve let go of a lot of anxiety and negative thought patterns just by addressing their gut issues.  

Here’s seven ways that your belly is trying to signal you that you need to address your gut issues: 

1) Are you feeling like a hot mess? An imbalanced microbiome can mess with your hormones that lead to mood fluctuations such as chronic irritability, premenstrual issues, and menopausal issues.

2) Trouble sleeping or often in a grumpy mood? Almost 70% of serotonin, GABA, and dopamine neurotransmitters are manufactured in your gut. When there is much inflammation in the gut, you feel inflamed with irritability too.

3) Suffering aggravating digestive issues? Constipation/diarrhea, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Crohn’s disease, acid reflux, bloating, and excessive gas are all symptoms of deeper gut issues. 

4) Cravings for sugar, salt, coffee, junk food, or alcohol are symptoms of deeper behaviours residing in an imbalanced microbiome.

5) Repeat infections? Stress hormones such as elevated cortisol can wear down your immune function leading to a chronic imbalance in your healthy gut bacteria.  

6) Are you in constant fight, flight, or freeze?  Adrenaline can be working hard to address all those lions it perceives knocking at your door, leaving your belly bereft of healthy digestive secretions, causing peristalsis in the gut to stop absorbing nutrients from your foods in a relaxed state.  

7) Not sure what you want or need? Feeling stuck in your life is often related to your gut health.  Unblocked bacterial islets of organization in the gut can lend to changes in geography, a stagnant job, a flatlined relationship, or stale friendships.

My Cancer State of Mind and How It Related to my Son’s Autism Issues

[This post is from the September 2020 newsletter – click here to read it.]

Happy late summer!  Did you know most folks recommit to their health in September?  The late summer month is the busiest at Arcanum as folks really take the reins of their health in hand.

This month we’re focussed on the cancer state of mind and how that relates to kids who are in the spectrum.  Did you know that is how I came to Heilkunst treatment in the first place?  My son was suffering autism (free book at and I wanted to sort out the root cause of his issues.  By doing that, I untangled a whole web of environmental, genetic, and unresolved emotional issues in myself.

Not what I expected, and still to this day, I can’t believe how many hundreds of moms and babes we’ve served with precisely the same goals as I once had.  At the time, I could not believe that my disease matrices could have anything to do with my son’s suffering. However, after almost two decades of serving others, my question has become, “How could it not be the case?”

This month’s articles start to draw some of the lines around my old cancer state of mind (1.5 inch breast tumour) and my son’s lack of autonomy and sense of self.  We’re all on the spectrum to a greater or lesser degree.  Perhaps this September is your month to address issues of this nature too.

Are You Feeling Done, Cooked and Finished?!!!

[This post is from the August 2020 newsletter – click here to read it.]

This month we’re handling the very tough subject of feeling suicidal. It is totally normal in these times to feel lost, bereft, confused, unmotivated and tired beyond description. We understand and you’re not alone.

We are being tried, distilled down to our very pins. No more gorging on materialism for us and while we’re at it, we may as well throw out any delusions that false authority has our backs. We’re uncovering so many truths so fast, mostly from our peers, that it’s destabilizing to say the least.

It’s not easy to discern what is real and what is fake. Not just when it comes to the news, but to every aspect of our lives and culture. It is normal to feel concern, even fear, and even more poignant emotions like, “What the hell is the point?” Or, “Why do I want to live in such a world?” Or, “What possible future can I offer my kids out of the rubble of ruination?”
Just hang on for a second as this is the contractive phase of a more promising golden age. Which is why many of us have needed the homeopathic remedy aurum metallicum. Aurum is the latin term for ‘gold’.

If you’re inclined, read Catherine Ponder’s book, “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity: Forces That Bring Riches to You” which explains how your consciousness dictates your abundance and how, even in times of supposed scarcity you have dominion over your wealth. 

On a very intimate level, you’re being asked to get ‘jiggy’ with The Source that put you here as your value is beyond priceless; a wonder to behold. Nothing can squander what you know, what you’ve learned, what you’ve lived or what you can create. You’re boundless in the love you share in just one look or even a smile. You can change another’s day, just by opening a door for them or making eye contact. 

Watch the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” if you sometimes forget. Let us know if you need the homeopathic remedy Aurum at your next session and we will be sure to dose it with an extra chunk of love.

***In this case, please leave prescribing Aurum to your Heilkunst professional.  Homeopathic remedies for deeper states of neurosis or psychosis are not to be treated lightly.

Upping Your Immune Function During The Pandemic: What to Do and What Best to Avoid

[This post is from the June 2020 newsletter – click here to read it.]

Sugar suppresses anger.  If you’ve felt impotent to change your world, find resonant work, educate your kids at home, the links to the articles below can be of help. This month we’re discussing coping strategies for this lockdown and also the inherent emotions that cause one to crave sugar.  Lots of patients we serve have been expressing frustration at this quarantine and the limitations that seem to be imposed endlessly on us and our innate need for liberty.

A couple of weeks ago, we did a webinar about how to cope in these unprecedented times to one hundred of our closest friends, colleagues and Facebook followers. We talked about strategies for coping with this challenging loss of our freedoms, especially knowing that the threat of the virus has passed.  

We spoke about tried and true nutritional protocols and what strategies you can use to mitigate your own suffering and engenderment of symptoms. Our hope is that by sharing it with you, you’ll also derive some helpful coping strategies.

We’re also talking about sugar this month.  Sugar is often folks’ legal drug of choice for suppressing anger and rage.  Sugar actually lights up our endocrine system about double what cocaine does so it’s more significant to quit it’s addicting properties than the so-called rich man’s drug.  Because it is so readily available and accepted, is another reason it’s hard to swim against the tide of what’s touted as normal.

Our hope is that you and your family are feeling equipped, now, to bolster your immune system and ride out the challenges that continue to present along the way.  Someone said to me recently that the best defense against these suppressive forces is to be as healthy as you possibly can be.  In a way, it is the most righteous arsenal you possess.

For further reference, here are the links to both articles referred to in this blog:

Side Effect or Healing Reaction?

[This post is from the May 2020 newsletter – click here to read it.]

Do you know the difference between a drug’s side effect and a homeopathic healing reaction?  When we treat our patients, they get to wholly understand the meaning for why they engendered a disease in the first place. Often, it’s like reliving the circumstances, a karmic dance if you will. 

It’s why we meet with our patients monthly. They will speak of their re-illumination of the event we just treated on their traumatic timeline.  Often they’re feeling a little mystified why an occurrence or the revisiting of this event came up a specific way. 

Over the last twenty years, we’ve been trained to see the meaning behind these so-called re-visitations.  It’s like consciousness has to suck through its teeth all of the remaining marrow of meaning before it can move forward into a greater state of wholeness.

Every month, our patients get to suss out the meaning of their sufferings.  This is the ultimate, not just in resolving the root cause homeopathically on the law of cure like cures like, but also prevents the individual from subconsciously engaging with the same disease matrix again in future. It’s truly divine to witness their evolutionary process in this way.

Upping Your Immune Function During an Epidemic

Video Transcription

Okay. So, welcome everybody. This is Laini. And I have the really distinct honor of speaking with Allyson McQuinn today, she said yes. Allyson is one of my personal friends and heroes. And I’m gonna give her just a moment to introduce herself. But this is a part of the mental health series that I have committed to recording and sharing with our community. Allyson is not coming at the mental health awareness from a psychology perspective, although there’s a lot of psychology involved. But she’s coming at it from a very wholistic perspective. And I think that what she has to offer in terms of staying healthy right now in a time of uncertainty is going to be so helpful to our community. So, welcome Allyson. Can you just share briefly your background? And talk a little bit about your approach to health and wellness.

Allyson McQuinn:
With pleasure. Thank you so much, Laini, for inviting me. It’s always such a pleasure to hang out with you. My name is Allyson McQuinn. I’m a Doctor of Heilkunst medicine; and that’s just a weird German word that means “the whole art of healing and curing”. We work mainly in the realm of chronic disease with patients. And as Laini alluded to, it’s not just about the physical level of health, but also the mental and emotional. We take people like onions, and strip the emotional physical shocks and traumas off in the order in which they’ve actually accumulated them during the course of their lives. While doing this, we have a very naturopathic approach as well with regards to supplementation, diet, that kind of thing. So today, we’re going to kind of focus in on that area: as to what you can do to up your immune function, which is really critical, not just at this time, but at all times. So anything that I’m going to say today is something that I would share with patients. We have a blog written on that is about upping your immune function and those are my speaking notes for today.

So we’re going to address the immune system. But before we talk about the physical foods that you can eat and supplements (and stuff like that), can you talk a little bit about how the immune system and mental health sort of work hand in hand? And that way, it’ll sort of give the foundation for the importance of addressing this from that perspective.

Allyson McQuinn:
Yeah. We talk about certain viruses, and viruses are opportunistic. Whereas things more like chickenpox or measles are more natural diseases. So for example, 80% of the population carry streptococcus in their bodies. It’s there all the time. We call it an opportunistic bacteria. And it’s waiting for the opportunity for you to create enough stress in your environment for it to activate symptoms. See, everybody in the material realm really thinks, “Oh, it’s a symptom. Now I have the disease.” It’s like, no, no, no, no. No, you actually have to create the conditions right. And if you study germ theory versus (inaudible), you realize that Pasteur on his (inaudible), actually went, “Oh my god, guys, I’m really sorry. I buttered up. Oh, I’ve misled you. And I had a really good marketing team.” And so yeah, this is what’s come out as the as the prevalent idea. Well, Antoine Béchamp, who actually was a colleague of Pasteur said, “You actually have to create the conditions right.” I was speaking about this with somebody even yesterday. I said, “You know, a child in a classroom that gets chickenpox, for example, isn’t necessarily subject to the germ theory. The idea being is that there’s going to be 80% or 50% of those kids that never get chickenpox.” Why is that? And we also know that kids that don’t have active symptoms, doesn’t mean they haven’t had the disease. We know people that have been tested for titers for diseases that they as children actually had, but never had symptoms. So the idea of being is that we want to really create the health and robust state of mind where we kind of have like the proverbial blood on our doors, it’s gonna pass you by. Right? Because you don’t have the state of mind that creates a resonance with that particular virus or disease matrix. So how to do that? Well up your health on the physical level, but also up your health on the mental and emotional level as well.

And how do we do this?

Allyson McQuinn:
Yeah. Good question. So I must say it’s interesting. Because when I listen to my patients, and the ones that have been working with us for quite a number of months, I offer them any kind of immunization they would like. Homeoprophylaxis is something we’ve been doing for hundreds of years. If you think about it, the vaccines are actually based on homeopathic law – “like cures like”. The problem with the vaccines, though, is you’ve got 19 chemicals and adjuvants. And while that can… if you have the strength to withstand that, go for it. But I offer patients homeoprophylaxis. Those who have been working with us for a while are like, “Ally I got this. I don’t even need it. It’s not not a thing for me. I don’t feel any resonance. I am outdoors, lots of really good diet, state of mind, it’s not…” But those patients that we start to work with in the early times, especially people that have been in the allopathic matrix, they’re like, “Yeah, bring it on. Give me everything.” The idea being is that “bring me what you have from the outside of myself”. And in health, we work more from an inside out state of being. Right? There’s no magic bullet for health. Health is lifelong immunity; just like lifelong learning.

I love how those two things tie together. So in terms of (I know you wrote an article about this and we’ll share that in the links) but could you give some high level sort of immune boosting tips for maybe supplements and food?

Allyson McQuinn:
Yeah. So up your D; get out in the sun. I don’t have any tan lines. But I have a lot of (inaudible). Just the kind of gal I am. Yeah. And up your vitamin C. So I’m making a great big pot of jamaica tea every morning. Really, really… And you can sweeten it with a little bit of honey. These are the leaves of the jamaica hibiscus tree. They’re beautiful to drink; extremely high in vitamin C. I sweeten mine with a little bit of xylitol which is sweetener from the bark of the birch tree. The reason being is I don’t want the high glycemic index in my particular diet. The other thing I do when I land in wherever it is I’m staying – Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, wherever it is that I happen to be – I will start to ferment anything that doesn’t move. So my husband always jokes he has to stay out of the kitchen because chances are he’ll be put in a jar if I get ahold of him. So what I do is I take cabbage and I cut it up (sometimes I like carrot; red onion is really juicy in that combination), and I will also do it with a bit of hot peppers, jalapenos. You don’t taste the hot peppers. They’re not hot after you ferment them. So just even my kids love that. And then you just add a brine of kosher salt or sea salt (Himalayan salt I use sometimes), depends on what you have. And water – it’s about two tablespoons of kosher salt per liter of water. I apologize. I was raised not in the imperial system. So you may have to do a Google search on that. What you want to do really is create a very high level of probiotics. In the body, we know, there’s death forces and enlivening forces. You want to load heavy on the enlivening forces in your body at all times, especially when something like a scourge or a disease matrix is in our midst.

Let me interrupt real fast. Somebody’s watching and they’re asking about zinc.

Allyson McQuinn:
Yeah, that’s the other thing I was going to mention. And again, zinc is something that the physical body no longer produces on its own (same with vitamin D). So these are things you want to make sure that you’re supplementing regularly with. If you can’t get natural vitamin D, then you will actually want to supplement with it – about 3000 to 4000 IU for an adult 1000 IU for a baby. So the other idea is zinc. It is very highly, I mean, the first defense to anything that’s coming in in your midst is actually at the level of your tonsils. Zinc is very helpful. Some people will also supplement with nascent iodine. And again, if you have access to these things and can order them from Amazon, wonderful. Nascent iodine is very helpful because we’re exposed to so much radiation from computers and phones and such. So that would be three to four drops of nascent iodine. Zinc, just follow the recommendations on the bottle.
The other thing that we do recommend is vitamin E to restore any tissue damage in the body as well, also very helpful. Cod liver oil, high high high in vitamin A. Wonderful for really increasing the immune function. We recommend this very highly in the fall when people are starting to kind of go within or inside. If you are in a quarantine situation, up your cod liver oil and your supplementation. Feed your microbiome because you may not be outside as much as you would like. On that note, do make sure that you get outside as much as you possibly can. I was on a hike with five people yesterday and we practice social distancing. We were all approximately six feet away from each other. But we had an amazing hike up into the mountains. I can’t even tell you what that did for my state of mind. So I’m really practice… There’s great YouTube videos on for… I follow yoga with Adriene from for the last seven years. I have a yoga mat wherever I live, and I just pull it out and do my yoga practice. Pace is amazing, weight bearing exercises of all kinds, right for your typology. So just quickly go over that.
With regards to your blood type, this is really important because certain foods act like poisons in your blood. If you’re an “A” blood type, you actually are Asian by blood. You do very well with high vegetable, lower meat content and no red meat. So you do very well with chicken, turkey, a lot of vegetables in your diet. The exercise that’s best for you is yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, these kinds of things; not robust or heavily laden on cardio, very hard on your endocrine system and will blow really your adrenals very quickly. So this is really important. You can get more information from us. We’ll actually send out blood type diet for highly optimal foods, neutral foods and then avoid foods. All blood types do very well with bone broth, red meat, elk, bison, buffalo – things that are not as readily available in North American diet. The idea being is that you really need to fortify the iron levels in your body, for example. They also do very well with high vegetables. Knock the sugar and grains out of your diet, please, please, please. Sprouted grains are okay like Ezekiel bread, for example. Ferment your bread; sourdough bread is a fermented bread. Knock all other grains, processed wheat out of your diet, refined sugar. If you’re going to eat chocolate, makes sure it’s the good chocolate that is made from cocoa nibs. Not the other things that the big companies would like you to think are chocolate, which are just the husks from the pod. The other thing is “B” blood types do very well with a European diet or European by blood. So what would a European eat in the afternoon? Well, they do very well with a Ploughman’s lunch. So lamb, turkey, anything that actually comes from organ meat – really positive B’s. Need to do this; really important for upping their immune function. “AB’s” are a combination between the Asian and European diet. They’re only 4% of the population. But again, just lots of vegetables. 75% of every human being’s diet should be vegetables; and the rest, low amounts of carbs, meat, seeds, nuts – which are brilliant as well for helping you stay whole and healthy.

So what can you say to families that are now quarantined that are together? And they’re dealing with immune system issues and anxiety issues, especially with children – and those things are raising. Are there any specific practices or supplements or sort of foods that you can focus on for these times, especially with children?

Allyson McQuinn:
Yeah, very well said. Anything that I have recommended has already been what we call the “sustenative side of your generative power”, big honkin words. That means you have two sides of your health. One is what you can do on the vitamin therapy, healthy diet, (which we’ve just talked about) exercise. These are what we call the naturopathic approaches to keeping your ground substance really healthy. That’s the organismal level of your biology. If we have engendered a mental or emotional or physical disease matrix, it’s a bit like a pregnancy. It’s very hard to become unpregnant. And no matter how much vitamin C you take, you’re still going to be pregnant. Right? It’s a truth. We just know this instinctually. That’s where we come in as Heilkunst physicians is to help people that are really struggling on that level. And we’re booked about four to six weeks out for this very reason. It is because people are having a real hard time; they’re really struggling. A lot of what happens in times of stress is a lot of our childhood issues come up. And for me, I know this. My mother committed suicide when I was eight years old, my father died of a heart attack when I was 17. I was the most frightened person on this earth from my teens, to my 30s. Before I found this system of medicine, you would probably wouldn’t recognize me. I had chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Guillain Epstein Barr virus, in bed five days a week, every month, horrible menstrual issues, covered in psoriasis all over my scalp. So I was one of the sickest people I know. I know what it feels like now to be 57 years of age and the healthiest I’ve ever been. Like I run the hills yesterday, I did. God I think it was 12 miles and I don’t even think about it, you know, hiking. Because I’ve had to work to buy back my physical and mental emotional health. That’s really what I do, I help people find that for themselves through Heilkunst principles which are homeopathic.

So just sort of reiterate what you’re saying. You’re saying emotional trauma can be stored in the body and affects the body. And for those of us that are dealing with or have dealt with or will be dealing with our childhood traumas, that’s a long term sort of path to healing. What about right now not creating more trauma for ourselves and for our children? Can you give your thoughts on that and how to move through this fear and isolation in a very healthy way?

Allyson McQuinn:
Yeah. It’s not an easy question, Laini. Honestly. I mean, if you think about it, I hiked with two people yesterday that were paralyzed with fear. I mean, covering themselves constantly and not just the masks but also the lots of sunscreen, suffering allergies and such. It’s a bit like if you think about a herd (herd of lions), the lionesses go out at night. And what they’re looking for in the antelope herd is the weakest link, the link that is most terrified, that’s been fight-flight. The idea being is that if that weakest link because of the state of mind because of age, because of feeling paralyzed with fear actually knocks your immune function down considerably more than you might even realize, that people feel prey or have unresolved anger. That’s a state of victimization, right? And over time, that causes us to be a weaker link. I know because I suffered that. In a way where I really thought that it was just a matter of time before I would be exiting this earth plane. So the idea being is that yes, you can build your immune function on the physical level. Absolutely. But it’s interesting because when we’ve done live blood analysis with certain people, we have found that the terror of childhood (what is still there), when you take away the vitamin therapy, they’re actually quite weak. Their iron levels cannot be maintained. Iron being inner light metabolism. If you strike anvil, it sparks – it creates light. Well, your job as a human being is to metabolize light. Right? But if your light has dimmed because of fear or bad regimen over the past 5, 10 or 15, 20 years, you’re right, it’s not a quick fix. Saying, “Oh, my state of mind is really positive, it’s best. I can meditate yet. But if I have a shadow side that unexhumed, I’m going to be a weaker link in my herd.” It just is what it is. Yeah, I wish it were different. But, after 25 years of buying back my own health and doing this for hundreds of (or thousands of) patients around the world internationally, it just hard to change your state of mind.

From one of the the real world (inaudible) who are watching now, there’s a comment (a question). It’s from Sarah. She writes, “I suspect that these times of quiet and going inward if we open ourselves up to this, we will see many people revisit childhood trauma.” And she says, “I wonder though if they might not recognize it if they’re not used to a slower quieter life. What can be done to help those people?”

Allyson McQuinn:
Yes. That’s a great question. We’ve written blog articles on busyness as your drug of choice. People have used it, even in the health field, as their drug of choice. Because if we’re busy, we have the illusion. And especially, the intellect loves busyness. It takes, “As long as I’m productive and taking things off the list, then I’m doing great.” But that’s a measure again from the outside in. So I love this question. Busyness is a measurement from the outside in of my productivity, that I am being a viable human. The thing is that in utter stillness, with just breath in my lungs, thoughts in my mind, do I know that my value is even greater in those moments? Then taking shit off a list. I mean, seriously. And so it’s going to scare the living daylights out of a lot of people to suddenly go within. I’ve meditated for 45 years since I was a competitive swimmer as a kid. I wouldn’t choose to live without that really in my life, because it’s going to come to as a shock to many people who suddenly are at home with their kids. There’s going to be a lot of volatility. I mean, it’s hilarious. My husband sent me a meme this morning, he said, “Two weeks after quarantine.” Ethel is knitting a new thing for her husband. It’s a noose. So yes, it can get very spicy when all of a sudden you’re with your kids 24/7, and with yourself 24/7, or with your spouse.
The idea being Is that get a punching bag, I always say, express your anger in a healthy way, not on your beloved people. I have a doctor I’ve supported for many years as her physician. And she goes home, swears, curses, hits that punching bag for all it’s worth, get the anger out. I took a broom up to an oak tree in the backyard for years just to get the rage and the anger out of being frustrated of suffering tyranny that was perceived (or imagined, it doesn’t matter). I yelled obscenities up into the rafters of my barn for years as part of my therapy. Really important: express it, get it out, but not on your beloved family.
The other thing too is really gravitate to those who give you energy. Up your scenic index mentally and emotionally. Really surround yourself with people. My colleagues are amazing human beings. We boister each other up all the time mentally. Listen to music. Music that are binaural beats on YouTube are great. If you have a headache or you’re feeling depressed, binaural beats are a great way of using resonance to up your state of mind into a more positive way of thinking. Positive affirmations; we put out memes on our on Facebook and Instagram all over the place. We don’t even mention the c-word because we’re all about creating more positivity in the world. And really dig into what is the true reality for you. Where is this all coming from? What is it they want you to think? And how can you bolster your state of mind, really in opposition to that?

You know, this makes me think of (I can’t think of the name of) that pyramid of needs, (guy’s name starts with an M) but he places “love” and “belonging” on the same level. And to me that’s so powerful because it reminds me that the connectedness with one another. And if right now during isolation, the only way we can remain connected in our all of our craziness and our processing and all of that, we stay connected through community. That to me is the the one saving grace that we can look at. Do you have any thoughts about other sort of strategies that we can do right now, today?

Allyson McQuinn:
I think the lovely thing too, that you just mentioned. My husband and I were both doing PhDs. We ran a farm of 36 animals. We ran a camp on the farm for unschoolers and Waldorf kids and self educated kids at home, and it was tough. Like, Laini, I gotta tell you. There were times, financially, I was just like, “Oh, boy. Are we going to be able to put anything into the crock pot this week?” It was scary at times. And it was really important for me not to transfer that on to my babes or to create a rift with my husband. It was really important to me that we cultivate a love relationship, nurturance, intimacy, touch, really, really important. My kids and I had this thing that we always do. We’d like to beeswax candles and I’d say ,”Ten minutes we’re in the big bed.” And big bed was the code for that’s where we would all get to cuddle. Everybody got to bring their own books, including me. I would bring something then read about passage from it that meant a lot to me or something I had discovered that week or that day. Kids always brought the same books over and over again, and that is what they loved. And what they wanted is that sense of rhythm. And that’s really important. As physicians formally of three Waldorf schools in Canada, rhythm is really important. That to have kind of a daily rhythm that maybe you’ve not explored before. That approximately 10 o’clock every day we all go out for a walk or to explore the creek that’s now running that was frozen before. To really kind of notice what is nature; how she expressing herself right now today. To make paper stars with kids that cover the windows to felted animals (felted little you know). Just to get basic crafts supplies, even while you’re on the road and traveling, to do felting together. Sometimes just to get lost and finger knitting together for hours. Make a rug out of that finger. These are the things that children really love to engage with. “What are you doing?” “Can I do it too?” That’s really the questions. And of course, cooking, for example, can be an amazing thing. That’s a win-win for the whole family but it’s an opportunity really just to be together. Sunday evenings at our house was cooking night. So even the two-year old had a dull knife and a carrot. Because people want to feel part of a community.
Where this is all going, as we know, there’s going to be a huge ascension around 2035. And this is a an ascension not on a religious level, but of a Christ-consciousness in all of us. What that means is that peer to peer engagement, supporting our businesses with each other, trading, bartering, taking it down away from the elite and what they would like us to think is our only means of finance or economics. This is a grand opportunity that we’re all extremely excited about. Because we’re going to come back down to the essence of our grassroots – communication and love for humanity and each other. And this is the opportunity, really, to start to create this web now. And world schoolers are amazing at this. Amazing. I mean, they trade their homes, they trade resources, they trade already on the basis of business. It’s amazing, amazing. So you are starting a very small ripple in a very large pond that is going to change the whole of really relational meaning to each other out of love.

We just got to get through these next few weeks together, but we got this guys. Thank you so much, Allyson, for your time. And I’m going to have you put all of your links in the link to the article in this thread. And I’m going to move also everything over to the mental health thread as well. I am so grateful.

Allyson McQuinn:
Such my pleasure. And we’ve gone a great score of things on epidemics and how we treat those. And so yeah, we’ve got this guys. Nothing to worry about. Thumbs up on all levels.

Thank you darling. Much love to you up in northern Mexico.

Allyson McQuinn:
Yeah, you in southern (inaudible). Bye

The Root Cause of Dental Issues

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  • Root canals are done on dead teeth, opening a nerve highway that can become one of the worst sources of chronic bacterial toxicity in your body.
  • Dr. Weston Price spoke extensively on the dangers of root canals and how the diet of primitive cultures can help prevent/solve the need for root canals.
  • The truth is that dental pitting or cavities reflect deeper, systemic — meaning “whole body” — illness that should be addressed wholistically.
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