Natural Fertility and Detoxing From Chemical Birth Control

This month we’re talking about fertility and detoxing from the birth control pill (BCP). Did you know that the pill was tested on impoverished, Catholic women in Puerto Rico? Did you know that out of approximately 132 women tried for the pill back in the 1950’s that 3 of them actually died? Did you know that the pill was released to the general public anyway?

Theresa Vargas cites, “The truth was that little was known about the drug’s effects when a Dr. Rock and biologist Gregory Pincus – with the backing of birth control advocate Margaret Sanger and philanthropist Katherine McCormick – decided to launch the human trials. The drug had been tested on rats and rabbits, and on a small sampling of women in Rock’s medical practice in Massachusetts. But its largest test would be in Puerto Rico, where as many as 1,500 women took the drug over several years.”

As mentioned, three women in the trials died. But no autopsies were conducted, and so it remains unclear if their deaths were linked to the drug, which was given in much higher doses than it is today.

Did you know that Doctors chose not to share these results as they may “confuse the patient?” Those patients, my fellow goddesses, were our grandmothers, our mothers, our sisters and our aunts. I’m pretty sure that they were anxiously waiting for an easy and accessible answer to not be trapped at home with unwanted pregnancies. However, by also choosing not to examine the cautionary inserts included with their prescription of 28 days worth of little pink pills, they were buying more than they bargained for.

We’ve been sold a bill of goods, my friends, and it is time for us to reclaim our hormonal health just as John Robbins wrote in his book, “Reclaiming Our Health: Exploding the Medical Myth and Embracing the Sources of True Healing.”  It was there, back in 1998 in the pages of that book, that I

was first shocked to learn how women had been harmed by hormonal birth control.

We’ve been addressing folks’ timeline traumas for almost 20 years and we’ve noticed that when we address the pill homeopathically on the law of nature, like cures like, suddenly they will be able to conceive. This begs the question, how do The Pill, Vaccines and other drugs affect our fertility?

Find out in this month’s articles/videos how we can help women and their partners reclaim fertility lost to environmental toxicity. Our free book on natural fertility can be downloaded at

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What Does February Have To Do With Repeating Karma?

[This post is from the February 2021 newsletter – click here to read it.]

Ever suffer the February blahs? Folks in the clinic that we’re serving this month often express a desire to lynch that scrawny little groundhog whether he sees his darn shadow or not. It’s not just that it’s the long days of winter and slush that folks are done with, there can be another aspect related to the Genetic Miasm Ringworm that’s also at play at this time of year.

Ringworm is well depicted by the movie, Ground Hog Day, with Bill Murray. It’s the feeling of struggling, over and over again, with the same darn patterns, and never feeling like you have the keys for full transcendence. It’s karmic themes that keep playing out that feel stuck on repeat, and you’ve lost the remote to be able to change the damn tune.

What is the purpose of such a replay? You may be asking yourself, “What am I missing?” The answer is dynamic. Our intellects hate when we perceive the repeating nature of our difficulties. We want the solution as soon as possible to resolve the nature of our suffering. Who can blame us?

The trick lies in relaxing for a moment and taking stock. What’s the specific theme of the repeating issue(s). A few years back, for example, I suffered horribly with poverty consciousness. I hated that every week, I barely had enough money to buy groceries. The kids were in Waldorf School, Jeff and I were doing our post-graduate studies in Heilkunst Medicine, and we had a farm that took many bags of feed monthly that was also draining our purse. I remember having that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that we couldn’t afford to live! 

I realized that I had a very deep belief, in my subconscious, that being impoverished is noble. It was a message that was deeply ingrained in me that stemmed from my Irish/Scottosh ancestors. Without ever saying it, they’d passed down to me that wealthy folk are like politicians; inherently corrupt and that to live life ethically, you must be well on the side of insolvency.

It was a few years later that I read something that hit the mark of my state of mind, “Being poor is actually one of the most selfish states of being there is; they can never be generous with anyone, including themselves or their loved ones.”  That hit me hard! It was so true, though, I could not even have afforded to help my kids reach their goals if I’d wanted to and that hurt my heart. 

I went on a mission to create passive sources of income; real estate investments (starting really small with help from friends), interest bearing life-insurance called IBC, etc. Once I addressed my state of mind, things started to turn around for me. I was unblocked from my prior limiting karma and I started to do a little dharma dance instead. At first it was slow and then things began to snowball in a positive way for me and for us. I could help my kids, buy my first tiny house, and help leverage others who were struggling to keep their homes.

I didn’t feel ‘selfish’ anymore and I loved being able to help others. I’ve learned that times like these, are actually the best times to make money. Ethically! By being really creative with the coins you do have, you can learn to double that little bit of money very easily. 

I was reading articles about folks who’d done well by being really smart during the fall of the stock market during the 1930s depression, which was known as one of the worst impoverished times in our human history. It was so inspiring.

While I’ll always make most of our food at home from scratch and buy my clothes second hand, now I have a choice. Liberty from my old state of mind means that Ringworm no longer comes up for me in early February like Punxsutawney Phil.

Disclaimer: No groundhogs were actually harmed in the making of this post.

Unblocking Your Sexual Energy

[This post is from the January 2021 newsletter – click here to read it.]

Welcome to 2021. I think that we can all agree that last year was a bit of a shit show. 

This month we’re talking about the greatest renewal resource bestowed to either man or woman … it’s your sexual energy. In our books, there is no better time than a lockdown for cultivating love, play, romance, and intimacy in our loving relationship. 

No partner at this moment? No worries. The best time to create love, play romance, and intimacy is also now, with yourself. Before I met my beloved husband, I dated myself. I treated myself the way that I would like to be treated by a man that would one day become my soulmate.

Gestures such as warm baths with rose buds, bath bombs, essential oils, healthy nourishing foods, dinners out on my own, a trip to the local repertory theatre for a foreign film, a long walk in the forest, a delicious book (I always have a study book for the morning and a novel for before bed), no television (ever … not for over 25 years), and self massage.

I wanted to find a partner that had the same ethics as I did … and guess what?  I did. Jeff studied at the same college for Heilkunst Medicine, didn’t watch TV, loves to read for hours at a time, is very sensitive, and more than spiritually threaded. He also loves the same nurturing, self-care practices that I do.

You, too, can consciously create your resonant other by getting really juicy with yourself. We’ve been counselling patients and couples (for 20 years this year!) in order to find the same for themselves. Anything less is an indication of where the intimacy with your self may be hindered. It’s an inside-out job not an outside-in job, and much can be done by resolving things on our personal level first and providing resources on how the mechanics of true orgastic potency actually work. 

We’ll leave you with this month’s blogs to mull through. There are others. Just search on the word ‘sex’ on our website and others will pop up. Let us know if you think that we’re missing anything and we’ll do our best to research and craft it for you anonymously.

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What Have We All Learned About Ourselves in 2020?!

[This post is from the December 2020 newsletter – click here to read it.]

Happy Holidays! Man, it’s been one wild rollercoaster ride after another this past year. Lots of folks have said to me that they’d like this year thrown into the most fiery incinerator possible and buried in an unmarked grave. I totally understand.

I’ve had some of these same thoughts, on and off. Back in March and April I, too, felt quite lost and forsaken as the lockdowns encroached more and more on our basic rights and freedoms. At times, I felt really scared as the Mexican city we live in seemed more and more like a ghost town. If one more storekeeper pointed a temperature-taking gun at my head, I was going to take them to the floor like an Hapkido Master. Mandatory masks were extremely upsetting as people were taken to the local police station and charged with heavy fines if found not wearing one.

I took a lot of homeopathic remedies for anger, fear and loss of inner value. There were a lot of Orchid Essences in that mix as well as my colleague in Canada was experimenting with different combinations and she was seeking a fellow voyageur in this realm of flower essences. At some point in early May a switch occurred and I started to feel more secure and even joyful, again, at times.

I was reading voraciously for hours every morning. I got back into my Gnostic studies. I also studied gematria, anthropology, anthroposophy and many books on art as I was drawing again on the patio with the umbrella up on Sundays. We started ordering food from a woman who crafts healthy international foods like a chef of great acclaim even though she hails from Kingston, Ontario. She also brought me raw cow’s milk from a neighboring farm. I teared up the first time.

This helped me feel the nurturing I needed in order to serve others carrying an incredibly heavy load; suddenly homeschooling their kids, others trying to find their right geography in these raucous times and sorting through their own feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, resignation and outright terror. Suddenly folks were calling in unable to sleep, suffering panic attacks and depression.

I quickly realized that I had to up my own game to help shoulder the load that my beloved patients were carrying. I started fasting twice a week for 6 weeks in order to lighten my own load. My exercise and weight bearing program became more rigorously adhered to. I was out walking in the sunshine 6 days a week doing 8,000 to 10,000 steps each hike, here, at 6,500 feet above sea level.

I ordered fish oil from Norway, got some powdered Reishi Mushrooms in capsules and powder for my shakes, oregano oil, got a zinc and turmeric combination, ensured I had a good Vitamin C supplement and took a mitt full of all these supplements everyday just like I counsel patients to do instead of my more laissez-faire two or three times per week.

While this year has proven to be intense with many challenges, I feel as if I’ve grown exponentially and that I better understand the functional purpose for humanity at this time. We’re burning off our mechanical and materialistic karma in favour of self-knowledge and a deeper love and compassion for our fellow men and wombyn. The concept of self-education has taken off like a beacon in the ethos of many families. It’s been so heartening on so many levels. 

I know that we are going to craft our future together, peer to peer, shoulder to shoulder while carrying so many less financial and spiritual burdens in the end. These turbulent and difficult times will end and the individual will bear the new dawn with a renewed sense of grace never known before in our lifetimes.

Jeff and I want to wish you all an abundant, loving, and spiritually meaningful holiday season. We will be soaking up some rays, swimming in the ocean, reading for hours in the shade and enjoying some time with resonant friends here in Mexico.

Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Healthy Sexuality?

For thousands of years, our bodies, our biological functions, our desires, and our innate spiritual and emotional wisdom have been bastardized by dominator religions, suppressed, used, commoditized, and minimized. It’s time to take it all back. 

For this reason, both men and women feel lost and out of balance sexually. As part of our pure essence, our sexuality is a sacred chalice of pure knowledge and growth filling us with so much delicious energy that it is often indescribable. Our life force is what sustains and heals us internally with orgonotic streamings and orients us to the higher dimensions of consciousness.

Why else would we be endowed with such capacities if not to know the essence of creation and re-creation though the act of sacred communion with our lover. Through orgastic connection, we can exchange a mind-blowing fount of energy, and discharge pent up frustration, fears, grief, guilt, and shame. It’s the opportunity to wholly express our true natures and come back from such sacred unions reordered, cleansed, and truly blessed by our unions.

To be filled with a sense of pleasure, love, joy, and gratitude an individual is able to realize the fuller bounty of being a wholly healthy human being as the darker powers that be would like you to feel marginalized, off kilter, and shut down sexually. You deserve connection, pleasure, and wholeness sexually with your beloved and we can help you to derive more fulfillment and meaning from your intimacy with your dedicated partner if  you both desire it. 

At this point in our evolution, we reclaim our sacred sexuality; our pleasure, our power. No construct can rent our erotic essence asunder.

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Are You Suffering From Major or Accumulated Traumas?

[This post is from the November 2020 newsletter – click here to read it.]

What is trauma? Trauma is any event or an accumulation of events that you (or your unconscious mind) interprets as an insult to the natural flow of your life force.

Major traumas can include surgery, a car accident, the death of a loved one, an assault, or a natural or man-made disaster. These shocks to your lifeforce can create a PTSD like reaction in you, where you feel like you took a direct hit. Major traumas can cause Genetic Miasms lying dormant at your core to spark undesirable physical or mental symptoms.

Accumulated traumas are typically more slow acting. They can also precipitate symptoms over time that the individual may not be wholly conscious of because they sneak up on them.  Feeling stressed at a job, living in a place one hates, or in a long-term relationship that has eroded over time can wear a person down, showing up as depression or even cancer, eventually.

All trauma, whether major or accumulating traumas, each deserves our conscious attention before their engenderment becomes a disease matrix that perpetuates undesirable symptoms.  It is also why we never ask a patient, “What’s wrong with you?”, like other physicians do.  Asking an individual, “What happened to you?”,  yields the answers that both the patient AND the Heilkunstler are seeking.

By asking our patients to craft their sequential timeline of traumas, of both a major or accumulated nature, we automatically have a map for their treatment plan.  By peeling the onion of what happened to you, trauma by trauma, homeopathically based on the law of cure like cures like, we really get to take the individual back to their factory settings and back to their birth trauma.

After that, we get access to the eight Genetic Miasms which are the roots for those chronic diseases that got aggravated by the traumas in the first place. At this juncture, the patient receives the full monty of Heilkunst Treatment with not just the resolution of their diseases, but a whole new lease on life.  

Liberty and freedom feels like the capacity to realize your goals and dreams wholly unencumbered.  Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Heilkunst, put it best when he said in his Aphorism 9, “ In the healthy human state, the spirit-like Living Power (Autocracy) enlivening the material body (organism) as Dynamis holds sway unrestrictedly and keeps all of its parts in admirable, harmonious, vital operation in both feelings and functions, so that our indwelling rational spirit can freely avail itself of this living healthy instrument for the higher purposes of our existence.” That’s what we’re talking about right there.

Welcome to your very best life!

What’s the recipe for a symptomless Menopause? What can I do if I do suffer symptoms?

[This post is from the October 2020 newsletter – click here to read it.]

What’s the recipe for a symptomless menopause? Read on and see. 

Wikipedia defines menopause as, “Menopause, also known as the climacteric, is the time in most women’s lives when menstrual periods stop permanently, and they are no longer able to bear children.[2][8] Menopause typically occurs between 49 and 52 years of age.[3] Medical professionals often define menopause as having occurred when a woman has not had any menstrual bleeding for a year.[4]”  In my opinion, this is a disgusting, dry, and brittle definition and obviously written by someone who’s never experienced this most powerful transformation in a real, healthy way.

When the energy in my body was focussed more on procreation, I followed the lunar impulse and shed the lining of my uterus as an emblem of my procreativity. It transpired every twenty-eight days so that I would be reminded rhythmically of my innate endowment. It was a beloved contract between me and the orchestrator of my biology, and delicious impulse for my animating wisdom. It was never just about producing offspring. I’d hate to see how Wiki diminishes the uterus!

I was in a state of constant creation: researching, writing books, and serving beloved patients. The cessation of my menses was never meant to be reduced to a missed opportunity as a so-called ‘breeder.’ It was never about the clinical capacity to ‘bear children’ that defined my innate capacities, but a more spiritual connectivity that gifted me with capacities ordained to the divine nature of my sex. Why do you think our wombs are heart-shaped?  So we don’t forget that we’re deeply and abidingly loved as co-creators. 

When my menses ebbed over a 2.5 year span almost 10 years ago, I knew I was receiving the clear signal, “You’ve got this. I know you won’t forget the rhythm of being a creative wisdom bearer.”  I knew that my full capacities as a bodacious, full throttle, knowledge-lover would now come to ripen fully through consciousness.

My creative forces ramped. My thoughts, crystal clear. I wrote a book about self-education and another one on natural birth. I felt more assured than ever before that my pristine voice came not from my head, but from my loins. I was fully confident in what I was ordained to be; my functional purpose was more luscious, rich, and steeped in skill and gnostic juice than ever before. 

I was creating a strand of rare pink pearls that would polish into a legacy. I was transmuting and transcending into the woman I was wholly meant to be without any trappings of youthful insecurity and none of that energy was leaking, for any other purpose but to fully be. 

And to top it all off, our sex became a spiritual communion of an order wholly otherworldly. Gone was the need for birth control. Woohoo!  Hello to an orgasmic liberty never realized prior. Over the last ten years I would never reduce what I’ve experienced as just ‘climacteric,’ and neither should you. Frankly, Wiki, you can go to hell!

Does Your Gut Need Some Remediation?

Have you read Dr. Gershon’s book, The Second Brain: The Groundbreaking New Understanding of Nervous Disorders of the Stomach and Intestine? Did you know that the bowel (stomach, esophagus, small intestine, and colon) are linked to your capacity for intuition and instinct? There can be 5-20 lbs of undigested matter in the gut at any time, producing parasites and unwanted bacteria.  This is why it’s important to do regular detoxes, use the principles of intermittent fasting and eat right for your blood type. Folks that we serve let go of a lot of anxiety and negative thought patterns just by addressing their gut issues.  

Here’s seven ways that your belly is trying to signal you that you need to address your gut issues: 

1) Are you feeling like a hot mess? An imbalanced microbiome can mess with your hormones that lead to mood fluctuations such as chronic irritability, premenstrual issues, and menopausal issues.

2) Trouble sleeping or often in a grumpy mood? Almost 70% of serotonin, GABA, and dopamine neurotransmitters are manufactured in your gut. When there is much inflammation in the gut, you feel inflamed with irritability too.

3) Suffering aggravating digestive issues? Constipation/diarrhea, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Crohn’s disease, acid reflux, bloating, and excessive gas are all symptoms of deeper gut issues. 

4) Cravings for sugar, salt, coffee, junk food, or alcohol are symptoms of deeper behaviours residing in an imbalanced microbiome.

5) Repeat infections? Stress hormones such as elevated cortisol can wear down your immune function leading to a chronic imbalance in your healthy gut bacteria.  

6) Are you in constant fight, flight, or freeze?  Adrenaline can be working hard to address all those lions it perceives knocking at your door, leaving your belly bereft of healthy digestive secretions, causing peristalsis in the gut to stop absorbing nutrients from your foods in a relaxed state.  

7) Not sure what you want or need? Feeling stuck in your life is often related to your gut health.  Unblocked bacterial islets of organization in the gut can lend to changes in geography, a stagnant job, a flatlined relationship, or stale friendships.

My Cancer State of Mind and How It Related to my Son’s Autism Issues

[This post is from the September 2020 newsletter – click here to read it.]

Happy late summer!  Did you know most folks recommit to their health in September?  The late summer month is the busiest at Arcanum as folks really take the reins of their health in hand.

This month we’re focussed on the cancer state of mind and how that relates to kids who are in the spectrum.  Did you know that is how I came to Heilkunst treatment in the first place?  My son was suffering autism (free book at and I wanted to sort out the root cause of his issues.  By doing that, I untangled a whole web of environmental, genetic, and unresolved emotional issues in myself.

Not what I expected, and still to this day, I can’t believe how many hundreds of moms and babes we’ve served with precisely the same goals as I once had.  At the time, I could not believe that my disease matrices could have anything to do with my son’s suffering. However, after almost two decades of serving others, my question has become, “How could it not be the case?”

This month’s articles start to draw some of the lines around my old cancer state of mind (1.5 inch breast tumour) and my son’s lack of autonomy and sense of self.  We’re all on the spectrum to a greater or lesser degree.  Perhaps this September is your month to address issues of this nature too.

Are You Feeling Done, Cooked and Finished?!!!

[This post is from the August 2020 newsletter – click here to read it.]

This month we’re handling the very tough subject of feeling suicidal. It is totally normal in these times to feel lost, bereft, confused, unmotivated and tired beyond description. We understand and you’re not alone.

We are being tried, distilled down to our very pins. No more gorging on materialism for us and while we’re at it, we may as well throw out any delusions that false authority has our backs. We’re uncovering so many truths so fast, mostly from our peers, that it’s destabilizing to say the least.

It’s not easy to discern what is real and what is fake. Not just when it comes to the news, but to every aspect of our lives and culture. It is normal to feel concern, even fear, and even more poignant emotions like, “What the hell is the point?” Or, “Why do I want to live in such a world?” Or, “What possible future can I offer my kids out of the rubble of ruination?”
Just hang on for a second as this is the contractive phase of a more promising golden age. Which is why many of us have needed the homeopathic remedy aurum metallicum. Aurum is the latin term for ‘gold’.

If you’re inclined, read Catherine Ponder’s book, “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity: Forces That Bring Riches to You” which explains how your consciousness dictates your abundance and how, even in times of supposed scarcity you have dominion over your wealth. 

On a very intimate level, you’re being asked to get ‘jiggy’ with The Source that put you here as your value is beyond priceless; a wonder to behold. Nothing can squander what you know, what you’ve learned, what you’ve lived or what you can create. You’re boundless in the love you share in just one look or even a smile. You can change another’s day, just by opening a door for them or making eye contact. 

Watch the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” if you sometimes forget. Let us know if you need the homeopathic remedy Aurum at your next session and we will be sure to dose it with an extra chunk of love.

***In this case, please leave prescribing Aurum to your Heilkunst professional.  Homeopathic remedies for deeper states of neurosis or psychosis are not to be treated lightly.