My Summer At Camp; A Story About Being “Straight” In a “Gay” Situation











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Did you know that I was the medic for a kid’s camp one summer back about 8 – 9 years ago now? It was a special camp for kids of LGBTQ families. Do you know what those letter mean? The letters stand for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Trans, and Queer.

I brought my so called “straight kids” to a camp for kids raised in “gay” or “queer” families. I wanted to ensure that my babes heard other’s stories of struggle, joys and adversity so that they would develop a firsthand empathy and compassion for folks living life in different circumstances than their own.

I felt it part of my role as a parent to not just teach “tolerance” but fall in love with others on their terms, blurring the lines of any perceived differences by showing up myself. To them, of course, it was just camp with lots of jello, camp fires, swimming, silly songs, and new friends … as it should be.

It is fair to say that I, too, fell in love with those kids. They’d hang with me at my cabin making beaded hemp bracelets, we’d go swimming, sing at the top of our lungs, eat junk food, make meals, do dishes and create crafts together. I also treated lots of bumps, bruises, bee-stings, homesickness and fever with homeopathic remedies and forehead kisses.

You see I was a “different” kind of medic that had to be scrutinized by each parent to discern if I was acceptable to look after their kid’s health 45 minutes away from the nearest hospital. They totally embraced me even though I was also a “minority.” I was different in the field of so called “traditional” medicine. It was awesome the way 100 families said “yes” to me, entrusting me with their “pride” and joy!

We all learned from each other and I got to test out what I know about chronic disease in an acute setting. One girl got rid of her headaches for the first time in her life that week and another kid asked for my help emotionally to be able to “come out” to the others in a safe, loving environment. It was so cool and just perfect and I so cherish those memories.

So the bottom line is, if you know of someone who does not feel wholly regarded by their Physician or feels fear of being themselves due to their sexual orientation, there is a safe place to BE here at Arcanum. Don’t worry, we’re a little “queer” too in a so called “straight” kind of way.

An Introduction to the Lyme Miasm

Just when you thought that it couldn’t get any worse than the Syphilis miasm, along comes Lyme Disease. The classic microbial form of Lyme is transmitted by the deer tick, and has been increasing in incidence in recent years. It is a parasite which wreaks havoc with the immune system, and is behind many “mystery” illnesses which have been very difficult for the medical system to logically and consistently identify and diagnose.

In many ways, the Lyme miasm is a continuation and transformation of the themes of Syphilis, and even the shape-shifting quality of Syphilis is seen in the Lyme spirochete, whose surface antibodies can shift and adapt when attacked by the immune system. Through all systems in the body, the Lyme miasm even beats Syphilis at its own game of shape shifting, and being nearly impossible to pin down.

In many ways, it is as if Syphilis has been turned inside out to produce Lyme. Where Syphilis is very outwardly directed in terms of blame and hatred of the world, Lyme is a much more introverted disease, and produces the phenomenon of the hermit who is cut off from society, and strives to become as much of an island as possible, despite John Donne’s famous quote. Conditions such as agoraphobia are very much fuelled by this miasm.

Syphilis produces any number of self-destructive processes, including auto-immune disorders. This tendency is also there in Lyme, but in a way where the appearance of the disease is very difficult to pinpoint, and its manifestations may shift frequently, and become difficult to diagnose and treat. There are many symptoms at the mental level, including difficulty in concentration and great loss of memory. Emotionally, the Lyme patient will tend to be highly irritable, with an attitude or behaviour which pushes other people as far away from themselves as possible.

The physical symptoms can vary far and wide through every system of the body, and can include skin symptoms (including the characteristic “bulls eye” rash), joint pains leading to arthritis, migraines, or facial palsy symptoms.


Syphilis Has Arrived On The Coat-Tails of Summer

The Summer Solstice marks the day of the most daylight, as it ushers in the heart of all the things which summer means to everyone. Especially in climates in the further Northern latitudes, these precious weeks of summer sun and heat are cherished, as people pack in as much of their favourite outdoor activities that they can. Our moods reach the height of their expansive capacity, while we metabolize sunlight to be stored as vitamin D to take us through the winter.

There is an underbelly to all of this, which is represented within the essence of the syphilis miasm, which is also ushered into more acute expression, beginning about the time of the Solstice. If you think in terms of the cycle of gardening season, the massive growth of the spring has already peaked, and the hot, dry days of summer now threaten the possibility of drought, decay, and death. Likewise, people within the “concrete jungle” of the city can start to express high levels of irritability, and lashing out even to the point of “road rage” or other random acts of violence. If you keep this image in mind, you’ll begin to understand the inner dynamics of anyone with a genetic inheritance of this miasm (which we all have to some degree).

Destruction, decay, and processes of things breaking down or falling apart all describe the essential characteristics of this miasm at all levels (physical, mental, emotional). Physical conditions including any form of auto-immune disorder, as well as psychological conditions of depression, despair, even to the point of suicide fill out some of the details. The emotional acts of blaming and criticizing are further indicators of this energy. A feeling that life is meaningless, and that “there is no point” form part of the more extreme version of this mental and emotional state. The expression “Life’s a bitch, and then you die” portrays the sentiment of this feeling.

In less extreme form, you’ll see peculiar symptoms, such as ritualistic or compulsive behaviours, or even fleeting thoughts of doing strange things, such as wondering “what would happen if I put my fingers into the electrical socket?” Compulsive thoughts such as “I wonder if I left the stove on at home?” can fill the mind of the patient driven by the energy of this disease. Insanity is feared, or may eventually be succumbed to.

In its earlier phases, syphilis can be quite charming, and capable of drawing others into their world. In more extreme forms, this is part of the pattern of the formation of cults around charismatic leaders, who gradually lead them to do either strange or very destructive acts, including mass suicide. On an individual basis, this same dynamic within syphilis, is behind all forms of addictions, and other self-destructive behaviours which at some level involve forms of self-deception or charming oneself into being OK with “just one more”.

Physical symptoms of syphilis include ulceration in any form. Deep conditions down to the bone, such as extreme growing pains in children, bone cancers, or leukemia emerge at the later phases of this disease. Flesh-eating disease, AIDS, and other physical manifestations of the self-destructive pattern of this remedy are increasing, as syphilis becomes a more and more dominant medical phenomenon in our modern context. Years of use of antibiotics, and such, have suppressed the primary infectious form of syphilis, and converted it into this inheritable genetic form I’m describing here. There are many artistic portrayals of this energy, including the brilliantly acted role of The Joker in Batman – The Dark Knight, which I wrote about in my blog series on fluoride.

Allergies, Cancer, and AIDS: How They Relate












I was studying Dr. Husemann and Wolff’s, “The Anthroposophical Approach to Medicine”, when I came across this amazing passage regarding cancer, allergies and auto-immune diseases. It makes perfect sense that allergies are the body’s inept attack on the outer world and AIDS, for example, is when the body attacks the inner world. Cancer just doesn’t care anymore, frankly. People suffering allergies often feel frustrated and angry, inconveniently sniffling, sneezing (displaced climax), and eyes itchy and watery. It is an attempt at warding off a perceived aggressor, the allergen. If one wants to ride this wave to the core, we know that allergies are often caused by the unexpressed rage towards the mother. Ouch!

Innocent allergies can also be a precursor to cancer which is the secondary “anergic” phase, which is really a lack of immunity to an antigen. This is the phase of resignation. The body recognizes the foreign cells or tumor mass, but doesn’t use any of its inflammatory tools to mount an attack. The feeling is encapsulated in the term, “depression” or the word, “whatever” that we now hear so often. It is interesting to note that when cancer is cured, through Heilkunst medicine, we actually get to see the initial allergen phase be invoked again. All the bacteria and toxicity comes to the surface to be effectively treated. Exciting huh?

You see, we Heilkunstlers strive for expansive expressions of fever, sneezing, inflammation, or anything wet, hot, and juicy that indicates the body is becoming “excited” and exiting the sclerotic process. This is the process of buying into “life” by spontaneously emitting what comes up in the moment, simply because we can! We get pretty jazzed around Arcanum Wholistic Clinic when we watch our patients climb out of the pleomorphic cave of the disease process and start expressing mucus, heat, anger, grief, fear, guilt, and resentment. Now we can apply our tools to address these active diseases and get ’em out! Giddy up!

Unfortunately, if things reach the tertiary phase of self-destruction, the body will start to consume its own self through auto-immune disorders such as AIDS or flesh-eating disease. It is interesting that we have a whole arsenal to cure these diseases, but rarely will we be called in to do so at this phase. Often the persons with these diseases are beyond resignation, it is like they have bought the self-hate mandate and the sense of self, the “I”, is on a suicidal mission of self-destruction. It is torturous and sad to stand by and watch when you know you can apply the law of cure, addressing the cause, and truly aid the individual, enabling them to buy a ticket out of this spiraling matrix.

However, the self-love part is the toughest real-estate for these folk to buy, especially if it was never owned in the first place. Basically, if the state of mind doesn’t shift through remediation, the individual will sadly just re-infect themselves over and over again. In many cases it can take a year or two of regimen, principled medicine, and Reich’s Character Analysis just to rise from the pit of utter self-persecution and self-loathing. In fact, this is the state of mind that contracted with the disease in the first place. Unfortunately, the very expensive and suppressive allopathic model of treatment will just poorly manage these individuals’ decline and more typically hasten their demise by destroying what little immunity they have left. Actually, the same disastrous protocol is thrown at cancer too.

Please feel free to gander at the excerpt below and offer up a comment or two on this topic. We love the opportunity to discuss the meat of our work further.

Husemann and Wolff

The Anthroposophical Approach to Medicine The possibility of inflammation is an immanent function of the human organism and can be understood only in connection with its counterpart, sclerosis; in the same way, every human being is capable of allergy. Without this capacity, he would not possess the capacity for immunity; he would be anergic and would be subject to another group of diseases: on the one hand, the infections—foreign life that overpowers the organism; on the other, the sclerotic diseases, particularly cancer. Recent research shows increasingly that the cancer patient is in an anergic phase; his immune system is not in a position to “recognize” the foreignness of the cancer cell. In any case, this situation results in the destruction of the organism of the “self by the dominance of foreign formations (bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, mineral deposits). This shows that health is a state of equilibrium and does not consist in the absence of a reaction. Hyperergy and anergy are the polar deviations from the healthy state and both are pathological.

From this we can draw the therapeutically important conclusion that an excess may safely be limited, but a further displacement—for example, in the direction of immuno-suppression— must promote the opposite disease tendency, in this case, especially infection and cancer. It may be surprising that infection and cancer are considered together here, whereas infections are usually grouped with the inflammatory diseases, which stand in polar opposition to cancer. The present classification applies only to immuno-deficiency, which is under discussion here, and for the atypical disease course resulting from it. In the “healthy” course of an infectious disease, fever appears along with antibodies, leuko-cytes, etc. These reactions are the expression of an intact immune system and ideally result in healing. When the immune system is not functional, however, foreign substances (bacteria.viruses) overwhelm the organism, because it is too weak to defend itself. Fundamentally, the same process occurs in cancer, although in this case the cancer patient does not defend himself against the bodily cancer tissue because he is blind” to it and cannot “recognize” it as foreign. In a certain respect, the auto-immune diseases represent the opposite of this situation; the organism senses itself or parts of itself as foreign and acts against itself with inflammation, which ultimately leads to dissolution and destruction.

We have seen that the organic capacity to react allergically is not only the basis for higher functions, but also the expression of constitutional health. Beyond this, however, this reaction fulfills another task, which we shall describe. In principle, an allergy can exist or develop toward any substance; most often, however, it is protein or protein-like substances. This is understandable in the light of our description above of the essential nature of protein, since the etheric and astral bodies of the particular animal, for example, live in its protein; in man, protein is the carrier of his individuality. The sense for the “recognition” of such a substance as “foreign.” that is, the sense for self and non-self, can only be the sense for preservation of one’s own self from becoming foreign. Here we have the significance of the fact that protein is the substance most thoroughly broken down in the gastrointestinal tract and that nothing of its essential quality is taken into the organism. If this mucosal boundary of the gastrointestinal tract is transgressed, then an allergic reaction sets in to make up for the missing breakdown of foreign protein on another level; so it is really a form of self-preservation. The fact that this reaction in excess (anaphylactic shock) can lead to destruction of the individual does not contradict its fundamentally higher purpose.

If the reaction is suppressed repeatedly or for a long time, however, then the organism loses the ability to recognize foreign material, which is the case in cancer, or it forms foreign protein as its own body substance. Then the human being can no longer live properly as “I” in his organism; it has become foreign to him, and it is no longer possible for the spirit to unfold in accordance with the ego.