Armoring of the Oral Segment

This blog is part of a series; its original title was Heilkunst Basics : University, 3rd Year (Armoring of the Oral Segment)

As we have a look through the specific characteristics of each of the seven segments, you should always keep in mind the general principles which explain what armoring is, and how it functions. One of these points relates to the idea of chronic contraction, which is the pathological form of the usual healthy version of continual expansion and contraction functioning together. This is why Reich began his exploration of the segments using a version of “trigger point” therapy, where he would press on a chronically contracted muscle in order to encourage it to release, and return to its natural function of expansion/contraction.

Descending down to the next segment below the ocular, I’ll examine the oral segment today. The first clue to an armored oral segment is either a facial expression which seems ‘glued on’, or one which is incongruent with the emotion which the person is currently expressing. Another interesting incongruence to watch for is when the ocular and oral segments are expressing different emotions at the same time (eg. sad eyes with a smile).

An armored oral segment will produce physical symptoms including the grinding of the teeth at night, or clenching during the day. People who compulsively or unconsciously lick their lips constantly, or are always chewing on something, such as their fingernails, or the plastic cap of a pen, are also displaying a blockage to the oral segment. Any number of oral addictions may be suffered, such as to food, alcohol, cigarettes, or oral sex. The pervasive obsession with breasts in our society is also a sign of how widespread this oral blockage is, and how many people are still longing to receive proper love and nurturing for their proper oral development.

The vocal quality may also be noticeably affected. Characteristics such as a vocal timbre which is ‘thin’ or otherwise unpleasant to listen to, such as an overly nasal quality are also signs of this blockage, as well as when the patient’s speech is either too soft or loud, or they are extremely talkative or non-talkative. One adjunct to treatment which can be very effective here is to arrange for the patient to have singing lessons. The training in proper breathing from a voice coach is also invaluable to the entire de-armoring process.

Other therapeutic exercises which can be applied, as appropriate, include : encourage suckling, such as through a straw or through a baby bottle; gently invoke the gag reflex by pushing a toothbrush to the back of the throat (this also helps to release the next segment, which is the cervical); aggressive biting down, and growling. Something soft, such as a towel, can be used to cushion the bite; the homeopathic remedy ‘Lachesis’, which is very useful for an excess amount of energy discharged through talking, and often with a sarcastic or ‘biting’ tone; the flower essence of ‘trumpet vine’, which can help to imbue warmth and confidence into the patient’s speech patterns.

Syphilis Has Arrived On The Coat-Tails of Summer

The Summer Solstice marks the day of the most daylight, as it ushers in the heart of all the things which summer means to everyone. Especially in climates in the further Northern latitudes, these precious weeks of summer sun and heat are cherished, as people pack in as much of their favourite outdoor activities that they can. Our moods reach the height of their expansive capacity, while we metabolize sunlight to be stored as vitamin D to take us through the winter.

There is an underbelly to all of this, which is represented within the essence of the syphilis miasm, which is also ushered into more acute expression, beginning about the time of the Solstice. If you think in terms of the cycle of gardening season, the massive growth of the spring has already peaked, and the hot, dry days of summer now threaten the possibility of drought, decay, and death. Likewise, people within the “concrete jungle” of the city can start to express high levels of irritability, and lashing out even to the point of “road rage” or other random acts of violence. If you keep this image in mind, you’ll begin to understand the inner dynamics of anyone with a genetic inheritance of this miasm (which we all have to some degree).

Destruction, decay, and processes of things breaking down or falling apart all describe the essential characteristics of this miasm at all levels (physical, mental, emotional). Physical conditions including any form of auto-immune disorder, as well as psychological conditions of depression, despair, even to the point of suicide fill out some of the details. The emotional acts of blaming and criticizing are further indicators of this energy. A feeling that life is meaningless, and that “there is no point” form part of the more extreme version of this mental and emotional state. The expression “Life’s a bitch, and then you die” portrays the sentiment of this feeling.

In less extreme form, you’ll see peculiar symptoms, such as ritualistic or compulsive behaviours, or even fleeting thoughts of doing strange things, such as wondering “what would happen if I put my fingers into the electrical socket?” Compulsive thoughts such as “I wonder if I left the stove on at home?” can fill the mind of the patient driven by the energy of this disease. Insanity is feared, or may eventually be succumbed to.

In its earlier phases, syphilis can be quite charming, and capable of drawing others into their world. In more extreme forms, this is part of the pattern of the formation of cults around charismatic leaders, who gradually lead them to do either strange or very destructive acts, including mass suicide. On an individual basis, this same dynamic within syphilis, is behind all forms of addictions, and other self-destructive behaviours which at some level involve forms of self-deception or charming oneself into being OK with “just one more”.

Physical symptoms of syphilis include ulceration in any form. Deep conditions down to the bone, such as extreme growing pains in children, bone cancers, or leukemia emerge at the later phases of this disease. Flesh-eating disease, AIDS, and other physical manifestations of the self-destructive pattern of this remedy are increasing, as syphilis becomes a more and more dominant medical phenomenon in our modern context. Years of use of antibiotics, and such, have suppressed the primary infectious form of syphilis, and converted it into this inheritable genetic form I’m describing here. There are many artistic portrayals of this energy, including the brilliantly acted role of The Joker in Batman – The Dark Knight, which I wrote about in my blog series on fluoride.

Homeopathic Constitutional Types : Lachesis

The sixth and final phenotype I’m presenting is Lachesis, which is a remedy prepared from the venom of the Bushmaster snake of South America. If you can imagine the rapid physiological changes and emotional storm which occur after someone has been bitten by a poisonous snake, you’ll start to get a sense of the intensity of the characteristics of the person in this phenotype. Lachesis has a very highly charged energy which is seeking a discharge in one way or another.

They key emotional themes of this remedy include guilt, jealousy, and envy, which all contribute to its highly charged state. One of the most well known characteristics of Lachesis is an intense loquaciousness, which, at its worst, becomes an incoherent rambling from one unrelated topic to another, without any room for anyone else to get a word in edgewise into the ‘conversation’. There was a patient I once had, who I asked “so, what brings you here?” at the beginning of her first visit, and that was the last thing I said for the next 90 minutes! The good news was that I received an excellent account of her life history, and had all the information I needed to give the first set of remedies to her.

Taking up the image of the tongue of the Bushmaster snake, we can learn some of the key characteristics in the remedy. Not only do they use their speech as a means to try to discharge their own pent-up energy, but like the snake’s tongue, they can use their speech as a sudden attack, lashing out with cutting remarks. The Lachesis personality seems to have an instinct for sensing another’s weakness, and strikes out with intent to seriously wound. In fact, as the physical pathology of the remedy progresses, one of the characteristic symptoms is for the tongue to tremble when it is protruded.




They can live in a state full of passionate jealousy, and will be a very intense force to be partnered with in a romantic relationship. On the flip side, there is sometimes a much more introverted presentation of this remedy, who is much more quiet, and dwelling in their own feelings of inferiority and lacking self-esteem. This is the polarity that makes up both sides of this remedy.

There are a number of characteristic symptoms at the physical level, including sore throats which have pain upon swallowing, as well as issues with the circulation. They will have the tendency to “sleep into an aggravation”, meaning that during the first part of the night, they can be suddenly awoken by an asthma attack, or from a nightmare. All forms of discharges give them tremendous relief, whether it is the excessive talkativeness I mentioned above, or a physical discharge such as the beginning of their menstrual flow. They will have a tendency to be afraid of or squeamish for snakes.

Homeopathic Constitutional Types : Nux Vomica

The key feeling of Nux Vomica is of thwarted ambition. Ambition is something which is derived from the false ego, and drives us to accomplish things which are not derived from our true self. Such pursuits are bound to lead us into conflict or stress of various kinds, and the need for a constant recharging of energy which peters out just as quickly.

The Nux Vomica phenotype is very hot-headed, with an explosive temper, which bursts out at anyone or anything they perceive to be in their way. Their perception is that everyone around them is moving too slowly, and when in the role of a boss, they will bark out orders and reprimands in a usually colourful palette of language.

They behave in a highly competitive way, and make very poor sports who can’t stand losing. This is true both at work as well as their “leisure” time, where winning is everything. They act overly confident, even to the point of arrogance. They are very impatient, and will break things out of frustration, such as smashing their computer keyboard when a page on the internet is loading too slowly. Small or large examples of ‘road rage’ are rooted back to the energy of this remedy.

They are attracted to the use of all forms of stimulants in order to keep themselves propelled forward, but then will hit a point of collapse sooner, or later. The famous, and tragic, examples of Elvis and Michael Jackson illustrate this pattern of being reliant on drugs and cycling through these great highs and lows in the name of “the show must go on”. All forms of caffeinated beverages, especially including coffee, are the general fuel for this underlying energy behind most of our modern working world, which participates this Nux Vomica energy, even if not in full-blown form as I’ve described in the paragraphs above. Many prescription or street drugs may be used as stimulants in this state. Nux Vomica is the ultimate hangover remedy, and should be served at every New Year’s Day breakfast.

The physical pathology of Nux Vomica affects the gastro-intestinal tract, including symptoms of spasms and cramping. They can suffer a form of constipation which has unproductive urging, and mirrors the underlying feeling of this state, which is a compensation for “wants to, but afraid they can’t”. Many symptoms of Nux centre around the nervous system, which is highly charged, as in “my nervous system is fried”.

Alcoholism, Lead and The Ego

Nature is amazing. She can cure us or kill us depending on the dose rendered. For example, the deadly nightshade Belledonna can cure a high, hot fever in a child who has suffered a quick onset with red cheeks and red right ear if used homeopathically in a dynamically attenuated dose, however, if taken crudely, the grave will be your demise before morning. Healthy human discernment (ego) is the vehicle for determining exactly what is warranted in each situation.

While lead poisoning has symptoms from nausea to coma, its therapeutic value is used in Heilkunst medicine for the treatment of alcoholism. Just so you can see what I mean, I’ll show you a couple of excerpts on Plumbum from James Tyler Kent’s Materia Medica:

The activities of the body, the functions of the organs, are slowed down in pace. The nerves do not convey their messages with the usual activity. The muscles are slow in action, sluggish. There is first paresis and finally paralysis, of parts first and finally of the whole.

The mind is impaired, slow. Perception is slow. He memorizes with difficulty. Comprehension is difficult. He cannot recall words to express himself. The operations of the mind are slow. When in conversation with such a patient you will wonder what he is thinking about while making up his mind to answer.

There is sluggishness also in the skin. You may prick him and a second later he says, “Oh”, showing the slowness in feeling. You would expect him to feel the prick instantly. When you begin to conclude that he does not feel at all, his limb will jerk.

Does this remind you of anything? Maybe your Uncle Bob at last year’s family Christmas Party after two much spiked nogs? Unfortunately, it is getting more and more common for individuals to turn to vices to get through their mere mystical or mechanical existences. Joy and pleasure are only outcomes of a healthy sense of self, living the borderland between the polarity between the masculine and feminine principles or the will and surrender. Doctors Hausemann and Wolff, tout the use of potentized lead in their second volume in The Anthroposophical Approach to medicine in the following:

Alcoholism is another instance in which lead therapy is indi-
cated. Alcohol specifically paralyzes the ego functions in the
human organism. This is expressed in the disturbed upright
gait, speaking and thinking in those under its influence. It also
releases inhibitions, drives, and cravings that are no longer
controlled by the ego, and the astral (desires) body becomes manifest in
its animal nature. In addicted individuals, there is a relative
soul-spiritual weakness of the ego, which, under certain cir-
cumstances, may have developed secondarily through the addict’s failure to face a particular task in life.

The central idea being that past traumas have caused that individual to disassociate from their emotional issues, not pull them closer for examination and release.  So when day to day stresses become unbearable, the individual uses alcohol or other vices in order to mechanically disassociate from them further.  The opposite of alcohol abuse is connection and plumbum (lead) is a key homeopathic remedy to help one get there.