Panic Disorders and How They Relate To Reich’s Orgasm Function; An Intimate Tale


I recall, once, about 20 years ago a sensation at the bottom of my spine.  What started as a generalized ill ease at my core, suddenly burst forth into what felt like a black cloak over my head trying to suffocate me.  I couldn’t breath, my eyes springing wide in terror.  I watched myself flail in horror as my heart thumped wildly in my chest, my mouth went dry and I sputtered and wheezed clinging to what felt were my last breaths.  In that moment I just knew that I was going to die.

As my pores poured forth a clammy, rank sweat, I smelled the beguiling essence of death on my skin.  I anxiously perceived that this was the end and my headstone flashed before my eyes, folks dressed in black appeared to be mourning my departure and a very insignificant obituary appeared in the back of the Sunday paper.  It was all there like a movie playing sequentially before my dread-filled eyes.

When I felt the black shroud threaten to close my wind pipe forever, I felt my body (and finally my mind) simply surrender.  It was a like the apex of the crescendo of terror finally peaked and I felt a far off floating feeling come to retrieve my beleaguered soul.  Was I swooning like an 18th century Jane Austen character?  As I crumbled to the ground, my knees hitting the tarmac of my apathy, I just let go.  A beacon of calm over took me and I let go to my inevitable demise as I hit the floor.  My funeral scene went black.

As my consciousness slowly re-booted, I could sense muzzy thoughts trickling back in.  While still prone on the floor, I felt that there was no more effecting my broken will required here, no need for all those lists that defined a hobbled success for me as a unfulfilled slave in a system that required my compliance.  In that moment, I realized that I’d become a doormat, a lackey in life’s machine of work, cooking for my husband, paying taxes and raising thankless kids.  As a result, I realized deep down, I was knee-bumping (literally) terrified that this was all there was to my fractured life.

It was a moment that I will never forget.  If I’d been a follower of Freud, and the descendants of his psychoanalytic society, he might say that I’d faced the death instinct with a certain aplomb and adroitness. Certainly, intellectually, it was clear that I’d hit up against the crux of my mortality. Any Psychotherapist with ink in his pen and a prescription pad would likely look at drugs to suppress this trip down the pipe of terror.  Some anti- this or anti-that to thwart my clearly “chemically” imbalanced brain.  Most patients of this model are happy if you just suppress and thwart their capacity to repeat this obvious “disorder” from gaining any patterned traction again.

However, I’m not a typical woman of the Freudian camp.  If you simply shut down the predisposition for me to know the gnarly essence of myself, you short circuit the potential for empowerment.  I wanted to own the reigns in my life, not be hobbled on the illusion of any drug.  It is still my modus operandi.  I’m no seemingly play now, pay later kind of gal.  I’m wired  to know the etiological roots of my suffering; to suss out the cause and predisposition for my episodes of panic wrought with asphyxiation.  Why was I being smothered? 1

When I began to study at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst, I learned that Wilhelm Reich, once a favoured student of Freud’s, would cite that it was not death that I was actually instinctually scared of; it was life!  My organism had never learned how to live, out of grace, pleasure and the orgasm function.  If you want to re-read my panic attack story above, again, as if you’re reading a bit of erotica, you’ll see that if I was properly threaded, the function of the orgasm (big luscious expression of health and life) would actually follow the same biological path; tension, charge, discharge and then relaxation or realization.  Panic attacks are a severe distortion into fight/flight of the biological norm for genital primacy and then true orgastic potency.  If examined closely, in this vein, you’ll see that the gesture is in fact similar.

Most folks don’t even know that this biological function exists due to the fact that, just like I was, their stuck in genital primacy having clitoral climaxes or penile ejaculations which is really just an appetizer.  My former Mentor, Steven Decker would cite that a climax is really just  a “genital sneeze” isolated to the genitals necessary to training for the whole bodily event for the earth to move, the “grand mal seizure” version of true orgastic potency.  My neurotic intellect producing the panic attacks would need to undergo a re-training to discharge the fear and terror trapped below my armouring through the orgasm function; through pleasure, not pain. This was a serious upgrade from talk therapy and prescriptions. 2

Just as a child needs their fever function to help train them up biologically to their immune function for when something serious comes along, adults who’re not properly strung through their healthy sexual functioning will suffer panic attacks and disorders of this nature as an attempt to discharge fear and terror.  If not properly plumbed, the thwarted content will hit the armouring that causes the loop for panic to gain traction and momentum until the damn breaks causing symptoms like heart palpitations, sweaty palms,  irrational thoughts and suffocation.  The thwarted sexual expression is an attempt at the biological release of the damned up content below decks in your subconscious (nether man) at the core of your being clanging against your armouring and beliefs.  The secret mantra will be, “I can’t let go, I can’t let go, I can’t let go.”

The essence that animates you just sneers out of tough love with the opposite gesture, “Do you want to bet?” And suddenly your biological damned up mechanism trips the lights fantastic and you’re suddenly careening wilding up the side of the panic roller coaster to the trippy peak with lips mouthing unspoken terrors with lips turning blue as you fall to your knees in the ultimate gesture of supplication.  It is this hobbled curtsy of genuine genuflection in your swoon that is also attributed to the capacity for a healthy orgasm function.  3

Reich wrote, in his book, “The Function Of The Orgasm; Sex-economic Problems of Biological Energy,” that, “I came to consider the instinct as nothing more than the “motor aspect of pleasure.”” When I first fell upon these words, I felt something transcendent take root in my thoughts with regards to my own panic attacks.  Could it be that the answer to my issues did not have to have the temporary band-aid of yet another round of talk therapy and a prescription for drugs?  Could it be that by retraining my system from suffering to pleasure, I could release the pent up suffocative content at my core?  Did I feel I deserved to live this way?  That, right there, turned out to be the bigger question in my de-armouring process. 4


I began to learn that talk therapy only has the capacity to access content post-cognition.  This means that you have to have the recall to speak about your history to a point of memory to leverage the harboured dormant content.  What is your armouring took place between birth and age 3 or 4.  Did that mean you were biologically and psychologically screwed?  What if there was another way to get at that content where I didn’t have to engage in yet more years of verbiage with therapists mostly sicker than I was as I’d spent years in therapy, partially paid for by the State, to no avail and was poorer on many levels for it.

At the onset of 1924, Reich published a series of papers on the idea of “orgastic potency,” and the capacity to release blocked emotions from the musculature, losing oneself uninhibited to the orgasm.  This was the basic idea that Freud had come to call Reich’s “hobby horse,” or in German, “Steckenpferd.”  Reich had argued that psychic health and the ability to love fully, oneself and others, depended on the capacity for the full discharge of the libido, or true orgastic potency, “Sexual release in the sex act must correspond to the excitement which leads up to it. It is not just to fuck … not the embrace in itself, not the intercourse. It is the real emotional experience of the loss of your ego, of your whole spiritual self.” 5

In that moment, I was dumbfounded, this was the answer that I sought.  As I delved further into Reich’s other books, on cancer (also part of my former package of suffering, see footnote 1) and character analysis, I realized how and why the psychoanalytic community at the time became limited to talk therapy and prescriptions and why I chose to pursue a full out cure to my panic disorder and the myriad of my other sufferings I’d engendered over my lifetime.  I have the system of Heilkunst, and it’s predecessors like Reich, to bow down to now in genuine gratitude and healthy supplication.  As a result, I haven’t had a panic attack in over 20 years.


1  For more on this, “The Path To Cure; The Whole Art of Healing,”Arcanum Acres Publishing, McQuinn, Allyson, 2004 found in Amazon or for the latest 2015 audio podcast

2 For more on Wilhelm Reich and full orgastic potency , “Unfolding The Essential Self; From Rage To Orgastic Potency,” Arcanum Acres Publishing, McQuinn, Allyson, 2010

3 For more on the function of childhood fever and how to address it at home go to, “Natural Home Pharmacy For Children; How to Use Practical Tips, Homeopathic Remedies, Flower Essences, and Essential Oils for Everything from Fever to Tummy Aches,”  McQuinn, Allyson, Arcanum Acres Publishing, 2014 or this blog article by Jeff Korentayer:

4 “The Function Of The Orgasm; Sex-economic Problems of Biological Energy,” Orgone Institute Press (copyright Mary Boyd Higgens as Trustee),  Reich, Wilhelm, 1968

5 Ibid.

A Cure For Anxiety; How Heilkunst “Saved My Life”










“Having struggled with chronic anxiety for the last fourteen years and after having tried everything under the sun without finding any healing, I was glad to have finally darkened the doorway of a practitioner of Heilkunst, namely Jeff Korentayer.  Despite having previously consulted two classical homeopaths with nothing to show for it, I was willing to give this style of homeopathy a try.  I can honestly say that Heilkunst has been the only thing I’ve found that has consistently created an improvement in my health since the very first remedy.  Jeff has been a wonderful homeopath and has imparted a lot of information about the principles of Heilkunst and true healing to me.  I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that Heilkunst has saved my life.  It has certainly brought me the closest I’ve ever come to feeling whole and well and finally embodying my true self.”
– J. M., Ottawa

Judy’s Cure; A Full Recovery With Heilkunst Medicine

“Where do I begin? March of 2012 was my worst nightmare ever. While drying my hair I noticed a lump on the left side of my neck. From that time on every day I woke up I had a new symptom from my hair falling out to rashes on my feet, face, back , stomach and legs. I had sores in my mouth, itchiness and the list goes on and on. I immediately phoned my doctor and she ordered stat blood work and a cat scan. That next week I saw the surgeon and was booked for a lymph node biopsy. I was told they were investigating lymphoma and/or leukemia. I lived in a nightmare, but if this is what it was I was going to fight this. I have a family that needed me and I was going to get through this.

I was hospitalized for something that was only supposed to be day surgery. While in surgery my platelets had dropped for no reason so then again another biopsy (bone marrow this time). I had every specialist imaginable taking care of me and every time one of them came to see me they each had a different diagnosis, they all told me that I had an Auto-Immune Disease but didn’t know what.

After 12 days still no diagnosis, I went home. The next month I was rushed back into hospital by ambulance for shortness of breath, put on puffers and stayed in again for another 8 days. Still no diagnosis! I was put through numerous biopsies from 2 lymph nodes, bone marrow, kidney and liver. Whatever it was my body was going through left me with a high protein level that affected my kidneys. Then I was referred to another specialist for my kidneys. She immediately wanted to start me on a treatment plan of steroids and chemotherapy. Working in the health care field and talking to my co-workers and a lot of investigation I refused the treatment plan.

This is when one of my co-workers had told me about Allyson McQuinn and that I should go see her. I thought, “if the doctors can’t find out what’s wrong with me how can she?” I didn’t go. I was getting so frustrated because I couldn’t go for walks or runs like I used to or even carry a laundry basket up the stairs without getting short of breath. I had no energy or ambition and was getting very frustrated. I gave in and called Allyson.

My first appt. with her I was amazed, she told me I was an easy case and would have me cured in 6 months (by June). I said to myself walking out of her office (if the doctors can’t find anything how can she?). I was desperate, at this point I was willing to try anything. She told me that I would be out walking again and carrying laundry up the stairs within a week. She was right I was. I was able to return back to work. I still had to do monthly blood work and doctors appointments.

From that day on every month, I had Heilkunst treatment and my blood work would come back with good results, my protein level was coming down and I was starting to feel like myself again. When I went back to my doctors and told them I was seeing a Wholistic Doctor and told them what she was doing they pretty much said, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.” I kept doing it. They wanted to know all about her and put me off until June for my protein levels to return to normal before putting me on the treatment plan.

I am now put off again until January and am still having blood work and a follow up cat scan. I never thought I would feel better again. I am so glad that I kept putting off a treatment plan of putting poison into my body that would make me even sicker.

For anyone who is going through any kind of health issue or are on any medication for whatever reason I would suggest you see Allyson and get to the root cause of why and she will help you. I am off all of my medications except for two and hopefully will be coming off of those soon and am doing everything the “natural way”. I could not have gotten through this past year if it wasn’t for my family, co-workers (Natalie, who referred me) and especially Allyson for helping me through my worst nightmare ever.

Before getting sick I was very healthy and walking/running all the time. I just can’t say enough about her, she gets to the root cause and cures the problem, not treats it. Kudos to Dr. Allyson McQuinn, you are my HERO!!! I just can’t say enough about you, I am so glad I found you. You are my angel!! I have recommended so many people to you and they also have had excellent results. Every time someone tells me that they have a health issue going on I automatically say, “Oh, you should go see Allyson”. I tell them all about you and right now you are seeing most of them and they also can’t say enough about you.

Remember years ago people had no choice but to go the natural way because there was no medication or diagnostic equipment can could detect illness and people had no money for medication, today we have that choice. Thanks again Allyson, you have helped me so so much and I very grateful to Heilkunst Medicine. I love you and so does my family, you’re amazing!!!!”


Judy (June 2013)


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Is Christmas Killing You? 10 Ways to Invest in Your Sanity and Health for FREE!

Pst, you!  Yes, I mean you!  Sit down for a sec.  Yes, I know you’re too busy to sit.  Please sit down anyways, this will only take a couple of minutes of your very valuable time.  I don’t want to take something from you, I want to give you something.  Something for FREE; it won’t cost you a red cent trimmed in white fur.  You know how you secretly feel that everyone just wants another piece of real estate from you and that you’re completely tapped out, done like dinner, cooked, and royally finished and the flippin’ holidays aren’t even here yet?  I hear ya, been there and also done that!

Perhaps you’ve started a list as long as both of your arms that extends around your back.  Maybe everything you touch seems to turn to hampster droppings,  and you have so little time, and you promise yourself that next weekend you’ll get to the baking, buying presents, wrapping, or planning that holiday feast that you’re hosting, again, this year for your not-so-beloved-in-laws.  Perhaps you’re in charge of the mashed potatoes and you just can’t figure out how you’re going to get showered, dressed and fully coiffed, while also trying to get your tired, cranky kids beautified and into the car without any premeditated murders occurring.  Did I mention that you also forgot that you’re out of butter for those scrumptious whipped potatoes?  You had one simple job and now you feel like a Christmas failure.

Every year, you commit to making hard, fast, reliable plans not to end up in this Christmas state of chaos where you’re craving a rubber room to express all those pent-up feelings.  Perhaps you promised yourself to cut down on family obligations, attending office parties with a plastic smile on your face, or perhaps you stated emphatically that you would not rely so heavily on alcohol, or other substances, just to see you through this nightmare from Christmas hell again this year.  Don’t worry, I’m going to give you some coping strategies in a sec.

But, have I got your number?  Is Christmas killing you?  Are you ready to truly burn the lists and trust that you’re enough just as you are?  Whoops, hang on there a second, perhaps, go back and read that last sentence.  Rewind, breathe and slowly, very slowly, yes, while breathing, slowly read … I mean really take in the sentence before the last one … “ARE YOU READY TO TRULY BURN THE LISTS AND TRUST THAT YOU’RE ENOUGH JUST AS YOU ARE?”

Let’s just say for a second that that essence that is you, yes, at your very core is … well … a brand new infant.  A sacred little baby Jesus if you will.  Think about it, Mary and Joseph sat down with their new little God-imbued bundle of joy and received gifts, food and adoration for their new little man.  Some folks had followed a star all through the night just to get a glimpse of the son of God.  Let’s say this holographic essence is buried at your core and it is your job to back the superficial Christmas machine off in order to honour it?  One job, that’s it!  One very wise business coach once said to me, “Ally!  The word “NO” is a complete sentence!”  I never forgot that one either.

If you really study the reason that we’re all together, then do we really need all the lights, trees, presents, Whoo-ville machinations or can we really grow our heart for ourselves twice as big this year and look after ourselves?  I recall a modern dancer friend that I had who had a very thick schedule of rehearsal and performances.  I asked her if she, and her boyfriend, would like to come over for Christmas tea and cookies one afternoon during the holidays.  She looked at me with her beautiful face and said, “Ally I don’t know. It will depend on how I feel that day.  If I’m well rested and can engage out of love in the moment, then I would love to spend time with you guys.  As close friends, I’m asking you to have tolerance for my need for spontaneity.”

I’ve never forgotten that moment either.  In that moment, she gave me unbridled permission to stand up for myself and be able to do the exact same thing.  I began to learn to nourish myself, let go of obligatory traditions, and cut myself a whole ton of slack.  Over the years, it has built an inner trust and faith, a self-protective gesture towards myself.  It’s like saying, “I gotcha,” in my own ears and who doesn’t need to hear that every few hours through the crazies of the holidays.

Let’s say that you let folks know that you’d love to consider any invitation received on the day of the event to determine whether you’ll be able to attend out of love, or let go of it, also out of self-love.  Let’s say on the 24th, you just want to stay home in your jammies (our family’s term for pyjamas) read a book, eat mashed potatoes without the butter.  Let’s say protecting that wee infant at your core means that you want to watch old black and white Christmas movies the whole of Christmas Day and postpone that family potluck until the 26th on Boxing Day, instead, when you and the kids are better rested and can truly enjoy yourselves.  Perhaps it’s time you started new traditions where family came over in their jammies to your place, let go of the gifts and wrote one really meaningful stanza (you know poetry!) for each member of the family in a poem instead?  What gold nuggets of wisdom can your inner wiseman dream up to help you not just stay sane, but fall in love with your newly protected and cherished internal infant?

Let’s be honest and list the 10 things that you’d rather be doing and rather than lying through your teeth, hating your spouse and their family that this year, you give yourself permission to go solo or even perhaps stay at home?  A sore bulging disk in your back is actually really hard for others to verify.  White lies can blanket your Christmas with self-protection until you grow the courage to be more forthright with regards to your needs.  Let your partner know that you’re afraid to break with tradition, but that you’d like to give it a try this year so that you have more preserved for yourself and for greater intimacy with them and your children when they get back home.

So perhaps open a doorway of space and time for yourself and receive the true gift of Christmas.  Here are 10 healthy, fulfilling things you can engage with over the holidays out of self-love instead of attending that obligatory traditional event that makes you feel stressed and frazzled like last year’s tangled Christmas lights.

    • Stay in bed, have a pyjama day with just yourself, your partner and/or your kids.  Only get up to put the kettle on again for another cup of tea.

    • Take a long, hot bath by candle-light with your favourite music playing.

    • Write a poem about how you’re fanning the embers of your essential self and what the true meaning of Christmas is for you.

    • Put on some Christmas Music and sing and dance with complete abandon like no one can hear you.

    • Watch “A Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34th Street, The Bishop’s Wife, It’s A Wonderful Life and How The Grinch Stole Christmas” all in one day in your jammies.

    • Sleep all day, only get up to give food to the dog and your kids and make sure everyone pees and hamster poops in the appropriate place and then go back to bed.

    • Read Christmas classics in bed to yourself or your kids.

    • Learn the art of meditation … Ohm!

    • Mindfully forgive yourself and everyone you’ve been secretly harbouring grudges towards all year long …  replace that new, open vacuous space in your heart with gratitude.

  • Spend the whole afternoon making love with your beloved … or yourself for that matter!

Bonus One!

  • Do none of the above following only what moves you in the moment while creating more space for you to simply breath.

Merry Christmas to you all … and to all a blessed good night!

P.S. Be sure to sip on your Emotional Support Dropper and Organ Support Droppers as needed over the holidays.  Also, the homeopathic remedy, Sepia, is invaluable for the care-worn individual who’s just about had it with all the doing.  Make sure you have that one and also our Anxiety and/or Exhaustion Combos. as  thee will enable you to let go on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels and will replace those multiple glasses of wine.

Mimulus : The Bach Flower Remedy for Specific, Known Fears

Of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies, there are a handful which address different types of fears. Mimulus is the one which is used to address specific, known fears, including phobias, or other general aversions such as for public speaking. It is particularly called for when someone is lacking courage for doing something that they know they need to do.

Mimulus is different from the essence of aspen, which is called for when there is a fear of unknown origin, and when the feeling overcomes the person, but they can’t tell you why they are feeling afraid or anxious. The origin of the fear or anxiety is always known when mimulus is called for.

I remember when I first started trying the Bach Flower Remedies, and I was using mimulus. I first started taking it when I was on a road trip, and apprehensive about some of what I would be doing at my destination. The interesting “side effect”, which really struck me, was that it also worked to remove my (then) characteristic shyness, and I spontaneously struck up conversations with strangers at the bus stop (which I never would have done before). The Bach Flower Remedies in general, and some of my first uses of them, including mimulus, were quite a vivid experience for me, and opened my mind to “energy medicine”, which later led me into studying homeopathy.

If you know anyone who is dealing with specific fears, such as phobias, public speaking anxiety, or other general performance anxiety issues, then they may get quite a bit of help from this remedy. I’m also thinking of all of the young men and women who will be headed to meet their boy/girlfriend’s parents for the first time during the holidays, which they may be quite nervous about. Tell them to start sipping on Mimulus before they get there, along with any other homeopathics specific to their state of mind.

The Difference Between a False and True Diagnosis

I read an article recently which described the research of a post-graduate student, working on a thesis related to what she calls “relaxation-induced anxiety” (RIA). In typical allopathic fashion, a common phenomenon is identified and described in terms of its outward, visible symptoms, but no real explanation is given as to its underlying dynamics.
In one of the examples given in the article, a respondent explained why they become anxious when they reach a state of relaxation — because “I don’t like to relax because it makes me feel out of control.” This one statement gives the key to the whole phenomenon underlying this — what Dr. Reich termed “orgasm anxiety”, meaning that to the degree that most people are armored, there is an in-built biophysical anxiety whenever the possibility of a complete 4-beat cycle might be triggered. The last stage of the 4-beat cycle is a complete letting go, or relaxation, which is a state of total surrender. The rhythm of our work culture runs on about a 3.5 beat cycle, with the last phase of relaxation or letting go before the next cycle begins never coming to a natural completion.
To the degree that we have any residual armoring, or false ego issues, this state of letting go or surrender will be uncomfortable, and possibly even trigger a state of deep anxiety or panic. One of the goals of health is to remove enough of these types of blockages to allow a natural 4-beat cycle to be completed by the patient in their everyday life.

An Introduction to the Malaria Miasm

At this time of the year when we start to enter the latter phase of the fall (at least in the Northern hemisphere), our life force begins to resonate with and potentially manifest the symptoms and state of mind of the chronic miasm of malaria. All miasms originate in an infectious disease, which may also become a genetic pattern that passes from one generation to the next. The characteristics of malaria are a hybrid between Psora and Tuberculosis, which are the miasms related to the early fall and early winter respectively.

Starting with the classic symptoms of a primary malarial infection, we see generalized aches and pains, weakness, and a number of gastrointestinal disturbances including diarrhea or vomiting. This symptom picture is partly reminiscent of the overall disturbance of the psora miasm, which also lies predominantly at the functional or more surface level. There is somewhat more intensity to the feeling in malaria, and it is a foreshadowing of the following miasm (tuberculosis) which displays quite a bit more charge than psora.

The state of mind of malaria is one of irritability, and to an even greater degree than in psora. It also surpasses psora in its degree of fatigue, as well as pessimism. The core feeling in malaria is of being victimized, which departs from psora’s feeling of simply not having enough (energy, time, money, etc.). In the classic infection of malaria, the typical carrier is the mosquito, and if you think of any time you’ve ever felt ‘bugged’ or even ‘victimized’ by mosquitos, then you will start to have a sense of this feeling in the malaria miasm. Malaria may feel overly sensitive, either physically or emotionally, and that their environment is hostile towards them. Both psora and malaria are diseases which primarily affect the warmth organism, and the patient suffering from these miasms will typically be very chilly.

Potentizing Sex From Crude to Refined Nature

Yesterday, I presented an example of Dr. Hahnemann’s distinction between crude and refined nature by illustrating the difference between ‘matter’ and ‘substance’, and today I’d like to further illustrate this concept through the topic of the sexual function.

At its most basic level, crude nature utilizes sex in the act of procreation, or sexual reproduction. We are probably all well aware of the mechanics involved in making a baby as an example of the overt or outward expression of this aspect of crude nature. I say ‘crude’ here simply in the sense of an overt physical manifestation of a process in nature which is outwardly visible to us.

There is, however, a very different function of sex which is not related to making babies, and in this more refined function, the ‘conception’ is not of a baby, but is occurring at the level of consciousness. Notice how the word ‘conception’ carries this dual meaning, depending on the context. A further distinction within this is between the ‘climax’, and the ‘orgasm’ where the former is more a function of crude nature, and the latter more of refined nature. Especially with the teachings of of Mantak Chia’s The Multi-Orgasmic Couple, or similar material, it becomes clear that there is something very different going on in a climax than in an orgasm.

On this note, in the assessment of someone’s health, what starts to become clear is that the climax on its own does not create a complete energy discharge, and the result is a gradual build up of undischarged life energy, which gets recycled into secondary expressions, such as physical symptoms, or other psychological or characterological expressions (such as neurosis).

There is a process of potentizing the sexual function up from its basic crude level into the more refined expression of the full orgasm function. Just like a homeopathic remedy, the more highly potentized it is, the greater is its potential effect for healing and expanding our consciousness, and to give ‘birth’ to a more complete expression of our individuality.

Heilkunst on TV : The Dog Whisperer

A fascinating presentation of Heilkunst occurs on the TV show The Dog Whisperer (With Cesar Milan). To the untrained eye, he appears to just be doing “magic tricks” by getting the misbehaved dogs to follow his commands, but if you understand Heilkunst principles, you will see that he is actually delivering a form of therapy to the dog’s owners — the dogs behaviour is just an externalization of all of their diseases and neuroses.

As he says in every show, “I rehabilitate dogs, I train people.” This is so appropriate, once you understand that domesticated animals take on a function of absorbing all of the unresolved diseases and patterns of neuroses of the owner. This is the reason that in veterinary Heilkunst, the treatment needs to be focussed on the owner just as much, if not more than the animal in question. The number of stories of humans and their animals who come down with the same diseases and symptoms at the same time is astounding.

One of the most common running themes in the episodes of this show is that the human needs to learn to take their proper role as leader of the “herd” (What Milan calls a “calm and assertive energy”), so that the dog can let go of their anxiety, and just be a dog. Many of the characters who come onto the show with their dogs have an incredibly difficult time in taking up a natural stance of leader, as their neurotic patterns keep them from being able to step comfortably into this position. The damage that they do to their dogs becomes quite obvious on screen, when they do all kinds of things which are attempts to make the dog a human, instead of allowing it to fulfill its natural role as a dog.

Looking at the dynamic physiology of the human compared to the dog, while three bodies are shared (physical, etheric, astral), the fourth body of the human (the ontic) is unique, and is what sets us apart from the animal kingdom. The function of the ontic in the human is what allows them in their natural stance to take command over the dog, and to be a proper master. The issues of neurosis are specifically lodged in this fourth body, which is why the addition of a pet to a household will only amplify where there are blockages or weaknesses in the humans, as the dog fulfills its role of displaying them for all to see.

The idea of bringing in a dog trainer to “fix” the dog, is therefore usually unsuccessful, unless they have the concept that Cesar Milan does that it is the human which needs to be “fixed”, and then the dog will naturally gravitate back into its natural functioning.

Letting Go : A Challenge Of Parenting

I recently outlined how our love function metamorphoses up through our four bodies, and how this is a key factor for assessing where we are in our health. Looking at the love function of agape, which relates to our ontic organization, one of the challenges which we typically have to face over and over through life is of “letting go”.

One area where we especially trip over this challenge is in our role as parents. Much is demanded of a parent, and much is generally given to meet these demands. The challenge of letting go comes up particularly to the degree that we hold the belief that we need to be in charge of our child’s destiny. That’s one thing we definitely don’t have dominion over, but this often does not translate fully into the mind of the parent, who mistakes subjective love for this higher form of agape love, which requires letting go.

I remember at various points when my step-kids were quite young in arriving at these points of letting go, as I realized that their talents and interests would not and should not be the same as mine. Parenting is not about creating a “chip off the old block” (which is a world without ontic or individuality), but more like functioning as a platform from which the child can take off into their own unfolding.

I’ve seen many variations of this challenge for parents letting go in the clinic, including seeing how parents and their children suffer from their own highly controlling behaviours, or when they otherwise feel that their child is not properly “conforming” to the outer expectations of school or society. This challenge will grow larger, as we continue to develop the capacity of our individuality through developing this ontic organization.