The Genetic Miasm Tuberculinum


“Cough, hack, wheeze, cough …”  It can start like this, or with a sore throat, or with a sniffling nose.  No, it doesn’t show up in July, it comes right around December 21st just when your buying your free range turkey for the holidays.  The telltale sign that Tuberculinum has you, or your family, in it’s grips with it’s gripe is that the fever will be high at about 103.8, with a sudden onset.  It may be accompanied by sore throat, shivering, persistent headache deep in the forehead, yellow/green mucus from the nose, dizziness and significant constipation.  The ears may be ringing with tinnitis and the pain will be acute with a sticking pain that radiates right down into the teeth.

Dr. John Henry Clarke, M.D. described the bronchial symptoms in depth as:

Chest. Sensation of pressure in chest.?Heat in chest (M).?Sticking pain in chest, esp. at the apex of l. lung.?Sensation of constriction in the præcordial region.?Pains in both sides of chest going to back.?Pains in l. side.?Sticking in side.?Nightly pains on chest.?Sticking pains: in lungs; in l. side, pains between scapulæ.?Aching in side in night.?Sticking pain in chest, on r. and l. side.?Sticking pain in l. side in morning and afternoon.?Sticking pain in lungs when laughing.?Pain in axilla, esp. when elevating arm.?Sticking pain: in lungs with cough and palpitation.?Pressure in chest, sticking pain an both sides of chest, in back.?Palpitation, caused by deep inspirations, aching in back with pains under ribs.?Pains in subclavicular region with cough.?Sticking pain in l. lung.?Pain from clavicles to throat.?Pain in apex pulmonis radiating to axilla and arm.?Sticking pain in chest and in back, < from every movement.?Pain in l. lung to axilla.?Pain on l. side going to back.?Pain in l. apex and in region of the spleen.?Severe pain in back, in axilla and arms.?Pains in l. side, must take deep inspiration.?Bronchitic sounds in both lungs (W C).?Dulness r, apex (L B).

As you can see a lot of bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma can be wrongly diagnosed, prescribed antibiotics, just to come back the following year with a more virulent expression.  Tuberculinum must be cured on the sound basis of natural law to be eradicated outright.  My daughter’s riding coach used to suffer annually in precisely this way until we addressed it once and for all by using Heilkunst principles.

It is interesting to note that the patient always feels better up in the mountains in a pine or cedar forest as this helps to clear their lungs so that they can breath more easily.  If you lived a few hundred years ago, when Tuberculosis was an even more prevalent infectious disease, you might be sent to a sanatorium up in the mountains in Europe in order to recuperate.


There is also another aspect to this Genetic Miasmic disease that produces chronic constant symptoms and that is “the state of mind.”  They will be the type of person who is yearning; yearning to travel, yearning to fall in love, yearning for fulfilment in some way or another.  The movie “Amelie” is a great rendering of a Tubercular state of mind.  Also, your child may exhibit unusual bouts of rage, vindictiveness, and belligerence towards yourself and others while in a Tuberculinum state.  In our Materia Medica, it is written that the child may break the mother’s favourite vase or other article of value right in front of her out of defiance.

ADHD-like symptoms are also frequently anchored to Tuberculinum.  They can’t keep their mind on one subject for more than a few moments.  They will drive their parents and educators crazy as they’re seemingly ill focussed in every sense imaginable, sabotaging every effort at a defined trajectory.

When Jeff Korentayer was speaking to his patients this week about some of the historical aspects regarding Tuberculinum  he brought up the point the this disease was often referred to as “consumption” a couple hundred years ago. Interesting as the state of mind of the Tub. sufferer will often over consume, yearning for another gadget, article of clothing, cell phone or car.  They’ve let go more of their spiritual nature and replaced it with many golden calves termed consumptive consumerism.

Of even further interest, Jeff describes how Tuberculinum was the prevalent disease at the turn of the 19th century when the industrial age set in.  Think of London and all the coal burning, smog and fog.  It was hard to breath, folks had a lot of lung-related afflictions.  Also, moving into the city meant a profound separation, a definite cutting off from nature with a deep longing for open vistas and fresh air.  This was also the dawn of the romantic period when humanity was longing to connect to her inner nature through art, poetry and romantic science.








This also happens to be the time when Dr. Samuel Hahnemann discovered the principles of Heilkunst, researching and writing about this romantic science in his groundbreaking book the “Organon Der Heilkunst” which literally means the “The Whole Medical Art.”  In there he describes the physicians highest and only calling and the true participation of the nature of the patient, the state of mind in illness, true participatory discernment and the eradication of disease.  He also defined the qualities for health as not only the eradication of symptoms, but that the healthy individual will avail themselves of their spiritual life’s purpose when whole and hale.  Hahnemann moved countless times with his many children, sometimes more than once in a year which leads us to believe he might have nimageseeded the nosode himself.

In the clinical portion of my studies back in 2003, my mentor, Patty Smith told a story of serving patients in the States who also moved annually.  It was a real bone of contention with their children.  After giving them the Tubercular nosode, they never moved again, finally feeling satisfaction with their current domain and geography.

I also served a woman years ago in 2004 for chronic headaches.  As per usual, we went through her sequential timeline and then started hitting each of her Genetic Miasms.  When we hit Tub., her headaches completely dissipated.  However, the other surprising part was that she also suddenly quit her very successful job as a head hunter, went to Paris, France and attended Cordon Bleu Chef School.  She came back home to open her own cooking school.  She’s felt utterly fulfilled in her work every since.

My hope is that we’ve depicted more clearly for you the symptoms and state of mind for Tuberculinum. Here are two other Blogs on the same if your interest is piqued:

A Different Kind of Love Story by Jeff Korentayer

Heilkunst Diagnosing; Where’s That Bloody Off-Switch? by Allyson McQuinn


An Introduction to the Malaria Miasm

At this time of the year when we start to enter the latter phase of the fall (at least in the Northern hemisphere), our life force begins to resonate with and potentially manifest the symptoms and state of mind of the chronic miasm of malaria. All miasms originate in an infectious disease, which may also become a genetic pattern that passes from one generation to the next. The characteristics of malaria are a hybrid between Psora and Tuberculosis, which are the miasms related to the early fall and early winter respectively.

Starting with the classic symptoms of a primary malarial infection, we see generalized aches and pains, weakness, and a number of gastrointestinal disturbances including diarrhea or vomiting. This symptom picture is partly reminiscent of the overall disturbance of the psora miasm, which also lies predominantly at the functional or more surface level. There is somewhat more intensity to the feeling in malaria, and it is a foreshadowing of the following miasm (tuberculosis) which displays quite a bit more charge than psora.

The state of mind of malaria is one of irritability, and to an even greater degree than in psora. It also surpasses psora in its degree of fatigue, as well as pessimism. The core feeling in malaria is of being victimized, which departs from psora’s feeling of simply not having enough (energy, time, money, etc.). In the classic infection of malaria, the typical carrier is the mosquito, and if you think of any time you’ve ever felt ‘bugged’ or even ‘victimized’ by mosquitos, then you will start to have a sense of this feeling in the malaria miasm. Malaria may feel overly sensitive, either physically or emotionally, and that their environment is hostile towards them. Both psora and malaria are diseases which primarily affect the warmth organism, and the patient suffering from these miasms will typically be very chilly.

How Vaccine Additives Affect Your State Of Mind : Another Vaccination Myth

I took a look at one aspect of vaccine efficacy yesterday, and today I want to examine an aspect of vaccine safety, but from a very different vantage point than you would normally encounter in vaccine articles. The list of additives and chemicals contained in the standard vaccine schedule is shocking, to say the least. There is a great number of toxic and carcinogenic substances, and common sense would dictate that we would want to exercise extreme caution about using any one of these, let alone such a long list of additives which children receive in the standard vaccination schedule.

For the purposes of today’s blog, rather than examine these toxins in the usual way, I want to illustrate some of them from the point of view of knowledge of the homeopathic materia medica. As you may remember, the symptom picture of every homeopathic remedy contains not only an image of certain physical symptoms, but also will embody a unique state of mind. Health functions out of a particular state of mind, and when it is impinged upon by disease, it will shift into the unique state of mind of the given disease.

Looking, then, at some of the vaccine additives from the point of view of their unique disease state of mind, we start to see a side of vaccination and its adverse effects based on this deeper image of a disturbed (away from health) state of mind. To the degree that a vaccine recipient has an underlying resonance for any of the diseases represented in the vaccine additives, they are susceptible to a strong reaction to the corresponding substance. Think of the overall state of mind of kids in the public school system, as well as the overall tone of our modern society as you read through these:

  • Alumina (aluminum) – A state of mind of dullness, and mental sluggishness. Slow mental processing, and a resulting irritability. The heart of this remedy is a state of mind which is confused about its own identity and purpose.
  • Calcarea Carbonicum – The state of mind of this disease is one which contains much anxiety about any number of things, including their own health, or ability to complete their work. The overall metabolism and immune function may be sluggish as a physical expression of the deeper state of mind, which is all about a struggle with fully engaging life.
  • Hura (Latex) – This is normally a remedy used in Heilkunst in the ‘ideogenic’ realm of disease, which has to do with the higher function of our mind, and its ability to see reality clearly as it is, and our place in it. Hura, more specifically, is a disease state of mind which feels separate or cut-off from society, where making true contact can seem impossible. Another side of this feeling is of being an outcast.
  • Mercurius – This is a fascinating disease state of mind. Mercurius is a kind of shape-shifter, in the sense of a con artists that keeps changing their identity and never getting caught. This disease produces many irrational impulses, and strange behaviours. As a physical toxin it has a strong affinity for the brain and nervous system, and this is seen in strange tone of emotions and behaviours in this remedy.

Moving past the vaccination myth through the immunization answer : A radio program

I was recently on Dr. Dena Churchill‘s radio program with a panel of different experts talking about vaccination, and what the options are for parents who may be deciding to partially or completely avoid vaccinating their children.



Dr. Dena Churchill



Here was the original description which Dr. Dena posted with the show:

Are vaccines safe and effective? Is vaccination an informed choice? Where do we find information to know the warning signs of a vaccine reaction and risks?

The safety and efficacy of vaccinations is a controversial topic. Depending on who you talk to they are either praised and celebrated for wiping out epidemics or blamed for vaccination reactions and disabilities. Where is the truth in these extreme ranges of opinions? Which vaccinations carry the most risk? Why would the public challenge vaccination? Who ultimately benefits?

This show is not intended as medical advice. As with any medical procedure involving a child, parents should gather all available information and discuss the decision of whether or not to vaccinate with one or more doctors and with consideration for the individual laws of your province, state and country. Our intention in this segment is simply to illustrate that vaccination is with the most health conscious parents an informed choice and to share with you the resources, information and options.

Join me with our panel of experts:

Barbara Loe Fisher (President of National Vaccine Information Center)

Glenna Calder (Naturopathic Doctor)

Tim O’Shea ( Author of Vaccination is not Immunization)

Jeff Korentayer ( Doctor of Medical Heilkunst)

You can hear the full playback of the show here.

An Introduction to the Psora Miasm









Following the cycle of chronic miasms in terms of the seasons of the year, we now come back around to the original chronic miasm which is linked to the Autumnal Equinox. Psora, which comes from the same root word as ‘psoriasis’, is the beginning of treating the complete cycle of eight chronic miasms. There are eight, as there are two per season. This first miasm in treatment corresponds to the oldest, or original chronic miasm in human history. As such, you can imagine that it’s symptoms relate back to an original loss of health, and the beginnings of a weakened immune system.

The symptom picture of Psora is related to our most superficial organs or functions. The skin is primarily affected, with all forms of rashes or general conditions such as eczema. Other outer aspects of our immune system are affected, as we see in cases of simple head colds or coughs — irritation of the mucous membranes and other first defences of the immune system are included here.

All Psora symptoms are related fundamentally to an underlying condition of dehydration and dryness at all levels — dryness of our cells and their basic functions impaired; also dryness of our minds, in terms of our modern predominance of intellect over feeling. Also, the fundamental state of mind of Psora relates to this theme of dryness, in that the theme is of ‘lack’ — lack of energy, lack of time, lack of money, or lack of love, etc. If you observe the frantic energy of animals in the fall as they are gathering their food stores for the winter, you’ll see an example of this feeling of lack, and behaviour based on fear for future survival.

Many issues presenting at the clinic level have at least some root back into this miasm. Many complaints of a lack of energy, as well as constant catching of colds will be related. Seasonal allergies related to the fall are very much rooted in this miasm. In fact, my own lifelong suffering of hay fever was completely eliminated when I was treated for this miasm. Physically, the patient suffering from Psora will tend to be quite chilly, and have a hard time warming up. The classic expression of this in the old materia medicas referrered to those who wear their fur hats in the middle of the summer. Along with the skin symptoms comes much itchiness, especially driving the patient mad when they get into bed. With or without itchiness, there may still be a lot of restless sleep.

Mentally and emotionally, Psora is characterized by much anxiety and restlessness. More deeply, a feeling of having been forsaken may become apparent.

Armoring of the Pelvic Segment

This blog is part of a series; its original title was Heilkunst Basics : University, 3rd Year (Armoring of the Pelvic Segment)

Coming to the seventh and final segment (the pelvic), we see where the deepest roots of our anxieties and disease originate. You could say that all of the segments above the pelvic are a kind of “theme and variation” of these root issues, and the main thrust (pun intended) of all of our armoring is housed here. All of the original repression a child experiences from their parents at the beginning of life, whether in overt interference with the child’s behaviour, or a subliminal “sex negative” state of mind which permeates the child’s whole environment, is the formative force which creates this pelvic blockage.

There is a tremendous amount of rage locked up here, as well as a deep anxiety along with guilt. Many parents overly eager to potty train their baby, for example, will contribute to the tightening of the musculature, along with originating a form of anxiety linked to an expectation to please the parent. The counter-reaction to this, of course, is a deep underlying feeling of rebellion which may burst out at a later stage of development. The cultural meaning of “flipping the bird”, and all of its associated feelings of rage and rebellion comes directly from this segment — whether in a healthy sense, where someone is rightfully defending their boundaries, or in an unhealthy sense, where any number of situations will trigger the need to try to break out of their own pelvic armoring.

Treatment of this segment can be the most in-depth, and complex, with a frequent return to previously cleared segments to work out deeper layers of their blockage, before returning again to tackle the pelvic blockage. The patient’s core defense mechanisms come out full force, here, and it can truly seem like a life-and-death battle between practitioner and patient. Various techniques encouraging the release of rage, along with the release of the tightened musculature around the pelvis, thighs, and anal sphincter are part of transforming this blockage. Adjunct exercises, such as Latin-American ‘Salsa’ dancing can help to loosen up the hip and pelvic movements along with the formal therapeutics.

The final emergence of the orgasm reflex is the sign that the natural energy flow has broken through, and the core armoring around this segment has been dissolved.

The Remedy For Deeply Held Grudges : Nitricum Acidum

“Get angry, get furious but never crumble to resentment.”



“Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

-Malachy McCourt

Some of the greatest toxins we encounter are the ones generated by our own negative emotions. Not that there isn’t a healthy role and need for all emotions to be felt and expressed, but particularly the ones which are held onto create some of the most damaging states of disease.

Nitricum Acidum is an especially useful remedy for deep, long-held states of resentment. Patient’s needing this remedy can tend to be surrounded by a cloud of negativity, including a strongly pessimistic attitude, and a high degree of irritability. The legendary “Hatfield vs. McCoy” feud was fuelled by a profoundly deep grudge based in this particular disease state of mind. Even if an apology is offered up, someone in a deep nit-ac state is unlikely to be moved to accept it. Or even if they do apparently accept it, it is just for show and not reflective of their true feeling.

Another key side to this remedy state is an intense anxiety for their own health, and a belief that their condition is much more serious than it actually is.

When there are physical symptoms arising from this state, they may characteristically include back pain. This is also one of the commonly used remedies for warts. Hemorrhoids which are quite painful after stool, which may feel like splinters in the rectum is another possible symptom. There are a variety of inflammation symptoms related to the digestive tract as well.

The Periodic Table : Alumina (Aluminum)

Another common element in our environment, which we need to be aware of minimizing and detoxing from, is aluminum. It’s link with Alzheimer’s disease is one of the well-known adverse effects of this toxin. Many people have also figured out that many commercial brands of antiperspirants or deodorants are a source of aluminum, and are better replaced by alternatives.

Like Chlorine, Aluminium also exists on the third row of the periodic table, which means that its use as a homeopathic remedy relates to the general theme of identity. Where the issue in Chlorine is one of taking on a ‘negative’ identity, in the case of rebelling against a dominant role model, Alumina has a theme of a more generalized confusion regarding their identity. This comes as no surprise when its link to Alzheimer’s is recalled, but it is a theme which is much more pervasive than this one medical condition.

The mental and emotional characteristics of alumina are very slow – slow to think, slow to respond, and slow to take action. This slowness is actually a cover-up for a deeper layer of strange inexplicable impulses which are feared, and attempted to be controlled. It is as if the whole nervous system has been taken down a few notches, and is running at a much slower speed then usual. Many physical conditions involving a disturbance of the nervous system may be helped with alumina.

At the higher cognitive level, the situation of alumina can have resulted from a parenting style which was excessively controlling, where the child had little opportunity to discover their own identity. The bizarre impulses are a perverted form of this core identity attempting to assert itself, but not really knowing how. Some of the compulsive behaviours of a mid-life crisis may sometimes be attributed to this underlying state of being insufficiently grounded in the true self.

An Introduction to the Cancer Miasm

I’ve been periodically writing about the seasonally-related chronic miasms, or inherited disease patterns from the family tree. Coming in to the month of May, we are just hitting the transitional point halfway  between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. This is the time of the year where the Cancer miasm becomes most overt.

Like all of the transitional chronic miasms, cancer is a kind of hybrid between the two dominant miasms which are adjacent in the sequence. The bursting, explosive energy of Sycosis in the spring, and the decaying, destructive energy of Syphilis in the heart of the summer are the two parents which gave birth, so to speak, to the Cancer miasm.

Cancer, in terms of its allopathically-tracked statistics, is certainly a disease which can be considered on the same scale as an epidemic. And the “cancer” which Western medicine focuses on (ie the cancer tumour or cell) is just the tip of the iceberg of the deep, pervasive state of mind which cancer represents. Starting with this physical definition of cancer as the tumour, or the cell, we can see where this hybrid between sycosis and syphilis emerges as cancer — the rapid reproduction and metastatic spreading throughout multiple systems in the body is in line with the sycotic miasm, while the wasting away, dark destructive energy of the syphilis miasm makes up the other half of the equation.

In psychological and emotional terms, the cancer state of mind is one which is “resigned” — either from having given up from stress or disappointments in life, and just accepting that that is all one can expect from their life, or in terms of a weakness of will to counteract the stronger will power of their family or friends, and just accept what others have dictated for them. In anecdotal terms, nurses on cancer wards have often said that the cancer patients who actually express anger (at their condition, at their caretakers, etc.) are the ones most likely to survive. The typically sweet, polite personality of the cancer state of mind is usually tied to a prognosis of death. Similarly, others have referred to cancer as the only socially-acceptable form of suicide — the meaning of this sentiment gets to the heart of the idea of ‘resignation’, and the lack of ability to assert the unique needs of one’s core self, and may be the extreme negative polarity to the question of activating one’s true desire function. Another concept associated with this miasm is “the unlived life”, in this sense of a desire function left fallow and undeveloped.

Earlier stages of the cancer state of mind may include many anxieties, in the sense of a neurotic energy which can not find a natural avenue of discharge. One of the associated cravings in the cancer state of mind is for chocolate (sorry I have to be the bearer of bad news, my choc-aholic friends!), which is specific to this form of anxiety. It is often a very perfectionistic state of mind which drives one to engage in all manner of projects benefiting everyone else but I. The exhausted martyr is one picture you can think of in this context.


Other early stage signs of cancer can include certain types of headaches or migraines, as well as constipation. In fact, constipation is a great metaphor for understanding cancer at just about any level, in terms of a natural life process which is blocked, or even backed-up. People whose whole life is “constipated”, in terms of a lack of flow of development and forward movement, are just expressing cancer through a different avenue. Insomnia, particularly at around 4am, is another key early sign to the cancer miasm.

As with all diseases, of course, they can exist at a variety of depths, and some people are just wading in the shallow end of the early stages, while others are drowning in the deep end. This very brief overview should start to give you a taste of how to recognize cancer at a variety of stages, but there is much more detail that cannot all be fit into a single post.

I’ll leave you with the general point about cancer, as I mentioned above, being essentially at epidemic levels, and touching virtually everyone who is currently alive. It is a state of mind so deeply woven into the fabric of our modern consciousness, that it is extremely difficult to step back and see it objectively in oneself, or in close family and friends. For those of you in Heilkunst treatment, you may have already experienced your increased ability to clearly “see” the state of mind of cancer, to the degree that any layers of it within you have already been annihilated during the treatment of your miasms. I welcome your  experiences in the comments below, to help further illuminate what this disease state of mind is like.

Homeopathic Constitutional Types : Nux Vomica

The key feeling of Nux Vomica is of thwarted ambition. Ambition is something which is derived from the false ego, and drives us to accomplish things which are not derived from our true self. Such pursuits are bound to lead us into conflict or stress of various kinds, and the need for a constant recharging of energy which peters out just as quickly.

The Nux Vomica phenotype is very hot-headed, with an explosive temper, which bursts out at anyone or anything they perceive to be in their way. Their perception is that everyone around them is moving too slowly, and when in the role of a boss, they will bark out orders and reprimands in a usually colourful palette of language.

They behave in a highly competitive way, and make very poor sports who can’t stand losing. This is true both at work as well as their “leisure” time, where winning is everything. They act overly confident, even to the point of arrogance. They are very impatient, and will break things out of frustration, such as smashing their computer keyboard when a page on the internet is loading too slowly. Small or large examples of ‘road rage’ are rooted back to the energy of this remedy.

They are attracted to the use of all forms of stimulants in order to keep themselves propelled forward, but then will hit a point of collapse sooner, or later. The famous, and tragic, examples of Elvis and Michael Jackson illustrate this pattern of being reliant on drugs and cycling through these great highs and lows in the name of “the show must go on”. All forms of caffeinated beverages, especially including coffee, are the general fuel for this underlying energy behind most of our modern working world, which participates this Nux Vomica energy, even if not in full-blown form as I’ve described in the paragraphs above. Many prescription or street drugs may be used as stimulants in this state. Nux Vomica is the ultimate hangover remedy, and should be served at every New Year’s Day breakfast.

The physical pathology of Nux Vomica affects the gastro-intestinal tract, including symptoms of spasms and cramping. They can suffer a form of constipation which has unproductive urging, and mirrors the underlying feeling of this state, which is a compensation for “wants to, but afraid they can’t”. Many symptoms of Nux centre around the nervous system, which is highly charged, as in “my nervous system is fried”.