Babies and Birth Control : January 2018 Newsletter

January 2018 Newsletter

This month we’re talking about babies and birth control.  Did you know that a large percentage of the population is born in September.  The most popular date is Sept. 19th with over 12,000 births alone on that day.  Source:

The reason being surmised is that the frosty weather, time off over the holidays and the urge to merge just seems to take us when we’re not working so hard at our day jobs.  Perhaps we get a little free babysitting thrown into the mix, with extended family, and the next thing we know, we’re due in late August or September.

Our blogs are focused this month on “The Pill” and also “Where Do Babies Come From.”  You may be surprised that there’s a new thing or two to learn since grade 10 health class.  We aim to bring you the latest truths that often exploit the party line on health and sexuality.

Jeff and I are getting ready to head over to Cancun early February to spend some time seaside with our son Jordan.  He’s flying down to meet us from Ottawa and we’re excited to take him snorkeling in Puerto Morelos, the second largest barrier reef in the world.  We also want to show him the spawning centre for sea turtles on Isla Mujeres.  

Cozumel has a handmade chocolate factory that we love and the hot chili chocolate is mindblowing.  We will rent a ragtop beetle from another era … okay from when I was a kid and tour the island.  There’s a restaurant with mind-blowing ceviche and you can wiggle your toes in the sand while eating and watching the waves crash on the shore.  I love to swim there after a late lunch.

Our hope is that you’re all keeping warm, or perhaps escaping to a hotter spot, too, this Winter.  Either way, if you’re due in September, we’ll know that you created your own heat wherever you are.


Acidity, Fertility, and the Cancer Matrix


I would like to replay for you a conversation I had with two prospective patients recently; a young couple seeking advice regarding fertility.

When I asked about her health history, there were lots of prior use of antibiotics for prior incidences of strept., pneumonia, and earaches as a child/youth.

At about eleven years of age, she’d begun her periods which were excruciatingly painful, for which her family’s doctor had put her on “The Pill” (BCP).  She was on this protocol until she married and tried to conceive a child.

As an aside, did you know that “The Pill” was only tried on about 132 women and 3 of them died? Please read John Robbin’s book, Reclaiming Our Health: Exploding the Medical Myth and Embracing the Source of True Healing, if you want to double check this reference.


Also, there are no studies confirming what the long term effects are for keeping women on this deleterious drug, especially during their formative hormonal development.  We’ve been used as the living test subjects where the patriarchal system hasn’t a shred of concern for our long term health or procreative desires later on.

By not solving the root cause for why this woman (I’ll call her Janet) was in pain at 11 years of age, we suppressed her symptoms, mimicked that she was hormonally pregnant for more than 15 years, and then wonder why she can’t make a baby now.  It is asinine and a blight of medical mismanagement.

Guess who’s called in to mop up the issues?!  Yes, while I’d MUCH rather be called in to serve the patient when she was 11, which is why I write so vehemently about these issues so consciousness and awareness starts to be raised enough and the word spreads to treat the root cause of issues such as these when the issues are first engendered.

I may be really charged up about this, as this was also my plight.  I was on 222s with codeine in my teens every time I got my period given the extreme pain.  I was also left to bleed to the point of passing out in a Toronto hospital because the doctors did not take my dysmenorrhea seriously.  I also had a “mini-stroke” on “The Pill” after driving myself to the hospital in my uncle’s Cadillac, when I should have chosen an ambulance instead.  You see, I didn’t know a woman at 22 could have blood pressure so high that a stroke was even possible!

Can you see where this is all going?  One sick woman, one autistic babe, and a destroyed immune function by antibiotics and fibromyalgia-like symptoms later, became my own deleterious plight. The root cause of my own ills left at large by a system of medicine that had no capacity to solve them.  There is no, natural law or ‘like cures like’ in their toolbox, which leaves most of us women feeling ultimately, and utterly, forsaken.

So when Janet queried if Heilkunst principles and I could “save” her, I sighed to myself.  How many women who suffer exactly this phenomenon have darkened our door.  The answer is dozens and the scenario is always sadly the same!

I let her know right away that we’ve helped many of these individuals succeed in becoming pregnant.  You can read Reanna’s testimonial here if you’d like.

The process for solving Janet’s issue outright is dynamic.  I asked her a barrage of questions during this FREE 20 minutes Question & Answer Session:

  • “What’s your blood type?”  (We need to use alkalizing foods to help neutralize the acid from a non-resonant diet.)
  • How much fermented foods are you getting? (We’ve found that homemade kefir, sauerkraut and kombucha can all help to get your intestinal flora back on track, creating a more resonant environment for hosting another living organism.)
  • “Are there cancer, thyroid conditions, and diabetes up your family line?” (In these cases, there always is and Janet is no exception, as the Miasm is coloured all through both her mom and dad’s side, causing much of the health issues she suffers. We will apply natural law, like cures like, at the appropriate intervals to address this predisposition outright.)
  • “Can you create a timeline of all the shocks and traumas of your use of BCP, antibiotic, strept., pneumonia and vaccines (including boosters)?  If you choose to work with us, we’ll forward a guide for how to plot this.” (These bacterias and suppressive drugs will be gumming up her works preventing any new life from being easily received. The glut of over-estrogen from the BCP plays a big role in this.  Please note that IVF protocols generally worsen the condition of the ground substance, doesn’t solve the root cause, causing further feelings of victimization both mentally and physically.  Also, there are no long term studies on how further hormone manipulation affects your long-term health.)
  • “Can you please have your pH tested before we get started?”  (Babies can not easily be conceived in a hostile, low oxygenated environment and the cancer matrix, and all the drugs, will have made her incredibly acidic and unreceptive to new life.  Quite often these individuals will come in around 4.5 pH when normal is 7.3 pH.)
  • “Can you begin, also, by choosing alkaline protocols such as daily carrot juicing and using this baking soda home remedy for acidosis (see recipe below*)?” (By  de-acidifying the biological ground substance in the body, the individual will decrease acidosis, the risk for cancer, also making the internal bio-sphere more habitable for new life.)
  • “Are you living a deep and resonant love with your beloved partner?” (Admittedly, I’ve seen a whole case sabotaged as the patient, due to overt stress, has subconsciously reduced her beloved to “a sperm donor.”  Like financial worries, conception worries and prior victimization make unworthy bedfellows in relationships and will also sabotage baby making.)

I’ve illustrated this process for you in the hopes that you will share with others.  For us women, infertility has become a scourge of our times.  I wanted to explain this process as simply as possible so that you can see more clearly how to prevent this deleterious phenomenon and help me to back it up to its inception, when our children show the first signs of hormonal imbalance.

By solving it naturally, without causing harm using Heilkunst principles, we can more easily fall in love with our resonant other and fully realize our unions by actualizing our full procreative powers endowed to us by our maker, a benevolent Mother/Father God.  It is important to know that the oscillating force that put you here on this physical plane gets the final veto power or we produce fear and anger, producing even more acidosis.

When we feel thwarted, we must remembering that on occasion “our will” is trumped, or in contraindication to, “thy will.”  Source gets the final yay or nay for reasons neither one of us may understand.  Your pro-creativity may be destined for more lofty, spiritual purposes than you might deem at this moment in time.  For example, my potential third child, instead, became serving folks like you and writing this piece.

*Recipe Extracted from


1/3 tsp. baking soda (organic plus non-aluminum)

2 tablespoons fresh (organic) lemon juice or organic apple cider vinegar


Mix everything together.  The acid/base combination will immediately begin to fizz. Keep adding baking soda until the fizz stops and then fill the glass with  8 oz. water.

Drink all at once. This home remedy will help neutralizes the pH and create  an alkaline-forming environment in your body.  It will help with  stomach acid and reduce acidosis.




This topic is further expanded in The 8 Steps to Natural Fertility Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About.

You can download your free copy here.

Where Do Babies Come From?

After tackling the question of “why is the sun yellow and the sky blue?” yesterday, it seems logical to tackle the next question of “where do babies come from?” Some of my general practice has been focussed on treating infertility, in couples who are having trouble conceiving for one reason, or another. Aside from cases where there is a measurable physical or organic reason preventing pregnancy, which is fortunately in the minority, I’ve had a fairly high success rate where the cause is at the functional level.
One interesting phenomenon, which occurs often in infertility cases, is the need for the couple to “let go” of their attachment to when, or even if they will conceive a child. This is evidenced by the many anecdotal accounts of conceptions which have occurred after the couple decided to go the route of adoption, which they only do after they have let go of their attachment to conceiving a baby. Similarly, many couples have been able to conceive once I have given them the remedy Natrum Muriaticum, which helps them to let go of their attachments, and possibly other emotional baggage which they are holding on to.
This look at the state of mind behind baby-making is actually quite instructive, and gives us a doorway into understanding that conception is more primarily a function of a particular state of consciousness, rather than a simple mechanical act. All of the mechanics leading to conception and pregnancy are governed by a certain state of mind, in much the same way that the physical symptoms of a given disease take a certain form based on the underlying state of mind of the disease.
The anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski wrote a book called The Sexual Life of Savages, based on his study of the socio-economic and marital structures of the Trobriand Islanders. This is essentially a matriarchal society, which has a very open attitude towards condoning teenage sexual activity, and fascinatingly, where incidence of teenage pregnancy is unheard of. In the Trobriand culture, and state of mind, the question of “where do babies come from” is answered “by marriage”. The natural order of life in this society is that the teen years are for exploration of self and of pleasure, and not until one comes of age, and is ready to take a responsible role in society, do the events of marriage and then babies follow.

The mechanistic ideas about conception from the West have not entered this culture, where it is very clear to them that babies are a product of adulthood and marriage, rather than the mechanics of sex.
Meditating on such a phenomenon raises bigger questions for our infertile couples of the West — the deeper exploration of the mind, emotions, and beliefs of each Heilkunst patient will as often as not bear much fruit in terms of unearthing the root of their infertility, in terms of some frozen stage of their development, or perhaps an emotion still tied to a previous trauma. After physical or organic causes of infertility are ruled out (which is in most cases), this deeper Heilkunst process of treatment will usually clear out whichever block(s) are in the way of a natural process of conception unfolding. It’s such a blessing to have been part of all these babies being conceived without the parents having had to resort to IVF, or other highly toxic hormone and drug procedures which have devastating effects on the mom and child.


This topic is further expanded in The 8 Steps to Natural Fertility Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About.

You can download your free copy here.

Homeopathic Constitutional Types : Sepia

The general feeling of the phenotype Sepia is of being totally fed up. More specifically, it is a state of feeling drained by the endless obligations of daily life, whether from family, work, or a combination of the two. It is quintessentially portrayed as a “mother’s remedy”, however it may be applicable in any situation where someone feels they are being drained by constant demands. The core defense of Sepia is to push people away through various means, including irritability or sarcasm. They have lost the feeling of having a natural motivation, and may appear to be indifferent, or even depressed.

This phenotype is one of the most classic images of “stasis”, in the sense of the dynamic interplay of internal forces which animate us having been neutralized by countervailing forces of their daily situation or environment. The classic “mothering” situation, which I mentioned above, is one which typically creates a constant stream of demands, leaving zero time left for the mother to do anything for herself, or focus on her own needs. The structure of the modern family appears to have moved away from the old mode of “it takes a village to raise a child”, where there is usually one single primary care-taker for the child (typically the mother) while the father works throughout the day. Even the not so distant past had more of an extended family structure around the child, where 3 or even 4 generations would live together in a house or duplex, spreading out the child-rearing duties.

The remedy Sepia is made from the ink of the cuttlefish, which is squirted out at its predators as its primary mode of defense. This is a vivid image of the cloud of irritability which the Sepia person exudes in an attempt to keep anyone from getting close enough to make a new demand on them.

Sepia feel their best just after vigorous exercise, with dancing being an activity they especially enjoy. This illustrates how Sepia is primarily a state of stasis, which does well from anything which energizes or invigorates them. They are even energized from witnessing a thunder storm, as they welcome this influx of energy to dispel their internal stasis.

Physically, there are a number of symptoms of laxity of the muscles or tissues, which may appear as sagging facial features, or other body parts which aren’t holding their tone. The sex drive is absent, and sex is seen as yet another demand – the expression “putting out” would be the literal feeling from this point of view. Their food cravings emphasize either sweets, or vinegary or sour foods. Many of the physical health complaints related to Sepia involve the hormonal system in general, including menstrual difficulties, PMS, menopause symptoms, infertility, and so on.

This is one of those remedies where the relief the patient often quickly experiences is a great blessing, and something which is celebrated by the patient and practitioner alike. Being able to witness such a dragged down state of mind lifted is truly a sight to behold. Such a heavy feeling of depression or hopelesness may seem like an impossible vortex to escape from, but the well chosen remedy can do wonders for the inner feeling, despite the outer circumstances not being any different than they were before the remedy. Our state of mind makes all the difference in how we experience and interpret our lives, and such turnarounds are great illustrations of how fundamental the state of mind is in creating either our state of health, or our state of disease.


This topic is further expanded in The 8 Steps to Natural Fertility Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About.

You can download your free copy here.

Homeopathic Constitutional Types : Natrum Muriaticum

The first phenotype I would like to introduce to you is Natrum Muriaticum. This remedy is made from the chemical compound sodium chloride, which is common table salt. The two separate elements (sodium and chloride) are poisons, but become inert together in this compound. Sodium chloride, and all other forms of salt are examples of crystalization. This forms a first image for its use as a homeopathic remedy, in terms of all biological or psychological processes which condense items (such as cell structures or emotional memories) to be more easily retained, or “held on to”. Lot’s wife, in the Bible, illustrates this to us with an artistic image of being turned into a pillar of salt when looking back and trying to live in the past.
Natrum Muriaticum is extremely retentive, and the key theme of the remedy revolves around a loss of trust. Nat-m holds on to the past, and has a very hard time of letting go of anything, whether past emotions of hurt, or objects infused with the feeling of sentimentality. This is the foundational disease state of mind for anyone who falls into the category of hoarders. Even the physiology of the cancer cell illustrates this, as the normal healthy balance of potassium being predominant inside the cell, and sodium surrounding the outside of the cell is reversed, taking the function back to a much older state of evolution related to creatures of the sea. Such a cell retains an excessive, unhealthy amount of fluid, illustrating this deeper theme of failure to let go.
Nat-m is characteristically over-sensitive, and is very easily offended or hurt, although they will generally hold it in. They can be extremely reserved, never allowing anyone to see their inner emotional world or true feelings in life. All of this is a function of a tremendous wall or emotional defence designed to protect them from repeating the hurts of the past. It is the feeling of avoiding getting into any relationship, other than one where they feel absolutely certain that they will be “safe” and protected, which is usually in a form of co-dependency in the Nat-m state. William W. Purkey was probably speaking to someone in a Nat-m state when he famously advised:

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
Nat-m is overly serious, and tends to support one or another cause of social justice, which is really a projection of their own attempt to defend themselves from ever being hurt again by another. Grand political initiatives such as Socialism illustrate this principle extended out on a larger scale. They tend to suffer their grief in silence, not able to let go in front of anyone, with the exception of a single romantic partner or close friend who has been brought inside their inner “safe” zone. Even then, it is usually not even their true core self that is fully opened up, but still an outer layer of their persona.

A characteristic bad dream for Nat-m is of their house being robbed, as this represents an unwelcome outsider breaking in, and gaining access to their most valued, private, inner world. Even in waking life, you’ll find that they may be overly cautious about their house security system, as well as all kinds of efforts taken to ensure their annonymity and privacy in every aspect of their life. The privacy craze in terms of internet policies is fascinating to view from the point of view of the energy of this remedy state.
The physical symptoms of Nat-m include headaches (lots of congestion of the energy of uncried tears), as well as sinus infections originating at the site of the tear ducts. They are very sensitive to noise. Salt is a very strong craving in this state. The skin may be prone to dryness, and even significant cracks. They suffer from constipation, which is a combination of the dryness of this remedy, and the difficulty in letting go. They can often suffer insomnia, which is yet another form of having difficulty “letting go” of their daytime consciousness, into the uncontrolled world of sleep and dreams. Conversely, they may need to sleep excessively, as a mechanism for avoiding the intimacy and demand for emotional involvement of waking life. They may be very retentive of water, in parallel with holding onto all of their emotional hurts.
In treatment, it may be very difficult for the practitioner to get to really know the inner content of the patient, and can take quite a while for a relationship of trust to be formed. The idea of treatment itself, particularly on the emotional axis, will be perceived as a threat, and these patients will often be the ones who only bring a physical symptom in for treatment, but solidly block any attempt to explore the emotional realm. Thankfully, the remedy works to soften these patients up, who eventually start to open up, and allow their emotions as well as their treatment to flow.

After taking Nat-m, do you need some help in letting go, and letting the tears flow? Try:

Fertility and Heilkunst

I’ve had the greatest pleasure to serve couples who suspected that they may be infertile to beholding their wee bundle of joy in their arms.  Some of them were just curious about the fact that they were actively having sex with their partner for over a year without having yielded the intended results asking me to help out in this regard, while others had undergone rounds of IVF, (“in vitro fertilization” literally means “fertilization in glass.”)  The latter patient, admittedly, took more time to resolve, as first we had to clear the barrage of toxic drugs used in this process before the body was pristine enough to once again engage in the natural process of creating new life.  The root cause of this issue is not as mechanical as you might think.  In fact we’re just starting to recognize the side effects of having a chemically induced, cryogenically manufactured or even marginalized love affair with a superficial donor.

African Fertility Gods

African Fertility Gods

If you’ve been trying to create a babe with your partner, you may have become frustrated having reduced the intimate and beautiful act of love-making to some kind of clinical setting.  Taking your temperature, assuming a position, rushing to cavort at the right times of the month to just stare at your bloodied underwear month after month can leave both of you feeling disappointed, empty, impotent and sadly mechanistic about bringing a babe into the world as some kind of functional gymnastics.  Everyone of us has heard the story, several times, about a couple that has “given up” on their capacity to procreate and gone ahead with an adoption to find out they’ve successfully conceived within months of the adoption.  There is a key state of mind to be cognizant of in this story.

As a Physician of Heilkunst Medicine with over 15 years of research under my belt, I can tell you that the art and science of making babies has a lot less to do with chemicals and mechanistic thinking than you might ever think.  In fact, using your intellect to tweak a chemical here or there, or play with hormones is the realm of God, and I strongly suggest that if you try to get too close to the the almighty sun, you will no doubt burn your Achilles feathers.  The approach we use in order to realize consistent results is by using the principles laid down for us by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.  He stated that the Physician has only one true calling and that is to make the sick healthy and whole and that the only righteous way to treat a person is to remove the block, shock or trauma that is impinging on that individual’s life force.  Not only will the person know greater health physically, but they will also realize their full emotional and spiritual fulfillment.

Following Hahnemann’s blueprint for cure, means that we’re doing a detoxification and chelation therapy starting your first visit to us through that Drainage and Organ Support dropper we give to you.  Also, that recommendation to drink 2-3 litres of pH balanced water and those Himalayan Salts and Greens we recommend help to address acidosis in the system.  The impregnated zygote will make a left at Albuquerque to avoid implanting into the uterus of a toxic or acid environment.  Also, states of anger (stress), fear and Genetic Miasms like Cancer, Gonorrhoea (Sycosis/Medorrinum) and Syphilis will make it doubly difficult to encourage new life to want to stick around on board for the nine month duration.  Would you want to be hosted by such an organism plagued by such issues?  Me neither.

When we have addressed your specific regimenal and medical issues without causing you an ounce of harm or further re-toxification, we then turn to the art of love.  Are you in a wholly resonant relationship with your beloved?  Have you created a beautiful ritual for you and your partner to ask for the baby?  In Waldorf pedagogy inspired by Rudolf Steiner, we attended multiple ceremonies when our children’s teacher read a beautiful story about how our son or daughter came to be spiritually called for walking over the rainbow bridge between the super-sensible and sense realms.  I know this may mess with your mechanical mind, however, Bronislaw Malinowski proved in his book, The Sexual Life Of Savages, that children encouraged to have fully orgastic sex in their teens by their parents and community never suffered any unwanted pregnancies.  When the Chief of the tribe was interviewed by Malinowski, it is realized that babes are only produced in a committed union between a man and woman and that they’ve consciously asked the Gods for a babe to be delivered to them, only then will conception be achieved through the love embrace.

Also, are you doing it right?  Are you properly threaded through to genital primacy as per Dr. Wilhelm Reich?  What I know about our modern culture is that most folks are living out of their heads, intellectually postured in the past or anxiously projected into the future.  In order to truly make love, communing with another being through orgastic potency, we need to have cleared the decks of the emotional content still mucking up the decks above the pelvic block right up to the ocular block.  Also, does the earth move when you have sex with your beloved are do you need some thawing of your genitals and pelvic region?  Reich recognized in his book, The Function Of The Orgasm, that only a small number of men, and no women, were achieving a full erectile-ly/vaginally charged, all over body grand mal seizure version of orgastic potency.  A genital sneeze, may not be enough oomph to power those swimmers into their intended destination and you need a fully threaded man and woman, connected to their emotions and spiritual nature to spawn a child of true consequence.

If you could look through our organizing lens into our offices and see the conception, in uteri and birth traumas still registering on our patient’s richter scales, you might think twice about how you want the cellular memory of your offspring to recall their birth experience right from the moment of conception or before.  If I wholly understand Steiner’s Anthroposophy, or study of man, the wee soul that is searching the earth for its new hosts to incarnate into, starts that process well before the sperm ever meets egg.  The further we get from a spiritually connected union, fully threaded through the function of the orgasm and consciousness, the bigger price down the line is that we all have to pay through toxic medical interventions like IVF, damaging Ultrasounds, Amniocentesis, karmic sufferings and socio-economic challenges.

If you’ve considered the above and are committed to taking responsibility for what the “Gods” may gift you with, then come and see us about your fertility issues and we’ll begin by peeling your proverbial onion.  Through the process of Heilkunst excavation, we tout a 90% success rate with fertility issues.  We know that the 5,000 regulating chemicals and hormones in your body will be following their finely orchestrated blueprint once the timeline of traumas and Genetic roots for constant chronic disease are removed on the sound basis of law.  It’s a no brainer.  Make sure you send us a picture of your newborn to adorn our clinic walls!


This topic is further expanded in The 8 Steps to Natural Fertility Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About.

You can download your free copy here.