What’s the recipe for a symptomless Menopause? What can I do if I do suffer symptoms?

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What’s the recipe for a symptomless menopause? Read on and see. 

Wikipedia defines menopause as, “Menopause, also known as the climacteric, is the time in most women’s lives when menstrual periods stop permanently, and they are no longer able to bear children.[2][8] Menopause typically occurs between 49 and 52 years of age.[3] Medical professionals often define menopause as having occurred when a woman has not had any menstrual bleeding for a year.[4]”  In my opinion, this is a disgusting, dry, and brittle definition and obviously written by someone who’s never experienced this most powerful transformation in a real, healthy way.

When the energy in my body was focussed more on procreation, I followed the lunar impulse and shed the lining of my uterus as an emblem of my procreativity. It transpired every twenty-eight days so that I would be reminded rhythmically of my innate endowment. It was a beloved contract between me and the orchestrator of my biology, and delicious impulse for my animating wisdom. It was never just about producing offspring. I’d hate to see how Wiki diminishes the uterus!

I was in a state of constant creation: researching, writing books, and serving beloved patients. The cessation of my menses was never meant to be reduced to a missed opportunity as a so-called ‘breeder.’ It was never about the clinical capacity to ‘bear children’ that defined my innate capacities, but a more spiritual connectivity that gifted me with capacities ordained to the divine nature of my sex. Why do you think our wombs are heart-shaped?  So we don’t forget that we’re deeply and abidingly loved as co-creators. 

When my menses ebbed over a 2.5 year span almost 10 years ago, I knew I was receiving the clear signal, “You’ve got this. I know you won’t forget the rhythm of being a creative wisdom bearer.”  I knew that my full capacities as a bodacious, full throttle, knowledge-lover would now come to ripen fully through consciousness.

My creative forces ramped. My thoughts, crystal clear. I wrote a book about self-education and another one on natural birth. I felt more assured than ever before that my pristine voice came not from my head, but from my loins. I was fully confident in what I was ordained to be; my functional purpose was more luscious, rich, and steeped in skill and gnostic juice than ever before. 

I was creating a strand of rare pink pearls that would polish into a legacy. I was transmuting and transcending into the woman I was wholly meant to be without any trappings of youthful insecurity and none of that energy was leaking, for any other purpose but to fully be. 

And to top it all off, our sex became a spiritual communion of an order wholly otherworldly. Gone was the need for birth control. Woohoo!  Hello to an orgasmic liberty never realized prior. Over the last ten years I would never reduce what I’ve experienced as just ‘climacteric,’ and neither should you. Frankly, Wiki, you can go to hell!



The Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms of Menopause




Just what is menopause?  It is a natural phenomenon occurring in women between approximately ages 45 and 55, when there is an anticipated cessation of eggs produced by the ovaries for the purpose of the reproduction of children.  Actually, it is the opportunity to convert the forces meant for procreation more into a relationship with “co-creation” and greater wisdom.  As a result, the body will generally produce less estrogen and progesterone, which are two of the primary hormones regulating a woman’s monthly cycle.  The hormonal imbalance symptoms of menopause will affect a women’s capacity to transition easily into her “wisdom years.”

If there are unresolved emotions, such as disappointment, anger, guilt, fear, or resentment amassed from a woman’s life leaving her feeling like she’s lived the “un-lived” life, she may suffer the effects of hormonal imbalance symptoms of menopause.  Also, allopathic chemical drugs can exacerbate hormonal symptoms due to the fact that as the human recipe of hormones and chemicals changes, the former drugs can begin to act unfavorably with additional side-effects.  It is best to speak to your health care provider should this arise.  The other aspect that can  negatively affect a woman’s hormones is any sexual dysfunction.  Generally, if a women loves her work, her home-life, is vitally engaged in her life and deeply committed to her sexual relationship with a partner she deeply loves, we see very few incidences of the following hormonal imbalance symptoms of menopause:


      • hot flashes
      • excessive sweating / night sweats
      • migraines
      • irritability
      • mood swings
      • depression
      • overactive bladder
      • diminished libido
      • insomnia
      • forgetfulness
      • headaches
      • uncomfortable intercourse



If you think about it, a young girl at puberty will start her period, hopefully, without too much incidence or commotion.  The medical community has really orchestrated a ruse if a women is under the impression that she can’t just as easily transition from being a menstruating woman to a non-menstruating woman.  Often, women are unnecessarily led to take chemical drugs due to the Big Pharma’s push to make us think we’re suffering the symptoms of some disease, instead simply of hormonal imbalance systems of menopause.  You may notice that the character structure of healthy women is generally not studied by the medical model in order to induce more women to be connected to their own zest for life and love, avoiding menopausal symptoms qualifying them for any drug protocol.


How We Approach Healthy Hormone Functions

This blog is part of a series; its original title was Heilkunst Basics : Grade Ten (How We Approach Healthy Hormone Functions)

The further we travel along a path of increasing health, the sooner we need to properly address the needs of our hormonal system — I’m talking to men as well as women, here. Many of the factors I’ve already presented in the early grades of Heilkunst, as well as a number of factors I’ve yet to present all have a bearing or influence on how our hormonal system is function. This includes many of the nutritional considerations I’ve presented, as well as the need to address the impact of shocks and traumas, including of an emotional nature.

There are any number of specific hormone-based medical conditions which patients wish to correct, such as menstrual or fertility issues in women, or functional issues such as sleep or mood fluctuations in men, and these may take up some of the main focus at the beginning of these patients treatment plans. Aside from any of these overt hormone imbalance symptoms, the underlying health and rhythm of this system are usually suffering to some degree in most people.

When I presented the topics around sleep rhythms (day light versus night time), as well as the impact which sugar has, I made reference to the hormone researcher, T.S. Wiley. She also has extensively used a natural hormone replacement therapy system, as was popularized by Suzanne Somers. We have adapted her concepts into Heilkunst protocols, which have worked very well, particularly with women going through menopause. In conjunction with the other aspects of our treatments, the effect is often quite good.

To better understand how hormones function, from a Heilkunst point-of-view, consider that a “hormone problem” is almost never directly caused at the hormone level, but from something else which has a bearing on them. To put this into the most general context, the timing and rhythm of how all of our hormones are produced and released occurs at the meeting point between our astral and etheric bodies. In other words, hormones function in a healthy way, or not, on the basis of how our inner animal nature interfaces with our inner plant nature. “Fixing” a hormone problem, then, generally means that specific therapeutic attention is needed in terms of an astral body function, and/or an etheric body function.

In my clinical experience, this level of treatment is almost universally needed, at least to some degree, due to the level of stress we experience from different sources (lifestyle, diet, etc.). All of the adjunct therapeutics that we introduce at this stage, to complement the work we do through the patient’s sequential time line, help to rebalance the hormonal system, too.

Homeopathic Constitutional Types : Sepia

The general feeling of the phenotype Sepia is of being totally fed up. More specifically, it is a state of feeling drained by the endless obligations of daily life, whether from family, work, or a combination of the two. It is quintessentially portrayed as a “mother’s remedy”, however it may be applicable in any situation where someone feels they are being drained by constant demands. The core defense of Sepia is to push people away through various means, including irritability or sarcasm. They have lost the feeling of having a natural motivation, and may appear to be indifferent, or even depressed.

This phenotype is one of the most classic images of “stasis”, in the sense of the dynamic interplay of internal forces which animate us having been neutralized by countervailing forces of their daily situation or environment. The classic “mothering” situation, which I mentioned above, is one which typically creates a constant stream of demands, leaving zero time left for the mother to do anything for herself, or focus on her own needs. The structure of the modern family appears to have moved away from the old mode of “it takes a village to raise a child”, where there is usually one single primary care-taker for the child (typically the mother) while the father works throughout the day. Even the not so distant past had more of an extended family structure around the child, where 3 or even 4 generations would live together in a house or duplex, spreading out the child-rearing duties.

The remedy Sepia is made from the ink of the cuttlefish, which is squirted out at its predators as its primary mode of defense. This is a vivid image of the cloud of irritability which the Sepia person exudes in an attempt to keep anyone from getting close enough to make a new demand on them.

Sepia feel their best just after vigorous exercise, with dancing being an activity they especially enjoy. This illustrates how Sepia is primarily a state of stasis, which does well from anything which energizes or invigorates them. They are even energized from witnessing a thunder storm, as they welcome this influx of energy to dispel their internal stasis.

Physically, there are a number of symptoms of laxity of the muscles or tissues, which may appear as sagging facial features, or other body parts which aren’t holding their tone. The sex drive is absent, and sex is seen as yet another demand – the expression “putting out” would be the literal feeling from this point of view. Their food cravings emphasize either sweets, or vinegary or sour foods. Many of the physical health complaints related to Sepia involve the hormonal system in general, including menstrual difficulties, PMS, menopause symptoms, infertility, and so on.

This is one of those remedies where the relief the patient often quickly experiences is a great blessing, and something which is celebrated by the patient and practitioner alike. Being able to witness such a dragged down state of mind lifted is truly a sight to behold. Such a heavy feeling of depression or hopelesness may seem like an impossible vortex to escape from, but the well chosen remedy can do wonders for the inner feeling, despite the outer circumstances not being any different than they were before the remedy. Our state of mind makes all the difference in how we experience and interpret our lives, and such turnarounds are great illustrations of how fundamental the state of mind is in creating either our state of health, or our state of disease.


This topic is further expanded in The 8 Steps to Natural Fertility Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About.

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Menopause Is Not A Disease

I once spent 3 days in a lecture hall in medical school listening to a Belgian Pharmacologist and Pharmacognosist describe in the most minute detail how to tweak an individual patient’s hormones.  By studying each individual’s case and using minute doses of naturally sourced estriol, progesterone, estrogen, or testosterone, apparently we could achieve the desired result of balance and homeostasis.  Clearly this Pharmacologist was restoring some of his patient’s health and well-being.  Their hot flashes diminished , their mind-fog cleared, their sex-drive and vaginal lubricity restored,  and their irritability leveled out.  This surely is the goal for all menopausal women, isn’t it?  At the time, in principle, I concurred with him, although it felt a little like assuming the role of “God.”  Also, the amount of research and work required in this field alone would mean I would probably have to specialize in just this area of patient treatment.  Tweaking hormones is a vast art and science and the risk of sending other systems out of whack frightened me. To me the research in this area is not conclusive in the allopathic or alternative realms.

I’ve studied incredible amounts of literature on menopause, both allopathic and alternative, and while my own research and efforts had taken me naturally towards  bio-identical hormones and beyond, I found the most amazing results totally by mistake.  Enroute, one of the best references offered to me was T.S. Wiley’s book entitled Sex, Lies and Menopause; The Shocking Truth About Synthetic Hormones And The Benefits Of Natural Alternatives.  Here I found the grist and stellar research that helped me to steer hundreds of women away from the allopathic drug Premarin, based on science.  Did you know that chemical constituents of this drug are literally derived from “pregnant mare’s urine?”  The mares are actually kept in small, restrictive box stalls and raped by the stallions in order to keep them perpetually pregnant.

I’ve worked on horse farms, including my own, and I witnessed once at the tender age of 17 a mare with one of her back kicking legs tied up with a rope underneath her and the stallion made to mount her as she brayed, slamming her body in resistance against the stall walls.  I felt devastated and threw up quietly outside the window I was peering in, without the owners knowing I was there.  Can you imagine the state of mind that women take on as a result of taking this unprincipled drug protocol into their physical bodies, minds and spiritual psyches?  It certainly got me thinking.

T.S. Wiley brilliantly realized that you can not successfully provide one single drug or answer to a woman suffering hormonal changes at the time of menopause.  She taught us to tailor the protocol based on the natural rhythmic cycling of our hormones. The thing is that our hormones are not just tied to the ebb and tides of the moon – we are connected to the whole cosmos and every planet in it.  If there are 49 parallel universes, we Physicians are going to have to get up pretty early in the morning to be able to out-manage the most finely orchestrated system with over 5,000 chemicals and hormones that are turning on and off with wee spigots from morning, noon, to night.

If I’m tired, in the beginning of my lunar cycle, angry or full of grief, trying to avoid my feelings, living more in my intellect, recovering from too much exercise, digesting a meal, my autonomic nervous system is working overtime in order to adjust not just estrogen levels, but my cortisol, progesterone, melatonin, mercury, prostaglandin, thyroid, etc.  The list is infinite and who was I to think I could just come into the fray of this finely orchestrated being and tweak a little of this or a little of that naturally, or otherwise.  What if I threw another system, like the endocrine system, completely out of whack?  What if a year or so hence, the woman I treated came back in with breast cancer from the soy or yam’s cream I’d prescribed?  There were too many questions and so I stuck with what I knew – the principles of Heilkunst, where I could not cause an ounce of harm, ordained to remove the blockages of disease.

This is where things became interestingly illuminated for me unexpectedly.  The Clinical results I was obtaining just by following our Cadeuceus chart were the same, or better, as the other Practitioners.  My Heilkünstler colleagues were also reporting the same.  Our patients suffering menopausal symptoms were being restored to a state of health, normalcy and grace, just simply by removing the shocks, traumas, and the roots of chronic disease, the Genetic Miasms.

One woman I treated restored her internal thermostat at the time we cleared the trauma of her vaccines.  During that month’s healing reaction, she had a high fever and then never produced another hot flash symptom again.  It was like her life force was stuck in a thermodynamic loop, suppressing her immune function since the allopathic vaccine shock.  I’ve served many others who, surprisingly, cleared their thermostat issues after treating for their vaccines, others after the Cancer and Syphillis Miasms.  Another overworked woman I worked with needed the homeopathic remedy Sepia which resolved all of her vaginal dryness and pain during intimacy.  Another woman I served with pronounced irritability and rage, needed to “kill off her mother” in a spiritual psychotherapeutic session and then she was able to wholly strike homeostasis with regards to her irritability and anger.  Her husband was ecstatic describing her as the women he had married.

So while I was stymied and paralyzed to try to micro-manage my patients’ hormones, balance and homeostasis was occurring organically in my practice.  As a result of removing the traumatisms on the patient’s timeline, removing the genetic Miasms, and treating the pathic expressions in the present easily and naturally as ordained by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.  The by-product was that the body restored homeostasis all on its own, respecting the chemical blue-print set up by the Almighty!  What a relief it has been to me just to do my job without stepping into the dominion of God, not cause harm and get the same results without all the finagling and tweaking indicative of allopathic and alternative Physicians.  Phew!

You see, what I soon realized in my research is that my esteemed allopathic and alternative colleagues were attempting to come up with answers before asking the root cause questions such as, “Why are women suffering menopausal symptoms in the first place?”  What are the root causes of irritability, vaginal dryness, mind-fog and hot-flashes?  We go from being non-menstruating girls to being menstruating women without much of a blip on the landscape, or being told that our estrogen levels may kill us with resultant cancer.   This hasn’t been true for 6,000 years, so why now? Why is menopause considered a disease by the allopathic community?  Could it be that hormone replacement therapy has become a multi-billion dollar industry?  Which medical system has studied the phenomenon of women who’ve never suffered any menopausal symptoms?  None, I’ve found, except ours.

For example, I served a beautiful, vital and vivacious woman who was a nurse for 40 years.  She told me that she had loved her job.  She was in her late 80’s when I served her for some intermittent constipation.  Otherwise she was perfectly healthy.  This sparkly-eyed gem of a wee woman had just flown across the country from PEI to the Yukon the year before in a 2 seat-er plane with her resonant husband.  Sleeping out under the wing.  She showed me how she would have to take the little bit of luggage they carried and hold it on her chest in order to get lift-off from the runway before she could place the bags back at her feet.  She rescued numerous cats that she fed at the hangar up the road, had multiple organic gardens, multiple orgasms weekly, a gorgeous fish pond, worked as a nutritional consultant, built a spiritual centre in her home from architects’ blueprints 5 years before with her own hands, ate 4 small meals per day no bigger than her fist and had taken in a young woman who was struggling emotionally and financially.  When I asked her why she’d never had a menopausal symptom, she answered candidly, “Ally, I never had time for that shit!”  I loved her.

This is also the key to others I’ve served.  I once served an eighty year old dragon boat racer who was going to walk Spain’s El Camino way for the month of September.  She came to see me in order to get a Hep. A immunization to prevent any bacterial strains in water to infect her.  As part of my research, I slipped in the same question, “Why do you think you’ve never suffered hormonal symptoms from Menopause?”  She looked back at me with the most amazing fount of wisdom behind her eyes, and replied softly, “Who knows, maybe I do, but I guess I’m just moving too fast for them to slap a label on me.”  I loved her too.  My goal is to be one of these women of wisdom, vitality, righteousness, fulfilled and in love with my Divine self.  I will always move too fast for them to slap a label on me!

Florence Scovel Shinn touts in her book The Game of Life And How To Play It,

“The simple rules are fearless faith, non-resistance and love!

May each reader be now freed from that thing which has held him in bondage through the ages, standing between him and his own, and “know the Truth which makes him free”—free to fulfill his destiny, to bring into manifestation the “Divine Design of his life, Health, Wealth, Love and Perfect Self-Expression.” “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

If it were up to me, I would eradicate the menopause label and the concept of “retirement” altogether.  I will generally leave a conversation at a cocktail party when these topics surface.  Individuals who engage in life-long learning, vitally engaged simply never suffer symptoms, any symptoms.  Women naturally stop releasing the same volume of hormones from their pituitary glands enabling them to procreate so that they can maximize their co-creation abilities.  When we were pregnant, our bodies also naturally adjusted for this temporary state of being.  God sets it up that way!  As I am now, too, transitioning from a menstruating woman to a non-menstruating woman, I am coming into my wisdom years, my sexual prowess, and directed vitality.  I know who I am and what I’m ordained to be.  I love that my gray hair and feisty will allows me to get away with saying precisely what is on my mind while also having the knowledge to get away with it!  I will leave the playing God, tinkering and tweaking to others.  I happily know what my limitations are.