Ok, so you’re “broadcasting a remedy,” wait what?!

Many of you who’ve been working with us have called in needing treatment for an acute flare-up. As you go through your traumatic timeline or Chronic Miasms, 10-15% of the time, you just don’t get through the gate clean. You get your t-shirt snagged on a nail and the next thing, you’re calling or e-mailing us looking for a leg up.

That’s what we’re here for. We’re happy to help and yes – who wouldn’t prefer to help their feverish babe back to sleep with a dose of Belladonna? It sure beats pacing back and forth with them in your arms at midnight! We hear you – we were once parents of wee ones too.

And who wants to sit in an emergency waiting room with a restless babe in arms for an indeterminate number of hours? Especially when it is most likely a healing reaction to the previous timeline or miasmatic remedy. A quick email or call to us is usually a much better choice!

When clearing a prior use of antibiotics on your timeline, you will show signs and symptoms of the suppressed disease matrix coming up from just below the decks. Now the original disease re-emerges from underneath the masking effect of the drug. This is what we mean by the drug being suppressive or palliative only, as the original underlying natural disease is still at large.

When you call in, your Heilkunst Practitioner will listen carefully to what you say. Funny about Strep Throat, as patients will have about 10 different ways of describing sore throats. It is actually rarely the actual Streptococcus strain of bacteria. We will pour over our Repertories (fancy reference book for finding the right remedies) and then reference our Materia Medicas (corresponding reference book which is a catalogue of all homeopathic remedies and their laundry list of symptoms).

Once we have the best matching remedy (or in some cases, remedies), we’re not about to leave you in the lurch just hanging there in pain at the other end of the phone! Nope, we have a computerized “radionics device” called “CoRe Bioresonance Feedback”. We can dial in your name, place of birth and date of birth and pick up your unique frequency in nature and broadcast that rx right to you! (If you want to learn more about the dousing aspect of the CoRe Inergetix System you can check out the link here.)

Crazy I know! Please recall that I was a financial advisor before I was a Heilkunst Practitioner and if you’d explained this to me 20 years ago, I’d think you were talking out your behind. Also, read our other blog entitled “What’s in a Remedy?” for more on how we’re able to effectively broadcast bio-energetically across the divide.


The other thing that we can do is provide you with a “paper remedy.” Yes, you heard right. Paper rx are the remedies that we tell you to write down on a piece of paper and then stuck in your pocket or shoved under your pillow while you sleep. Yes, I know, you’re thinking I’m completely bonkers, however, don’t judge until you’ve tried it.

As prayer has been proven effective in physics terms, we can also cure disease from afar. Think of it like this. I make up a remedy, put it in a bottle, you add the water, and then you take said remedy and it biodynamically cures the disease in your etheric body. If you were to take that dropper to the chemist for testing, they’d tell you it contains nothing but water.

Shape of Love

By broadcasting OR using paper rx, we’re simply skipping the bottle or rice paper step and sending the bioenergy straight to its source. In fact, we have more advanced patients that never receive anything in the mail. Ever! We broadcast both their dropper bottle info. and timeline rx every month. And yes, they have the same degree of  healing reaction that you do mid-month.

Thoughts and Words

It was back in first year of medical school when I came down with one of the worst headaches that I’d ever had. I was just starting to feel nauseous and get a white aura at the periphery of my vision when the Instructor noticed my very pale face and wincing eyes. After a few poignant questions, she gave me a paper remedy of “Bryonia” with a fairly high potency. I was totally skeptical! However, within 20 minutes I was more than improved with just a ghost of  pain behind my eyes that was abating in the background. What a relief.

So for the last 15 years, Arcanum Practitioners have been broadcasting remedies all over the world. Flu rx for a patient in Cape Town, nausea rx for a fellow in Ottawa, bruising rx for lassie who fell from a horse in Fredericton and Strep. Throat for a young lad in Nebraska. The list is so long, we probably need to check with air traffic control before all these rx hit the airways. We’re sending out so many cures, we should be clocking the miles like an airline!


Sleep Baby Sleep

Practical Tips for Helping Baby to Sleep


Attachment Parenting: is the latest buzz-term amongst natural parenting advocates.  At Arcanum Wholistic Clinic, we’re big proponents of attachment parenting which includes wearing baby in a sling by day and, by night, nursing on demand and co-sleeping or bed-sharing.  Parents of various native tribes around the world raise their babies this natural way. When baby is born, it takes months (possibly even a year or more) for him to realize that he’s actually a separate entity from you and so he prefers as much of a womb-like existence as possible in order to thrive,  with constant doses of warmth, comfort, nurturance, sustenance, and a clean habitat.

Bowen, Massage, or Chiropractic: are great modalities to help with sleep.  I’m a Bowen Practitioner and can attest to how many babes lose sleep due to a misalignment from the birth trauma, affecting literally the way their head is screwed onto their neck and shoulders.  I’ve done minor soft tissue releases on babies and had parents report that baby sleeps soundly from then on.  At home, you can rub your baby’s feet with coconut oil before bed, helping baby to relax and promote digestion, along with releasing any withheld gas that can cause baby to have a sleepless night.

Aromatherapy: is very helpful as mentioned in prior sections.  One drop of lavender oil in a teaspoon of carrier oil (such as coconut oil) works well for massaging baby’s feet.  You can also use the same ratio for a humidifier, vaporizer, or diffuser.

Cherry Pit Pillow/Pack: is an old European household remedy for colic and sleep.  You can buy these small pillows from eBay or look for them at a reputable eco baby supply store, where more natural methods of healing are promoted.  Simply heat it on a pan in the toaster oven for 10 minutes to heat up the cherry pits.  When placed on baby’s belly, the cherry pits release a soothing, moist heat, helping bubbles of gas to diffuse.

A Wool Soaker: is a great way to help baby stay dry from a leaky diaper during the night.  Sheep’s wool is designed to keep the rain from permeating to the animal’s skin through absorption, while the lanolin closer to the skin prevents the water from reaching the epidermis level, acting like a natural rain repellant.  The company “Pooters Diapers” states, “When baby’s diaper becomes wet, the wool soaker wicks the moisture away from the diaper by absorbing it.  Lanolin … keeps the urine from leaking back out of the wool …”.  Baby is more likely to sleep through the night if her clothes stay dry and more comfortable.

Source:  http://www.pootersdiapers.com/wool-soakers/

Homeopathic Remedies for Sleep

There is typically a reason for baby to wake during the night.  As his parents, it is up to you to go through a mental checklist to determine why this is.  Co-sleeping babes do best with an easily accessible breast for nourishment and comfort.  Most moms learn to sleep through baby’s latching on to the breast and subsequent drifting back off to sleep.  Occasionally, baby will be wet and need to have a diaper change before sleep can be restored.  

When baby is 4-7 months, teething can be the issue as he matures.  A nightmare or night terror can be the cause for his waking.  At other times, it can be due to the fact that there is a full moon!  Here are some safe homeopathic remedies to use for specific issues.  If this doesn’t help, it’s because there is a deeper issue, like vaccines or a genetic miasm (inherited predisposition to disease) in the way, preventing baby from getting a deep, restorative sleep.  Let us know if the latter scenario is the case as we bring years of training to be able to solve the root cause of baby’s ills, so that you can all sleep like babies!

Aconite: is a great remedy for when baby has been exposed to a dry northeast wind during winter, aggravating a high fever of even 105 degrees Fahrenheit, along with an earache.  Baby might be just fine upon going to bed, however, he wakes shrieking around midnight, clearly in pain.  Look for restlessness, dry body heat, and increased thirst.  Baby may be writhing in pain with extreme sensitivity to touch, suffering burning or even violent pain.

Arnica: is a good remedy for when baby seems to have his internal clock mixed up; drowsy without being able to nap during the day, but able to sleep during early evening and then wakens with a hot head at night, with fear that he will suffer pain again.  Older children will complain of feeling exhausted upon waking with terrible dreams about animals, death, and even mutilated bodies.  During sleep, children who need Arnica will groan, murmur, talk, snore, and pass stool and urine involuntarily after having toilet trained.  

Belladonna: is one of our chief remedies for right sided earaches and for waking violently with pain and high fever at midnight, as mentioned in the prior section.  Baby will be restless, agitated, and typically screeching in pain.  Belladonna with solve this state outright.

Chamomilla: is a great remedy for fussy babies who need to be constantly rocked or nursed to sleep.  Look for right-sided earaches, red face, a more low-grade fever, around 102 or 103 degrees Fahrenheit.  In a Cham. state, baby will give you the impression that there is absolutely nothing you can do to appease her as she’ll reject absolutely everything that you offer, pushing it and you away.

Coffea: is derived from coffee.  In homeopathic terms (like cures like), an over-stimulated baby needs a stimulant to calm down.  I used to keep a tin of organic coffee in the freezer for my own children to take a wee sniff from.  Actually, I still have the same tin at my office (I don’t drink coffee) for babes I see in person who are suffering an over-stimulated melt-down.  All I do is open the lid of the tin of coffee in my office and watch for baby, and mom or dad too, to take a couple of whiffs of the aroma. Within a couple of minutes, baby is completely calm, gurgling, and usually drifting off to sleep.  If you’re nursing, you can take the homeopathic remedy to promote sleep for your baby as it transfers through the breast milk.  We will never recommend drinking coffee while breastfeeding as in this volume, you’ll actually create the opposite result by aggravating baby’s delicate nervous system and making them wired on caffeine with disastrous sleep results.

Nux Vomica: is for what I call the jack in the box syndrome.  It will seem that you just get baby off to sleep and he keeps popping awake all night long for no rhyme or reason, like he’s woken by the least noise or movement.  In proper ascending potencies, Nux. will also help detox baby’s organ system of any prior medications or antibiotics should the situation arise, helping baby sleep more soundly.  

Medications, and vaccines, administered at birth can play havoc with baby’s central nervous system and digestive organs, making it difficult for him to settle properly into sleep.  Nux. is one of the remedies we use when clearing the actual drug nosodes from baby’s system based on natural homeopathic law. A nosode is the homeopathic term for the remedy made from the exact drug administered, taking “like cures like”, or the similimum, up to “exact cures exact”.

Pulsatilla: is a great remedy for right-sided ear infections, as mentioned above, with a more low-grade temperature around 103 degrees Fahrenheit.  Your baby will be profoundly clingy and needy with a desire to be carried everywhere, consoled, and kissed, but is less capricious and contrary than the Chamomilla state described above.


Flower Essences for Sleep

To help yourself and baby to sleep, we recommend Bach’s “Rescue Sleep” and “Rescue Sleep Liquid Melt”.  I recall certain stressful days with my own baby where I was still measuring my own sense of self by how many things I was able to tick off my list.  Being attached to certain outcomes with an infant or toddler creates a sure disaster.  When children out number the parent or parents, you’re bound to be pinioned under your children’s expectations over and above your own.  This is just how it is, for now.  It will get easier, but for now, you answer solely to your child’s needs, dropping most of what you desire to do or find fulfilling.  You’ll get back there.  

Often, when I had a yearning to do something, or I had a deadline, or place to be by a certain time, I would be rendered a high-strung anxious mess by the time bedtime came around with unresolved feelings of failure that turned up as left-over anxiety, resentment, or even anger from the day.  I learned first hand that this is a disastrous state of mind to try and put a baby down to sleep, when I was feeling electrified with unresolved impatience.  I’ve often referred to infants, babies, and toddlers as being the canary in our adult coal mines, picking up on every miniscule bit of angst, mirroring every bit of it for our not so pleasurable viewing.  They will literally torture you with your own mirror.  

Bach’s Flower Essences, including Walnut, in the case I just described above, in addition to the remedies below, can help you and your child calm, relax, and let go to sleep; enabling you both to face another day with refreshed eyes, letting go the unnecessaries, focusing more on simply “being” than “doing.”

Here are the remedies contained in “Bach’s Rescue Sleep” Remedy, captured right from their website:

White Chestnut: To help ease restless mind.

Star of Bethlehem: For trauma and shock.

Clematis: For the tendency to “pass out”, and unconsciousness, being ‘far away’ and not present mentally.

Cherry Plum: Fear of mind giving way, verge of breakdown, anger.

Impatiens: For irritability, tension, and fidgety.

Rock Rose: For frozen terror and panic.

Source:  http://www.bachflower.com/bach-rescue-sleep/


Essential Oils for Sleep

Essential oils, or aromatherapy, for baby is safe provided you stick to the oils recommended in this book and use them according to the dilution that we’ve suggested.  In the early evening, I used to prepare a warm bath for my baby (be sure to use only natural cleansers for baby’s tub!) with a drop of lavender.  Usually their dad did the bathing as this was their time to connect and give me a moment to clean up the kitchen after supper, or to just sit and have a moment to orient myself in the world, to make note of some grocery items needed, or to just ponder my own feelings with some chamomile tea and my journal.

After baby was out of the bath, their dad would give them a baby gentle massage over their little bodies, putting them on the floor while they lay on a cotton receiving blanket or on their changing table.  I taught him how to always massage baby’s belly in a clockwise motion to encourage the release of gas bubbles and good digestion, by following the large intestines natural route to the rectum.  When massaging baby, the pressure should be about the same as you would use to rub your eye-ball when your lid is closed.  This is a good way to remind our stronger, more burly hubbys what the pressure should be.   Baby will love the wonderful time to bond and relax through touch with their daddy.  

Massage Oil Blend

1 drop of Lavender

1 drop Geranium

1 drop Roman Chamomile

and 30 ml of Sweet Almond, Olive, or Coconut Oil

Blend all of the ingredients together well, using on babies 3 months and older.  As mentioned above, you can use a drop of lavender or chamomile in their bath with some raw goat’s or cow’s milk to help promote sleep.  I would also wear lavender oil on my own clothing or skin while nursing baby before bed.  I still do this when a cranky baby comes in for a consultation with their mom, to promote comfort and security for both of them.

I’ve always used essential oils in a room diffuser, vaporizer, or even a pot of steaming water that a child can not reach.  One drop of lavender, Roman chamomile, or geranium in about 3 cups of water works well.

Excerpted in part from our new bestselling book on Amazon:




Hahnemann’s Discovery of Homeoprophylaxis (Homeopathic Immunization)

Early on in his career as the founder of medical Heilkunst, Dr. Hahnemann realized that both the treatment as well as prevention of a disease involved the same law of nature, which is the law of similars. Prevention, of course, is a much better route to pursue in healthcare whenever possible, and is why it is said that an ounce of it is worth a full pound of cure. His essay “On the prevention and treatment of Scarlet Fever” in 1801 fully illustrated his thought process and observations he made while treating families through recent epidemics of Scarlet Fever, which was a very common infection at that time. In this essay, there are introduced a number of elements of Hahnemann’s thoughts about medicine, which were further developed and elaborated in his later works, such as The Organon, and Chronic Diseases. His criticism of the ‘Old School’ (allopathic medicine) included his rejection of the treatment methods for scarlet fever, in which a drug or treatment was prescribed for each individual symptom, rather than a single well-matched (ie homeopathic) remedy for the entire picture of the disease presentation. The allopathic approach not only did not cure the scarlet fever, but created many side effects, and even hastened death in some cases. While Hahnemann had documented a tremendous degree of success in the treatment of scarlet fever with his emerging homeopathic method, he reasoned that it would be even better if he could find a reliable method for preventing it in the first place. He had many opportunities to test his idea in families where 1 or more children had contracted scarlet fever, while the other siblings had not yet. His idea was that the remedy which had proven successful at aborting the disease in its earliest stage (which proved to be Belladonna in this case), should be the same remedy which would be reliably effective at preventing the disease from taking hold in the siblings who hadn’t yet shown signs of scarlet fever.




Not only did this practice prove to be effective in every family he treated, but he also had the chance to observe that it had worked for a child who had been taking Belladonna for an issue on the joints of her fingers had ended up avoiding contracting scarlet fever, where her siblings had succumbed. This was notable, as this girl had always been the first to contract any contagious disease which was going around. By putting the pieces together of Hahnemann’s various concepts in all of his writings, we can extend his conclusions in this essay to differentiate between homeoprophylaxis, and homoprophylaxis. There’s only 1 letter different in these two words, but the former relates to a form of homeopathic immunization which is based on matching the general symptom picture common to the disease being prevented, where the latter word relates more to the underlying disease itself, which exists even before any symptoms show up. Hahnemann’s use of Belladonna was an example of homeoprophylaxis, as its selection was derived from a study of the symptom picture of scarlet fever, where a modern Heilkunst approach understands that the nosode (Scarlatinum) is an even more direct and reliable approach to prevention.

Seeing What’s Behind Your Time Line

This blog is part of a series; its original title was “Heilkunst Basics: University, 4th Year (Seeing What’s Behind Your Timeline)”

Today, September the 11th, marks the anniversary of an event which continues to have a tremendous impact on our lives. There are so many dimensions to its meaning, and I will stick here to the direct medical impact, as I have seen through my patients, both at the time of the event itself, and in the years since.

At the time of the event itself, there was a tremendous amount of call-ins to the clinic from patients seeking all forms of emotional remedies, especially including shock and fear at first, and then shortly afterwards followed by the full spectrum of tonic (archetypal) emotional states. The range of acute anxiety remedies (including aconite, ignatia, and so on), and the primary tonic emotional archetypes represented by NSOL were dispensed frequently, and often in very high potencies due to the intensity of people’s experience at that time.

The individual components of NSOL are:

Natrum Muriaticumfor feelings of bereavement and loss, and ultimately for a challenge to someone’s core belief structure which questions whether people and the world in general can be trusted.

Staphysagria – for feelings of being victimized, or abused. Possibly for an anger without knowing exactly where or how to direct it.

Opium – for the root state of mind underneath many fears and anxieties. A kind of feeling “frozen in place”, like the dreams where someone is on a railway track, and cannot move a muscle.

Lachesis – for feelings of guilt, and a generally intense state of pent-up emotions looking for an outlet. Think of the image of a snake all charged up, and ready to strike out suddenly with its venomous tongue.

The NSOL combination is generally used quite a bit during a patient’s general Heilkunst treatment, and its individual components will be called for when they are emerging in a very distinct way on their own. NSOL, and its components, are very often used for treating specific shocks and traumas on a patient’s time line, as well as for dealing with the emotional reactions to situations occurring in the present.

The nature of the event of 9/11 certainly brought up many of these intense emotions, but it went much deeper than that. As is the case with anyone’s time line of shocks and traumas, the question of what is perceived as a trauma, and what it means to a given individual, will depend not just on the event itself, but on their underlying structure, in terms of their armoring structure combined with their belief structure. Two siblings, for example, who grow up in the same dysfunctional family dynamic can potentially have very different perceptions and reactions to it based on their underlying structures.

For many patients, this experience of 9/11 and its aftermath served as a catalyst to break through some of this deeper structure, and start to draw out some of their deeper chthonic issues, as well as higher ideogenic themes. The very nature of our world, as we perceive it, changed in many ways as a result. From a phenomenological point of view, when such an event of mass impact occurs, it represents a point in time where such a general shift in consciousness has, or is about to begin.

Treating a Fever With Belladonna

When I wrote my blog on Belladonna, as used as a deeper chthonic remedy, I first contextualized it in terms of its common usage as a remedy for very hot fevers in children. A reader of this blog picked up on this point, and asked a very excellent question:

“I was just wondering. If belladonna is given to a child with fever, will the organic response to the remedy be an increase in temperature?”

There is probably no topic more anxiety-provoking to a parent of young children, than the issue of how to safely and effectively treat a fever. The greater the parent’s education, the more they understand the negative consequences of suppressing a fever, however the fear remains about the potentially damaging effects a fever could have on their child.

The action of a homeopathic remedy is two-fold : First there is the initial action, and that is followed by the healing reaction. As in the principle in physics of every action having an opposite but equal reaction, the two actions of the homeopathic remedy have this same sort of pattern. In acute diseases, such as intense fevers, it is the initial action which is much more prominant and visible in the action of the remedy, in contrast to long-term, slow moving chronic illness, it is much more the healing reaction which is experienced by the patient.

The initial action occurs almost immediately upon taking the remedy, and it is the moment in time where the energy of the disease is augmented by the energy of the remedy. Remember that the homeopathic remedy is given on the basis of the law of similars, meaning that the disease and the remedy are very much alike. As in the forestry practice of ‘fighting fire with fire’, the initial action is that moment where the planned fire comes into contact with the wild fire, and there is a temporary flare-up of the flames.

This leads us to the answer to our question, which is that for a temporary span of time (usually seconds or minutes, and in rare cases hours), the original disease symptoms will increase. In the case of a Belladonna-like disease, this may include the redness and heat of the skin, the delirium, and the vivid and palpable sensation of heat upon touching the patient’s skin. The actual thermometer temperature may or may not change at this point.

The question behind this question is getting at the concern for causing any undue harm to the child by increasing the fever. As I just pointed out, the actual thermometer temperature may or may not temporarily increase in a given case. More importantly, however, is not the issue of the temperature, in terms of a quantitative measure, but what is happening at a qualitative level in such a scenario.

To go back to the principle of similars, we need to remember that this is nature’s law of cure, and that there is an important distinction to be made between a disease state itself, and its symptoms. Giving Belladonna is addressing the disease state itself, which is the real thing to be concerned about. The fever and other symptoms are not the disease, but rather the body’s visible struggle with the disease. While a fever does need to be respected, and carefully observed, it is ultimately only a secondary aspect of this whole phenomenon. The fact that the body has the capacity to mount such a strong defence, and that it may be temporarily augmented by the initial action of the remedy is a sign of a very healthy immune system. This is a critically important point for helping parents switching their thinking from a quantitative way of looking at this phenomenon, to a more qualitative way.

The Chthonic Realm : Belladonna












Belladonna is one of the top remedies for childhood fever. It produces an incredible heat, so much so, that if you touch the forehead of the feverish child, the heat is still palpably present in your hand even after you’ve removed it. It is one of the most common remedies used at home by parents, and should be a staple item in every homeopathic first aid kit.

The core feeling in Belladonna is of an attack which comes on suddenly, and which a tremendous amount of energy needs to be mustered to either run away, or fight off the attacker. The Belladonna fever in children is one where the fever, and the whole state comes on very rapidly. All kinds of delusions, and states of delirium are characteristic of this remedy.

The image of this remedy was forever cemented into my mind many years ago, when I had a co-worker who suffered periodic flare-ups of the Belladonna state of mind and feeling. She suffered from a delusion that the police were following her, tapping her phone line, etc., and at unexpected moments in the midst of a conversation, she would flare up into the most amazing accusations that you were working for the cops, raising her voice at you as her face turned beet red. There was a feeling that the possibility of violence was not far away at all. Before long, the storm would pass, almost as if nothing had happened.

Physically, this remedy can be useful in some epileptic conditions. It is also useful for bed wetting in children. In younger children, it can be the remedy to provide relief when aggressive biting is a problem. It is often a remedy very helpful for young mothers suffering from mastitis, especially where there are symptoms of extreme redness, and sensations of heat and even throbbing pain. It can also be helpful for the after-effects of sunstroke.


Fever, Inflammation, and Homeopathy

“Prescribed Fire” is a technique used in forestry to promote the health of the eco-system; it cleans up forest floor debris and old growth, and triggers new growth, which is suitable for animal habitat. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, and when done correctly, nature repays the compliment with new healthy growth. This deliberate intervention is also a good way to prevent the large, out-of-control blazes, such as those suffered in British Columbia a few summers ago. When fire is continuously suppressed, the life cycle of the forest is interrupted and begins to spiral towards disaster. Nature will always find a way to restore balance, no matter what degree of sacrifice and destruction is required.

This same logic is also true for our own health – inflammation has a positive purpose for our health and development. Fever, for example, is not only a powerful part of our immune response, but it is also a trigger for the stages of childhood development. It has been widely observed that a child will go through a growth spurt after resolving a childhood illness, such as measles or chicken pox. If fever is suppressed with drugs or herbs, then the toxins and microbes are stored in the cells, rather than burned off. Also, a lack of fevers in childhood sets the stage for cancer later in life, as the unexpressed energy of the fever needs to manifest in another form. Nature balances the equation here as well.
The question of what to do for a child in the face of infection and fever puts many parents into a dilemma. On the one hand, the impulse to protect the child from the assumed dangers of fever is unfortunately translated into a suppressive medical approach, which takes its toll on long-term health. Oh the other hand, sitting back and doing nothing can also raise a great deal of anxiety – letting nature take its course may be a risk in certain cases. So the question shouldn’t be to intervene or not, but how to do so in accordance with nature and without risking unnecessary damage. Like the forestry example above, Homeopathy imitates nature, and “fights fire with fire”, with speedy results, and no side-effects.
Childhood fevers can be safely and easily treated with homeopathic remedies, which act to resolve the fever process more quickly, rather than suppress it. The Law of Similars, or “like cures like”, means that the correct homeopathic remedy will move the fever forward in the direction it is already going, rather than stall it. The result is a quicker resolution of the fever, with less pain and suffering, and without the toxic by-products of the fever being stored in the cellular memory. A number of parents are also choosing to use equivalent Homeopathic remedies in place of the standard vaccine program.
Fever is only one example of a healthy life function that can be suppressed. Certain physical traumas and emotional shocks can also create a blockage in the life force. These become the kindling which eventually ignites the latent diseases that have been passed down through the family tree, such as cancer and heart disease, which first start to manifest in “minor” symptoms, such as migraines, or chronic infections. By systematically removing these blockages, any symptoms or tendency towards illness will no longer find anywhere to root, and the life force will be able to function in full radiant health.