The Cancer Connection – Genetics, Infertility, and You

There’s a close relationship between the factors of infertility, and a predisposition to cancer. We all have cancer cells in our body. It’s a normal part of our physiology.

Your body is in a constant state of recreating itself. Old cells are constantly being replacing by new ones. Your body’s cell factory is busier than Santa’s workshop on December 23rd.

But even in a state of perfect health, some newly created cells are defective. This is to be expected with such high speed production. A healthy immune system disposes of these defective cells immediately.

These cancer cells only become a health problem when chronic stress or illness prevents your immune system from doing its job. Defective cells can start to accumulate. If this trend continues, you cross a biological threshold, and “cancer” is now a pathology. Your inner “PacMan” can’t gobble up the defective cells as fast as they’re being created.

Eat well, get plenty of sleep, minimize toxins – I think we all got this memo on cancer prevention. But perfect diet and lifestyle aren’t enough for cancer prevention. What if there’s an underlying predisposition to cancer in your family tree? What if you’ve been dealt a stacked deck of genetic cards?

This is where cancer meets infertility. The genetic predisposition to cancer also shares many elements with infertility. The big underlying pattern is what we could call “reversal”.  That is, the natural flow of life is reversed, and starts flowing in the wrong direction. In a state of natural health, your life energy flows from the inside out. This is true at both levels – biological and psychological. In cancer and infertility, it’s like the flow is going the wrong way down a one-way street. You can imagine what that would feel like!

“Stress” is part of life, but how we handle it makes the difference. The cancer state of mind tends to internalize stress. It’s a “grin and bear it” attitude. Life energy is flowing more in than out. Sadness, anxiety, or disappointment all get stored up rather than expressed.

This same pattern is mirrored at the cellular level. It disrupts the all-important fertility factor of pH balance. If cancer is in your family tree, pH balance will be an uphill battle for you. Even with a “perfect” diet, your cells will struggle to function naturally.

This pattern goes opposite to natural fertility. While the state of mind internalizes stress, the cells become acidic. Natural flow is from the inside out, but it’s reversed here. The state of mind reinforces the acidic cellular physiology, and vice versa. It’s a vicious circle.

How can you tell if the tendency to cancer is in your family tree? There are subtle signs, beyond an obvious medical history of cancer. Conditions such as chronic fatigue, depression, or anxiety may exist. Trouble with sugar metabolism, diabetes – or even an extreme “sweet tooth” counts.

The underlying state of mind is one of “resignation”. It’s a stance of reacting to external forces, rather than having a self-directed posture in life. A state of over-sensitivity may display physically or emotionally.

These are just hints, but they all illustrate the underlying reversed flow of life energy. Your body does everything it can to reverse this pattern. It chews through a lot of your resources along the way, including procreativity.

This is not a part of cancer we usually hear about. It’s the very early part of the disease which begins with a reversal in some of the most basic life functions.

What’s the importance of this to your fertility plan? It’s to realize that there are non-lifestyle reasons your pH level may seem more acidic than you’d expect. Promise me you won’t reach for strong fertility hormone prescriptions out of panic! Start by restoring your basic life and health functions first.


This topic is further expanded in Step 2 of The 8 Steps to Natural Fertility Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About.

You can download your free copy here.

Resolving My Food Cravings – A Personal Reflection

I used to suffer food cravings, too. After a day full of serving patients and my family, I used to finally sit down (well after the sun had gone down) and enjoy a morsel of dark chocolate. Often times, it was well beyond a morsel!

It was like a negative spiral as then I’d have trouble sleeping or be up a time or two to urinate in the night which did not help my feeling of being rested the next day. I was stuck in a loop of need without emotional fulfillment.

The bottom line was that the more I needed the chocolate, the less I felt rested. I was living to eat, not eating to live.

The Cancer state of mind actually craves chocolate. In fact, stay out of their way when they’re en route to their fix, as they’ll slay dragons bare handed to get it. Sound familiar?

The Cancer state of mind is one where you rescue others to the exclusion of self, are living the unlived life, and are feeling resigned that this is your fate from here on in. That was my story too. The chocolate gave me a tiny illusion, just for the moment that this wasn’t true.

It seemed like much more energy to resolve my plight outright than I had. I knew more fats would help, I also knew more tender acts of self-love and fulfillment were also key. But where to start?

That is when I took a dose of Carcinosin and Chocolatum and made a list of what I needed more of in my life. I went after “the feeling.”  If I was going to do this thing called life, long-term, how would I imagine a better state of grace for myself?  

Well the answer to this has spanned many blogs, a couple of books, and a  decade. Give us a call as we’re happy to share the answers we found with you, verbally, based on your own struggles. It’s what we do for our patients, but not to the exclusion of having solved it for ourselves first. Are you ready?

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Women’s Work; How To Lessen The Burden














When the kids were still at home, we had a couple of systems that worked well as we had two busy practices, both of us were doing postgraduate research and we had a farm to also run. Basic stuff had to get done, but I was unwilling to be the sacrificial lady lamb in the equation. Jeff, also, would not allow this to happen to me, either, so we developed some basic systems.

Every week we had a white board on the fridge and the four of us would divvy up the chores to be done that week, listed for each day. We also had laundry-folding parties where everyone would meet in the living room, the clean laundry spilt out of the baskets onto the floor and then everyone would help sort by pitching undies, shirts, pants etc. at each other until it all got distributed. Great hand-eye coordination and memory work with this one! Each person had their own basket to fold (or gather) their clean clothes into and then put them away in their drawers or closet.

If the kids needed help, they would ask as we buddied up when one child was smaller and more challenged with the task at hand, but they were generally part of the sorting party by the time they were 4 and running the washer and dryer by 12. Sometimes their clean clothes lived in that basket until they got to the bottom, but it had to be kept in their closet. It was their choice as long as it was “put away.”

The other thing that helped a lot is that we had a shared grocery/general shopping list app on our phones divided into categories like “market,” “grocery store” or “hardware store.” If stuff needed to get on the list, like ‘cheese’, the child had to use our phones to load it on there or it wouldn’t get bought. Over time, they both got better at spelling these items … but often either Jeff or I would be standing in the grocery aisle laughing ourselves silly as Jordan got good at writing items like, “monkey balls” or “penis pickles.”

When they were in their teens, they had the same shared list on their own phones and then when they drove, they also did the groceries. Yay! We helped to grow them into these shared roles from the time that they were little. They were also taught how to manage bills, make payments, and budget accordingly. Now, we’re showing them how to invest in ways that yield solid returns.

The idea was/is to make it fun, there was always some joking around, and the burden was never all on my shoulders to be the Queen-pin of our domestic operations. We also divvied up the cooking and everyone took a night or two preparing supper for the family. We ate a lot of the same things and our crock pot got a lot of use. Sundays, we’d get some music on, Adie would often bake (her Scottish shortbreads are to die for), I’d prepare one meal, Jeff another and Jordan would be designated sous chef or dishwasher. The key was that we worked together at all of it … including mucking out the stalls in the barn. It built a sense of teamwork and belonging. A dull knife and a carrot can keep a toddler busy for quite awhile!

In our practice, we see a lot of women chronically in a Sepia state (the careworn mother) or Cancer state of mind (rescuing others to the exclusion of self). It is important to activate the health and well-being of our essential selves so as not to default to this program often wrought by our fore-mothers. Trying to work full-time and/or homeschool and then also deal with all of the responsibilities of hearth and home (or farm) can start out as protracted stress and then become, over time, Sepia or Cancer states qualifying you for more aggressive treatments. Is it time to wake from your resignation?


Here’s the original article, by Lisa Wade, that this blog was inspired by ….

My Passionflower In The Present Looks Back At The Cancerous Daffodil Of My Past














Recently re-fitting out my first book, The Path To Cure, as a new audio book for a podcast was a ginormous 18 month long project. Jeff asked me to write a brand new intro to every chapter being revealed to a brand new audience weekly. As a result, I had to relive every one of my words written, wrought with so much pain and suffering from the past. For this month’s newsletter theme on Cancer, I chose to decorate the banner with the passion flower instead of the daffodil. Perhaps below, and in our blogs contained herein, you’ll understand the dynamic reason for this.

The truth is that what you’re destined to be is buried like a passionflower seed in your loins and to fully actuate your passion means first finding your individual seed, discerning what it means, and then providing the conditions ripe for it to grow. Think about what you’ve engaged with in life where you truly lose all track of time. If you still can’t figure it out, pick up Boni Lonsburry’s book, The Map to a Responsive Universe Where Dreams Really Do Come True.

Boni acknowledges that while not everyone knows what they want to be, she correctly cites that everyone knows how they want to feel. By holding the charge of feeling and tossing over board your beliefs that you’re value is not great enough to receive such abundance, you can create the circumstances ripe for what you feel ordained to be. Your passionflower will begin to self-actuate and seemingly random opportunities will start to crystallize.

Cancer grows in an environment devoid of heat (resonant sex), oxygen (principled recreation) and love (true desire function). The opposite is the recipe for a fully orgasmic life!

Sugar and chocolate are suppressive and a function of an oral block. She just can’t get the sweet passion out of life!  Eating sugar and chocolate is really a sad attempt to garner the sweetness from life externally instead of through primary drives internally. You’re not wholly expressing your feelings to yourself, or others in your life, or fully actualizing your love function (your passion) through to a full fruition (the fruit itself).  You have to have juicy sex with the whole of your world.

A primary drive as per full actualization is feeling so connected to your love function that you make no excuses to create what you love confidently and share it with the world unabashedly. This God-imbued talent or gift is hidden in your generative capacity and as you go through Heilkunst treatment, it will get harder and harder to suppress it.  Your passion flower can not be suppressed long-term without symptoms.

Don’t be surprised if you suddenly start doodling while on the phone, or magically waking up with whole poems written in your head, or feel driven to teach others how to ferment their own foods, sew baby’s clothing and sell them, coach a fellow mom at her birth, or suddenly pick up a musical instrument, dance, sing, teach, research or become an astronaut. These are just examples I’m thinking of from specific patients I’ve served.

Perhaps this year, you’re poised to find the man or woman of your dreams to have the kind of spiritual and romantic sex that you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t ever settle for anything less, as the Cancer state of mind will reduce your bar, sublimating your true desire function into watching television, eating non-resonant junk foods, doing things for family members to the exclusion of yourself more out of obligation than love or working that tortuous 9-5 desk job in that 10 x 12 cubicle with the daily 3 hour commute.

Cancer is a state of mind defined as the disease of resignation.  You’ll hear her say things like, “Well, if I don’t do it, no one else will. And certainly no one can do it as well as me.”  They’re exhausted, burnt out.  When you listen to them, your internal pathetic meter will be activated.  I know, as I used to provoke this response in others.  Due to my lack of inner guidance system, folks would happily step up to take over and tell me precisely their agenda and how I’d want to come along.

Cancer loves a false authority which is why I gravitated to false patriarchal constructs like Judaism and also worked for the Government. If someone asked me how I was, I put my child in front of me like a mascot for my un-lived life.  The truth was, I didn’t really know.  I was just that pathetic an I ended up with an inch and a half round tumour in my left breast as an emblem of how I was devoid of self-nurturing and a real sense of my self.

Let us know if you feel you’re suffering the same and we’ll provide you with the therapeutic keys to harness your own passion flower.  We all deserve to wholly self-actualize.  I should know … and, oh baby, I do.  It’s why I stepped up onto “The Path to Cure.”

Cancer and How We Solve It Dynamically With Heilkunst, Homeopathy, Orgastic Potency, Oxygen, Iodine, Vitamin D and Juicing


Over a decade ago, or more, after locating a hard tumour in my left breast of some significance (about an inch or more in circumference), I decided that if I had it biopsied, I’d risk the spread of the highly contained cells to the rest of my body.  For some unknown reason, I just trusted that if I had an ear that obviously had a function, why did I moralize that I needed to cut out a tumour in my breast and then fry my beloved breast with radiation and chemical therapy.  Cutting it out was beyond my comprehension.  It just felt deeply counter-intuitive to me.

I figured that the tumour had a function and that it would leave of it’s own accord if and when it was finished teaching me why it was there.  Some family and friends freaked out when they found out that I wasn’t going the allopathic route to irradiate it.  If you read my first book, “The Path To Cure; The Whole Art of Healing,” you’ll know that I called my tumour “Pansy” as I always sought an imaginary friend when I was a kid with the same name who would like to do some of the cool stuff that I was into like building tree forts and drawing for hours.

At this juncture in my careworn life (after my son was safely out of the Autism Spectrum), it seemed that Pansy had suddenly shown up with an encoded message.  When I finally just sat down on the top of a mountain after trying to flee from her in terror, I learned that she simply wanted to engage with more fulfilling activities like going to the art gallery, learning how to draw again, taking afternoon naps and having really delicious sex with her resonant other.  At the time, I’d just let go of a very stale marriage.  It was up to me whether or not I chose to listen to her message.

I started taking the homeopathic remedies for a hard, left sided breast tumour and I went out and bought a $700 juicer.  I’d heard about Dr. Gerson‘s approach to annihilating Cancer in many of his patients.  He was so successful, that his institute was asked by the American Medical Association to leave the United States.  As a result, they set up shop in Mexico and Hungary.  If you want to know more about the allopathic approach to cancer and why it’s become lethal to most cancer patients, read “Physician” by Richard Leviton or “Reclaiming Our Health” by John Robbins.  A documentary that is very good that few people know about on the reason that Cancer is not treated with success by the allopaths can be viewed here.

Years ago, I served an oncologist for cancer who refused to use his own protocols.  He cited that after he effectively demoralized the patient by telling them that they only had 6 months to live, he literally poisoned them to death with radiation and chemotherapy.  I was amazed at how candid he was.  Seven years later, he’s still living today, cancer free, as an outdoor adventure tour guide far off the grid in another country.  He chose to give up allopathic medicine as a result of reading the book “Physician” and solving his own Cancer Matrix outright.  He too, is in love with his new life.

Cancer proliferates in an acidic and anaerobic (airless) environment.  It seeks out one specific thing to sustain it; sugar.  The individual is trying to suck the sweetness from life like a butterfly with a broken proboscis (insect-like straw).  I had a patient in the cancer matrix whose allopathic physician recommended that she consume “Boost.”  If you’ve read the ingredients, you’ll see quickly why this is actually counter productive and can actually harm a patient’s delicate health:


Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 7.45.14 PM






To solve my own Cancer matrix, I applied Heilkunst Principles which included the homotonic homeopathic remedies for the issues on my timeline where I’d rescued others to the exclusion of myself in addition to the Cancer Miasm coming down my family line.  I also chose to adopt Dr. Max Gerson’s regimen to flood my system with alkaline-rich foods like raw carrot, kale, beet, apple and ginger juices.  I also upped my vitamin D, iodine, and oxygen therapy by getting lots of cardio exercise in well-treed forests where I still nordic walk for several hours each week.  I also let go of my stale marriage and found my resonant lover.  I also learned to draw, paint, meditate, photograph, and write poetry and Pansy then let me go within about 6-8 weeks.  I actually recall writing that I really missed her.  She’d taught me a lot!

Anita Moorjani, who wrote the book “Dying To Be Me,” nearly died from stage 4 cancer and then also met the essence of her animating force through a near death experience.  Thankfully, she then came back to dissolve every one of her tumours in a small number of weeks using no treatment therapy known to man or woman; her own state of mind.  I too had to learn to “surrender” to learn to be me before my pansy would let go of me.  I had to learn how to keep committing to the myself and the force that chooses to love and animate me.  The false ego, full of ugly attachments, had to go!

Unearthing the roots of my feminine marginalization in our culture led me into a decade of research on why 80% of cancer occurs in women, 80% of the time in our sex organs.  I went on a mission to suss out the route cause and in the process, I tripped over God. Not the sistine chapel God with the white hair and definitely not the God of Church-ianity, but the gnostic unutterable silence that first started it’s oscillation between the masculine and feminine force that created all of life from the most profoundest of love; the very essence of our very human nature, the God of the Pleroma.  I wanted to know the very essence of the source of the all.  My tumour led me to one of the keys to the Kingdom.

In case you’re curious,  I’m working on a new memoir in that vein entirely, now, and can’t even remotely imagine how I could have once lived the cancer paradigm; the un-lived life while trying to rescue others to the exclusion of myself. Thankfully that state of mind seems eons away, or was it?  I’ve reclaimed my health, recommitted once again, and have repaired my proboscis.  Now, others consult with me, and my husband who uses CoRe Bioresonance Feedback to solve their own cancer matrix.  Each one of them have to learn how to do get the sweetness from their lives, in a similar way, for themselves while drinking the nectar of lots of juiced carrots on many afternoons between the sheets.




Multiple Sclerosis; Stored Up Rage And Resentment From Childhood and Even Past Lives














Do you know someone with MS? Did you know that they’re harbouring every childhood slight, resentment and undischarged bit of hatred and rage in their body?  They’re not properly threaded in the capacity to discharge their feelings.  Their literally a “nervous” wreck creating an abnormal hardening of the body tissue in an effort to “hang on” due to an excessive resistance to change.

Their issues are deep and karmic. The spasms and chronic inflammation are an indication of their armour‘s inability to let go. In technical terms, they’re ‘sympathetic storming’ and through Heilkunst treatment, we work to help them to let go of their stored up content and respect the parasympathetic state of wisdom and relaxation.  It isn’t easy as they’ve been postured in this gesture typically a long time.  Some have even been born in this contractive feedback loop.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 9.25.52 AM





Subconsciously, the MS patient has chosen to store up all that content and turn it in on themselves in a defiant act of self-martyrdom. The roots lie mostly in the Genetic Miasms Cancer, Syphilis and Lyme.  They will say things like, “I’m completely useless and worthless” for which the remedies Aurum and Lachesis will help to start lapping away at their deeper pathology.

Here’s Narayan Singh’s (aka Michael J. Lincoln) “Messages From The Body” on MS:

MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (Loss of nerve endings, resulting in weakness and incoordination)
‘Wardening of the attitudes.” They are being forced to look at things they’ve never looked at

before, including past life stuff. They are having to live life for the moment, and to be crystal clear about

what they can have and what they can’t have. They have typically been highly oppressive and coercively

demanding in their pattern in past lives. They have a will of iron, and they are intensely inflexible, all of

which arises out of a generalized dread. They have taken on their situation with self-willed determination,

in a “true grit” response to the situation, leading to a “pit bull” stubbornness and to a “going down

fighting” approach. They have taken on a real mental hard-nosed and hard-headed approach. It is the

resultant of growing up in a rigidly patriarchal household.


“Exploitation-rage.” They feel like they have been forced to undertake hard physical work or

its equivalent in energy output against their will. They feel there is no support or assistance, and that they

have to sustain everyone all by themselves. They hate it, and they desperately want help and support.

They feel that they have exhausted themselves, and they really resent it. They feel alone and alienated,

and they are full of despair. They are in effect wreaking revenge upon those who never loved them.

Their family were exploitive and demanding, with little or no concern for their needs or welfare.


“Gotta take care of it myself!” They are into severe martyr-tripping, guilt-inducing and massive

control-tripping. They have a real “thing” about reforming and reforming things. They are very rigid

and moralistic, with a steel-reinforced value system and a fixed way of looking at the world and of doing

things. They are fearful that if they don’t take a personal hand in things, it will all go to hell in a bread

basket. They have a great deal of bottom line despair in response to their original severely dysfunctional

and judgmental family, in which they played the “hero(ine)-rescuer.” They were the “family hoist”,

and inflexibly disaster-deflection became their specialty.


“Self-straight-jacketing.” They are fearful of being free, and they are terrified of their true feelings. They are repressing their emotions, and they are therefore trapping themselves into immobilization and muscular atrophy. They are as a result unable to cope or to flow with change or to work in a co-creative and cooperative relationship with the world. They have then subsequently “selective electromagnetically” attracted and been attracted to overwhelming situations and relationships just like the original family’s scene. They therefore have a strong codependent “rescue trip” pattern which is now leading to a final denouement with regard to learning the lessons involved.


As mentioned in another blog, a person only has three possible outcomes when addressing a disease matrix : cure, suppression or palliation.  The bottom line is that you can work to cure it with Heilkunst Medicine or try to suppress it with drugs that cost about $15,000 – $20,000 per year.  It depends entirely on what your personal goals are as sussing out the root cause and coming to terms with the emotional and karmic aetiology is never easy, either.

In Pursuit Of Sweetness; How To Diagnose The True Meaning Of Diabetes


If you are getting to know us here at Arcanum Wholistic Clinic, you’re probably beginning to recognize that Heilkunst Medicine looks at all disease matrices phenomenologically. What that means is that while allopathic science attempts to shut the symptoms down through palliation or suppression, we’re all about discerning the root cause and the reason you contracted with the disease state in the first place. Perhaps think of us as forensic health scientists. We feel that disease is not a cursory blip on your landscape, but that the roots should be thoroughly scoped out, not just at the biological level, but also at the level of your emotional resonance with this disease entity, if you will. The bottom line is why, spiritually, did you sign the contract with a disease like diabetes in the first place?

First of all, diabetes can be defined as, “not being able to extract the sweetness from life.”  Whether you’re born with this challenge or you develop the condition later in life as Type II, the phenomenon is the same. The diabetic sufferer will feel that they don’t have enough physical, emotional, or spiritual resources to actualize their goals and their dreams, so they try to garner it from other external sources like sugar. Alternatively, when in health, the individual will be able to effectively marshal their resources internally, activating their true desire function, living a life  of perpetual enthusiasm, excitement, and pleasure. Fully engineered health is an inside-out job, not an outside-in job, so if the pancreas can’t metabolize your sugars, it is due to the fact that you can’t easily metabolize a life fulfilled with generous doses of milk and honey.

Young Woman at Blackboard

© Bowie15 | – Young Woman Looking At A Blackboard Photo

Individuals suffering the “diabetic” state of mind will often display a persona that is “sickly sweet.”  Even if they harbour hostility, they generally won’t risk revealing their true feelings for fear of creating conflict. They will attempt to perpetuate that everything is just fine even when their environment is truly intolerable.  Also, they’re usually well-behaved children, rarely rocking the family boat, and hardly ever rebelling as teenagers. You will notice that they’re the type to  just put up with the expectations at school, as well, struggling to assimilate all of the information shoved at them while trying to memorize all the cold data just to appear as a “good student.”  Rudolf Steiner, founder of Waldorf Education and Spiritual Scientist, illustrates one aspect of the phenomenon around adult onset diabetes as,

“Imagine that you are stressing the memory capacity of the child excessively around the ninth or tenth year of life, that memory is used too much as a means in education. The consequences of this will show themselves only when the human being is in his thirties or forties or even later. Then the person will become either a sufferer of rheumatism or diabetes. Precisely when memory is used inappropriately around the ninth or tenth year of life, then this overwhelming of memory in childhood will show itself later in excessive deposits of metabolic products … On the other hand, when the child is required to use too little memory – when we are appealing too little to the child’s ability to remember – then we will call forth in later life a tendency for inflammatory processes of all sorts. To understand how the bodily conditions of one epoch of life are the consequences of the spiritual-soul conditions of another life-stage is one of the most important things that we must realize.” (Freely translated.)


This means that the way our state-based education system is structured around forced memorization, as opposed to allowing the individual to unfold their true desire program naturally (to know what they want to know when they want to know it out of inner enthusiasm and excitement), causes the expression of disease later on in life.  Another example of this that Steiner talks about in other lectures is that a child caused to awaken the intellect too early on in childhood, will be more likely to develop Alzheimer’s or dementia at the other end of their life.  Also, based on Harris Coulter’s research, the suppressive nature of vaccines will cause cancer and psychotic behaviours, exhibited as criminal activity later in life, alleviating the individual of their righteous discernment and natural compassion.  Literally, their ego (ontic or warmth organism, as per Steiner), sense of individuality, and autonomy is cancelled and suppressed, creating more cold, intellectualized, and disturbing behaviour where natural emotions are negated.


When we trump a child’s natural unfolding through self-learning, cancelling out their true desire program, more specifically around ages 9 and 10, we promote diabetes and joint issues like rheumatism and arthritis.  Again, rather than enabling them to engage with their own excitement and enthusiasm by helping them activate their individual desire program, through pushed curriculums, testing, and exams, you cause them to shut down their ability to derive the sweetness from their life.  The mineralization, usually showing up first in the extremities,  is a by-product of the phenomenon “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” or a form of “excarnation”; the body’s subconscious exit strategy as nature begins to take the reins back.  Consider arthritis in the hands for a moment.  If you love your life, giving and receiving out of a sense of love, grace, purpose, faith, and fulfillment, your hands will be warm, labile, motile, and wonderfully flexible.   The opposite occurs when we’re forced to remember things that don’t interest us, making us suffer feelings of entrapment or wondering where the pleasure is in all this useless memorization.  Sclerotic stiffening and rigamortus (even of the pancreas), if you will, is all a by-product of ignoring one’s true, individual, and ordained desire program.  Heilkunst Medicine is about clawing our healthy individuality all back from the negating forces that suppressed us so that we derive sweetness, love, joy, lability, and fulfillment.

We’re finding after 20 years of research that diabetes is also a by-product of the suppressive nature of vaccines, which alter the development of natural immunity (code term for sense of oneself).  Diabetes is a lack of self-actualization, a result linked to an autoimmune insult.

“Some of the best evidence suggesting diabetics may have an immune disorder include papers showing an increased incidence of classic autoimmune diseases like thyroiditis in Type I diabetics (Landin-Olsson, Karlsson, Dahlquistet al.1989a). That antithyroid antibodies are more common in females, but islet cell antibodies and diabetes are equally common in males and females, has raised questions on whether the disorders are causally related or are derived from common immunologic defects.”


At the early onset of diabetic symptoms, the pancreas will often become inflamed. As per Michael Lincoln, PhD., from his book, Messages From The Body, he describes the pancreatic inflammation as a difficulty in integration and expressing love. Fundamentally, the individual doesn’t believe that they deserve love, or they believe that, “Love is a poison apple.”  They will suffer a lot of guilt and feelings around an intrinsic lack of value. Their self-esteem will be broken due to feeling rejected by their family from an early age.


Lincoln goes on to elaborate with regards to diabetes as a, “Boulevard of broken dreams.”  You will see a deep longing for what might have been if not for all of the emotional shocks and trauma. They suffer a deep dislike for themselves, accompanied by a sorrow and a sense of “starving to death in the midst of plenty.”  Their despair will be one of desperation, demoralization, and depression. In order to restore health outright, in this regard, we need to also solve the state of mind in conjunction with the physical resolution. Otherwise, medicine will just keep falling short of its intended mark with patients and they’ll be left to manage solely with drugs.

Dr. Lincoln goes on to cite that the diabetes state itself, “is stuck on an ideal image of what life should be like, and they feel that their quality of life has been taken from them.”  This is the key!  So many of us in our 40s, 50s, and beyond were raised with shattered dreams as our parents and teachers unknowingly were not wholly versed in conscious actualization of their essential self.  Our broken mentors created instead a preponderance for forced learning, deprivation of our individuality, and squashing of our unique expression for creativity and wisdom.  Most of us felt secretly crushed by their demonizing of wealth due to post-war coupons, scrimping and saving against the debt-based economy.  Most of us never witnessed expressions of utter fulfillment, grace, ease, autonomy, and sovereignty.  How can they have mentored something that they were too suppressed to even know they had a right to create themselves?  They didn’t; so as a result we very often suffered a life devoid of sweetness, maximizing our harboured rage and physical and emotional suffering.

As a result, having been puppeted by disease, the diabetic sufferer will re-orchestrate “sweetness starvation” in their lives. Singh further cites that they have to rear their own selves, totally unaided, becoming “self-made,” martyred in the “share the misery” process. Due to their perpetual disappointment, they become embittered; the opposite of sweet! Diabetics are often cynical in their orientation as a result of the repeated emotional shocks and traumas on their life’s timeline; these are precisely what we systematically “mop up” with the use of homeopathic principles, during the course of Heilkunst treatment.

Due to the fact that actualizing our full essential selves was rarely mentored for us, we’re pinioned under poverty consciousness; idealizing that things should be different. Do you know how many sugar, coffee, alcohol, cannabis, chocolate, and doctor-induced drug addicts I serve?  These entirely unnatural, suppressive forces break the spirit, leaving the heavy imprint on the subconscious that we’re living in a “hostile world” with “fatalistic expectations of further complications and debilitations in our life,” as per Singh. At base, the diabetic actually does not feel that they deserve to have their basic needs met.  Sadly, most of us don’t when we truly study the phenomenon at hand.  By curing the underlying cause with the principles of Heilkunst and allowing for true joy and sweetness to seep into the newly emptied space through conscious creation, the reliance on refined sugars disappears. We can wholly over-turn a soured life completely devoid of sweetness, where control, manipulation, hyper-doing, super-seriousness, somberness, and worries about base survival are harboured .

As mentioned prior, Type I and II, from a phenomenological standpoint, are the same. The state of mind is the same, it just manifests itself at a different time; the spiritual contract signed pre-birth or sometime thereafter in the space-time continuum. The diabetes state of mind is one of feeling “love-starved” with a desperate longing to belong, however, they feel intensely emotionally insulated. This will often reveal itself further with thyroid complications (not able to express anger verbally) and also cancer (the unlived life, martyrdom, and rescuing others to the exclusion of the self). Tumors are just trapped energy walled off under the beliefs and armoring remaining improperly exhumed and undischarged.

Incidentally, you don’t need an allopathic doctor to pronounce you in a lordly fashion as a “diabetic.”  If you were a fly on the wall in my clinic office, you’d hear 95% of my patients cite that they have some form of addiction to chocolate and/or sugar.  Very typically, after serving everyone else in her world over the course of the day at her job, resourcefully providing her family with that requisite healthy evening meal and then cleaning up the kitchen and helping the kids with their homework, while the washing machine launches into yet another spin cycle, she eventually sits down, after a 14 hour day of abject servitude, with her sweet drug of choice.  Sugar suppresses anger.  It is no accident that anger turned inside on oneself is the anatomy of the tumor.  Diabetes is actually predominantly anchored to the Cancer Miasm and in Dr. Roger Morrison’s,  Desktop Guide to Keynotes And Confirmatory Symptoms, he cites that individuals suffering cancer crave chocolate.  The dots actually line up; the aetiology of a true diagnosis revealed.

Source: For a proving of Chocolatum, see here:


Over time, this state of harboured rage will reveal itself as armored, self-protection as the urban hermit or the cat lady, who felt constantly blamed by those who birthed them that, “If it weren’t for them …”, ends up believing that they don’t deserve an intimate relationship first with themselves, or with others. They’ll eventually withdraw from society and others, shutting down any social involvement in any real or meaningful way, ensuring that their vulnerability is protected, feeding it with love-substitutes such as carbohydrates, sugars, bread, and pasta; their body, over time, becoming insulin-resistant.  Individuals living in families will even describe feeling “walled off,” lonely, and isolated. This is the level of root causation that we treat using Heilkunst principles of regimen, medicine, and spiritual cognitive therapies.  What do you want your sweet life to feel like?

An Introduction to the Cancer Miasm

I’ve been periodically writing about the seasonally-related chronic miasms, or inherited disease patterns from the family tree. Coming in to the month of May, we are just hitting the transitional point halfway  between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. This is the time of the year where the Cancer miasm becomes most overt.

Like all of the transitional chronic miasms, cancer is a kind of hybrid between the two dominant miasms which are adjacent in the sequence. The bursting, explosive energy of Sycosis in the spring, and the decaying, destructive energy of Syphilis in the heart of the summer are the two parents which gave birth, so to speak, to the Cancer miasm.

Cancer, in terms of its allopathically-tracked statistics, is certainly a disease which can be considered on the same scale as an epidemic. And the “cancer” which Western medicine focuses on (ie the cancer tumour or cell) is just the tip of the iceberg of the deep, pervasive state of mind which cancer represents. Starting with this physical definition of cancer as the tumour, or the cell, we can see where this hybrid between sycosis and syphilis emerges as cancer — the rapid reproduction and metastatic spreading throughout multiple systems in the body is in line with the sycotic miasm, while the wasting away, dark destructive energy of the syphilis miasm makes up the other half of the equation.

In psychological and emotional terms, the cancer state of mind is one which is “resigned” — either from having given up from stress or disappointments in life, and just accepting that that is all one can expect from their life, or in terms of a weakness of will to counteract the stronger will power of their family or friends, and just accept what others have dictated for them. In anecdotal terms, nurses on cancer wards have often said that the cancer patients who actually express anger (at their condition, at their caretakers, etc.) are the ones most likely to survive. The typically sweet, polite personality of the cancer state of mind is usually tied to a prognosis of death. Similarly, others have referred to cancer as the only socially-acceptable form of suicide — the meaning of this sentiment gets to the heart of the idea of ‘resignation’, and the lack of ability to assert the unique needs of one’s core self, and may be the extreme negative polarity to the question of activating one’s true desire function. Another concept associated with this miasm is “the unlived life”, in this sense of a desire function left fallow and undeveloped.

Earlier stages of the cancer state of mind may include many anxieties, in the sense of a neurotic energy which can not find a natural avenue of discharge. One of the associated cravings in the cancer state of mind is for chocolate (sorry I have to be the bearer of bad news, my choc-aholic friends!), which is specific to this form of anxiety. It is often a very perfectionistic state of mind which drives one to engage in all manner of projects benefiting everyone else but I. The exhausted martyr is one picture you can think of in this context.


Other early stage signs of cancer can include certain types of headaches or migraines, as well as constipation. In fact, constipation is a great metaphor for understanding cancer at just about any level, in terms of a natural life process which is blocked, or even backed-up. People whose whole life is “constipated”, in terms of a lack of flow of development and forward movement, are just expressing cancer through a different avenue. Insomnia, particularly at around 4am, is another key early sign to the cancer miasm.

As with all diseases, of course, they can exist at a variety of depths, and some people are just wading in the shallow end of the early stages, while others are drowning in the deep end. This very brief overview should start to give you a taste of how to recognize cancer at a variety of stages, but there is much more detail that cannot all be fit into a single post.

I’ll leave you with the general point about cancer, as I mentioned above, being essentially at epidemic levels, and touching virtually everyone who is currently alive. It is a state of mind so deeply woven into the fabric of our modern consciousness, that it is extremely difficult to step back and see it objectively in oneself, or in close family and friends. For those of you in Heilkunst treatment, you may have already experienced your increased ability to clearly “see” the state of mind of cancer, to the degree that any layers of it within you have already been annihilated during the treatment of your miasms. I welcome your  experiences in the comments below, to help further illuminate what this disease state of mind is like.