An Introduction to the Psora Miasm









Following the cycle of chronic miasms in terms of the seasons of the year, we now come back around to the original chronic miasm which is linked to the Autumnal Equinox. Psora, which comes from the same root word as ‘psoriasis’, is the beginning of treating the complete cycle of eight chronic miasms. There are eight, as there are two per season. This first miasm in treatment corresponds to the oldest, or original chronic miasm in human history. As such, you can imagine that it’s symptoms relate back to an original loss of health, and the beginnings of a weakened immune system.

The symptom picture of Psora is related to our most superficial organs or functions. The skin is primarily affected, with all forms of rashes or general conditions such as eczema. Other outer aspects of our immune system are affected, as we see in cases of simple head colds or coughs — irritation of the mucous membranes and other first defences of the immune system are included here.

All Psora symptoms are related fundamentally to an underlying condition of dehydration and dryness at all levels — dryness of our cells and their basic functions impaired; also dryness of our minds, in terms of our modern predominance of intellect over feeling. Also, the fundamental state of mind of Psora relates to this theme of dryness, in that the theme is of ‘lack’ — lack of energy, lack of time, lack of money, or lack of love, etc. If you observe the frantic energy of animals in the fall as they are gathering their food stores for the winter, you’ll see an example of this feeling of lack, and behaviour based on fear for future survival.

Many issues presenting at the clinic level have at least some root back into this miasm. Many complaints of a lack of energy, as well as constant catching of colds will be related. Seasonal allergies related to the fall are very much rooted in this miasm. In fact, my own lifelong suffering of hay fever was completely eliminated when I was treated for this miasm. Physically, the patient suffering from Psora will tend to be quite chilly, and have a hard time warming up. The classic expression of this in the old materia medicas referrered to those who wear their fur hats in the middle of the summer. Along with the skin symptoms comes much itchiness, especially driving the patient mad when they get into bed. With or without itchiness, there may still be a lot of restless sleep.

Mentally and emotionally, Psora is characterized by much anxiety and restlessness. More deeply, a feeling of having been forsaken may become apparent.

Abundance is our Future

The underlying message of this Ted Talk caught my eye, as it reflects the deeper understanding of human capacity understood by Heilkunst. Our usual exposure to daily media exposes us to endless messages of war, destruction, and a constant message that we are destroying the planet and our long-term prospect for survival.

As I’ve written elsewhere in this blog, one of the unique understandings within Heilkunst is that our life force has a dual aspect made up of two powers : a sustentive (life sustaining), and a generative (sexual, creative). True healing must go beyond simply re-balance the sustentive power, and liberate the generative power to come into its full capacity for creativity and change-making. This is reflective within people’s world views, as well, as the typical view we’re saturated with by the news and other media is fundamentally based on a finite, limited sustentive power view of the human being, who is always on the verge of “running out” of energy and all other resources.

On a personal, individual level, this state of mind is contained within the primary chronic miasm (genetic disease) called Psora, which consolidates this world view within its diseased state of mind – the feeling and state of mind in Psora is of poverty, lacking, insufficiency, or “running on empty”. Physically, this is represented by all forms of symptoms of dryness and dehydration. It’s interesting that one of the facets of this video addresses a technological solution for providing vast amounts of water to all parts of the world.

Whether you agree with every specific point and proposed technology in this video is not the point; but rather, the underlying understanding of the human capacity for a generative overcoming of lacking and limitation gets to the root of the original state of health which everyone has access to through treatment.

Where have you allowed yourself to partake of a limited world view, possibly without even recognizing it?

Money And Its Relationship To Inner Value

Money can be a very touchy subject. When I was a kid, my Dad would pay the monthly household bills at the kitchen table. If you came upon him with his meticulously sorted accordion file, it was best if you backed slowly out of the room. This exercise never left him in the best of moods. My biological mother exhibited the greatest crime against her own inner value by committing suicide when I was eight years old. The woman who stepped in to replace her was a Certified General Accountant and I learned that money must be “managed” and luxuries “saved for.” I was raised with a strong Protestant work ethic and the attitude that swam in my veins is that everything must be struggled for and that you can only make enough to pay the bills and you’re lucky if you can eek out the little extra to go camping for a week or two in the summer or to Florida for a week at March Break. We were profoundly middle class.

When I entered my twenties, I got a good job working for the government (because I learned from my parents that a nice secure job with benefits is most desirable). I was fortunate enough to work in innovative groups called “task forces.” We would hire consultants, who were allegedly “smarter” than us, who would come in from the outside, look at our tasks and processes and help us to “reorganize” ourselves to do it differently … over and over again. Basically, these exercises would just pit the innovators against those individuals counting their days until retirement with the “leave me the heck alone” attitudes. It was curious to me that no matter how much I worked for the side of innovation, I was still paid the same amount as the “calendar counters.” And neither of us counted ourselves “satisfied” as neither of us could make a difference or ever be recognized by breaking the glass salary ceiling. While I effort-ed out of my Protestant work ethic, the bean counters proudly touted that they did next to nothing. We were all effectively impotent!

It took me 13 years of living this emotional suicide to recognize that I was destroying my own soul and inner value. I felt trapped in my own limited state of mind. It was at this time, that I began Heilkunst treatment. After taking the remedy Aurum Metallicum (derived from Gold) for “ailments of disappointed love, ailments from business reversals and humiliation, and fears of failure”, I chose to do the only thing that made sense to me. I dressed up my Curriculum Vitae and “became” a Consultant. For the first time in my life I felt a feeling of excitement, almost like I could soar with possibility. The glass ceiling shattered and in the first year, as an outside innovator, I earned double my annual income while only working 9 months of the year. Incidentally, I was doing the exact same work for the government, but I was now being called in from “the outside.” It was brilliant, I worked less hours and I had more time to spend with my small children. I secretly felt I was committing some crime to my WASP-ey heritage.

Over the next 4 years, I innovated organizations both public and private, really getting to know my own inner value. The problem became that I was putting all this glorious effort into organizations, that paid me very well, but the schism lay in the fact that I felt their Management remained stubbornly skewed. At this higher level of consulting, I wasn’t pitted against the state of mind of the workers, but the owners and managers. My core values did not match theirs and I kept getting enmeshed in their politics. I was taking their money and short-falling on the products and services based on our contract. I’d reached another kind of glass ceiling now as a consultant, and I knew that if I continued, I’d keep trying to jam my ethical center down, as my square peg didn’t fit their round hole. I would have to work for myself.

As a Physician, who charges money for her services, I have become a consultant to many clients. My contracts are often entered into on an hourly basis. I exchange my knowledge for some form of the other person’s personal value, usually money. Based on my inner knowledge, and continual learning, my fees have to match my inner value, otherwise, I won’t have the clients who resonate with my present research goals. However, if my fees are too low, I end up working with individuals whose inner value is also depressingly compromised. It is a fine line in which I must always reconcile my inner value with my outer. After 15 years of intensive research, writing, and my own treatment, I have achieved a deep sense of my own inner value. I have attained “orgastic potency” in my work and personal life and so do many of my patients. There is no disparity or incongruency between my inner or outer value. A recession is only a state of mind perpetuated by fear.

The Genetic Miasm, Psorinum, is defined in our Materia Medicas as “poverty consciousness”. It corresponds to the Fall and humanity will show a sharper decline into this state of mind starting about Sept. 21st. If you notice an, “anxiety and hopelessness about the future, pessimism, fears of poverty, health, cancer, the future, failure, restless, anguish, feelings of foresakeness, despair and isolated”, you may qualify for curative medicine. However, if you choose to work with me, you will have to dig down into your resourceful inner value, separate from the disease, and recognize if you are a candidate for “orgastic potency.” Psora is the disease of “lack” – they are “itching to become” and the individual prey to this state of mind will always take a posture, or a position, that is lower than their deeper capability. It is no accident that my mother committed suicide on Sept. 27th and my father died of a heart attack at age 43. Unfortunately, my Dad could not attain a life lived out of a heart filled with self-love and my Mom succumbed to her Aurum and Psora diseases. I know where I’ve come from and I know who I am now.

Some interesting statements I’ve heard recently from clients and friends who may suffer Psora disease:

A friend and client stated, “If Ally raises her fees, I wonder if we can still be friends, let alone continue treatment?”

A friend noted, “Those horse lessons for your daughter must be expensive! Now that I’m fifty, I’ve always wanted to learn how to ride, but felt it was always too expensive.”

A parent of a client stated, “That means that both Physicians are now making $70 more per hour combined for their pocket!”

Some interesting statements I’ve heard recently from clients and friends who have resolved their Psora disease:

A client recently stated, “I know that no matter what happens, I can always recreate myself to meet my needs. I am very resourceful.”

Another client exclaimed, “If I continue living the “abandoned” state of mind, that is what I’ll keep reaping, so from here on in, I am rescued! Boy, that creates some heat in my belly!”

A friend and client noted, “Like Goethe said, once I made the commitment, all the forces in the Universe showed up to support my endeavor. I didn’t need to experience an ounce of struggle as there isn’t any more separation between who I am and what I want. I am abundance and that simply is what is reflected back!”