Seeing What’s Behind Your Time Line

This blog is part of a series; its original title was “Heilkunst Basics: University, 4th Year (Seeing What’s Behind Your Timeline)”

Today, September the 11th, marks the anniversary of an event which continues to have a tremendous impact on our lives. There are so many dimensions to its meaning, and I will stick here to the direct medical impact, as I have seen through my patients, both at the time of the event itself, and in the years since.

At the time of the event itself, there was a tremendous amount of call-ins to the clinic from patients seeking all forms of emotional remedies, especially including shock and fear at first, and then shortly afterwards followed by the full spectrum of tonic (archetypal) emotional states. The range of acute anxiety remedies (including aconite, ignatia, and so on), and the primary tonic emotional archetypes represented by NSOL were dispensed frequently, and often in very high potencies due to the intensity of people’s experience at that time.

The individual components of NSOL are:

Natrum Muriaticumfor feelings of bereavement and loss, and ultimately for a challenge to someone’s core belief structure which questions whether people and the world in general can be trusted.

Staphysagria – for feelings of being victimized, or abused. Possibly for an anger without knowing exactly where or how to direct it.

Opium – for the root state of mind underneath many fears and anxieties. A kind of feeling “frozen in place”, like the dreams where someone is on a railway track, and cannot move a muscle.

Lachesis – for feelings of guilt, and a generally intense state of pent-up emotions looking for an outlet. Think of the image of a snake all charged up, and ready to strike out suddenly with its venomous tongue.

The NSOL combination is generally used quite a bit during a patient’s general Heilkunst treatment, and its individual components will be called for when they are emerging in a very distinct way on their own. NSOL, and its components, are very often used for treating specific shocks and traumas on a patient’s time line, as well as for dealing with the emotional reactions to situations occurring in the present.

The nature of the event of 9/11 certainly brought up many of these intense emotions, but it went much deeper than that. As is the case with anyone’s time line of shocks and traumas, the question of what is perceived as a trauma, and what it means to a given individual, will depend not just on the event itself, but on their underlying structure, in terms of their armoring structure combined with their belief structure. Two siblings, for example, who grow up in the same dysfunctional family dynamic can potentially have very different perceptions and reactions to it based on their underlying structures.

For many patients, this experience of 9/11 and its aftermath served as a catalyst to break through some of this deeper structure, and start to draw out some of their deeper chthonic issues, as well as higher ideogenic themes. The very nature of our world, as we perceive it, changed in many ways as a result. From a phenomenological point of view, when such an event of mass impact occurs, it represents a point in time where such a general shift in consciousness has, or is about to begin.

The Chthonic Realm : Veratrum Album

The final remedy of the “hot stream” branch of the chthonic realm is Veratrum Album. This remedy is coolest, or least hot end of the spectrum of “hot stream” remedies. In terms of our dynamic physiology, the disturbance is at the level of our Ontic Organization, or more specifically, our false ego. This state is typically caused by some form of “losing face”, or (perceived) loss of status to the false ego. The tone and emotional quality can be extremely self-righteous, or haughty. If it appears within a religious context, it may come out as a “holier than thou” feeling. Within the natural health or new age movement, a similar self-righteous quality can often be perceived.

The intensity of the feeling of loss of status (to the false ego) can become so great, that the person is willing to cheat, lie, or steal – anything to try to regain their lost status. In more extreme states, there can be delusions of grandeur, with a belief that they are Jesus Christ, or some other great figure from history. It reminds me of the joke : “What’s the difference between God and an Allopathic Doctor?” “God doesn’t believe he’s an Allopath”.

When I was a student, I received a call from one of my friends who was suffering from a stomach flu, and was in a highly weakened state. Upon questioning her, I discovered that there had been a recent incident in which she had “lost face”, but hadn’t been able to express her anger or disappointment. Instead of the natural and desirable expression at the emotional level, it instead transferred to the physical level in terms of the stomach flu symptoms (which, by the way, are one of the classic symptoms of this remedy).