How to Mitigate Those Big Healing Reactions

imgres-1 A few patients have said to me, “You know, Ally, I was a little freaked out to start my own Heilkunst Treatment due to the massive healing reactions you illustrated in your book, “The Path To Cure“. How can we prevent these from happening to me?” The following is illustrative of how we’ve “come a long way Baby!”

When Jordan and I were first treated using Heilkunst principles back in the late 1990s, the principles of Regimen were not wholly nailed down yet. So much can be done by ensuring that your nutritional groundwork is sound, and that you’re supplementing appropriately to support your physical body (“ground substance”).

We also ensure that your system is able to detoxify more easily through principled medicine using certain foods, chelation protocols and homeopathic remedies not wholly understood back then for inviting channels in the body to open. This knowledge now allows for the process of letting go the material/emotional content more easily from the body.

The other thing is that we use Flower Essences (the Bach remedies being one better known example of them) in order to lovingly support the system using a more feminine gesture of care and love to “change your mind” gently. This enables us to alleviate you of your disease load while also gently supporting your system with healative flower essences.

We’ve also completed postgraduate research in advanced Heilkunst therapeutics including medical orgone therapeutics, Character Analysis, cognitive therapies, and Anthroposophical Medicine which enables us to help you to release the buried content at your emotional and spiritual core more easily. These studies were not available when we were going through our own Heilkunst Treatment.

The last element that we bring is almost 10 years of CoRe Bioresonance Feedback, enabling us to do a review of the phenomenon around the healing reaction and we’re able to broadcast both pathic and tonic remedies (ie remedies to relieve symptoms and remedies to address root causes of disease) immediately to the patient suffering a challenging healing reaction. We can even discern which books, movies, essential oils, Reckeweg, Anthroposophical, Lanthanide remedies, etc. would help you through this challenging time of flux and healing.


No need to suffer as I did, for as long as I did! Also, EQ constitutions like mine … well, we’re a bit like Drama Queens (with a capital “D” and a capital “Q”!). A Silicea constitution would never think to have healing reactions as juicy as mine! We’ve got lots of tools, now, to help pull you out of a tailspin.

Here are a couple of blog posts further explaining the reason why some healing reactions are so large, and some alternative dose and potency methods for delivering the remedies:









What Is the Meaning of Autism and Why Is It Suddenly So Prevalent?

I recall back in the 3rd year of medical school at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst this discussion being raised in class.  We talked about how diseases of a microbiological nature are naturally declining.  How many of your peers or family members have suffering recently from cholera or scarlet fever?  Even cancer is on a 25% lessening trajectory and with less than 3% therapeutic efficacy in conventional medicine, this certainly is not due to surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.

Autism will become the scourge of our modern times.  It is a condition of a lack of a healthy ontic (ontological, individuality or sense of one’s self) and on the biological level, physical and emotional armouring.  There is a reason that autism is coming up on the tail end of cancer, a disease so prevalent in the 60s and 70s.  That is because many of these babes are being born to professional mothers who’ve been subjected not only to a whole host of  environmental toxicity, vaccines, mercury fillings, and expectations to be as intellectually adept by matching their male counterparts a full 50% in global boardrooms.

However, this all is coming at a cost.  Our autistic children are being born to mothers bourn out of of the state of mind of cancer.  They’re mostly armoured in their natural functioning and unfoldment, they rescue others to the exclusion of themselves, and suffer feelings of the un-lived life.  This is the definition for the state of mind of cancer and they are prey to the education system and the corporate infrastructure, needing a false authority to tell them what to do.  I know, because they attempt to put me on the same pedestal.

“Supplemental Feeding” by Edwin & Kelly Tofslie

No, I’m not saying that stay at home moms are preferable to working moms for raising our babies.  The intellect will attempt to categorize what I’m saying here with a big wad of guilt and a knee jerk reflective desire to distill the whole phenomenon down to the simplest terms.  It doesn’t work like that.  We can’t fix this phenomenon without the proper rumination or consideration.  It’s precisely THIS way of intellectualizing that is part of the problem.  The intellect despises phenomenology as it prefers uni-dimensional thinking.

What I am saying is that we’re transitioning more and more into intellectual automatons, which is leaving our wombs and bubba-kins bereft of feeling, love, grace, ease, naturalness, surrender, and the capacity for true wisdom properly ensouled and incarnated in our physical bodies.  We’ve lost much of our inherent ataraxia and it is impacting on the health of our children.

Our babes are being ravaged as a side-line project, an intellectual side-bar, because most people seem to “think” that they should spawn at least one child.  It is part of the social construct, an offshoot of our armoured beliefs, it is something we just do.  Isn’t it?! We’ve lost much of the modus operandi to want to wholly realize a love so profound with our partner, that we’re overflowing with generosity and feeling by extending this to another human being for the whole of their childhood and beyond.  We’re having children and then resenting parenting them so we give them to others to parent and educate them for us.

"Amelia and Reese Terrorizing the Village by Donnie Ray Jones

“Amelia and Reese Terrorizing the Village by Donnie Ray Jones

I once served a female lawyer who clearly never loved her husband in that luscious, full throttle kind of orgastic way, and had really used him as a donor to spawn a son and daughter.  Her hate for him and her circumstances was palatable.  Her focus was on fixing her children in a loveless marriage.  She even slept with the kids and never him!  Can you imagine?!  It was sad and pathetic and frustrating for all involved, including me, as the practitioner.

You can have the greatest regimen and throw remedies at a situation like that, but until the individual chooses love and resonance, that broken wheel is never going to turn out right, and neither are the kids.  I’ve written another article on why love and intimacy are critical for the health and well-being of our children, regardless of whether they’re in the spectrum or not here.

We’re, sadly, seeing giving birth more as an intellectual milestone of achieving just one more more rung in the accomplishment factory of our driven natures through false expectations.  Add to that state of mind, or lack thereof, our genetics, toxic loads in the way of GMO’s, vaccines, DNA complications, circumcision, mental anguish, and intellectual robotics, and you have a dynamic recipe for creating a child suffering ASD issues; vaccinated or not!

We’ve forgotten how to simply be, postured more as widgets to false authority and the expectations of others than on fulfilling our own true desire programs through love and a full embodied sense of our individual selves, which can at times include love for another human being, but not necessarily.  I know plenty of women, and men too, who ignore their artistic or musical abilities for a law or medical degree instead, but try a side order of parenthood with disastrous consequences.  We diminish the wisdom in the arts (or other more personal fulfillments) and herald the capacity to sort intellectually in the most mechanistic and materialistic of ways.

"Tears" by Thomas Leuthard

“Tears” by Thomas Leuthard

Years ago, I served a writer mom of two autistic boys (a rare case of non-vaxxed children) who made herself go to university for pharmacy, working dispensing pills while wearing her Birkenstocks.  She was a full-fledged granola momma, working a socially expected paradigm that was totally incongruent with her values.  She wasn’t even close enough to the cash register to guide patients to the more resonant homeopathic medicines that she loved and used at home; her true personal preference, as she hated Big Pharma and pill pushing doctors.  She lived from a state of utter incongruence and she had the symptoms to prove it.  She wrote poetry on her off-hours while totally exhausted from 12 hour shifts.  She despised her life and believed that she must settle for her present existence in order to clothe and feed her sons.  Her husband was an artist too.

By systematically procreating, without an ensouled thought for the outcome of this choice, we starve our babes of a becoming functionally whole.  This is why, as a function of evolution, we’re seeing less diseases of the physical body, like cholera, and more conditions related to our armoured beliefs, minds, spirit devoid of a true embodied wisdom.  Spiritual diseases like autism, schizophrenia and drug abuse (recreational and pharmaceuticals) are on the rise.  The trajectory indicates that ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) will become epidemic.   At the time of this writing 1 in 45 children will be diagnosed as autistic.


I know this phenomenon to be true; I suffered this dynamic myself and I wrote a book, entitled, “The Path To Cure; The Whole Art of Healing Autism“, for the same reasons I’ve cited above.  In the book, I cite my own son’s exodus from the autism spectrum due to Heilkunst treatment, but not to the exclusion of my former gestures of feeling prey to the expectations of others.  I was a broken, bereft automaton, educated by a traditional university and working in public enterprise that did not give a rat’s hiney whether I ever had an individual thought in my head or not.

I was a Financial Advisor working for government with a dental plan and a pension, an armoured cog in a very big unfeeling wheel.  I was a widget, a contrivance of cloned cyborgs, working in 8 x 12 blue felt cubicles next to other cyborgs.  I hated it and my armoured hate produced a replicate of my intellectual stimming, a babe, who mimicked my chronic fears and anxieties, devoid of speech with chronic rocking back and forth, with little eye contact.  Are you starting to feel the connection?  Jordan had no way of being cured until I addressed the lack of connection to my true essential self … the false ego had to go!

Michael J. Lincoln, in his book “Messages From The Body,”  illustrates Autism as:

“Who’s the parent here?” There is childish behaviour by the adults going on around them, resulting in the individual’s feeling unprotected and vulnerable to invasive influences. In particular, the child is likely to be responding to their mother’s situation, feelings, and disrupted functioning. There is an experience of being helpless to cope with their situation, and it indicates that their emotional needs are not being met. They feel like they and their needs are being relegated to the back burner, and that they are being pushed aside by their family (mother in particular). It undermines their immune system and their ability to take care of themselves. It arises when the adults are more concerned about their own immediate comforts and convenience than they are about the welfare of the child, or when they operate with beliefs that teach the child that the child or they don’t have what it takes for the child to be perfectly safe and healthy.

“Out there.” They are an autistic or schizophrenic who is incapable of dealing with the demands of life. They live in constant fearfulness and overwhelm experiences. It is a “re-evaluation” of their life purpose, in which the essence processes the last several lives while not being in a position where they have to take care of themselves or anything else. Whatever family and/or genetic processes were involved in the precipitation of the disorder were part of the destiny design.

“Feeling-phobia.” They were so devastatingly but super-subtly trained to avoid awareness of the emotions as a child that it has resulted in a breakdown of the physical system for doing so. They come from a severely denial-dominated and or repressive dysfunctional family in which any contact with what people were really feeling would have resulted in a calamitous collapse of the whole family.


Here’s a video based on Wilhelm Reich’s book, “Children Of The Future“, that may explain the gist of this article an how we produce, and alternatively prevent, armouring and gestures of autism more clearly:

In summation, the microbiological diseases were designed to furnish the physical and etheric bodies with enough challenges to help along their incarnate capacities for this next phase of evolution.  We’re at the precipice of fully integrating the self, our ontic organization (as per Rudolf Steiner), or individuality.  Think iPhone, iPad, iMovie, etc.  Perhaps you’ll also find it interesting that autistic children generally demand an iEducation based on individual mentorship rather than conforming to the expectation of a one size fits all educational approach most of us were subjected to.


"Start 'em Young" by JL!

“Start ’em Young” by JL!

We used to all, more or less, do the same thing in the post industrial age, working in offices, wearing the same suits.  Now we’re striving for autonomy and sovereignty.  The challenge, now, becomes ontological and the condition most associated with this task is autism.  It is said that we’re all in the spectrum to a degree.  The genetic miasms most associated with autism are Syphilis and Lyme which, as mentioned prior, follows on the heels of Cancer as per timeline treatment under the Heilkunst umbrella of protocol.

51j1c6tSfTL._UY250_If you’re looking for additional resources, regarding this whole phenomenon, I wrote a second book on this topic entitled, “Unfolding The Essential Self; From Rage to Orgastic Potency.”  It is my postgraduate thesis and also a culmination of my own personal functional purpose.  I’ve spent the latter 20 years working to unravel the mess that society, my diseases, armouring, and my unwitting familial construct hemmed me into.  Perhaps you are ready to take the blue pill and step out of The Matrix too.

Trinity: Neo… nobody has ever done this before.

Neo: I know. That’s why it’s going to work.




Reclaiming Our Health by John Robbins:

CDC survey: 1 in 45 children have autism:

Thinking, Feeling and Willing. The Threefold Human Being. Sophia Institute:

The Study of Man by Rudolf Steiner:

Messages From the Body by Michael J., Lincoln:

Children Of The Future By Wilhelm Reich:

Unfolding The Essential Self; From Rage to Orgastic Potency by Allyson McQuinn:



The Philosophy Of Freedom and Your Basic Human Rights













Synopsis: Our individual discernment is wholly intrinsically tied to our basic human rights under the dominion of God. Legally, this is far above the will of the State based historically on admiralty law. From the development of ovum cell combined with spirit, I chose this child to come into the world and he/she is entirely my responsibility physically, emotionally and spiritually until such time that they’re able to take their own health and sovereignty into their own hands. The States attempt to infringe on my God given discernment from the life-cycle of that life, from my own volitional and spiritual loins, will provoke an ire rarely witnessed in this earthly realm prior.

Overview: There is a universal hierarchy that is starting to be breached by chthonic (based on fear and ignorance) fascist states of mind in North America and even globally.  Certain States within the American Union are beginning to infringe on our individual human rights and freedoms under the dominion of God.  You may be asking, what happened to the celebration of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in grace and freedom?  Empires in the past have fallen for precisely the same reasons, but it seems that patriarchal societies are destined to repeat history in a hideous karmic loop.  The tyranny of suppression reigns under these Luceferic beings.

The reason for this is the suppression of the wisdom of sophia; as in philo-sophy (literally Love of Knowledge).  This is the feminine impulse for gnostic, romantic gestures in nature that allow fully for nature to realize her intrinsic, natural, sexual, powerful self in the primal expression for the common good inherent in the GOOD (God) bestowed in each man and woman.  The Ahrimanic and Luceferic forces of the demiurge (Hell on earth) are pre-programmed to limit this full culmination of the realization of our human freedom as Christ-imbued etheric thinkers (as in the universal impulse and not the limited Christ of Churchianity).  It is a direct mirror of the hellish ethos required by each individual to struggle against in the obtaining of their intrinsic rights and freedoms under the dominion of the GOOD (God).

If  we’ve lost the essence of this bond with the Gnostic Mother Father in the unutterable silence,  the grace of the pleroma*, then we will experience the hard fall into mechanistic materialism and disease as prey.  It is up to us, as women (and righteous men), to step up into the fray of xenophobic governing entities (the incarnation of the gesture of  Pontius Pilate) and stand firmly for what is intrinsically right in the face of these threatening crucifixions.  The attempted erosion of our basic human rights and freedoms under the dominion of God is their first step in suppression.

Some good on-line resources for bolstering your individual human freedom might include:

The Philsophy of Freedom –

The Ahrimanic Deception –

People In Trouble –

Listen Little Man –

The Lord Of The Rings –

The Matrix –

Walden –

This list is by no means complete and will be added to over time. 


  1. 1.
    (in Gnosticism) the spiritual universe as the abode of God and of the totality of the divine powers and emanations.
  2. 2.
    (in Christian theology) the totality or fullness of the Godhead that dwells in Christ.

Romantic Science; Dancing Towards Your Inner Nature With Heilkunst










Why would we call Heilkunst Medicine Romantic Science?  Have you ever watched a couple on the dance floor who are perfectly coordinated with impeccable timing and grace?  It’s hard to actually tell who is leading isn’t it?  They can actually appear to be in perfect unity, although, they’re clearly two individuals.  I’ve had the pleasure of learning to dance with skilled dancers a couple of times who I could actually trust to lead me. It is one of the most “romantic” feelings there is, knowing that you will be purveyed safely to your destination with skill, knowledge, strength and determination.  Having both trust and faith in the principles of Heilkunst can feel precisely the same way.













Our minds and physiologies are full of polarities.  We blink because of a polarity in our autonomic nervous system called the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.  Our hearts speed up when we’re frightened to ready us for flight or fight and we can also harness the parasympathetic nervous system to completely slow them down during sleep or meditation.  The fact that we’re awake by day and asleep by night is yet another polarity.  You don’t even have to make these rhythms happen, but you have perfect faith that they will.

Our individual biology is fundamentally connected to nature.  We’re full of sea water called the mesenchymal layer.  We’re also about 25 percent minerals which make up our bones, enabling us to stand erect.  We’re also being breathed.  Inspiration and expiration is another kind of polarity occurring below the level of our consciousness several times a minute.  We’re entirely derived from the natural world.  We’re so dynamically imbued with the natural forces of nature and in health we trust that these functions will operate in perfect harmony below our capacity, or need, to control them.

All of this polarity and function is happening below your level of consciousness for a fundamental reason.  That orchestrated concert going on in your physical (mineral, etheric (watery domain/mesenchymal), astral (airy), and ontological (warmth) bodies is so that you can do one thing; fulfill one job.  I bet you want to know what that is don’t you?!  It is to utterly fulfill your true desire function through your ontic (otological) in perfect unification with nature (God, Yahweh, Allah, The Universe, etc.) out of LOVE (romanticism).

That’s it!  You have one job; to know the fullness (Pleroma) of God through your inner nature by resolving the schizophrenic split between the neurotic (upper) and psychotic (lower) elements of your being.  Easy right?!  How we get there can be different for everyone, however, we will remain separate from this Viennese waltz as long as those unresolved issues remain on your timeline and those genetic miasms are spawning symptoms.  It is hard to enter the dance when you feel depressed with a migraine headache or you’re feeling stuck relying on allopathic chemical drugs.

This is why patients of Heilkunst Medicine will often find their right creative work through treatment, fall in love with their resonant dance partner and also become profoundly connected to their spiritual nature.  If you’re seeking a dance instructor so that you can off-load what you feel is keeping you from your unification with nature, we’re ready to help you get there.  This is the function of the three jurisdictions of Heilkunst treatment; regimen (nutrition, dormition, recreation and hydration), medicine (timeline and Miasmic treatment with homeopathic medicine) and therapeutic education (karma default vs true volitional resonance).













Caduceus Chart for Jurisdictions in Heilkunst 


Perhaps lace up your dance shoes and in no time, you’ll be proffered through the threshold of the romanticism of science, and before you know it, you’ll be carrying the wisdom of sophia yourself through the doorway without whacking her head on the doorframe or stepping on his toes!   What you choose to do when you arrive in your unified home is entirely up to you and your desire function.  For now, take my hand.




The Wisdom In Your Wisdom Teeth!

wisdom teeth








I often say to patients, “God doesn’t just download us with spare parts.”  Folks who just have their spleen, gallbladder or wisdom teeth removed aren’t always hooked into the deeper functioning of these organs on our behalf.  If they knew, they’d actively take more of a stand to protect their God-given body, and all it’s parts and address the root of their problems instead.

For example, a person can remove their gallbladder, however, they’ve not addressed why they’re suffering issues in the organ that is simply storing anger and resentment.  The underlying cause has not been dealt with outright and will  simply manifest in another way.   Also, physiologically speaking, the gallbladder can quite easily  flushed, without surgery using Dr. Hulda Clark’s protocols restoring your digestion and overall health.

The spleen, as per Rudolf Steiner, is a mediating organ between our biological humanness and our spiritual consciousness.  In order to eat food harvested from the earth and have that foodstuff convert into thought, you need a spleen on board to transmute these physical processes into thinking. The spleen is also an organ that promotes our individuality. This is why many mechanistic thinking Allopathic Physicians will say that the purpose of the spleen has not be determined.  Just because they don’t know the reason for why we have a spleen does not make it conscionable to remove it without first addressing the root cause without causing harm.  This is where Heilkunst principles come in.

The same goes for our wisdom teeth.  Curiously they’re named thusly due to the fact that they emerge in our wisdom years,  later in life around our late teens or early 20’s; long after the tooth fairy has retired her crown, wand and purse.  According to Chinese Medicine, all teeth have a function, including our wisdom teeth, and if you just extract them without the knowledge of their deeper function you could cause major issues in the body’s circulation, more specifically the heart, middle ear, shoulder, pituitary functioning, nervous system, tongue and tonsils (another organ often declared surplus but is the first gate for our proper immune functioning).




 Dental Chart courtesy of François Jooste, Wholistic Pharmacist


The belief is that wisdom teeth are superfluous, that they should be extracted at a younger age before they cause issues later on.  The thing is that they don’t generally cause issues later on in healthy individuals even if they are so called “impacted” or lying on an angle like one of my own patients as illustrated in this x-ray here:













Mental note: Those gamma x-rays will need to be addressed for that patient at their next appointment.


When we think more wholistic-ally, we realize that practices like filling teeth with composite before the person gets fillings, or extracting wisdom teeth when they’re clearly not bothering the patient is unethical.  This is not preventative medicine at it’s best, as it is clear that harm is being caused by breaking the flow in the acupuncture meridians in the body.

Dr. Brand, a holistic dentist in New York who still has her own wisdom teeth, cites,”Wisdom teeth, specifically, are connected to the heart and intestine meridians. Is it no wonder that chronic illness in both of these organs are on the rise? Of course there may be other contributing factors to these chronic health issues, such as diet, but wisdom teeth extractions, as well as the residual cavitations at the extraction site, may also be contributing to these systemic health conditions.  It is also not uncommon to have some ear issues (hearing problems, vertigo) or even nerve damage (paraesthesia) after wisdom tooth extraction.”

This is why we’re fairly adamant that if you’re not suffering pain, there is no reason to just randomly remove your wisdom teeth.  If you’re unsure, just get a second opinion from a biological dentist who is highly recommended and only acts out of ethical necessity.

If you feel it absolutely necessary to have those Wisdom teeth removed, then be sure to clear the multi-layered trauma with homeopathic nosodes for the physical, including the nerve damage, anaesthetic, and mental trauma.   It would also be best to also clear the timeline traumas and Genetic Miams to prevent the issues cited above from becoming issues in future.

Heilkunst Diagnosing; Where’s That Bloody Off-Switch?








Many of you know that I’ve been on a working and writing sabbatical for the past 6 months.  While I love living like a solitary monk for most of the week, (except for 3 days when I’m on Skype with patients) a couple times a week, I love to go out.  This past Friday, I spontaneously took myself out to the local Thai restaurant for coconut soup, pad thai and the best lemongrass tea I’ve ever had.

The server, and owner, was immediately engaging.  Her beautiful welcoming smile, bright twinkling eyes, petite countenance and forthcoming manner let me know that I was not going to be dining alone, reading my book, for much of the evening.  A Phosphorous Constitution  will come across bubbly, effervescent and all sparkly-like.  They’re so much fun to be with and you will hardly ever feel lonely in their midst.










I knew I was in the presence of a firefly (phosphorous glows green in nature) as I watched this woman flit from table to table. As she came back to tell me how to freeze stalks of lemongrass to make the best tea in boiling water, I noticed my Heilkunst spidey-senses pick up on something  else about her tone.  There was clearly another layer on top of her Phos. nature.

I sat quietly, and curiously, waiting for the signs and signals I would inevitably be brought to render a more thorough diagnosis.  She then asked me where I was from and I let her know that I’m a native of Saint John, New Brunswick.  She then said, “Oh, I’ve been to Moncton.  Not a good trip, though.  I ended up in hospital there for pneumonia!” I heard the little “BOOM” I always hear in clinic when the pieces of a case start to phenomenologically congeal and then lock together.

That was the other piece I was patiently waiting for.  Phosphorous constitutions possess a strong astral, more flighty (literally) nature.  What this means, as per Rudolf Steiner, is that in the body, organs that are a mirror of each other like eyes, lungs and kidneys are related more to the cosmic, airy, astral realm.  A Phos. lives more purely in the moment, with their affinity to the cosmos, they will naturally love to travel, fly, act, play and engage with people in the service industry.  They love lots of change.

If, however, they feel suffocated to fulfill their true desire function, they’ll have a strong predisposition for the Tuberculinum Miasm.  When they feel their dreams dampened (literally) down or suffocated, they’ll engender this disease matrix for which their constitution already has a strong affinity.  They will develop a predisposition for this chronic constant disease and exhibit bronchitis, asthma and pneumonia every Winter.










Healthy Phos.’ are pure light-bearers but if they get too lodged in the material, physical world, they’ll get water-logged with etheric energy and their lungs will fill up and they will feel as if they’re drowning from the inside out.  This was this other piece that I was feeling as I was engaging with this woman.

I also noticed something else.  Every time my new friend, the server, walked away with a plate in hand after a clear closure in our conversation, she’d stop in mid-walk to turn around to tell me something else.  This happened 3 times, twice, she seemed to correct herself mentally in mid-first-syllable and, as I looked up from my plate in answer, she’d smile and continue to walk away.

The one time that she could not resist the temptation to add something, she chose to  add a tid-bit of information that didn’t really fit the prior conversation.  It was sort of curious and mis-placed. Again, I felt inquisitive as to what this was about.

By the third time, I knew this was no accident.  I recalled the rubric in Dr. Roger Morrison’s, M.D. “Desktop Guide, To Keynotes and Confirmatory Symptoms” and what he said about Tuberculinum in the sections under “Mentals” as, “Constant feeling that he has forgotten something. Returns repeatedly to office door to give insignificant information.”  That was the confirmatory symptom I needed to render a thorough diagnosis.  Both my gut feeling and mind were in agreement.

Hey, wait a minute, aren’t I just a simple woman out on her own for a good meal?  Where is that bloody epistemological off-switch?  That’s the problem with being a Heilkünstler, you can never really shelve that enthusiastic diagnosing tendency.  After so many years, it seems to have a life of it’s own.  Once you’ve readily agreed to ingest that homeopathic red pill, every situation becomes a source of further knowledge.

I knew in that moment, that my new Phosphorous friend with the Tubercular Miasm, was still harbouring this disease matrix.  The underlying cause was still afoot.  Whatever they’d given her at the hospital in Moncton (probably antibiotics which literally means “against life”) only suppressed the symptoms without curing it.  It would come back each year around Dec. 21st, stronger than ever, if the root cause was not addressed on the basis of natural law, like cures like.  I knew this to be true like Neo’s Oracle without the need to bend one spoon.










I paid my bill and tipped my new Phos. friend heavily, thanking her for her wonderful service and the best of meals.  I will go back to eat there, again sometime, and see if the opportunity organically presents itself for me to share a chocolate chip cookie with her (geeky Matrix reference … what can I say?!).  Phosphorous’ are such beautiful spirits and I hate to think that she might suffer unnecessarily.

Perhaps in my next blog, I’ll share with you an illustration of the Arsenicum woman in my weekly yoga class, who eyeballs me to straighten my mat, a strewn outdoor clothes, and openly tells others how she’s a control freak and hopes the yoga will help her to let go more.  God’s teeth … perhaps it is better if I just stay at home!







Wisdom Of Sophia

The truth is that curing disease may be likened somewhat to watching an Olympic athlete ride a horse in a Dressage competition. To the audience, it can look a bit like the horse and rider have temporarily converged into one being, so that the horse just becomes an extension of the rider almost like a ballerina with four hairy legs underneath. You may marvel at the subtle signals yielding such blended movements that you can’t tell that the turn of the rider’s head told 1,200 hundred pounds of pure beastly muscle to change the direction that he’s going in. It takes years of training in the most subtle of bodily mechanics that most of us have no clue that all of this consciousness is going on in the rider.

This is the same analogy for Heilkunst Medicine. While you may see us taking notes and talking about the genetic miasm, for example, that is at the root of your son’s allergies and then dispensing a dropper bottle to cure his ills, a lot has occurred behind the scenes for us to effectively do this. In fact, about 5,000 years of research has gone into discerning the subtle nature and nuances of the philosophy of true observational science, the history of medicine, including the Bible (the story behind why disease can be cured by nature), even Shakespeare (depiction why Sophia was buried and marginalized), about 3,000 lectures by Rudolf Steiner (Anthroposophy), Wilhelm Reich (Character Analysis and The Cancer Biopathy), Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (The Organon of the Medical Art) and enough secondary literature to collapse the Titanic before even leaving port. All this to say, we literally love the Philo-Sophia behind making you well.

It was the ancient Greek, Hippocrates, who initially said things such as “First, Cause No Harm!” and also that you must base a prescription on natural law in order to cure a disease. There were, however, more subtle elements to medicine than just these key maxims. Back at this time in the evolution of thought around 400 B.C., “thinking” was considered a true participation of nature as a living phenomenon. He was the first to introduce that diseases are a natural phenomenon coming out of the human, as opposed to external superstition or the belief that the Gods made men sick through external means. Due to the “Fall of Sophia,” we kind of lost this more “feminine” capacity to think and diagnose (literally from the Greek meaning “through knowing”) in the right way in terms of the phenomenon occurring in the human organism in relationship to the symptoms.

So, going back to the example of your son suffering allergies–while you’re thinking that you just want your babe to be rid of his runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, and wet croupy cough in the springtime, we’re wondering about where the event was on his timeline when his natural response to an event occurred that incited his anger but was smothered. We’re also thinking about your character and what kind of environment your son lives in, what his grandparents suffered from and why he would have chosen the genetic miasm Medhorrinum to challenge and impinge upon his life force in the first place.

If your son were taken to the allopathic doctor, they’d need him to be labelled first from the outside in. On this basis, that label then enables the Physician to use the external point-and-shoot protocols based on Big Pharma’s chemical toolbox. Typically, once the drug is prescribed, you realize that nothing is solved because you have to continue to use that drug indefinitely to manage the situation from the outside-in. Nothing internally in your son would have changed. In fact, you now have two diseases running amok. The original disease and now the iatrogenic disease caused by the drug. This limited way of thinking about disease also means that they have no clue how to solve the cancer matrix or at the very least, the common cold. Also, if I wore the same limited thinking cap as a typical alternative healer and you brought your allergy-suffering son to see me, I’d open my Materia Medica, take a best educated guess at what you’re describing and make up some “point-and-shoot” remedies to try to get the job done. If this were my approach, I’d get no better than 5-15% efficacy in the resolution of his ills. Not a very good outcome for either of us.

At this juncture in evolution, we are endowed with the task to rescue poor Sophia from the muck and mire of the allopathic materialists. Their one-sided empirical thinking is a linear, mechanistic, and logical crapshoot. It is nothing but a cold, high-pitched scream to us etheric thinkers. The intellect just strips natural feminine gestural thinking, plugging the internal fount of her inspiration, intuition, and imagination. This wisdom was left bereft, marginalized, and negated burning on smoldering stakes. I think of all the compromised gnostic pearls having been lost in salty seas while man’s essence was being reduced to robotic surplus in the false authoritarian diatribe, a symptom of 5,00 years of patriarchy.

Never in our practices have we seen more neurotic and psychotic behaviors due to the intellect’s limited ability to just compare and compartmentalize. It is like a very cancerous rat on a squeaky wheel, never realizing its desired cheese. Thankfully, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe and Rudolf Steiner came along in the nick of time, teaching us about how we get to wholly participate, romantically, with the highest planes of noetic ideation married with our essential selves. This participatory fructification enables us to use all of our God-given faculties, including our inspiration, intuition, and imagination to source out the very essence of a true knowing. Until now, it’s been like listening to the crushing of hand-painted Royal Doulton china tea cups under the elephant’s intellectual feet. Now is the first opportunity for Sophia, as the bearer of true wisdom, to finally to get to play in the sandbox of evolution as part of the integral holographic whole. The mechanists call it quantum physics.

You may ask, ‘why now?’ Well, if you think about it, diseases of a biological nature like scarlet fever, cholera, even SARS aren’t prevalent anymore. Microbiological diseases were there to challenge the incarnation of the physical and etheric bodies. In this present epoch, we are entering the age of desire married to wisdom, so to speak, and “autism” is a symptom of “wrong thinking” devoid of true knowledge. We all suffer this condition to varying degrees and if you think about it with a Sophia-imbued imagination, you’ll realize that autism is a condition where the sense of the individual self has not successfully incarnated or downloaded into the the human organism. He’s mostly devoid of a natural in-spirit-ation! It is a symptom of materialism, an outside-in approach to moral, high-pitched, cold thinking. If you marginalize wisdom long enough, our mothers forget how to pass it on to their offspring, even while in utero. Neurotic, intellectualized mothers make autistic kids. I know, because I was one and my son Jordan proved a testament to this phenomenological nightmare. In addition, those diagnosing and treating it suffer a blatant lack of phenomenological wisdom due to their own autistic limitations. This is why most Empirical Physicians have no clue what to do about it, either, because it does not qualify for their usual outside-in approach for drugs. What Physician comes home from the clinic citing, “Yup I effectively treat diseases of the mind as a result of freeing sophia from the clutches of the hobbled intellect?” It is time to turn this all around.

At this epoch in our time (without going into masses of research) is when we get to take the knowledge from the Greeks (true participative consciousness), The Mystery of Golgotha (the crucifiction symbolizes the advent of the Christ-impulse co-mingling with the wisdom of his blood enabling the natural world to become curative), the myths of Isis and Osiris (his body is scattered, buried in intellectual pieces with no hope of making him whole until Isis used her wisdom to restore his essence). In Goethe’s 1792 essay, The experiment as mediator between subject and object his most original “Philosophy Of Science” was revealed. The essay underscores his experiential standpoint as being, “The human being himself, to the extent that he makes sound use of his senses, is the most exact physical apparatus that can exist.” Rudolf Steiner’s The Philosophy Of Freedom is a testament to Goethe’s wisdom-soaked observation that also was seemingly derived from Hahnemann’s Organon of The Medical Art (an inside/out approach to natural medicine), and Wilhelm Reich’s The Cancer Biopathy and The Function Of The Orgasm (true participative analysis of character exacting a science of psyche and soma). Steven Decker and Rudi Verspoor, our mentors, started threading them all together over the last couple of decades. The greatest labor of love imaginable!

We have felt this yoke of philia, or romantic love, to invite Sophia back into our midst in a science of true participative consciousness where the feminine wisdom married to masculine, Christ-imbued will has center stage. This will rescue her from a mostly negated, allopathic, marginalized, patriarchal suicide mission where she has not felt invited, wholly valued or massaged … well, since the dawn of time. In fact, Steiner talks about how well hidden she’s been from all view and that finding her essence will take very special eyes to see. Also, she’s been well concealed since she fell out of the “receiving blanket” well before the dawn of time when there was nothing but two oscillating energies called mother/father God, well before Genesis and the earth’s firmament appeared.

As Rudolf Steiner would say, we are at the epoch of our time when the astral, desire function, or our “airy body” is just starting to be threaded into our physical mineral body and our etheric plant body having been more developed at early times. Now, this is also true about our human history which is just the outer ambient phenomenon of our inner human milieux. Now it is time to get our “jiggy on” with participative nature within our very own skin, having complete faith in our capacity to truly know (like the gnostics) using our inspiration, imagination and intuition. It is kind of a modern version of “girls rule” … however, the guys win too if they have the health to wholly apprend the deep value of being able to “see” phenomenologically from the inside of our healthy essential selves. It is the quintessence of foreplay!

It is a bit like when we’re first in the throes of confirming your homeopathic constitution at your initial consultation. When we begin to apprehend the phenomenon, affirming how you think, what you love to eat, if you have a best friend, or many, if you prefer more time alone, or with a gaggle of friends, if you need months to research the buying of a new car versus spontaneously buying it because of its paint color, or if you haven’t had a new friend in your life for 30 years because change is difficult for you and loyalty and trust are even bigger. We had one patient accuse us of using “magic arts” to assess her constitution a few years back. We all want to be “known” to ourselves and others. Truly recognized for who we are, held by knowledge, wisdom and grace. It is the sexiest gesture in nature.

Perhaps I can help illustrate the feeling of all of this through a poem that I wrote recently for my new book, Romancing Sophia; A Book of Poetic Impressions For The Feminine Heart.

Sunday Communion

Where your neck meets your shoulder in a curve

of smoothness so soft you’d think it was other-worldly

I love to graze my lips and face into its fawn perfection

smelling of soap and the movements of your mind-scapes

as I run my thumbs gently down your forearms I feel us

harkening back to our sweet romantic desire chamber

Encouraging us back over the divide from our week of

fulfilled accomplishments letting go of the pedals

easing the tension of your life’s work into the realm of

ease and grace, our eyes speak of consummate communion

lovingly poised on the edge of your sweet sided escarpment

of bare grace ridging your belly of plush hopes and dreams

I make my way around the playground of your sweet manhood

with gentle fervor, careful not to touch the ache in your eyes

Lit with desire, I feel your breath harken and your pulse quicken

like you’re already engulfed in me, with strength waiting patiently

until I permit you all of the wonders of my inner sanctum

where pleromic priests come to pray their Christ essence

at the altar of a knowing so sweet and sacred that I wonder

at the source of its majesty and unuttered source of glory

in the vault of grace, awe and wisdom we synchronize our

pression into fructified gnosis in the care of our melting lips

losing the thread of all thought as we dance the lemniscate of

eternity for the grace-filled chalice of hope, faith and love

to the brim we hold the charge while spilling off any excess

fear, grief and anger to true fruition and equanimity of spirit

as the borders blur, conjointe in the consciousness of our blood

inspired by the very breath of God, having tripped off all sensation

a full coalescence where there are no words, just my “I” blended

with yours in a fusion of the pleromic nous and noetic ideation

We’re the cognitive rumination of the reverberating creation

the mother father essence of God’s sole desire to know himself

© Allyson McQuinn, 2013



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The Three Functions of Thinking, Feeling, and Willing

We look at health (and its absence) at many levels, as I’ve written here previously, and one of the orientations we consider is the patient’s balance between the three primary functions of : thinking, feeling, and willing. Different constitutions and personality types will have an innate balance between these emphasizing one more than the others, but ultimately, a state of health drives a patient to balance all three.






Orson Bean, in his book Me and the Orgone, said:

Reich was once asked the age-old question, “What is truth?” and he answered, “To find your way to the thing you feel when you love dearly, or when you create, or when you give birth to your children, or when you build your home or when you look up at the stars at night.” These are the things that we feel in common with every other human who is capable of feeling. They are the deepest, tenderest, most profound and exhilarating of feelings and the capacity to feel them is the capacity to be free.

Heilkunst treatment works through a variety of modalities and processes to address all three of these functions. One level at which willing is addressed is by addressing the patient’s willingness to take their regimen into their own hands, and actually exert their own will power to make healthy changes in their lifestyle. Taking conscious control of the will power is often not easy, and it may take some patients quite a long time to start to make lasting changes to their diet and lifestyle.

The function of thinking is also quite important in treatment, especially as the patient moves more and more into the third jurisdiction of “Therapeutic Education”. Faulty thinking, and more specifically, the diseases which originate in belief are the locus of the mind, and its capacity for healthy, objective thinking. Various conflicts, ego issues, and other blockages in our consciousness can keep the patient from making quicker progress at this level of their treatment. Also, their bio-physical layers of armoring serve to keep the patient from being able to accept any new input at this level, until enough of this has been removed.

The feeling function takes quite a central position in Heilkunst treatment, including the whole realm of medicine, and its function to address true diseases. The quote about Reich above hints at the vastness of this realm, and its relationship to our health. Every disease uniquely affects us, and shifts our innate natural feeling for life into a “morbidly mistuned” expression, as Dr. Hahnemann would say. Remediation with the appropriate remedies progressively frees up, and releases our natural capacity for feeling to not only be more healthy, but more objective.

My Reflections on Reading “The Evolution of Mankind” by Guenther Wachsmuth (Part three of three)

part two

A connection with some of Orgonomy’s concepts:

Throughout my reading of Wachsmuth, which is, of course, a piece researched and written in the Anthroposophic tradition, I had another eye on the lookout for connections in with Orgonomic concepts.

One of the overarching ideas which struck me, was that our current form of sexual reproduction had a historical beginning (during Lemurian times), and will also come to a historical end during a later cultural phase of evolution. The whole meaning of Heilkunst in general, and Orgonomic therapy more particularly, is hinged around the capacity for healthy sexual expression at the biological level, or for “Romance” in the higher spiritual sense. The meaning of such a biological form being expressed particularly over the same course of history when the Christ event was the central point of human evolution is not coincidental.

More specifically, as Wachsmuth points out, the onset of puberty in the individual links back to the time when humanity began reproducing physically, and therefore when we became mortal. He says that the traditional “puberty rites” are a reflection of “divine events at the beginning of things.”

In Chapter 12, Wachsmuth identifies that in early Lemurian times, Man had a social organization where the spiritual training centers were dominated by men, but the social structure was governed by women. These were the original matriarchal structures, and were likewise studied by Reich, and the reason which they eventually morphed into patriarchal structures (See “People in Trouble”, Chapter 5).

The overall evolution of Mankind is mirrored by the microscopic journey of an individual incarnation, which first follows a path of descent, down into the genital primacy of puberty, and then a subsequent ascent through stages of development of orgastic potency, and higher spiritual capacities.

My Reflections on Reading “The Evolution of Mankind” by Guenther Wachsmuth (Part one of three)

This is the response to my first reading of Wachsmuth’s book “evolution of mankind”, on the basis of my own personal impressions and reflections. Where Wachsmuth’s scope is quite broad over historical time, and the scope of his book covers much territory (both literally and figuratively), my preliminary remarks below will be far from comprehensive. My point of view is from my own personal connections and associations made from my general life experience, and my particular knowledge linked to the theory and practice of medical Heilkunst. There are so many topics raised by Wachsmuth which could continue to be explored and expanded on over time, which will not all be represented in my reflections below.

General concepts and associations:

The nature of the evolution of consciousness is that there is no stage of development which is “better” or “worse” than another — they are all part of a whole, just as the stages of development of an individual are all necessary components of their total development — the stage of being a toddler is no more or less important than any of the later stages of being an adult. The allopathic view of history presumes a continual progression from lesser to greater development of human mastery over the world, and that our current stage of development is the highest cultural and technological form yet.

Our varied (over time) cognitive capacity, including that of supersensible versus sensible perception is intimately tied in with human development, which is in turn tied in with the geological, cultural, and political shifts and developments over the surface of the earth since the beginning of human history. When reading Wachsmuth’s description of the cultural development of Switzerland, and how a blended meeting of different cultural orientations in the pre-history of Northern and Southern Europe, I wondered if this is what accounts for Switzerland’s modern political stance of “neutrality” on the world stage.

Also, the shifting of the continents at different phases of evolution allowed for different conditions of human development and geographic migration. The remnants of much older phases of consciousness still exist in certain pockets around the globe, as if frozen in time. Along these lines, it is interesting to me that the current disposition of the continents allows for a continuous walk around the globe, illustrating our current global trend towards an emerging “one world government”. This capacity for a continuous journey by foot around the world is currently being illustrated by Karl Bushby, who set out from the Southernmost tip of South America, and will plan to eventually return to his home in England after several years on foot (see