It’s All Fun and Games, CBC, Until You Have a Vaccine-Damaged Son!








A response to the CBC Radio interview and article, “Public Health experts want nosodes taken off the market” (click on image to view article)

It’s all fun and games, CBC, until you have a vaccine damaged son. Junk reporting is a crime against humanity and against the truth. Where is your documented proof? All I see is conjecture. I also happen to know that you did a pre-interview with a naturopath who does support the use of homeopathic nosodes in their practice, but you chose not to use any of that material as it did not comply with your preconceived conjecture and outcomes.

Homeopathic medicine has not caused an ounce of harm for hundreds of years, with proven efficacy off the charts in both the treatment of acute and chronic diseases. There’s actual proof of over 70,000 people prevented from getting deadly leptospirosis year after year in Cuba, Dr. Isaac Golden preventing childhood illness for the past 30 years in Australia using homeopathic nosodes, not to mention Dr. Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathic medicine, who prevented and cured cholera and scarlet fever in Europe to the tune of thousands of people.














We’ve been preventing, curing, and treating individuals with the highest of efficacy over the past 30 years here in Canada, and internationally; there isn’t anything that you can say to change all of these facts and testimonials.  If we didn’t use nosodes in this particular case, this young lass would still be suffering debilitating seizures.

Did you know that we also help people detox from the ill effects of vaccines?  We tout the highest rate of efficacy in that regard as well. Would you like more proof?  We have pages of testimonials indicating anecdotal efficacy using homeopathic nosodes.  Sadly, I don’t see any science, nope not a shred, on your page.  Does this mean that you don’t have any?

Perhaps you’ll notice something else of great interest to me and the parents who choose homeopathic nosodes to protect their children from childhood disease;  the image you’ve used for your article has a sleeping infant in his parent’s arms.  Do you see how happy and content this baby is right next to those homeopathic remedies?  Why didn’t you use an image more favourable for your article that indicates the truth for allopathic vaccines, if this is indeed your stance?














Image and article, “From the files of Dr. Obvious: Infant brain waves indicate pain during vaccine jabs” from The Raw Story; A Non-Profit News Blog, Focused On Providing Independent Journalism (click on image to view article)

How about this one with a crying babe with bruises and swelling at the site?  Or even worse, an image of a baby who’s died from junk allopathic science and vaccines that truly doesn’t have a shred of scientific evidence of efficacy. Perhaps watch the documentary, “Vaccination; The Hidden Truth” and then we can sit down and discuss the truth behind allopathic vaccines.

I wish you could have been there on the night my son emitted the most ungodly scream in the middle of the night after his DPTP shot, or during the 7 panic-ridden hospital visits when he could not pass his own poop, and then after, more than two weeks later, when they had to put him under general anaesthetic to remove the impacted stool manually.  I would love for you to have seen the hours of his rocking back and forth, stimming, loss of speech and loss of eye contact after the delayed MMR shot at 15 months.

The Path To Cure - The Whole Art of Healing

The Path To Cure – The Whole Art of Healing














Please also check out our international webinars and radio programs on Homeopathic Immunization, Ebola, Shedding, and the one for Measles.  We work tireless hours doing the research and writing books, blogs, and articles, all on our own time without a penny received from government agencies or private investors.  We’re motivated out of two things; love for our children, patients, humanity AND the truth.

I will be sharing your erroneous reporting with thousands of patients and fellow physicians worldwide on Facebook and Twitter.  No doubt they’ll all be very interested as they hold their healthy babes to their breasts, with the safe and effective nosodes in hand,  and acquired natural immunity obtained through a profound ethical centre.

There will be a conference on Homoprophylaxis held this October 2015 in Texas, keynoted by Dr. Isaac Golden, with physicians in attendance from all over the world, who, like us, will be sharing many decades of sound research based on observational science.  Please contact Kimberly at 703-860-2711 if you’d like to attend or sponsor the event if anything I’ve said here rings true for you.  I’m sure that they’ll be thrilled to hear from you.  We’ll happily see you there.

Most Sincerely,

Allyson A. McQuinn, DHHP, JAOH




Response from Dr. Golden regarding CBC’s recent misinformation:


Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 8.32.09 AM













This is why the Heilkunst approach is so effective: all aspects of the whole being and their environment are considered in their treatment.
















“A very important aspect of this book is the discussion on how our own mental and physical state affects our pet’s health. We have all witnessed a pet’s ability to empathize. My rather large English Bull Terrier was famous for cuddling up (preferably on your lap) when a family member was upset. But what we need to understand is that their response to our well being goes beyond transitory sympathy. The actual depth to which they take on our issues is truly astonishing, potentially leading to their failing health, and must be addressed if we are to give our pets the best opportunity for health and vitality.


This is why the Heilkunst approach is so effective: all aspects of the whole being and their environment are considered in their treatment. Having worked in health care for many years, I know I cannot effectively provide lasting relief to someone by isolating one aspect of their life (e.g. pain) from another (e.g. emotions). The disconnect leaves too much room for the presenting problem to recur. The Heilkunst approach understands and addresses this vital synergistic connection so that the patient, whether human or furry, can flourish.”



Catherine J. M. Diodati, B.A., M.A., R.M.P.

Author: Immunization: History, Ethics, Law and Health

Vaccine Guide for Dogs and Cats: What Every Pet Lover Should Know






Measles Immunization; How to Have Your Healthy Cake and Eat It Too




We all want to protect our children.  That, right there, is the bottom line.  As a momma, it was also my goal precisely when my kids were little.  I don’t want my kids to get polio, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, measles of any kind, especially with encephalitis (brain swelling), mumps, hepatitis A, B or C.

As the mother of a formerly vaccine damaged child (see my book, The Path To Cure), from the delayed MMR shot (measles, mumps, rubella),  I know the cost of having gone the allopathic route. Nineteen different chemicals and adjuvants do leave an impression in the tissues (49 shots before the age of 6), causing the body to start to attack itself in an effort to get free from the chemicals and toxins.  My son lost all speech and eye contact within 6 weeks of having this shot at 15 months of age.  The gut issues, stimming, and OCD that began were unbearable.

The best way to explain how this can happen is by first looking at a healthy body.  Innately, we’re set up to fight off microbial invasions in the body in the way of errant bacteria, viruses, and childhood illnesses, by booting up the immune function if it detects an enemy in its midst.  The mucosal lining of the mouth and throat, for example, is one of the first places immune function has set up its military-like installation.  You know those adenoids in your throat? Their job is to mobilize the good guys in your body, surround the pathogen, and dispose of it without it ever coming into contact with your more noble organs.


The problem with shooting the vaccine material under the skin, into the tissues and bloodstream, is that the body perceives this as a surprise attack; the rear guard just isn’t prepared.  There’s no army available at your flank to deal with the chemicals and pathogens received this way. That is why there is often swelling, redness at the site of the injection, fever, harm to the organism (such as seizures), autism, or even death.  The argument is, ‘better a little suffering and autism than death from the childhood diseases’. Um, not in my book! At least not when we have a safe and effective form of immunization available with homeopathic methods.


The problem is that the tissues become instantly infected with propylene glycol, chick embryo, ethylene glycol, aluminum, mercury (thimerosal), polysorbate 80, formaldehyde, acetone, aluminum phosphate, etc., not to mention the actual disease agent itself. The immune system then wages war on its own tissues, looping in perpetual code red, trying to get this matter out of its midst.  This is why vaccinated kids are so sick. This is why autistic kids stim.  It’s because the body is so busy trying to attack its own tissues to rid itself of the unnatural material now housed in the body, that it does not even notice that an ear infection is now afoot, or strep is now in the throat, or the flu has crept in, or that the child is cognitively now caught in a perpetual cycling without a proper, logical discharge from the enemy.  Sadly, it’s like a war that can never be won, a record caught in “skip” mode unless proper detoxification is done.

Patty Smith, fellow Heilkünstler, cites, “These chemical preservatives may, in themselves, be a challenge to our immune systems. In the US, the Food and Drug Administration’s VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System) has received over 123,000 reports of adverse reactions since its inception in 1990. There have been studies linking childhood vaccinations containing the chemical preservative thimerosal with autism.”  She wrote this article in 2007, can you imagine what this number is today?  Also, know, that these numbers only represent about 10% of what get’s reported.


One by one, Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s colleagues are being exonerated of any wrong-doing connected to the 1998 reports consistently linking the MMR vaccine with gut inflammation and autism at the Royal Free Hospital in London, England. For example, Judge John Mitting’s conclusion, from an appeal by the highly respected paediatric gastroenterologist Prof. John Walker-Smith, stated:

…both on general issues and the Lancet paper and in relation to individual children, the panel’s overall conclusion that Professor Walker-Smith was guilty of serious professional misconduct was flawed…The panel’s determination cannot stand. I therefore quash it.

A link that has since been corroborated by Dr. Arthur Krigsman of New York University’s School of Medicine, and also by pathologists at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

(Source: Ibid,

What if I told you that there is a safe, economical, provable, and easy way to immunize your child with greater efficacy than you ever thought imaginable, with no risk of shedding?  Sounds unbelievable? I know! My daughter was never vaccinated, but she was immunized instead using homeopathic remedies.  She never had an ear, nose, or throat infection.  She’s never even had a cough to speak of or any childhood illness other than a normal, healthy bout with chicken pox.  At the time of this writing, she is 17, at college studying art, and also one of the children written about in, Vaccine Free.  My son has been healthy for the last 15 years using the same approach.  He’s going to be 21 this summer … and no, he’s no longer in the autism spectrum.












The concept of immunization has been around for centuries.  My hairstylist told me once that in Lebanon, if a child had an allergy to an animal, he was encouraged to sleep in a barn with the livestock until his condition  improved.  Our own pioneers would drink weak teas of poison ivy in order to immunize themselves before  poison ivy season, successfully avoiding the negative effects of the rash. You may have heard that quinine in tonic water staves off malaria. Also, if you burn your hand, the best thing to do to cure it is to run it under warm water.  Cold only sends the molecules away from the healative action, breaking apart like a hot plate hitting a cold sinkful of water.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) was the first physician to tout the homeopathic principle, “like cures  like”.  He first realized its connection when translating a piece by Dr. William Cullen on the use of quinine in  the  prevention of malaria back in 1790.  There he first realized that “immunization” was possible.  Coupled  with  Hippocrates maxim, “first cause no harm,” and his principle “like cures like”, homeopathy (literally derived  from the Greek meaning “similar suffering”), was born.

Hahnemann went on to solve hundreds, and then thousands, of cases of cholera and scarlet fever in his time.  Since then, Cuba has been using homeopathic nosodes to cure the severely deleterious effects of annual  infections by leptospirosis using the concept of homoprophylaxsis  (exact nosode) in a population of millions.  Dr. Isaac Golden has also been treating children using homeopathic remedies for the last 30 years; “The efficacy of homeoprophylaxis (similimum) was 95% after six months and 91% after 12 months.”


It is time to end the debate between vaccinating and non-vaccinating parents.  Hippocrates maxim still holds true today.  It is not an option to poison my child, throwing him into the autism spectrum, making both our lives a living hell.  It is also not an option to leave my beautiful daughter exposed to errant diseases and pathogens.  The same holds true for the hundreds of patients we’ve served over the last 13 years with not one reported case of the flu, measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, polio, tetanus or pertussis using these sound principles of homoprophylaxis … and, incidentally, not one of them suffered an ounce of harm.  Isn’t whole health AND natural immunity what we all seek?  Let’s stop all the arguing and git ‘er done!  Our kids rely on us to properly protect them.


 [Watch the replay of our “homeopathic immunization for measles” here.]

Full Autism Recovery; With Thanks To Heilkunst Medicine



My daughter was 2.5 when we started working with Allyson and Arcanum.  At the time, she had lost all but two words of her speech after receiving her delayed schedule 18 month vaccines, to which she reacted with days of diarrhea, vomiting and fever.  Looking back, there were many red flags throughout her infancy – starting with her struggles to breastfeed – only after she received her Hepatitis B vaccine.

“My daughter had minimal to no interest properly playing with toys or interacting with other children.  She instead insisted on obsessively controlling every detail of our days, at which point her tantrums became out of control multiple times per day.  She hadn’t had a formed stool since she developed multiple food intolerances after her vaccines, as well – and when we stopped breastfeeding, she stopped gaining weight for months.  The light in her eyes was just gone – and I so desperately wanted it back.

I began spending my sleepless, crying nights – newborn son in hand, searching for someone to help me.  That’s when I found Allyson and I knew that my prayers had been answered from the first time that I spoke with her.  She understood everything and promised me that I would see the sparkle in my little girl’s eyes again.  The first huge improvement – just days after taking out first remedies, was my daughter sleeping through the night without waking and crying out multiple times.  She was 2.5 and had never slept through the night until this point.  Shortly after this, her bowel movements became formed and her belly slowly lost it’s constant distention…and with that, the ‘hurting tummy’ complaints were minimized as well.  As we navigated through the first couple of months with Allyson, my daughter gained many new words in her vocabulary – then phrases shortly after.  Before she was 3, she potty trained herself in a few short days.

Today at 5 years old, my little girl is talking (!) in conversations,  thriving in a Montessori pre-school, spelling and writing words, asking for playdates with friends – finally enjoying being a young child.  The transformations in her because of Heilkunst and Allyson are nothing short of amazing – and I am so thankful for finding this system of medicine and an amazing doctor who truly turned our world around.  As I reflect on the changes over the past couple of years, it pains me to think how different our days and our lives could be now had we not put our faith in Heilkunst.”

~Mom of Former Autistic Babe


For more on how to use Natural Home Remedies For Children at Home, check out our new Bestseller:



What Can You Do to Protect Your Children from Vaccine Shedding?

[You can view the entire replay of our “vaccine shedding” webinar if you scroll down to the bottom of this page.]


Those that choose allopathic vaccination for their child are actually getting more than they bargained for. Not only is the child now host to 19 different chemicals and preservatives, but in the case of live viruses, your vaccinated child can become a disease transmitter. If you’re not wholly familiar with the concept of shedding, it is when the child becomes a live dispatcher for specific vaccines within hours after receiving the shot.  This shedding phenomenon can last up to thirty days or more! Yes, it’s true, those childhood diseases that you wanted to prevent in your child are now at large, randomly roaming beyond their ambient, infecting other innocent children and susceptible individuals, such as infants and the elderly, in the form of vaccine shedding. It is a bit like a radio station broadcasting several frequencies which are going to be picked up by those who are immuno-compromised. As a result, cases of chickenpox and measles are coming up in populations of supposedly already immunized children.



Which Vaccines Shed?


Shedding occurs when the live virus that was injected, or inhaled, as a vaccine to (allegedly) prevent childhood illness, moves through the tissues of the body and reappears in the host’s fecal matter, mucus, or saliva. Anyone with a weakened immune system who comes into contact with a child recently vaccinated with a live virus is at risk of contracting the disease.

Historically, this was a very large issue with the oral polio vaccine in the United States, and as a result, it had to be removed from the market. The other vaccines that are also at risk of transmission to others are influenza (flu shot), varicella (chicken pox) and oral polio (as mentioned above), in countries where it is still being administered. Less recorded cases of vaccine shedding have been reported for measles and mumps.



Courtesy of The National Vaccination Information Centre (NVIC)


Marcella Piper-Terry shared: “From the vaccine-manufacturer’s insert for FluMist.

What this table means is that among children aged 6 months to 17 years, who received FluMist, between 1-7% of them were shedding the live virus through nasal secretions for up to 28 days post-vaccination. The vaccine manufacturer’s insert warns about transmission to “immunocompromised household contacts.”


What Can I Do to Ensure My Own Child’s Health and Safety?


This is a sticky sociological issue. Asking little Ashley to avoid playing with her friend, Maddie, can cause all kinds of issues with long lasting emotional conflicts and complications, involving not only the kids, parents, and teachers, but it can feel ethically demoralizing to have to make these kinds of decisions on behalf of your child in an effort to try to keep them safe.

Goodness knows, some days, we’d like to put our beloved Benjamin in a bubble, but this is not realistic or feasible. It also means that your child risks having to be constantly aware of how he integrates and connects with others if you insist on handwashing and not coming into contact with certain kids. The difficult bit is that you have no idea when little Ryan got his last shot. Accusations can fly if your child is infected and it sets off ugly battles, potentially court cases, and other very complicated social dynamics. Sadly, parents will resort to limiting hand holding, play wrestling, and even sweet little kisses between their kids’ friends, cousins, and siblings.

There is an easier way, and non-harmful way, to protect your child. Yay!  You can provide them with the homeopathic nosode for whatever childhood illness that you’re concerned about. We’ve been immunizing kids effectively as a community for over 25 years, using safe, natural, and efficacious homeopathic remedies, with not one case of the disease showing up within hundreds of cases served. Homoprophylaxis and creating true immunity is much more effective!

If your child has had allopathic shots and you’re having a change of heart, let us know. Perhaps you’ve done some recent research and you’d like to boost your child’s immune system naturally. We also can clear the toxic substances from a child’s system using the principles of Heilkunst Medicine.

The ultimate idea, of course, is to prevent your child from contracting a debilitating disease without causing them an ounce of harm or suppressing their natural immune function. Now you can have both, while also enabling them to realize the full growth potential hidden in childhood illnesses. Think of it, perhaps, like Tolkien’s “Lord of The Rings”;  you want your child to have the golden ring of immunity without having to face the fire, spiders, or Orcs in order to obtain it. However, you want them to also build their character, strength, resourcefulness, courage, and skills of self-governance in the process without all the suffering. This is what the Heilkunst model of scientific medicine fully allows for.

Detoxing From The Vaccines … Our Specialty

Detoxing From The Vaccines … Our Specialty


 I’d like to speak to you today about detoxing your child from the ill effects of vaccines.  Now, some of you may know that vaccines are one of the few  times that allopathic medicine is actually attempting to mimic homeopathic law.  What this means is that by giving the individual a little of the microbial matter of the disease, you give them the experience that they’ve hosted it already and nature doesn’t need to crudely come along and take the organism under its dominion in a hostile take-over.


The problem is that vaccines are also very crude.  They contain not just dead or live virus or strains of bacteria, but they also contain about 19 chemicals and adjuvants like formaldehyde, aluminum, thimerosal (influenza vaccines), Polysorbate 80, Monosodium Glutamate, Antibiotics including streptomycin, neomycin, gentamicin, polymyxin B, Allergens of soy, gelatin, egg, yeast, Human diploid cells or residual proteins from aborted fetal tissue, animal by products such as chick embryonic fluid, fetal bovine serum, guinea pig embryo cells, and monkey kidney cells.  You can study these ingredients yourself on the National Vaccine Information Center’s site.


Now the antibiotics are there to suppress your child’s immune system from reacting to the harmful bacteria contained therein, and the harmful bacteria are there as the medium used to grow the strains of Diptheria, Polio, Pneumonia, Tetanus, Pertussis (whooping cough), Measles, Mumps or Rubella (German measles).  This toxic concoction is then injected into your child’s body and the least of your worries is swelling at the site of the injection or a low grade fever, however, there are many other cases of children suffering repeat infections, paralysis, seizures and of course the most shocking are those whose children have died from vaccine related complications.


At a minimum, the tissues are now infected with all of these vaccine ingredients which means the immune system is now doing battle with it’s own self …  it’s trying to eradicate the errant bacteria, toxic chemicals and the preservatives.  This is why vaccinated kids are often frequently sick with repeated colds, allergies and ear infections, it is because their immune function is busy with the vaccine debris and no longer has enough resources left to fight whatever else comes down the pipe to infect their organism.



In case you’re wondering what proof I have that the system of medicine I practice is effective, here is a picture of my own vaccine damaged son which is what brought me to study and practice this system of medicine over 15 years ago now.  He’s now almost 20 and those who know him now would never suspect that for almost 5 years he never made eye contact, suffered around the clock screaming fits, rocking back and forth day and night, or constipation so bad, that he only passed stool once every 1 – 2 weeks.  Once my son’s vaccine issues were completely reversed, I decided to write a book and study to do the same for others working by phone and Skype internationally over the last 10 years.  I’ve loved helping families to reverse vaccinosis, autism and gut dysbiosis as a direct result of the vaccines that have harmed their children.


I know that many of you are learning about the harm that vaccines cause and are wishing that you could turn back the clock too and also reverse the damage caused to your child.  If you choose to also engage with this principled approach, I highly recommend that you find a Heilkunst Physician who works internationally.  We take the individual like an onion and peel the emotional shocks and traumas, including the vaccines, off one layer at a time using the principles of homeopathic medicine while also using safe detox protocols, chelation therapy for the heavy metals and adjuvants, and addressing the individual’s diet.  All of those rounds of antibiotics, the vaccines and then we get down to the roots of chronic disease, the Genetic Miams which are the anchors for diseases like cancer, eczema, arthritis, heart disease, and also the predisposition for vaccine damage.  It is here that we find the reasons children suffer varying degrees of vaccinosis including repeated bouts of infections.