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My friend, Kate Varsava, Halifax Birthworker, Wombyn’s Summit Leader and Musician prepares for her own birth in the company of her beloved friends, yogis and fellow birthworkers.  I was so inspired by her tale of being honoured with care, love and beauty that I asked to share her Instagram post with you.



“Yesterday my house filled up. Yesterday I was filled up.

From my bath, filled with warm water, rose petals, and lavender oil, where I was receiving a massage from the loving maiden hands of my sweet friend‘s daughter, I could hear the joyful chatter of wimyn gathering and organizing themselves. I was adorned with a gorgeous fresh flower crown made by my sister, had my hair fixed up, put on my precious jewels…when I emerged from my room, drawn by singing voices, I found my kitchen full of food, my living room full of flowers and ladies (and baby daddy), and my whole house full of beautiful, buzzing, nurturing energy, beaming faces, radiant beings.

I was passed a cup of Guatemalan cacao, sat on a thrown, and treated like a queen. Tender recollections of how we each met, supportive expressions of a belief in me to enter the role of mother, a showering of love to wash me in confidence and fill my heart beyond measure. A feast of the most nourishing foods, a dance party, gifts of herbs and plants and salves, potions, candles, and sacred objects…it was the most dreamy day I could have imagined.

I feel like the luckiest womyn in the world to have community to hold me so, to have a coven sister to organize everyone (I love you so much marapanacci), to now have a freezer full of meals for my postpartum, fresh flowers in every room, art to decorate my birth room, and a heart so full full full ?? Thank you, thank you, thank you to all you gorgeous wimyn and all you ladies sans IG ??

I truly believe that if all wimyn were treated this way by loving community: held up, made to feel strong, cared for, and trusted through their pregnancies and motherhood (our whole lives actually), the world would change, humanity would change, we would all be better off, healthier, and happier.”


Babies and Birth Control : January 2018 Newsletter

January 2018 Newsletter

This month we’re talking about babies and birth control.  Did you know that a large percentage of the population is born in September.  The most popular date is Sept. 19th with over 12,000 births alone on that day.  Source:

The reason being surmised is that the frosty weather, time off over the holidays and the urge to merge just seems to take us when we’re not working so hard at our day jobs.  Perhaps we get a little free babysitting thrown into the mix, with extended family, and the next thing we know, we’re due in late August or September.

Our blogs are focused this month on “The Pill” and also “Where Do Babies Come From.”  You may be surprised that there’s a new thing or two to learn since grade 10 health class.  We aim to bring you the latest truths that often exploit the party line on health and sexuality.

Jeff and I are getting ready to head over to Cancun early February to spend some time seaside with our son Jordan.  He’s flying down to meet us from Ottawa and we’re excited to take him snorkeling in Puerto Morelos, the second largest barrier reef in the world.  We also want to show him the spawning centre for sea turtles on Isla Mujeres.  

Cozumel has a handmade chocolate factory that we love and the hot chili chocolate is mindblowing.  We will rent a ragtop beetle from another era … okay from when I was a kid and tour the island.  There’s a restaurant with mind-blowing ceviche and you can wiggle your toes in the sand while eating and watching the waves crash on the shore.  I love to swim there after a late lunch.

Our hope is that you’re all keeping warm, or perhaps escaping to a hotter spot, too, this Winter.  Either way, if you’re due in September, we’ll know that you created your own heat wherever you are.


Lisa’s Natural Birth ala Heilkunst


Our baby, Seamus is our “opps baby”. The pregnancy was a bit of a surprise since we weren’t trying and both of us are 44.  We both have been in treatment with our Heikunstler (and I am a Heilkunstler in training) for over 15 years, eat organic and try to live a healthy lifestyle so getting pregnant easily should have been no surprise since fertility and health go hand in hand.

My pregnancy was routine and uneventful and I did remain active throughout it – down hilled skied until I was 20 weeks, biked until 30 weeks and hiked until 35 weeks, this was on top of taking care of my two other boys (13 and 8 yr olds) and a female Newfoundland puppy. My last baby was born at home, and I planned a home birth for Seamus as well.

I went overdue, a new experience for me as both of my other boys were born at 39 weeks. As I approached 41 weeks with an OP position (posterior) I started taking homeopathic remedies to help turn my baby, along with seeing my acupuncturist and chiropractor. My labour started (literally) with a splash when my water broke all over our family room floor at 10:30 pm on a warm summer night. I called out to Doug but he was putting our youngest to bed and didn’t hear me, so my oldest son, told him my water had broke and I needed some towels. He ran downstairs with our “good” towunnamed-4els which I refused to use and frustrated him since he wasn’t concerned about what towels we used – he did go up and get different towels. He seemed more panicked than I expected and when I asked him what was going on, he replied that the last time my water broke, I had delivered within 15 minutes. Once I explained to him that I had been in active labour for a few hours then, and that this was the start of this labour, he settled down and we both laughed about the misunderstanding.

We put our boys to bed, who wondered if the baby was coming soon and we told them that it could be hours yet. At 11:00pm, I called my midwife and as there was no active labour pattern, she told me to try and get some rest and call her when labour had established itself. Doug and I chilled out in our bedroom – it was a wonderful restful, intimate time as we chatted and relaxed. Contractions started at 11:30pm (it should be noted that we were so relaxed that Doug dozed off while timing the first few contractions. LOL) and by12:30am they were becoming uncomfortable, so I asked my midwife to come and got into my tub to get some relief.

Our midwife and douunnamed-3la arrived at 12:45pm and my contractions were 3 minutes apart and were lasting 1 minute. At this point things went fast, and got blurry as I quickly dilated (my midwife did not do any internal exams – she usually doesn’t do them as she can usually tell how quickly a woman is dilating by observing her). I can remember feeling some fear as my contractions got more intense and asked Doug to write out a paper remedy for aconite which took care of it instantly. My doula and midwife were amazing using comfort methods between contractions such as ice cold cloths on my shoulders, giving me ice and water (at this point I wanted nothing to eat) and lots of encouragement, especially when I hit transition and decided that I didn’t want to have a baby after all. LOL. Doug was a rock star went things got tough for me, helping me in and out of the tub, keeping me reassured when I felt I couldn’t do one more contraction, and letting me squeeze whatever parts of him I had a hold of during contractions. I had assumed a half squat in my tub and it was suggested that I move around more but after changing positions, I quickly realized that I had naturally assumed the best position for me and quickly went back to it and stayed in that position until I was fully dilated – a great example of my body knowing what is right for it when left alone to follow its own guidance.

I started pushing at ~2:35am and started to lose control for a moment with the tremendous forces urging this baby down. My midwife quickly runnamedeminded me that this was a big baby and if I didn’t go slow, I could tear. I listened to her and put every effort into relaxing and letting my body move the baby on its own. At this point I was lying back in the tub and Doug was supporting my upper body. As Seamus was moving down, I could feel my hips shift slightly to accommodate him and within 10 minutes he was crowning. He had turned during labour from OP to OA (I had been doing paper remedies of Kali-carb throughout labour to help him turn) and once his head was out, I took a two-minute break while waiting for the next contraction – my midwife said he was rotating his shoulders underneath the public bone during this time. This seemed like a long time for Doug who initially worried about our baby’s head being out under water for such a period of time, but my midwife assured him, that baby was fine and was being given oxygen through his cord. I didn’t want to push anymore at this point (not that I had done a lot, as my body had done most of it without any effort on my part), but my last contraction took over and with one push, Seamus was born at2:50am.

unnamed-1He gave a little cry and quickly settled on my chest. Heated towels were put around him while we relaxed in the tub waiting for the placenta to detach. The cord stopped pulsating after 15 minutes so Doug cut it and my placenta was delivered 15 minutes later (actually I stood up and after the smallest of pushes it fell out). I had no tears from the delivery which was great seeing that he was our biggest baby weighing 8pds, 7 ounces. Seamus was peaceful and alert after the delivery and Doug and I spent the rest of the night/morning relaxing in bed with our new baby (I did a paper remedy of arnica to help me with my recovery).

My recovery was very short as all soreness had left within 24 hours of the birth (I also took birth remedies after the delivery), and all bleeding at stopped 4 days after delivery. I had my placenta encapsulated and started taking the capsules 5 days after birth. Breastfeeding is going well, and I’m feeling great. ~ By Lisa Power


Lisa asked me to point out to you the paper rx written on paper and laying on her chest in the photo above for those of you in the know. <wink>


This topic is further expanded in The 8 Steps to Natural Fertility Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About.

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Weaning; When It’s Time To Let Go of Breastfeeding Your Babe


There can be a variety of reasons that a mom will orchestrate the timing of stopping breastfeeding.  In some cases, she will feel that it is “just time,” or that she needs to reduce feedings in order to head back to work, or the babe is now deriving more and more nourishment from sippy cup and solids.  In the best case scenario, baby initiates the cessation process.  My own time to wean came when my daughter could systematically undo my blouse buttons and I just intuitively felt that she had everything she’d needed from me in the way of physical and emotional nurturing.  It was instinctual.  It was time to let go.

Sometimes the transition to stopping breastfeeding can occur earlier under less desirable circumstances such as chronic mastitis  (although we have remedies for this!) or because not enough milk is being produced (we have remedies for this too!) and mom has to supplement baby’s feeding from other sources like raw goat’s milk (goat’s milk has a smaller molecular structure than cow’s milk and can be easier to digest for baby) from a reliable source or implement Weston Price formula.  Trying to get pregnant may be another reason that a mom will commit to the process of stopping breastfeeding.

Rudolf Steiner modelled Waldorf education after an organic unfolding of the human spirit illustrated by his pedagogy that allows for the teaching of human history at the time our human physiology is ready for it.  For example, before a child’s milk teeth fall out, their abilities to conceptualize can be harmed with forced reading, math or science.  Also, children at the age of ten are ready to unfold the Greek epoch in their microcosmic cellular memory of our human consciousness.  He also suggests that babes who are breast-fed beyond fifteen months also start to pick up on the mother’s karma and disease heritage to a degree that may limit their capacity for full autonomy, freedom and sovereignty later on.  This is derived from his extensive medical lectures for young Doctors.

All that being said, when your baby is ready to wean, stopping breastfeeding, is really an intimate decision taken between mom and babe.  As your beloved child starts to sit up on his own he may develop an interest in other people’s solid food as early as six – eight months or not until closer to a year or even more.  Slowly introducing cooked egg yolk, liver, avocados, puréed fruits and vegetables and salmon and a sippy cup with healthy raw goat’s milk (pasteurized milk has been linked to allergies and can contain unwanted pathogens and antibiotics) can be a good way to start transitioning your babe off the breast and gradually stopping breastfeeding.  

Ideally, with ample time and support from our partners, you can slowly scale down feeding slowly by 1-2 per week depending on your baby’s individual needs.  At 14 months, I was still able to lovingly provide my babe’s nursings first thing in the morning upon waking, evening when I got home and dropped the groceries on the kitchen floor while Dad prepared supper and then again at night-time before bed.  Cold turkey weaning is never recommended due to the emotional and physical shock for both mom and babe.  It takes time for your milk supply to abate and for baby to adjust to solid foods without promoting digestive colic, constipation or emotional distress.  

Also, moms have found it best to provide that new sippy cup in a new location like a high chair or on demand from the floor, or a low-level coffee table, so that babe doesn’t confuse the usual rocking chair, where the nursing position would have been assumed for nursing, with the new regime of stopping breastfeeding.  If you need a leg up, we have homeopathic remedies that can help with weaning naturally.




  • Usual reasons for transitioning:
    • Mom going back to wor
    • “It’s time”, in terms of maximum benefit being achieved
    • Sometimes the transition is forced before desired, due to reasons of employment, or sometimes other reasons the mother is having a hard time breastfeeding (chronic mastitis, for example)
    • Trying to get pregnant – There is evidence that breastfeeding does decrease a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant
  • Signs the baby maybe ready for transitioning
    • teeth
    • can sit up on their own
    • a growing interest or curiosity in other people’s food
    • satisfied and not asking to nurse
  • Transition methods
    • Gradual elimination of number of feedings per day, without reducing the amount of cuddling/emotional connection
    • Don’t give the new sippy cup (or whatever) in the same location that the breastfeeding was normally done
    • no cold turkey (shocking)

Reanna’s Story; “I knew this was the last place I would have to turn, to have a baby”


“October of 2013 is when my life changed. I had finally given in to seeing Allyson at Arcanum Wholistic Clinic after a fellow heilkunst mama had repeatedly urged me to at least try her. This mother gently urged me for months prior to, but I just didn’t ‘get’ how this treatment would work. Our journey for having a family was met with failed attempt after failed attempt every month. We had even resorted to fertility treatments (the ones we could afford…kind of) and still were failing to have a family. We were plagued with Unexplained Infertility.

Enter in Allyson.

Within twenty minutes of speaking with Allyson via skype, I knew this was the last place I would have to turn, to have a baby. Allyson patiently went through all aspects of Heilkunst Homeopathy treatment, and detailed how my specific treatment would span out, and what modifications to start. Before our initial session, I was overwhelmed with such a change in treatment, from always seeing allopathic physicians, to seeing a homeopath. I was clueless. She helped me ‘get it.’ And it makes sense. I needed to change our diet and get our bodies in an alkaline state. Done. I adhered to this as though it was my religion.

For once, over the four years of “not preventing” and then actively “trying” to have a child, I had hope it would happen. Not the false sense of hope like I had with the hormone cocktails injected into my back side had given me, not like all the tests with painful utensils I was prodded with like a cow gave me, not all the “advice” I received but never asked for, but REAL hope. I saw Allyson once more before getting pregnant in December of 2013. That is all it took. Two whole appointments. Not only had she restored the hope and love I had lost in myself as a woman and a wife, but she made me a mother. Two appointments. My life was changed. I am a mother.

We still see Allyson monthly for follow-ups for our timelines and miasms, which also includes the frantic emails and phone calls at all hours about my fears of failing as a mother, not being good enough for my daughter, the reason for her temperature/runny nose/trouble with breastfeeding/etc., or just the question of “am I doing this right?” There is no judgment, she is never too busy for me, and she “gets me.” She does. She understands and is there, full of support, love…so much love, and kindness.

Allyson and the principles of Heilkunst Homeopathy changed my life. She healed the fragment of the broken person I was inside, with the deepest sadness of infertility, I thought I was hiding, and she made me a mother. And she is helping me to be a better mother.

I am forever indebted to Allyson, as she made me a mother.”


Reanna and Willow


Do you know someone struggling to have children?

A medical researcher in Europe recently investigated whether homeopathy could be used to safely treat human infertility. An observational study involving 73 women in Hungary was undertaken to learn more.

The findings: “Homeopathic treatment showed significant results. Five times twins were born, and 61 times one child was conceived and born. In 31 cases, insemination and flask treatment was also carried out with simultaneous homeopathic treatment giving rise to successful conception, embedding, pregnancy.

Conclusion: The treatment of infertility with homeopathy shows significant, cost-effective results.

Source: Zarandi, I., Treating infertility with homeopathy. European Journal of Integrative Medicine. Volume 8, Supplement 1, 9 September 2016, Pages 38

To be more empowered at home to look after your own babe naturally, see our bestseller here:


This topic is further expanded in The 8 Steps to Natural Fertility Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About.

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Homeopathic Materia Medica : Lac Humanum (mother’s milk)

Any substance has the potential to be applied as a homeopathic remedy, beginning with the three kingdoms of nature (mineral, plant, animal), and beyond. The remedy Lac Humanum is potentized from human mother’s milk, and is quite a fascinating study. It has many obvious emotional themes around emotional bonding, and feeling a sense of belonging, as well as more specific physical conditions related to breast health and hormone production.


Going a little more deeply, we can look at human milk amongst the group of all mammal milks (Lac Caninum is the remedy from dogs milk, for example) — what is unique about the human being compared to the animal kingdom as a whole? The human infant compared to any other newborn animal is virtually 100% dependent on others for its survival. We are very slow to develop and mature, especially when you compare animal babies that are able to walk, and do other specialized behaviours more-or-less from birth. From this point, we can also say that the human being is the greatest generalist and adaptor of the animal world. We’re not particularly good at anything (we’re not the fastest runner, climber, or swimmer, for example), yet we’re potentially capable of doing almost anything.

Another way of saying this is that animals, in their incarnation into the earth, were too impatient, and rushed ahead into their specialty, where they become locked. The human incarnation into the earth came last and develops the slowest (as is mirrored by the slow maturation of a baby), yet we have the furthest to go. Looking at Lac Humanum from this perspective, we can see that it can be useful in a more general sense where a patient has lost their flexibility or creativity, and has lost their ability to see their way forward in their life and aspiration.

Armoring of the Oral Segment

This blog is part of a series; its original title was Heilkunst Basics : University, 3rd Year (Armoring of the Oral Segment)

As we have a look through the specific characteristics of each of the seven segments, you should always keep in mind the general principles which explain what armoring is, and how it functions. One of these points relates to the idea of chronic contraction, which is the pathological form of the usual healthy version of continual expansion and contraction functioning together. This is why Reich began his exploration of the segments using a version of “trigger point” therapy, where he would press on a chronically contracted muscle in order to encourage it to release, and return to its natural function of expansion/contraction.

Descending down to the next segment below the ocular, I’ll examine the oral segment today. The first clue to an armored oral segment is either a facial expression which seems ‘glued on’, or one which is incongruent with the emotion which the person is currently expressing. Another interesting incongruence to watch for is when the ocular and oral segments are expressing different emotions at the same time (eg. sad eyes with a smile).

An armored oral segment will produce physical symptoms including the grinding of the teeth at night, or clenching during the day. People who compulsively or unconsciously lick their lips constantly, or are always chewing on something, such as their fingernails, or the plastic cap of a pen, are also displaying a blockage to the oral segment. Any number of oral addictions may be suffered, such as to food, alcohol, cigarettes, or oral sex. The pervasive obsession with breasts in our society is also a sign of how widespread this oral blockage is, and how many people are still longing to receive proper love and nurturing for their proper oral development.

The vocal quality may also be noticeably affected. Characteristics such as a vocal timbre which is ‘thin’ or otherwise unpleasant to listen to, such as an overly nasal quality are also signs of this blockage, as well as when the patient’s speech is either too soft or loud, or they are extremely talkative or non-talkative. One adjunct to treatment which can be very effective here is to arrange for the patient to have singing lessons. The training in proper breathing from a voice coach is also invaluable to the entire de-armoring process.

Other therapeutic exercises which can be applied, as appropriate, include : encourage suckling, such as through a straw or through a baby bottle; gently invoke the gag reflex by pushing a toothbrush to the back of the throat (this also helps to release the next segment, which is the cervical); aggressive biting down, and growling. Something soft, such as a towel, can be used to cushion the bite; the homeopathic remedy ‘Lachesis’, which is very useful for an excess amount of energy discharged through talking, and often with a sarcastic or ‘biting’ tone; the flower essence of ‘trumpet vine’, which can help to imbue warmth and confidence into the patient’s speech patterns.

Conscious Breastfeeding

I know this is going to sound odd, but most of us women don’t realize that breast feeding is actually a male-like function.  If you think about it, the aroused nipple is actually a miniature phallus seeking to penetrate the open lips of a baby seeking healthy penetration.  If you’ve ever had the pleasure of nursing a baby as they curl their fingers around your breast, or your own finger, you can watch your babe become drowsier and drowsier as they seemingly get drunk on the warmth and love exchanged between mom and babe.  Some of you may have even noticed the babes cheeks suddenly quake and shake as they relax further into this nourishing exchange.  If they could speak, you might even hear them say, “I am safe, I am held, I am loved.”  This quaking in the cheeks is actually a facial orgasm!

As a dynamic Physician, I work with patients all the time whose needs were not met by their own mothers.  I have had clients who were force-fed as babes and toddlers, where a timer was rigidly set at the beginning of the meal.  One man told me he was instructed that he had 15 minutes to consume all of the food on his plate as a boy!  I’ve worked with obese folks who still have the feeling that if they don’t get all the food in at one sitting, they won’t have an opportunity to eat again.  I had one 300 lb. woman lie in her bed, raise up her arms in supplication and  begin to cry out the words “please feed me.”  As she cried, she began to claw at the sheets, she recognized that she must have been left in her crib and denied feedings.  She was furious.  In the 60’s and 70’s, some Pediatricians instructed parents that a babe should be nourished no more than once every 4 hours … by bottle, of course.  At the time, breast feeding was not in fashion.

Breast feeding has no rules.  Some babes may fuss for food every four hours around the clock, some cluster feed through the day, or evenings, and then sleep soundlessly though the night.  My own babe was premature, by 2 months, and he nursed every 1.5 hours day and night for the first 6 months.  At the time, I thought I was going to loose my sanity, but my job was not to question why, or listen to schedules or even other parents’ advice.  My job was to nourish Jordan as often as he felt he needed it.  He has grown into an amazing 15 year old teenager, almost 6 feet tall with size 12 feet, and he barely needs a weekly hug!  Some days, I’d secretly give a nickel to turn the clock back and share that level of intimacy with my beloved son.

Nursing, and nourishment, is hooked to our sexual organs.  Dr. Elsworth F. Baker, M.D., explains this phenomenon more thoroughly -“In the infant, contact with the environment is effected principally through the mouth, which at this time is a very highly charged, almost autonomous organ.  The mouth effects its own discharge of energy at its maximum point of intensity by means of a convulsive reaction which can appropriately be called the oral orgasm.  Many pediatricians, unaware of this, have made a diagnosis of infantile epilepsy when they observed this orgasm.”  What he is alluding to is that our babes use the breast to let go of pent up steam, or anxiety, through their mouths and if this capacity isn’t wholly nourished at this time, problems with food, sex and “saying” what’s on your mind can be affected later.

For babes who have good contact with a loving mother who is sensitive, warm and “alive”, the child will bond vitally with her, but also to his or her potential self as a warm, sensitive, autonomous, and “alive” sexual being.  As most of us know, nursing can bring on uterine contractions and it in some fortunate women, orgasms of their own, and if this arouses feelings of guilt in the Mom or she is genitally anxious, she will communicate this anxiety to the babe.  Resolving this schism, begun in infancy, is the area of treatment I specialize in.

I know this probably sounds like more than you bargained for with regards to simply nursing, but I will tell you why it is important.  If you will fast forward 30 years into the life of a babe that suffered a traumatic birth and did not receive the loving connection from the Mom through the aroused nipple you might be able to imagine that you are a fly on the wall in my medical clinic today.  You would see men and women cry with the pain and anguish of feeling abandoned, de-valued and despairing without being able to source out the cause.  If you watched one of my female patients mimic the sucking motion of the lips, you might gasp with wonder as they tell you they are experiencing the first genital sexual streamings (shivers of sexual yearnings) of their life.  One woman I treated actually had an orgasm!

Profound, I know, but it’s true that 80% of all emotional traumas are incurred before the age of 3 years of age.  All neurosis can be traced to blocked sexual energy.  The discharge never occurs.  We communicate so much more than just milk to our babies, in fact, most Moms will tell you that a babe suckles so very little in the way of volume that it is amazing to a lot of us that they even survive.  So, that that little bit of pus from the lymphatic system produced by the Mother on demand (milk is not actually stored in the breast) is enough to sustain a baby for up to 7 years if need be.

Rudolf Steiner recommends weaning a babe within the first 18 months of life, otherwise the babe will be subject to the Mother’s karmic baggage taking on such diseases as Cancer, Tuberculosis, Syphillis, etc. that may be coming down the family line.  Yes – these diseases still live within our genetic framework and can only be cured on the basis of the law of nature : like cures like.

Our babes actually need encouragement to healthfully separate from us so that they can begin their own journey to autonomy and freedom from us.  If all goes well, they should be packing up the George Foreman Grill and healthfully leaving for the frontier of their own lives by about age 21.  Most of us who’ve raised one of these sweet bundles of joy know that self-assertion starts as early as age 2 with a resounding “I do it!”  It is our job to pack in as much love and healthy intimacy with them between birth and the weekly hugs at 15.  It all starts with breast feeding!

We can celebrate this awesome adventure when we wholly cherish and nourish our babes with our whole labile, creative, loving and sensitive selves in the short time we’re offered this opportunity.  I recall the sadness I once felt coaching a new mom with inverted nipples and the Cancer state of mind.  Her breast did not display the vitalized, “alive” eagerness I’d seen in other Moms.  The babe was groggy for days after birth from the Oxytocin and I suggested she call in a La Leche league consultant.  They did eventually find their way, but it was a very tough go from the onset.   My hope is that we can resolve the issues now before that babe ends up in an office like mine 30 years from now.

Mr. Rogers was a Guru when it comes to knowing about Breastfeeding!

My friend and colleague, Helen Daniels, sent to me the most amazing video the other day. When I saw that it was originally aired on Mr. Rogers, I did a double take. It is one of the most beautiful depictions of mothers nursing their young that I have ever seen. I have had the pleasure of knowing a small number of healthy, natural women who are completely in flow, relaxed and at ease with nursing their babes. I have also been invited to help a small number of moms first latch their newborn in the initial stages of establishing nourishing wisdom. It is indeed an act of love, pleasure and intimacy!

It is fascinating to perceive the process of nursing from an Anthropological perspective (the study of Man) as therapeutically, we’re finding a huge link between the way a baby is nursed and the sad potential for neurotic behavior, including over-eating, later on in life.  Wilhelm Reich recognized that musculo-emotional armoring was much more profoundly entrenched in folks that had not wholly been held and nurtured by loving mothers and fathers.  I’ve treated a couple of foreign adopted babes who were bereft of attention and their little bodies were stiff and rigid even at the tender ages of 2 and 4.  It broke my heart!

I have worked with adults who suffer obesity and with Reich’s medical orgone therapy, we go back and re-enact “the crib scene” by having the patient lie down and reach out beseeching, imploring and crying for their mother.  It is interesting just how emotionally available this primal need is still active in the present.  There is absolutely no surprise to us to hear patients crying in pain, even in adulthood, at not having been held, heard or fed, except on a 3-4 hour schedule; a pathetic and sad oversight on the part of rigid educators for new parents in the 50s and 60s.  One woman I treated, cried out while clawing at the sheets that she is turning into an animal and could devour anything if she got it.  This is key to the oral block that causes her gluttonous behaviour today as when she does access food, she still can’t get enough.  Sad, but true for many.

Patients with swollen adenoids, chronic sore throats, abcesses, or thyroid issues are also suffering from blocked oral energy that needs to be addressed by a medical system which understands all the causes.  Chronic loquaciousness or “over-talking”, perhaps typical of your spouse, or mother-in-law, is just a symptomatic pattern often stemming from not being wholly heard, nourished or honoured in early childhood.  Unfortunately, most drugs or psychotherapeutics just palliate or suppress further this armoring that seemingly cements the orally blocked energy behind beliefs and patterns that just keep repeating themselves.  By exorcising – and believe me, it can feel like a spiritual exorcism at times – Reichian therapeutics (Medical Orgonomy) actually engaged the patient with the hidden but living content to be able to liberate the root cause.

Typical old fashioned talk therapy just further engages the patient with their intellect while they talk it all out.  This approach is limiting, as the patient and Clinician are wholly dependent on what the patient can recall of the past from memory. The intellect loves this, as it can only dwell in the past or project onto the future; it hates the present … especially the feeling.  The thing is that both patient and Clinician totally miss the proverbial boat as “the feeling” is the key to the release and remains locked behind the armoring and belief structure, never wholly liberated by all the yacking and intellectual looping.  In fact, the talk therapy is just prolonging the disease process and providing the illusion that content is being excavated, while both clinician and patient are seduced by the patterns of the past – they just end up going round and round “the feeling”, rarely causing a noticeable shift in the state of mind.  I know, because I treat a number of Psychotherapists!

As Heilkunstlers, we are typically able to dislodge the block in 3-4 visits with a combination of homeopathic medicine, regimen, and appropriate medical orgonomy techniques.  We bet Reich would be impressed with our results as he didn’t have homeopathic medicine at his disposal to cure the underlying disease states, or the capacity to simultaneously cleanse the bowel of all the unresolved … well … crap.  Yes, it is related!  We love that our therapeutics are nailing down this dimension for treatment; it is why we use the word “wholistic” to describe our clinic.  Where else can you go to get Naturopathy, Homeopathy, and Psychotherapeutics all under one shingle?  Or even with one clinician who knows and cares for your healing welfare en route to your path to cure?